Wednesday, March 18, 2009




Tonight’s episode was written by Bryan Fuller, and marks his return to HEROES for the first time since season one. Greg Yaitanes directed it. It is the third episode this season he directed.

This episode was an unusual one experientially for me. It appears as episode #3.20 in our ongoing storyline – but it was actually shot in the twenty-first slot. Let me explain. At first this episode was going to be shot, on schedule, right after episode #19. I, of course, was in the middle of directing episode #19 – which was filmed right until our Christmas hiatus in mid-December. This one (as you can probably imagine from seeing it) was expensive and complex and hard to wrangle down… And so, because of these things, it was decided, mid-stream, to move up the shooting order of the more-manageable episode #21 and to move back this one. Therefore this episode was shot in the 21st episode slot – which bought it more time to be financially reconceived. This also meant, happily for me, that I got to be more involved in it. Whenever I am directing it is very hard to have too much to do with the episode that directly follows me. (That’s why we tend to schedule Allan Arkush into the slots that follow mine.)

Anyway – the prep of this episode was delayed until the New Year, and I was glad – because, I thought it was a very beautiful and well-realized script, and I wanted to be part of it. Tracy’s story and particularly the titular “cold snap” scene were, obviously, very exciting – and I knew right away that it was the kind of scene that Mr. Yaitanes always rips it up on… But the storyline that really jumped off the page for me, on first reading, was the one between Matt and Daphne, which culminates in Daphne’s realization off her death - in Paris. There was something so sad and haunting about that sequence. It also was a very unique and clever way to kill a character off. The other story I was quite fond of was Angela's. I like seeing her shown at her wits end and out of lifelines.

These icy parking garage and the flight through Paris are clearly very big scenes (and I think the audience will want for nothing, scope-wise, on this one)... but the art-versus commerce process on this one was particularly tough. There were other scenes of large scope that had to be scaled down.

Specifically, the Hiro-Ando frozen-time scene was more elaborate. It originally took place in an interior and an exterior of Janice's house, then travelled through LA and ended up in a book store/coffee shop. In the end, the scenes at Janice Parkman’s house were confined to interiors only and the action as scaled back a bit. The coffee shop/book story journey became a bus station we built in our back lot. Nevertheless, these scenes, I think, are very satisfying and funny. Ando in the wheelbarrow – to my mind – is hilarious and the twins playing Baby Matt Parkman are genius! More on that later…

I think the action with Peter and Angela and the agents was originally more complex too – but the details of this escape me now.

We had to scale back the action that was filmed as well. Besides the visual effects, the sequence in the parking garage was expensive, because the products used and the manpower needed by our FX-Meister Gary Damico to realize this scene, were very expensive. The products used were a vacuum-formed plastic that had to be designed and molded to the cars and the walls of the parking garage – a flocking product (the same thing that is used on your Christmas Trees) was then added everywhere. Finally, Ice was laid on the ground wherever actors walked. I went into the garage the day before filming began - there were ten guys in that parking garage using heat guns and glue guns for a full day – molding ice into cars and the garage and the walls.

The scene was additionally complex because it had to be divided into two distinct parts – first the water part, when Micah lets loose the sprinklers. Then our crew had to stop filming – allowing a full day to build in the ice and then we returned two days later to the garage to complete the icy half of the sequence.

It was a complicated sequence conceptually, but this is exactly the kind of thing Greg Yaitanes is good at. He laid out and thoroughly storyboarded the entire scene and we walked the set with FX crew art department and producers numerous times – literally laying out exactly what would and wouldn’t be seen – and building ice only exactly where it was needed.

Greg had the whole scene well in mind and particularly the shot that appears to move continuously around the garage ramping from slo-mo to sped-up motion. In my mind, it all turned out quite well.

PUSHING DASIES fans may suspect that Bryan Fuller’s relationship with Swoosie Kurtz got her into this role – and we’re glad it did. She was a true delight to work with. There was one day of rehearsal between she and Christine Rose. The two actors really seemed to enjoy working together. The dialogue in this scene is so simple and so wonderful that it really facilitated the performers relationship, on and off camera, to evolve quickly. It was fun for me to get a glimpse into Angela’s “real” life before The Company took it over. And her dignity in desperation in was great to see.

Back to those babies - Using babies on set is always a highly problematic thing in the first place. By law, their hours are very limited. I think a baby of that age can only be on set for a total of four hours – and can only work in front of the camera for one hour total. This is why productions always want to use twins. We saw three sets of twins for this project. We chose the little guys we did, partly because they were small for their age – but also because they had actually done a fair bit of work already. Believe it or not, these 10-month-old kids have already done recurring work on a soap opera and a number of commercials… Well, we really lucked out! First of all, both of them had the best temperaments. They never cried. They never looked at the camera – and, miraculously, they did all kinds of behavioral things exactly as scripted! This never happens! Usually, when filming babies – one can count on nothing except for the need to get a lot of gooey-cute close ups whenever the kids happen to be in a good mood.

Watch the scene where Hiro rolls Ando into the bus station. There’s a long continuous shot when Hiro takes a bottle from a frozen woman, he hands it to the baby who takes it from him and immediately drinks it… ON CUE! It’s a small thing – and probably goes unnoticed because it seems so-obviously what’s supposed to happen – but behind the monitors a cheer went up when Greg Y yelled, “cut!” OMG WHAT A BABY!!!

Last thing – Production Designer Ruth Ammon and the art department deserve special commendations this week for two complex projects that were done quickly and quite well. Turning sets into new sets. The first is that they took our old Deveaux rooftop set and transformed it into Daphne’s dreamy Parisian rooftop. First of all, the old set had been taken down and hadbeen “folded and held,” as we say. Secondly, we had to find the space on stage to even fit it. The space the rooftop set had formerly occupied was now taken up with Building 26. One of the more mundane, but very important jobs, Ruth and her crew have to do is to figure out the geometric math of how to put sets up in our large, but limited stage space. This involves a math skills. Ruth uses a big blueprint of the stage and overlays 2-D models of the sets to make sure they fit. Often she will have to make changes to the edges and shapes of a set to make sure they work in the space.

Artistically, there were a number of conversions that Ruth made, to hide the façade of the old rooftop. But the most impressive was the steel structure and light arrangement that we first find Daphne sitting on.

This art department conversion was good, but it’s not completely undetectable. The more impressive job was taking the Bennet house and converting into Janice Parkman’s apartment. Bottom line – we were out of stage space and the writers knew, by now, that we would not be returning to the Bennet house for the rest of the season. Tim came up with the idea of converting the space. But Ruth and Bryan both strongly wanted the design of Janice’s to be a mid-century modern. I’m not sure how Ruth did it, because I know she had not-much money and no time. I am sure no-one would look at Janice Parkman’s and say – “Oh yeah…. That’s just the Bennet house turned over.”

A last note: All eyes were dewy as we said goodbye to Brea Grant. She has been great – and is a favorite of the cast and crew. I think she brought a lot to her role of speedster, both in terms of humor, pathos and raw spunky energy. I will miss her and I’m sure I’m not alone.

OK – I’ve got a lot of pictures this week fans…. SO HERE WE GO!





























Shirley said...

This episode was great! I loved having Micah back, because he was one of the few characters who, from the very beginning, accepted his power and wanted to use it to help others, instead of running away from it. I also hope to see Ali Larter in future episodes. Will she still be in more episodes this season? Perhaps as Barbara, the third sister? I look forward to whatever the Heroes team has planned. =D
Thanks for making my day with another fantastic hour of television; Heroes is definitely back!

Superdude602 said...


Anonymous said...

Loved this episode! It's great to have Bryan back, hope he stays for a long, long time. So nice to reconnect with some characters, especially Hiro and Tracy.

Also, Yattaines did an amazing job at directing, especially during the first scene and the one in the parking garage.

I'm really sad to see Daphne go. Brea was a lovely addition to the cast, and it makes me sad that we had to lose yet ANOTHER female character (possibly two, but there's always Barbara). Bryan did step up the female voices in this ep, especially Janice's, I didn't really like her in Season 1 but it was nice to see her on screen again! I think that's pretty much my only complaint, everything else was solid, and things are DEFINITELY looking up for this show, quality-wise.

And LOL, I saw that "bust station" comment, Greg ;) Thank you for another informative post, and lots of fun behind-the-scenes pictures!

Anonymous said...

This episode was incredible.

Like, a 5YG level of incredible.

Just ... wow.

bacci40 said...

hooray...fuller is back

ok, quick suggestion...since pushing daisies didnt last long enough for it to happen

let bryan write parts for his leading ladies from all his former shows

and never, ever, ever let bryan go again

if i was gay, i would ask him to marry me

but come on telegraphed micah since the start of the arc

it was either micah or hannah

and really...hannah needs to be the show's oracle

Anonymous said...

You have broken my heart. You have BUH-ROKEN my HEART.

RIP Daphne.

Best episode since season 1. Even if it did make me cry like an 8-year-old.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this episode was a roller coaster for me.

I had chills watching Tracy go out blazi...err freezing. I jumped for joy to see Hiro get his power back. I felt tense watching Angela try to get away from the bad men. I giggled at Baby Parkman, and choked up at Daphne's death. I looked on in bewilderment at Doyle's odd presence, or should I say presents. And Micah, oh so how cool is that? Good on you kid, keep the bad men stumbling. Hey Peter, good of you to lend your mom a hand!

My compliments to the entire cast and crew, I enjoy every show, but for some reason, this one had me walking away all woozy and lightheaded. Thanks for the wild ride!

Anonymous said...

Ugh...why can't the fat guy ever get a break?

Anonymous said...

Don't EVER let Bryan Fuller leave you again! This is the Heroes I know and love. Fan-TASTIC episode all around, sad to see Daphne go because she was a really great character, but her death was really well done.

Those ice effects were AMAZING.

Anonymous said...

Great Episode. Very emotional. I loved the way Matt let Daphane go. That will go down in history as the most touching and most difficult death. Matt is such a good guy. PLEASE don't let him turn evil.

I guess we'll be seeing Barbara soon??? Glad Micah got away. We all KNEW he was Rebel!

Ruby said...

Kudos to Bryan Fuller for getting rid of not one, but two characters who seemed to be hanging around for no reason. However, you guys are getting pretty short on females on this about bringing in some new, well written female characters who are every bit as strong and interesting and well-developed as the males? This was a really good episode, though. I usually only watch for Zachary Quinto, and I enjoyed this one despite his absence. Good job, guys!

Kyrk said...


Kyrk said...


Kyrk said...


Anonymous said...

Ali's definitely not leaving Heroes. We saw her ... half-shattered face, and she blinked. And even if Tracy is gone, there's always Barbara. ^^

bacci40 said...


shes not dead...but dude, seriously...she is not a very good actress, and is really not that atractive

if fuller is being given more of a voice, there will be some top notch female talent brought into the show...just watch

bryan may be gay, but damn, he knows what the straight male likes in women

i say bring in cheno and her amazing boobies

Anonymous said...

The alusion to ET with the puppets and dolls in the closet was hilarious. A wonderful episode with very touching and convincing scenes. THANKYOU. I look forward to reading your blog every week.

KA said...

Thanks so much for continuing to write this blog, despite how little time you must have to do so. The behind-the-scenes stuff is really interesting and makes me wish I'd gotten into that sort of thing. Besides being creative, it seems as though you'd have to be pretty analytical to direct, construct sets, etc.

And guys, although Fuller is the head writer for this episode (and a very good writer--I love his work), it's still a major group effort on the part of all the writers.

I really enjoyed last night's ep.

Anonymous said...

Love it!

Was anyone else a little bothered by Micah's voice change? He's all grown up now.

How can Tracey still be alive? I didn't see a wink but how would she recover? If she warms up she'll be okay? I don't know.

Dela26 said...

OMG this was an AMAZING episode! *squeals!*

Hanna Iris Tolonen said...

Like others I really enjoyed this episode. Great to have Bryan back!

I also thought it was pretty much a known fact that Rebel is Micah. Cause of the talking to computers and whatnot.

Speaking of Hana...From watching Stana Katic on The Castle, how much does she looks like Christine Rose? Are they not related, WTF!

My fav parts were Hiro and Ando with baby Matt (how cute were the twins!) and of course Daphne and Matt.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Let's see . . .
Eden, Candice, now Daphne.

Does Hayden have a clause in her contract that saya she gets to monopolize the spunky female character nitch?

C'mon, guys! Throw us some more superpowered young female charcters that aren't one dimensional and then , KEEP 'EM Around!

SurferDude said...

I'm like in love with Bryan Fuller. IN LOVE. Really, I'd move to California like right now and marry him. He's the best thing that's ever happened to Heroes. Sheer talent. And plus, he's kinda hot, too...

Many, many kudos to Mr. Fuller!

Batman66 said...

Ali's not that attractive? What show have you been watching?

Anonymous said...

Well, by now it's really our own fault if we still dare to grow attached to a new character, especially a female one.

I prefer less bloodthirsty shows, such as Dexter.

Seth said...

Very wonder episode!
Tracy is very powerful, i love her!
Ali's not that attractive? What show have you been watching?
She is a wonder woman!
Very good actress, i join the
Kyrk, she is the best actress in the show.
So talent!
I hope that she has a long life and prosper!

Anonymous said...

Really nice one this episode! Last one wasn't bad either. It seems like the slow start to this season is getting behind us! Surely hope so. Keep up the good work and thanks for the blog!

Serena said...

This epsiode was AMAZING to say the absolute very least! Between Jack's and Cris' scene in the back of the cab, Jack and Ali's in the changing room, baby Matt Parkman (cutest babies EVER, I might add!) and the sheer epic feel of it all, namely with Tracy. Add to that I LOVE that so many of us were right about Micah being Rebel!

So sad to see Daphne go though, but I don't think there could have been a better or sweeter send off for her. For one thing Matt was with her and just wanted to give her a happy ending - and to hear her say that he had definitely made me misty-eyed. I will miss her, but it still made for one of the most moving scenes in a very long time.

As for next week, I'm really looking forward to it and can't wait for a certain other upcoming reuinon ;)

Jemiah said...

Give Bryan Fuller whatever he asks for from now on, m'kay? I know he's got some wanderlust (and what's the Star Trek thing he's talking about????) but you have to keep him until this series is done. Chain him to a chair if need be... Do you see what happens when he returns? Look at all of this praise, in an episode that I thought was rife with silliness and implausibility (not that that's ever gotten in the way of my enjoyment; if I want plausibility, I'll watch Ken Burns!) and killed off a character that has been extremely popular with the fans! I am incredibly, incredibly sad to see Brea go, but that was a sticky-bun-sweet farewell. AMAZING AGAIN. Say it with me now: "Best. Show. Ever."

ashedrake said...

*laughs* I was all agog when Baby Matt took the bottle: "How did they get him to do that?!"
Perfect moment!

Words cannot express how much I loved this episode - everyone was amazing. Christine Rose was as always just incredible.
Again, thank you for bringing us back to the first season's more character focused plots.

Noah Gray-Cabey was very impressive. He's growing up into such a wonderful actor. And his voice has changed!

And Brea Grant... such a beautiful moment.

I guess I'll end my ranting now (I'm just so happy) with saying how visually pleasing the opening scene with Danko and the Tracy Ice scene was.

rivera said...

"Fly me to the moon", amazing really, is sad that she is dead, but amazing ending.

saena17 said...

In my opinion, best episode of the entire series so far. Daphne's story (which hadn't grabbed me in the past) pulled me in for the ride this episode. Very solid, very promising for future episodes. Thanks for bringing it to us!

the14thrider said...

best episode of this season...;D

Nerea said...

Hello, Mr Beeman. My name is Nerea as you see, and I'm posting this comment from Madrid (Spain) I just want to let you know how much I really, really love the show. And even more that Heroes,I love the fact that all you you who are part of it (Cast and crew) allow us fans to interact with you and be a part of this show. Cold Snap was the best episode of Heroes that we've seen in along time.
My only complaint is that you people sometimes forget that Heroes has lost of fans out of the U.S. And sometimes, we have to resource to ilegal downloading because it is the only way not to miss an episode, and the only way we can follow the show along with american fans. I know Mr. Kring and you are not happy about this, and I think we can actually find a solution together. I have a few ideas that we european fans would appreciate, and I'd truly will like to share them with Mr. Kring or maybe you. If you could give me a contact adress or email, I'd send all my proporsals to you. You can contact me at my blogger blog just by clicking my user name or you can send me an email at:

PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE, I know how busy you guys must be, but the Season is about to end and this is very, very important for me. And I think the NBC people may be interested too. That's all I have to say. I hope you contact me as soon as you can. Greetings from Spain:


Anonymous said...

Excellent episode. Love the bit at the end with Tracie and car park. Bit creepy when Tracie's eye blinked and she's all in bits.

Glad to see Hiro has some of his powers back.

Sad that Daphne is not coming back:(

I really loved the sound score to this episode too.


Anonymous said...

THE BEST EPISODE SO FAR and they keep gettin' better. I'm sticking with HEROES and I hope it gets back to what we love, surprise, intrigue, relationships and powers!

Frank said...

Please make Barbara a comic character, jumbled, style of Phoebe BUFFAY from tv show FRIENDS!

I love Ali Larter too!
She is awesome!

Paloma said...

Barbara should be the same as the Joker from Batman!

Javier said...

great episode with great finals to the characters.
lovely "superman returns" scene.

Kris said...

Another episode without Claire!! Thank you!! That makes me so insanely happy.

The fact that it was a great episode anyway, added to the fact that she wasn't in it, just made it even more fantastic.

Seng_seri said...

I just wanted to say that "Cold Snap" is probably the most amazing episode I've seen of this season. There was so much going on but I felt it was put together very well. Micah wanted to gather heroes and although Tracy had done some wrong, she had proven herself as one through self sacrifice. That scene alone had captured my entire attention and had me excited to see what else was going to come from this season.

Also, for some odd reason I didn't quite grasp the fact that Daphne died in the hospital because I was so amazed at the transition from the scene in Paris to the one in the hospital to see that she had "flat lined". When I did, however, understand that she had died (the second time I watched the episode) I thought it was done very well. Death is a big part of the show and it's how a person goes that you understand how important they were. I hate watching T.V. shows where a character is killed in an instant and you have no time to feel for them before or after they die, I feel I can truly say that Daphne's character will be missed.

Other than the above, I stand and applaud this entire episode. In my mind it had a feel of its own and I'm really looking forward to whats coming next!

Anonymous said...

I was really worried that Tracy was a goner because I had read an online rumor that Ali Larter wanted off the show. Then I was extremely relieved because she blinked and there is a third sister that has not been introduced yet.

I think I am getting a sore throat from asking so much, but Greg, bubbie, buddy, would an occasionally sexy photo posted on here really hurt. For all the complaining from the female fans that the show is dominated by males, I dont see any complaints about the shirtless Milo photos.

Help us out here will you?

andryan said...

Just a little comment, it is regarding to Hiro, Ando and the Matt's baby. When Hiro stops time, it should be the whole world stops, why Micah and Tracy does not count? Because it seems at the same time when the fight of Tracy with the ice and Hiro saves the baby.

I've just couldn't bear with the dead of two heroes in one episode, why should Daphne and Tracy have to die? Couldn't they be save?

Please tell more about Danko and the government project, what's inside their big mind?

Wishing to have better experiences watching Heroes, and thank you.

Anonymous said...

Great, Mohinder was in this episode for a change! Now all he needs is to be written as more than background filler, but an actual person!
Give him back his apartment, his daughter, his job (geneticist, not cab driver, thank you very much) and the relationships he has built over time. He's not just Matt's token foreign friend.

I mean... please don't retcon his backstory, too. ;_; I fear 1961 will do just that?

Alastair said...

Great episode, Tracy/Ali was amazing as well as Daphne/Matt/HRG/Danko/Hiro/Ando/Janice/Angela and of course baby Matt.

I've noticed that all the episodes without A LOT (it's alright when she's got the same screentime as the ohters) are much better than the ones with A LOT of Claire.

Anonymous said...

Great episode, first one I've seen since season 2 where I loved every moment of it (even the scenes with characters I don't really care for). So glad that the comedy has come back, without a mix of light with the dark it can become quite a depressing show (well acted and made etc. but not as pleasurable to watch). The mix of action, intensity, humour, heart rendering stuff and intrigue mmake for a better show than it's been of late. I hope (and I keep saying this) it is NOW on the right track again. Ignore the US ratings, they mean nothing when you compare them globally and how many watch online (for example because stupid stations like the BBC keep us a week behind). Keep up the good work and redeem Hiro, and don't kill him off or I take back everything I said and I won't return next season!!!

kellbell1982 said...

sylar be the hero.

drnelson said...

adios dagne fuiste la mejor, mucha suerte bye

Anonymous said...

In my book, the best episode of Heroes EVER. The only reason I didn't cry at the last since was that my parents were at home. I would have wept like a 5 year old. More of this please!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I have not been this excited after watching an episode since season one!

I did see the Micah thing coming, but I was glad for it. That kid has an incredible power that could definitely change the direction of the show.

I guess this means Brea won't be doing any more appearances at the Alamo Drafthouse showings of Heroes?

Anonymous said...

Best.Episode.Ever! (from this season/vol 4 thus far...!)

Tracy/Ali Larter was Tracy-rrific in this episode! :)

Everyone was great in this episode too. Kudos to the entire cast and crew!

Thanks for the awesome BTS photos of this episode! :)

Robyn:) said...

there were some awesome things going on in this episode!!

i loved seeing Micah again, especially doing what he has always wanted to do - use his powers for the benefit of others.

along that line, the final scene with Tracy was incredible! it really shows that everyone put a lot of thought and effort into making this scene just right. Mr. Yattaines did a fabulous job directing it!

it was horrible to see Tracy go, but at least if she had to, she got a very impressive scene to honour her. she went out with a big, satisfying bang... figuratively as well as literally. i did not see the scene with the hunter shooting her coming, and it made my stomach drop and gave me chills when i realized what he was about to do. wow! please let Ali come back as Barbara!

Daphne's final scene was beautiful, too. it was very touching and sad to see her and Matt share their final moments together, especially since they were in paris, a place that was always very special to Daphne. i am going to miss Brea and the energy she brought to Daphne very much. this was a lot to take in in one episode!

some of the special effects, including those connecting that sequence to the hospital room, seemed less convincing than usual, but it still didn't take away from the emotion of this scene.

Hiro and Ando's storyline was great, too! i woudn't have guessed that the appartment was the Bennet house! it was nice to see Hiro finally let his guard down and confide in Ando. seeing Ando generate a forceful beam out of his red energy was shocking, i hadn't expected that! and Hiro stopping time! WOOHOO!!! :D:D:D he should keep baby Matt around at all times, maybe his teleportation will return too! i also loved seeing lisa as janice again!

it was a new and interesting experience to see Angela finally become desperate, as we haven't seen that side of her character much before.

it gave me such a shock when Peter appeared and flew her away! although i think that the ending with her and Peter in the statue of liberty was a little anticlimactic...i guess i was still focused on the bigger events of the episode, and we already knew that Peter had flown away with her.

thank you, Greg, for your posts, and pictures, too! some of my favourites this week were the closet of stuffed animals and the one of Masi and the giant giraffe. :) and that fake baby is seriously creepy!... O.O

i saw the preview for the next episode and am extremely excited! thank you for making my mondays with Heroes.

Robyn:) said...

kudos to Bryan Fuller as well. He is amazing!!!

Robyn:) said...

let me amend that comment about the scene transition: the flying was slightly less realistic, but the transition itself was done so absolutely flawlessly that i had not even realized she had died at first. that moment of realization brought tears to my eyes. a very beautiful, moving, and unforgettable scene.

Anonymous said...

Lesson learned from this episode:

"If you call Hiro "Pikachu", you're going to die!

efe said...


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Anonymous said...

I can't get over how good this episode was and how the show has improved since Fuller's returned. Tie him up to a chair if you have to, don't let him go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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