Episode 19: .07%

Whew! We’re finally back on the air. It feels like it’s been forever to me… How about for you guys? Well, the good news is, I really think we’ve got 5 good episodes to end the year with. The first one was on last night!

I’d also like to apologize for not adding to the blog the last couple of weeks. I was shooting episode 22 and several scenes from other episodes as well. It got crazy hectic towards the end there. Also, it felt like I’d hit the major points that many of you asked about… Hope you can forgive me.

It’s strange right now... We’ve actually finished production of the whole season. We had our wrap party and everything. We’re still cutting and scoring and doing visual effects and sound work on the remaining episodes, but the workload has dropped by 85%. The shooting crew and the actors are all gone. Other than the post production crew and a few accountants adding up the damage, it’s kind of a ghost town… feels weird.

Speaking of the wrap party… That was crazy fun! Because our crew is so huge, and because there was so much press – it was paaaacked! There were several hundred people there. Greg Grunberg’s band played. Greg was on drums, James Denton (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES) played guitar, and Hugh Laurie (HOUSE) was on keyboards! Tim Kring got on stage with a guitar and jammed. Wendy and Lisa (our composers) took the stage at one point along with Sheila E. on drums and they ROCKED THE HOUSE! Jack Coleman, (HRG himself) got up there and sang his lungs out. Even Noah Gray-Cabey got on stage on keyboards and blew the roof off the place...


But the highlight of the evening was Hayden Panettiere graduating! See, when you’re a school age kid and you work as an actor in TV and films, you still have to go to school. The studio hires a teacher and, literally, between takes, the kids on our show have to do algebra, history and science. Can you imagine, between all the crying, confessing and being covered in blood, Hayden (and also Noah Gray-Cabey) had to do homework!?!? Well, since Hayden’s been acting since a couple of months after she left the womb, I have to assume she’s spent most of her school days in a motor home on a set. I don’t know this for sure. Maybe somewhere along the line she attended a regular school, but not this year.

I remember, towards the end of shooting Hayden running up to me, excited, yelling, “I just graduated high school!” Her teacher was talking to Allan Arkush and I about how it was a little sad she wouldn’t get to really graduate and (I think) Hayden’s Mom and teacher came up with the idea that, at the wrap party we’d put her in a cap and gown and make her walk a few steps to “Pomp and Circumstance.” And that’s exactly what happened. Art department whipped up a diploma and Tim Kring (as our HEROES principal) presented it to her. It was very sweet. Immediately afterwards Hayden got on the mike and blasted out a version of Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” They say Hayden had learned the song, like, ten minutes before… But let me say, she fully kicked ass!






All right, enough about the wrap party, on to episode 19!

Tonight’s episode was directed by Adam Kane. Adam, ostensibly, is a first time director. But he’s been a cinematographer for a long time and, most importantly, he was the cinematographer of the pilot of HEROES. I wasn’t around for the pilot, but Tim Kring and Dennis Hammer felt his contributions were so important, and because they knew he had ambitions to direct, back at the pilot stage they offered him an episode of the show, if and when it went to series.

Frankly, I was dubious about this. HEROES is not an easy show to direct. You have to juggle and balance numerous different storylines, tones, lots of cast, as well as frequent action and visual effects scenes. It’s easier to falter than to succeed. My opinion was, that no matter how wonderful a cinematographer you are, directing is another matter and that HEROES was no place for a first time director. Well, Dennis and Tim politely listened to my opinion and then informed me that the promise had already been made and that that was that.

Of course, once Adam began working, all my doubts were shattered. He’s a real “natural” as a director. Extremely focused, with a strong plan, accommodating to our numerous wishes and instructions, pleasant and fast on his feet. I think tonight’s episode is terrifically made with good performances and many many exciting camera angles.

Adam also had to deal with a bit of last minute budget cut compromises, and he dealt with these gracefully. Dealing with the budget on HEROES is a bit like playing a fish on a hook. We’re always letting out line and then reeling it back in. We look at the needs of the script, where we are in the season, whether it’s a sweeps show or a bookend show or not. Sometimes we’re just looking at whether we’ve recently been good or bad and whether we have to make up for it. Unfortunately for Adam and episode 19, we’d just come off a spending spree and needed to cut back. Like a suburban couple, looking over the credit card debt from last month’s drunken weekend in Vegas, we realized there’d be no eating out this month, and that the 60’ flat screen would have to wait.

Several significant cuts were made, literally a day before shooting. First, we had a really great location for, what we called, “the bowels of Prima-Tech”, HRG’s company. It was a place where they’d built and tested jets with a lot of cool rooms for cells and corridors. We brought those scenes back to the existing cell that we’d built on stage for Sylar, and to the halls and corridors that surrounded our sets. Also, originally, HRG, Matt and Ted were going to have their dialogue scene (“wait a second, your middle management”) on the run, while stealing a car. We moved that back to the diner set we owned. There were also more beats of action in the Sylar/Peter fight, including that Sylar was pushed out a window by Suresh and fell several stories to the pavement.

At the end of the day I think most of these compromises have no negative impact on the show. Adam and the art department dealt with all the changes quite well. The only one that continues to perturb me is how Sylar is taken out. The world’s most fearsome villain, immediately after taking care of Peter, who has about 14 powers, gets knocked out by a chalkboard?!? Oh well.


One thing that always gets confusing on HEROES, is when there’s one scene that ends an episode and begins the next. Because we have two directors, two cinematographers, two assistant directors and sometimes two completely different crews this can get confusing. This episode was REALLY confusing. Episode 18, if you remember, ended with Peter entering Suresh’s room to discover Suresh on the ceiling and Sylar behind him. Sylar TK’s him (i.e. “telekinetically throws” him) against the wall starts to cut open his skull and we end. This episode overlaps all that again and then continues on into the fight. We’re always running experiments on how to most efficiently shoot these kinds of scenes. On this one we ran the experiment of having Kevin Bray, last episodes’ director, and Adam standing side by side on the same set, each simultaneously shooting the pieces they needed. Long story short, we won’t run that experiment again. Both guys were great and got along, but they had different ideas about how to stage and shoot the scene and what angles were needed in each episode. Nobody was wrong, but it resulted in double work rather than half work.

As you can tell this is a complex scene. Sendhil was in a harness, hoisted up onto the ceiling. Sylar is thrown back, Peter is pinned to the wall feet off the ground. A special kudos to the VFX crew for the sequence where shards of glass are levitated and then thrown at Peter. The digital glass looked amazing. There were many discussions about this, because this is the kind of sequence that can be unclear. The moment where a big shard of digital glass slams into an invisible guy, who then becomes un-invisible revealing Peter, is a moment that troubled me. Making sure that this moment is both visually exciting and that the story is being clearly told is complicated.

I also continue to be excited about Malcolm McDowell in our show. He is one of the nicest guys ever. He is extremely pleasant and happy to be here. His work is awesome, and very subtle. And he tells great stories. There’s a lot of guys around who tell a lot of stories. But mostly they’re about “When I worked on ‘The A-Team’…’” or hilarity behind the scenes of “Simon and Simon.” Malcolm McDowell’s got stories about Peter O’Toole, Oliver Reed and Helen Mirren. Way more entertaining! It was also fun to see that Linderman has a power to heal, and Claire’s grandma, Angela seems to have been involved since before this generation of Heroes… Hmmm, what DO the writers have in mind???

OK that’s it for now. My typing fingers are cramping up. Next week Episode 20 which, in my own behind-the-scenes-but-still-a-fanboy way, I think is one of the most mind blowing episodes of TV EVER! There, I said it…

See you then…







Serena said…
you finally updated! ^^
THANKS for taking your time to do this wonderful blog!

I just hope that when this season comes out on DVD, everything'll be captioned/subtitled like how it was done for LOTR. As a deaf/hard-of-hearing person, it just makes me dissapointed when the special features aren't captioned.. =(
Korbinian said…
Welcome back from the hiatus. Well at least what seemed a hiatus to us ;-)

Great show, as I have to say, that I spoilered myself to much by the many clips that floated around on youtube. Silly me :-/

Anyway, I'm really excited how the story will go on and how many of the plotlines will be finished till season finale and how many we will be taking over to next season.

Keep up the good work or to be more precise: I hope you kept up the good work ;-)
Anonymous said…
welcome back and i have to say that i was disappointed by a major plot hole in the episode.

why didn't mohinder kill sylar when he was unconscious ?
Anonymous said…
Serena's comment touched my heart =S and I'm not being sarcastic or anything.

Anyways great show, really, I normally don't watch TV but this show is too awesome to let it pass.

Yeah, we all agree the Peter vs Sylar thing started like "WOW" and ended like "...".

I also spoilered myself too much, and I learned the lesson, won't do it again; it kinds of removes that "extra" feeling on heroes of "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING TO HAPPEN NOW!?!?!"

Take care, very very good show.
Christie said…
This show is one of the most brilliant shows I have ever seen. I love your blog and the insight into how you all put it all together. There are so many story lines that it almost makes my brain hurt, but I love it! You have truly made one of the most sinister, evil villains ever, with Sylar, and I thank you all desperately for not killing off Peter. Please don't ever kill Peter!!! I did wonder why Mohinder didn't pick up his pistol and kill Sylar when he was knocked out though.. but I guess with the scene involving Isaac, the writers have something bigger in store for him. Man, kudos to all of you on your brilliance!
Anonymous said…
welcome back greg

as for the plot hole that is being alledged....please

mohinder already failed at killing sylar, he was then tortured and stuck to a wall...he was just happy to get out alive

good to know that sylar's kryptonite is pressboard...hurry, get all the heroes to run to ikea...quick

happy for hayden

and will you please have kring and all the writers do something to put an end to all the teen girl's pining to see claire and peter get together...it makes me wanna puke

it was a really fun episode...and now i cant wait to see all the multiple time lines hiro has effed up
Sus said…
Not to get all silly schoolgirl but I gotta agree with ya on Adam Kane being cute!

The only part of the episode that annoyed me (believe it or not but the corkboard incident wasn't a big deal to me) was how Peter was 'killed.' Why in the world would Peter, having turned invisible and therefore be able to move anywhere in the room unseen, i.e. go behind Sylar and kill the bastard!, stand with his BACK to Sylar??!!! That part made absolutely no sense whatsoever and seemed a bit dumb.

Other than that I'm having a gay ole' time with this show and how it's evolved in the short time it's been on air. Excellent work folks!!
Jordan said…
AWESOME blog, I love it!

but darn, I would've enjoyed Mohinder pushing Sylar out the window. However the chalkboard made me LAUGH, actually! The great Sylar, bested by a scientist and his map!

Looks like Mohinder is Sylar's kryponite... there's no way he'd hurt the only key to the list.

very good!
Can't WAIT for the next episode! :D
civilian said…
You're alive! I actually *did* notice and was a little disappointed by the fight. The hiatus allowed me to build up my expectations. However, you guys did pull through in the end. Another great episode as always. I particularly like the "Don't post any spoilers" line from Isaac. Kudos to the writer of that line ;)
Azar said…
Yay! You're back!

Thanks yet again for letting us peek behind the scenes - I really, REALLY appreciate it. Really looking forward to the next episode now that you've said such good things about it. I've gotta admit that this one was sort of an anti-climax after that long hiatus - but a bad-ish episode of Heroes is still a lot better than so many other good shows out there. Just shows how great the show is, and how good you people are at making it. Keep up the good work!
Dan Guy said…
I love that the cast and crew has so much fun with this.

Regarding the alleged plot hole: I think Mohinder's top priority had to be keeping Sylar from getting access to Peter's brain. For all he knew Sylar is unkillable.
fizz said…
just wanna add something: the music for the peter/sylar battle was terrific, especially how the strings slowly crescendoed as the shards were pulled up and suddenly stopped when peter 'died'.

props to the music team! and of course everyone else for another great one. interested to see how linderman will turn out in the end..
Mary said…
Thank GOD the show's back! I am really loving Malcolm McDowell, and the wonderful juxtaposition of the show's "healer" being one of the most ruthless and destructive characters. That's so creative!

Am I the only one feeling really, really bad for Mohinder at this point? The poor guy pretty much saves the day, but still has no friends to speak of, and worse thinks he's responsible for the death of somebody who's actually alive! I wish one of the Petrellis would give him a phone call.
Anonymous said…
hi, i donno if you answer the questions here, but was the plot of Lindermann so simmilar to Watchmen's plot by accident? :)
Ubiquitous_a said…
Great episode! I'm curious though, when I originally watched the ep, the TV seemed to make it look styleized as though it were shot in black and white and then colorized in certain areas. Very graphic novel type of coolness.... but when I watched it again on iTunes, I don't see that. If it was just a fluke of the TV I was watching it on, it sure might be a cool idea! :)
RosieBoo said…
Great episode, and welcome back, Greg!

All you people need to quit watching spoilers and you wouldn't be so critical of this episode. :)

I loved Malcom McDowell doing the voiceovers this week. He has a mesmerizing way of talking that makes me love him almost as much as I do Sylar (well, Zach Quinto that is ;)

Can't wait for next week's episode...and to await the Petrelli/Linderman connection...
bac said…
I really enjoyed the fact that Mohinder took Sylar out with a map. It emphasized that special powers are not the only thing that matter. It also provided Sylar with a valuable supervillain lesson: make sure all of your enemies are dead before you begin gloating.

I think Mohinder was far too upset and horrified by Peter's death to have the presence of mind to kill Sylar at that point.

My only complaint/confusion about that scene was mentioned by another poster as well: why on earth did Peter have his back to Sylar? All I can think of is he realized he was about to get blasted with glass and turned to shield his face/eyes, and trusted in his healing powers to let him shrug off getting hit anywhere else.
cbrello said…
Welcome back from hiatus and that's good that all of you had fun at the wrap party. I saw all of you on the TVland awards the other night. It was real funny when when Tom Kring or someone said something about Heroes will really be a classic when it's in the 42nd season and Noah's character, Michah is the only hero remaining. That was so funny. I saw Noah laughing when he said that. So congratulations on getting that award. Also congratulations to Hayden for graduating from high school. I hope she has a great adult life.
All of you take care and have a great off season.
Chris Tombrello
Adam Kane – in the Heroes High yearbook Adam is the hands down winner for "Cutest Male Director"

I'll say! Can I get me some of that, please? Yummy!

As others have already stated here, that fight scene where Sylar gets taken out by a chalkboard...yeah, that was unfortunate. Also, really dumb to have invisible Peter stand directly in front of Sylar with his back to the telekintic psycho-killer. But, that said, I'm a screenwriter, so I know all about budget/time restraints and the effect it has on the final product. I loved the episode despite its flaws.

Slippy said…
Sylar, arrogant with power and dreaming of godhood, believing himself to be invincible, taken down by an unspecial teacher, wielding the teacher's weapon of choice, the blackboard.

I don't get what y'all are harping on about, that's the most beautiful irony right there.

Don't you guys keep saying "it's not about the abilities, it's about the people"...? Yeah, well giving Mohinder another chance to take down Sylar is just keeping it real.

On the downside, even Mohinder in his naivete would have the sense to stamp on Sylar's head a few times while he's down, just to make sure.

Of course, if he'd gone out the window like we'd been led to believe he would, then all would have been right with the world

Sometimes budget cuts AREN'T for the best, methinks.

Mind you, that one niggle aside, another stunning episode. Smoother in it's flow than others, I think. That's not good or bad, IMO, just different!
19 was AMAZING!! Linderman actually is evil and nuts - but Malcolm plays it so well and so subtle - he's awesome!
The strange constant cutting when Matt was reading Bennett's mind and instructions threw me off a bit - it was weird and disorienting, but still cool.
The RETURN of Future Hiro next week! AWESOME!! I cannot wait. Literally.
Clayton said…
I think the scene that bugs you looks sloppy and hastily put together. The budget cuts show, and this scene is one fans had been looking forward to for a long time. My hopes were high, which makes the disapointment greater than it was for the Primatech escape scene, but high hope don't excuse how much better that scene could have been. You left a lot of people scratching their heads; not in the good way.
The Polsons said…
"The world’s most fearsome villain, immediately after taking care of Peter, who has about 14 powers, gets knocked out by a chalkboard?!? Oh well."


I did think that was a bit odd, but it worked okay. I think him being pushed out a window would have been better thought, I agree. But it was fine the way it was shot -- I liked the irony of how it all went down, and I did think about it as "you don't need powers to be a Hero".

I did like the glass-hits-invisible-guy moment, I think it worked great and I could tell what was going on easily -- nicely done. I think this was the best action in the whole series so far (if way too short). And I assume Pete was trying to get the hell out of there, which is why he had his back to Sylar.

LOVED the Primatech escape and Greg's delivery of the "middle management" lines! I also award props to Isaac's "don't post any spoilers" line. 8-)

As always, WONDERFUL behind-the-scenes reporting and photos!! There's a ton of stuff I'd like to mention, but it would be too long, so thanks for EVERYTHING!

BTW, I was reading on HeroesWiki that you originally had big plans for Sparrow Redhouse but had to shelve them. On 9th Wonders we have a List Project that takes unexplored names from the list and writes back stories for them. I picked Sparrow and it turns out I did okay based on the String Theory graphic novel -- female, long black hair, Native American... the ability I gave her for my fan fiction is photographic reflexes coupled with super agility -- that means she can watch a Jackie Chan movie and then immediately, without practice, duplicate every move even better than Jackie Chan can do them. I submit this idea in the hopes that you will give Sparrow this ability in future episodes. I honestly do promise to make my famous chocolate chip cookies for the entire cast and crew if you do. I really mean it!

Here's my Sparrow story so far (up to chapter 6, I'm still editing 7). I even worked in a real named character that works in Nathan's campaign office... heehee...

Thanks again for this blog!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Loved the episode, even with the quibbles.

Props to Santiago Cabrera and Zachary Quinto for the eerie conversation between Isaac and Sylar (Am I the only one who liked that scene???? :D)

And of course much love to the rest of the Heroes team.
Can't wait for the next ep! c:
Anonymous said…
I kinda think this episode was weak. I didn't expect the fight scene between Peter and Sylar to be so short. To be honest the scene where Claire tried to stop Ted was even better than the Peter/Sylar showdown. And the story has no focal point. It's like reading some facts; informative, but you end up feeling, so what?

Hopefully the rest of the episodes are better. Company man is still my favorite episode so far!!
FJGamer said…
The end of this episode brought many theories to mind. One outcome could be that Hiro goes through time, fixing small 'mistakes' but making others. The other outcome I like is that Peter gets Hiro's power, screws up Hiro's mission, and Hiro goes into hiding to recover lost time and fix all of the mistakes yet again. Hiro is trapped in a paradox no matter what the plot is.
Anonymous said…
my only problem with the episode is that Suresh is able to knock out Sylar, pick up Peter and get out of there. Why not just shoot Sylar in the head then. too anti-climatic???
soopafly said…
Welcome back, I'm happy.

The episode was AMAZING man, goddamn, every single second was great. Can't wait till next week.

The party was great, I'm sure. Man, wished I lived in the US so I could be outside to get some autographs lol.

Thanks for the great blog, and keep it up. This show is the best thing ever, and it even motivated me to work. Well that means a lot because i'm lazy as f*ck, cheahhhhh
victor said…
Due to PC diarreah (thanks so much, MS), I just discovered this site tonight.

Fanboy Victor says: Wow! AwesomeAmazingIncredibleSuper show.

Victor Says: I am actually impressed by the way this show has brought suuperheroes into mainstream television. It is thoughtful, thought-provoking, and character driven. (Don't tell DC/ WB, but it might actually be better than Smallville.) Of course, I notice the level of talent in your cast, and the obvious ability of your writers -- budget constraints aside: these people behave in a believable way.

My questions: Is Linderman just crazy? Did some of the heroes of his generation go bad? Or did he?

Guess I'll watch and find out. You know, this is one of two shows I just don't miss. If I do I suffer serious withdrawl pmsl.

Your whole crew does quality work, and reminds this "old dog" that TV is not always insulting to its viewers.

Thanks to all.

Zachary said…
the previews for "The Hardest Part" gave me goose bumps. i just feel that these last five chapters will be the greatest thing i have ever seen on TV. good job guys!
Hadji said…
Thank you so much for the update.
Argh...Hayden got to graduate before me!
I'll have to wait another months to graduate high school..
Emily said…
Dear Mr. Beeman,

Love reading your blog! It makes me feel like Heroes loves me back...

I,too, thought about the scene with the map--at least in part because I misinterpreted what happened on the first viewing. (I must have blinked! Because it was pretty clear the second time.)

I thought the board was moving too fast and too forcefully to have been pushed by Mohinder, intrepid but injured practitioner of genetics and other indoor sports, so I read the moment as a telekinetic "last gasp" from Peter--and maybe not even strictly voluntary. I thought he trumped Sylar (in his own small way) with his dying breath! When Mohinder lurched to the side, I thought he was just trying to get out of the way!

Probably doesn't make sense neurologically. But not being very neurological (or even all that logical), I'll probably be in suspense every time I watch the scene from now on, wondering which way it will go down *this* time!

Thanks again for all your hard work!
Anonymous said…
That is so sweet about Hayden, thanks so much for sharing. :)

I found it amusing that Sylar can apparently stop bullets but not a bulletin board. ;)

Kara said…
Hayden attended conventional school until she started 9th grade, then she began homeschooling. I believe she uses a program called Laurel Springs School. Congrats to her, on graduating.
Serena said…
you're right, i found a "news article" on the Laurel Springs School website.
Bradley said…
That whole kill a small poulation to save a larger population sounded a lot like the plot of Alan Moore's Watchmen. Is there any relation?
curlymarie said…
Greg, if you have the opportunity, would you please express to Adrian Pasdar that all of us over at 9thWonders are wishing him a happy birthday? http://www.9thwonders.com/boards/index.php?showtopic=54374&st=0&gopid=236884&#entry236884
(If that link isn't good, click my name.)

Thank you!

And, as always, thanks for the amazing work you do on the show every single week.
Sammy said…
Great update. just finished watching today's episode but I noticed that James Kyson Lee was credited as a guest star. What happened? I thought he was a regular? Anyone know?
Anonymous said…
It was a good episode, though Isaac's death was PREDICTABLE and to me though it was a good scene, it sucks that he is dead! I know someone said you had to give the viewers what we already knew would happen. But the same could be said about the bomb.

I think some viewers want to see things like Isaac's death and the bomb stopped. To know something that is going to happen, that it is predictable, is kinda boring.

You can't have a good story without good actors, and Isaac made that scene. I don't think he was given the same opportunities that characters like Nikki(blah) and others were. To me Isaac was the best thing about Heroes, and now with his death, it shows that Heroes is predictable, and I just wish Isaac had been given a better chance that his character deserved.

And the fight between Sylar and Peter, and Peter having his back towards Sylar, and Mohinder leaving Sylar alive... all I can say is WTF.

As others have said, could have been better. After such a long hiatus, people obviously expected too much and so there are a lot of disappointed people.
Eric said…
Does anyone know what the yellow painting of a table and chairs on the wall of the Pitrelli house in episode 19 is? I'd love to know the artist and title. You see it on the wall behind Nathan just as he comes to Peter's side.
Anonymous said…
Watching Bourne eh?

Hopefully you are not going to do that shakeycam thing - it's not cool its awfull and puke inspiring, I hope the cinema gets better soon ;)
Sus said…
FINALLY!!! Aaarrghhh don't you all ever go away for that long!! *lol* Welcome back and thanks again for an excellent episode. Boy talk about just throwing us all some major curve balls...Nathan as the drunk of the week?, HRG as retail schmuck of the week?, crazy good times! Oh and so glad Nikki and kid and hubby weren't in season premiere...sorry but they just don't do much for me. Oh and one more thing, as other's have pointed out...CLAUDE?? You ARE bringing Christopher Eccleston back, right??!!
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