This, the thirteenth episode of the third book of the third season airing on the nineteenth day in the twelfth month of the year two-thousand aught eight was written by Jeph Loeb and directed by your humble blogger – me.

It is also the final episode of the Volume that’s been entitled “VILLAINS.” After tonight HEROES goes off the air for several weeks, and when we come back we begin a new Volume with a new direction and (in some ways) a different style entitled “FUGITIVES.”

I want to thank Charlie Lieberman the Director of Photography, who recently was accepted to the ASC. It was actually my first time doing a whole episode with Charlie. I think the lighting is beautiful throughout. I want to thank Don Aron, the editor. It was also, actually, my first time doing an episode with him. He is a great editor and he put together the pieces of film I shot better than I could have imagined. And, of course, I want to thank the writer - Jeph Loeb.

I won’t lie to you. This was a tough episode for me. I think it is because I was tired. If you remember, I had dropped in to direct episode #10 at the last minute. I had always been scheduled to do #13, and I recognized it’s importance because it’s the last episode before a long run off the air. But circumstances being what they are, #10 ended up with many delayed days of shooting and partial days of shooting – so that I was prepping #13 while still shooting the last few days of #10. Now I can’t impress upon you how exhausting doing an episode of HEROES is. Regular TV shows are hard enough – but HEROES is extra hard. Between prep and shoot it’s like a 20-day sprint with no time to think, sleep or slow down. So to do two in a row – well, I was tired when I started this one.

For some reason, I was inconsolable throughout production of this episode. This has happened to me from time to time, but not for a long while. I wasn’t happy with any scene or any part of it during the whole process. I made poor Jeph Loeb go over the script with me again and again talking through every part of every scene – trying to make things work for me. To his credit, Jeph was very patient and accommodating. We worked through all my issues slowly, bit-by-bit.

We finished shooting this one in late October. It wasn’t until I saw the editor’s first cut of the show, about a week after that, that I started getting OK with the episode. Donn Aron is a great editor and he finds ways into the material that are exciting and fresh. We worked hard throughout post and kept smoothing things out and re-arranging things.

We locked picture eventually, and life went on. Late last week (and by now, I was in the middle of directing episode #19) I finally saw the whole show put together with all the music, visual effects and color corrections. By then I had put it out of my mind and moved on to other things. When I saw it last week I was really happy. I feel it moves like a locomotive and is very exciting with many excellent scenes. I also am pleased with my work. The angles and shots and pacing and performance direction all had achieved what I was trying to do all those angst-ridden weeks ago. Of course you will decide for yourself what you think of this one – but, for myself, I am OK with the work I’ve done.

Right off the bat is a scene I’m pleased with. It’s the opening scene with Peter and Nathan over the body of their dead father. This was a very well written scene that was simple, and quietly explored the relationship between the brothers... I began with a shot straight down on Arthur Petrelli. This was where I planned to put the main title. In it I had the camera move across the blood onto a close-up of dead Arthur. I love the set which (Production Designer) Ruth Ammon built for Arthur’s office. It has this amazing ceiling which facilitates either putting “X”s or Christian crosses in the frame. Between an “X” and a Christian Cross you have two major metaphoric images that will help enhance any number of shots. The second shot of the scene is an incredibly low angle of Peter holding the gun that killed his father. And behind Peter I framed in an “X” because I figured Peter has double-crossed his family and is at a cross-roads he can’t return from. This was shot on a prism-lens, which is a lens that shoots into a mirror for straight-up angles. I started the shot on the gun and widened to reveal Peter. The next shot was also shot on a prism, but we had to raise up Robert Forster on boxes to line it up right. I kept focus forward on Arthur’s body as the door opened in the background and Nathan enters. I let the focus stay off of Adrian for an uncomfortably long time, even through his first line “Peter, what have you done?” Towards the middle of the scene is a moment when Nathan approaches Peter, wanting the gun. At that moment I shifted the style from the placid still shots to a hand-held camera. This amps up the tension in that moment.

I like the way both actors played this scene. Milo chose to play a pent up guilt. In my mind his character was experiencing a whirlwind of conflicting emotions because, even though his intention had been to go there to kill his father, Sylar had actually killed him - and so he had a sense of failure. He also felt guilt and regret over his father’s death and the regrets of the relationship overall. But, mostly, I think he was numb because so much had happened so fast. Nathan on the other hand is calm and in control. He had planned to betray Arthur anyway and his death would be an asset. Nathan, I believe, is mostly trying to not agitate Peter, who controls the gun – but also is attempting to re-establish the dominance he always maintains over his little brother.

I'm also pleased with Stargates visual effects on this one. Nathan and Peter flying away from Primatech, all of Meredith's flaming hands, Ando's new power and Daphne's supersonic superspeed all turned out as well or better than I'd hoped. I think the shot of Claire and HRG running down the hall away from the fireball is a lot of fun. For this shot there are three elements. Parts one and two were done in the Primatech hallway. We lit the hall and rehearsed Jack and Hayden running towards camera. Then we filmed the empty hall. Then we filmed Jack and Hayden running in front of a big green screen that we set up in the hall. A couple of weeks later we shot the final element - which was a big giant fireball roaring at camera. Fire has a unique shape and movement pattern and to do it right, we had to create a giant plywood box built in the correct proportions to the hallway. This box was about 40 feet long and ten feet wide. It was painted black on the inside and there were framing pieces built on the interior to match the doorframes that are in the hall. We then got a camera that ran at 200 frames a second (super slow motion!) The box was built at an angle of about 20 degrees, because fire naturally rises - which means the camera was on an elevated platform 15 or 20 feet in the air. We then rolled camera and the effects crew blasted a huge fireball right at the lens. The result was a fireball that roiled right at lens taking the shape of the hall and wrapping around the doorframes. All three of these elements were then composited together in post production. The final result, I think... is cool!

But I was also trying to mix up the style as much as possible. And there were days I needed to go fast, to balance out the days with elaborate production needs. One example is the scene where Ando first gets his new power. This scene is done in two simple shots. The first is a tight close up where Ando gets a cup of water thrown in his face. The rest of the scene, which is about a minute long, is all done in one long take. The shot was done on a wide lens and the camera tracked back as Ando worked his way forward. James Kyson Lee (known as "JKL" to his friends) Brea and Greg Grunberg all had to "play the frame," i.e. work their performances in to the existing shot with no cuts or coverage to help smooth things out. I was particularly happy with one moment when I had Greg and Brea lean way in to see if he had powers and then I played JKL looking left and right at them in annoyance and then moving away to practice his power in more "privacy." See if you like it!

In general, as we all know, Zach Quinto rules. But I think he just killed it in this episode and I gratefully told him so once I saw how the whole piece was coming together in the cutting room. His performance, to me, is the unifying element of this story. It’s the glue that holds the episode together. I love getting into scenes with him. For instance, we shot all of his scenes in the surveillance room relatively quickly. As I always do with him, I encouraged him to be playful and unexpected. This is not a direction you can give all actors, trust me, but Zach can find a way to play a line in a completely unexpected way, that doesn’t lose the thought behind the original intention. I particularly like the emphasis he places on the word “terrify” when he says the line “I know I repulse you. Terrify you.”

Also the scene with Sylar and Angela towards the end is one I’m particularly happy with. Again this was a very well written scene with a lot of meat on the bone, and the actors were excited to get into it. But, surprisingly, it took a little while to get it there on a performance level. Both the actors and I had to talk through and work through the rhythms and beats before it found it’s final shape. I’m a big believer in blocking a scene. Blocking is a term that, I guess, comes from the stage – but it refers to how the actors move around within a scene. I really, really believe in trying to move the actors around whenever it’s valid and possible. Much too much TV is very static with people just standing or sitting still and saying their lines. I have found that, the right blocking lets the performances flow easily, and that the wrong blocking will clog up the energy of a scene like logs in a river. I try to work in the same way I always encourage actors to. I prepare and think about the scene on my own before the day of shooting. I conceive of the specific shooting style and blocking style that would suit the scene and the overall story. And then, and this is important, on the day of shooting I try to forget my homework and let the scene evolve in whatever way it wants to. The homework is a safety net that I can fall back on if new ideas don't come. But if I force the homework on the scene it dries up. I have found over and over again that a few key words or key blocking ideas is enough to allow a scene to flourish and grow quickly. Too much from me can atrophy a scene. By the same token – too little from me can create a vacuum where nothing occurs.

I began this particular scene on Angela facing foreword and Sylar out of focus in the background. He then makes a big sweeping walk around her and the camera pivots on her. This shot, for me, builds the energy and danger implicit in the scene. Then I jump to a big wide shot where Sylar slams a chair into the back of Angela’s legs and pushes her forward. It was scripted that he TK’ed her into the chair… But, in working through it, Zach felt that Sylar was angry and wanted a more visceral reaction. So we eliminated the TK and had him rough Angela up. From there, after my showy opening shot, the scene gets simple. I have just two angles for each character for the next 80% of the scene. I did a slow push in to each character that ends in a big close-up. I also did two super low angles which each have a very graphically interesting ceiling lamp in the background. By balancing the coverage, and the editing pattern, I believe the sense of equality is created. Each of these characters is a great chess player and for this part of the scene, they are in the early stages of a chess game. I also shot a wide profile shot, where each character is in 50-50 profile and the fireplace is between them. This was mostly for geography, and to let the scene breathe and not be so claustrophobic, and because the firelight was pretty. Later, on Angela’s line - “You were flawed. Weak. Malleable. Someone I could manipulate. Because that’s what I do. Because you’re right…I’m a monster, too...” I had Zach turn away from Angela into a close-up on a super wide lens. For me, the distorting effect of this lens accentuates Sylar’s sense of displacement and distortion…. Anyway, you get the idea. On a shot-by-shot level this scene is actually very simple. It was a scene where I didn’t need the camera to elevate or accentuate the already-excellent scene. But, my point is, even in simple scenes like this the shot making needs to be purposeful and specific.

On the Zach Quinto topic, Jeph Loeb had always written in an opening narration from Sylar and a montage recapping the season for the opening of the episode. But in post we all decided to expand and add to these Sylar monologues in an attempt to strengthen and clarify the theme. I was with Zach when he recorded these at the ADR stage. We talked about his tone being more omniscient than typical Sylar - as if spoken in reflection from a point in the future. But we also had to work to not make it too detached. Sylar has a certain level of cynicism and bitterness. We did a few takes and Zach played around. He is always amazing when he gets a chance to play with the material – mixing up the cadences and playing against the obvious intentions of some lines. I love the way his voice-over on these scenes turned out.

The final scene of the episode (The one with Nathan and the President) is meant as the prelude to the FUGITIVES Volume. I shot this scene in a different style than our usual ones – It’s full of off angles, non-matching angles, sides of faces in focus in the foreground, while the person speaking in the b.g. is in soft focus, jump cuts, etc. – which is a BOURNE IDENTITY-like style. This is a look we’ve used a bit in the past (I’ve always tried to do a scene or two per episode in this style – remember the scene with Peter and Angela and the strings from the second episode of this season, and the omitted scene between drunken Nathan and Angela available on the season 2 DVD set). This style adds a strong sense of tension because of the quick arrhythmic editing and the uncomfortable angles. It also creates a feeling of voyeurism and surveillance – which will be a theme of the FUGITIVES Volume.

Interestingly, we shot this scene in October – a month before the National election. But Tim Kring really wanted to cast an African American in the role of the President, even though, at that time it was quite uncertain how the election would turn out. Even though we kept him mysterious and didn’t show his face that much we were lucky to get Michael Dorn for this role. I’m sure many HEROES fans were also fans of STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE and STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. He was a great person to work with, easy and fun. He came in and we shot his scene quickly, in just 3 hours... And now he's our HEROES President!

Well, that’s it for this blog until HEROES comes back on the air on February 2nd. It’s possible I might do an update in between then and now, but at this moment I’m not sure.

As always thank you fans for your passion and loyalty. You are our lifeblood. I’ll be grateful for the short break from my weekly homework assignment – but also – I will miss you all.


Greg Beeman


































Anonymous said…
None of Zach and Hayden together? How was that even possible after this ep? Eh, maybe next volume if we're lucky I guess. Great ones of Adrian and Milo though lol
Anonymous said…
where are all of your Zach and Hayden picstures!! I know alot of people who would love more of those!
but thanks for the pics anyways
Anonymous said…
Great episode. Primatech burning while HRG and Angela watch - what a metaphor.

Not so sure I like the idea of going so sci-fi with the government finding out, but I'll come along for the ride and have faith.

And why did everyone get a gun but Angela. Did Arthur protect her all the time? I can't imagine she never held a gun before.

And wow is Nathan angry...

I think Angela needs to tell more secrets.
Anonymous said…
I wanted some Zach/Hayden, they're awesome! My bad :(

I love the Milo/Adrian and Greg/Brea ones :D Thanks for posting and tonight's episode was really awesome!
Jackie P said…
I'm happy with where this volume ended, overall. Some of this volume's story lines made me quite upset but you guys can't please a single person and I had to remind myself of that. Greg, thanks for all of your hard work, along with the rest of the crew and of course, the cast.

I can't wait to see where you guys take the show with Fugitives, and seeing Micah's photo makes me hope that he, Monica, and Nana will come back in Volume IV.
Anonymous said…
Oh dear. It looks like Claire's "I'd like to spank him" comment has opened the Sylar/Claire floodgates. But other than that, fantastic episode. Looking forward to Volume 4.
Anonymous said…
Oh dear. It looks like Claire's "I'd like to spank him" comment has opened the Sylar/Claire floodgates.

Trust me, people liked Claire/Sylar even before this comment lol
Anonymous said…
Now see? If all of your episodes turn out like THIS one than all of your fans will return. Which is why you should keep producing episodes like this. Really, really good work. (Loved the Sylaire bits. A lot.)
Anonymous said…
Agree. I've been waiting for an episode like this since the that strong start this volume.

Loved Ando's ability, the formula destoyed, and the President helping Nathan next volume.

Glad to see Heroes return! Great finale!!

>Now see? If all of your episodes turn out like THIS one than all of your fans will return.
Anonymous said…
Another disappointed shipper here who wanted more pics of Zach and Hayden together (but thanks for the ones we got)! Also, Sylaire fans have been around since Homecoming guys. The fanbase is just getting larger.

Great episode. I hope this trend continues in the next volume.
Anonymous said…
LOL! I agree, the line where Hayden says "I'd like to spank him" had me cracking up! That will and probably has opened up the floodgates to some Claire/Sylar fanfic...anyways... Good lines! I also loved the part where Hiro is hanging on and says something to the pigeon and goes to say "Now im talking to a pigeon!" GOOD GOD!! who are the writers!!? I LOVE THEM!! *HUGS AND KISSES* to them!

Okay... on a serious note! This was fanominal! (sorry... cant spell) I was seriously on the edge of my seat! IT WAS THAT INCREDIBLE! Like totally the best one yet! Well... apart from the Elle scenes but thats just a biased opinion because i loved Elle... and when Sylar was talking to HRG and saying something about he created him..(when HRG is trapped with the firebomb) I wanted HRG to say something about Elle not wanting to do what she did so that was Sylar would feel guilty or something!

Agh... so much back story that i dreamed/wish and no KB contract time because she is off filming... *sigh*

anyways... where was i ...? Agh yes! SYLAR

What can i say! His voice was so creepy! so... haunting... and when he was so despreat to see that there was good in the world... but why on earth would he look for it in (as she says) manipulative monster like Angela?

Anyways... I am done but i'll bottom line you Beeman.... you are incredible... and THANK YOU once agian for your awesome blog and can't wait for next season! but wait! I will be waiting!Gosh darn it! Utill then! Oh ... and no news on Kristen Bell...? Like... is she coming back!? I want her to come back! *sobs*

love ya!
Anonymous said…
It really was a great episode, and brought me back to the excitement I felt during season one. Unfortunately, with Jeph Loeb gone from the show, it will be very hard to have more episodes like this, although Greg B does do an amazing job. Hopefully Bryan Fuller will really bring back the fans with a fresh volume to start from.
Anonymous said…
Absolutely loved everything about this episode. The humor, the action, the drama. The promise of what's to come in the next volume.

Not that it'll make a difference, but definitely seconding the need for Sylar/Claire pictures!

(Though I'm really surprised no one vetoed the spanking line. Obvious fan-bait! And we totally appreciated it, thanks.)
Anonymous said…
Thank you Greg for another week of behind the scenes goodness, you are truly a credit to the fandom
Anonymous said…
Surprised nobody's mentioned Hiro punching Tracy,that had to be the funniest bit in the episode.Starting to creep me out a bit but I love Zach in this one.Great episode,one of my favs. Need more Zach pix like... alot.
Rebel said…
Good one from Jeph Loeb. Loved Clair, HRG, Angela, Peter, Hiro and Ando,

Zach Quinto is the only actor who can make your bleed for a monster. We know our cockaroach will be back. But I'm glad it was Clair who did him in. Justice finally!

I also felt Sorry for Mohinder and am glad he got rescued on the road by Tracy.

Nathan I could just kick.

My only complaint in having a Barack Obama stand in. Michael Dorn did a fabulous job.

But Barack would never back another Guatanamo especially for people, who for the most part are not a danger to others. He would see them as people who need training to use their abilities for the benefit for all mankind.

To this end, I think "Heroes" needs a Charles Xavier figure of some kind.

Anyway, can't wait till February.
Anonymous said…
Great episode! Great job at directing it too! Hiro punching and knock out Tracy scene was hilarious, lol. Sylar rocked in this episode too.

Thanks Greg for the awesome pics esp. all the Ali Larter pics (including the ones with her and Adrian and Sendhil). Loved them all.

Last week's "goofin' with Ali" pic was funny and cute at the same time, lol.

Thanks for all the weekly episode blog posts. I love visiting this blog and reading your BTS post/pics. Keep them coming even during the holiday hiatus. Feb. 2nd is such a long time to wait for your next episode blog post for Vol. hope you'll keep us updated during the long break.
Anonymous said…
MICHAEL DORN?!? How did I not see that! Amazing! Next up: Wil Wheaton?
Anonymous said…
The show tonight was brilliant. The past few episodes have been really wonderful, but tonight's was spectacular. Good job!
Anonymous said…
The pictures of Adrian and Milo are priceless. Thank you, Greg.

But God, what have you done to the Petrelli brothers? Nathan was so out of character, I can barely wrap my mind around it. Why are you trying so hard to destroy one of the relationships that built and carried the show?
Anonymous said…
Loved the ep, Greg. Beautiful work from everyone. Sylar, Hiro, Ando, Claire, Peter, Angela, Matt, Bennet - they were all awesome. Some wonderfully dramatic exits too. Bye Meredith, Knox and Doyle! We'll miss you. Great stuff!

I will admit I'm disappointed at Nathan's return to his early S1 characterization - I know he's always had that arrogant, bullheaded tendency, but you've shown us he CAN be so much more. I definitely prefer him as a Hero, and I do not for a moment believe that he wouldn't save Peter the way that his younger brother did for him in this episode. In fact, he HAS. He always comes to Peter's aid, in the end. So that didn't make sense to me. I really, really hope they reconcile in Vol 4 - I do hate family quarrels (well, Arthur aside - that man needed a smackdown, as much as I loved RF in the role!). Please let Nathan find his heart again. We need a bit of optimism in today's crappy world. Please? *imitates Peter's puppy eyes*

Otherwise, a rocking end to the volume. Can't wait 'til next year. Thanks for the blog, and the cute photos, send hugs to the cast and crew, and have a great New Year!
Anonymous said…
This was a fantastic episode. I'm jealous of what you get to do every day.

You know, if you have any extra pictures of Zach and Kristen on that camera of yours and you feel like posting them, the Syelle communities on livejournal would certainly love it.
Anonymous said…
How did Mohinder escape the fire? He was covered in that flammable stuff.
Tam said…
You're right that ZQ killed it this episode! He was fantastic, especially in his scenes with Angela.

He wants someone without any manipulation or a love with no deceit? He had it: Maya. Has Sylar totally forgotten about her? Looks like it, disappointingly. I really hope this is rectified.

I was hoping that Maya would be back in this ep, Dania was listed on IMDB. Here’s hoping for Fugitives!
Anonymous said…
A big applause & thank you to the entire Heroes team. Thank you for creating yet another great volume. This is the best by far.

I love the fact that Sylar was the narrator at the start of the ep. He's lookin so HOTTT! I love the Sylaire moments too; they make the ratings go up! :P anyway, i heard u guys have planned to make the cast return to their former lives e.g. peter as a nurse, claire goin to college etc. i thought this is brilliant! =)

feb 2 seems a loooong way to go.. sigh..
Anonymous said…
If Zach is this good when you guys turn him loose, you should definitely do it more often. Earlier in the season I was actually starting to doubt whether he was the great actor he was in Season 1, because he got way too moustache-twirly, but he's absolutely brilliant in this episode. More of this please.

This episode was awesome and intense. And Hiro punching Tracy in the face was the funniest thing I have seen on the show this far.

I can't wait to see what happens next!
Anonymous said…
thanks for sharing your thoughts & pictures. After the show is over (hopefully that won't be for a long time) you should put a book together! It's fascinating to read about how scenes came together.

thanks again!
B Fuhr said…
My favorite bits of this episode were all tied around Meredith, which somewhat suprised me. I think it's because Jessalyn is able to do so much with a line reading, much like you speak about ZQ.

I'm really sad to see her go, but can only hope we'll see her pop up in the time and space trips.

And Greg, yes, I noticed the tracking of the camera in the Ando scene and caught myself laughing, which honestly it had been a while since I felt the humor in Heroes. Thanks for that simple, but well planned camera move.

Which, of course, it was then followed with the best punch Hiro could have ever laid down.

I'm intrigued to see where Fugitives goes and keep wondering if we'll see that Irish girlfriend of Peter's pop up there... somehow... even though that time doesn't 'exist'. ::shrug::

Thanks for the play by play.
Anonymous said…
we are in the thirteen episode ... I know .. but I am angry with the death of it and niki: @
Anonymous said…
hi! I am not grant Argentine speak English opera was being written in Spanish and then translate all the google translator: D. I say that good heroes is a series that started in 2oo6 but this year I discovered opera in my house because I do not have cable TV and saw open in a year and I was three seasons. here in the Argentine season, the three give unniversal channel and in recent chapter four is on the opera but I am very anxious as I am under the Internet: D and this year I re happy to discover heroes ♥ I have is more of the 2 dvd's heroes I hope now the third season on DVD: D jaja and I have a website that here in chile and is well known / all_heroes: D I loved all three seasons are geniaaales:) heroes is my favorite love heroes! Niki Sanders is my hero (but dead): (nakamura and HIRO! hope to see season four muuuy soon! jaja I do not see Chapter thirteen poorque even take me and I have to study subjects. The only thing I like about heroes is the death of niki and dl: (loved that family now, nor are: (and a question .. What happened to monica in west and Caitlin? is a great question that I have: O
Anonymous said…
AIII greg you swear that you envy jaaj vos sos good man ... but I am a woman that I love with all podcast_to_hear ♥ if my friends say that I am a slug, but my dream would be impossible even to see Milo Ventimiglia ♥ (envy Hayden) jaaj to david anders to Adrian Pasdar Leonard Roberts ♥ ♥ only because it beautiful act of love so well:) I swear ...
fabulous this volume ... but the best for me was the second:) but this was incredible, we hope many more volumes! greg luck!
Jay said…
Great job directing last night's episode, Beeman! Any tips for amateur or up-and-coming directors?
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the episode. Volume 3 had good moments which I want to thank you. Keep on doing a great show! ;)
Anonymous said…
Excellent episode! You did a wonderful job directing, and I'm insanely excited for Volume 4!
Anonymous said…
The ep was phenomenal!! Definitely one of my favorites this season, along with the pilot and last week's. Amazing work!

I felt like Nathan was echoing a little bit of Jim Profit in a couple of scenes (twirling the paperweight comes to mind and the delivery of his words to Peter) and with his (new?) general badassery. Awesome. I'm wondering if Peter is in that file as well. After this ep, I wouldn't put it past him.

Can't wait to see more in Feb.

Thanks so much for all the awesome pics. :) The second one of Ali and Adrian is adorable!

Anonymous said…
Nice one, love to here from you soon
LittleGreyGirl said…
Thank you for such a great episode and a phenominal end to "Villians".
I can't wait to see what happens in February!!!
rivera said…
Hi, i love the show, really, i just want to know one thing, Where is the irish chick from season 2? lost in time?
Jemiah said…
Brilliant, lovely, wonderful, and fantastic. Thanks for going the extra mile for all of us out here in TV land.
Anonymous said…
This episode ROCKS! Keep up the good work, guys!
Anonymous said…
Spoiler - Tastic.

Haha that needs to be used more.

Thank you Conan O'Brien!!

oh and Great Episode. Keep it up!

We need more of Sylar killing people, instead of playing around!

Nice camera shots on Noah, "amplifying" his evilness!
Molly said…
Man, fuck Loeb. I'm glad he's gone.

Feel kind of bad for the guy who has his name stuck on his boots, though. Hope that gets off buddy. :(
Anonymous said…
This episode was UNREAL - as good as Volume 3 was overall, this episode was just on another level. Congratulations!

I particularly loved the scene in which Sylar forced Angela to admit how cold-blooded and manipulative she is, then begged her to show him some good in the world. Nobody can move from terrifying to needy, and back again, like Zach :-)

I may be in the minority here, but I am really excited about the focus on the more cold-blooded (he would probably say 'pragmatic') side of Nathan's character. Frankly, I think making Nathan a straightforward "good guy" wastes Adrian's phenomenal ability to humanize an ethically-challenged character like Nathan - to make him sympathetic and believable without minimizing the destructive consequences of his actions. I can't wait for Fugitives!
Michael Jozwiak said…
Very, very, very, very, very, very, very nice.

Keep up the fantastic work! The wait to February is going to be hell...
Anonymous said…
Like I posted earlier great episode. Zach did wonderful and the intro scene with Peter sitting over his fathers body was beautiful.

One question though, aren't there any guards or other agents working at the prison?

How can the inmates use powers? I thought they were given a pill to subdue their powers? Or is there another way to do that, hmm, I need to rewatch previous episodes.
Anonymous said…
greg....all i can say dude is...respect

unlike your boss kring, who has made a habit of apologizing and saying dumb things, your honesty (especially in the biz you are in) is truly refreshing

i can see how much of this epi was hard even for you to buy

but it was well directed, and damn man, you seem to be the only director working on this series, who can pull a good performance out of hayden and milo

love the fact that ando now truly has the power of awesome.
Anonymous said…
btw...nice touch casting worf as the prez

next to james earl jones...that man has the greatest screen presense around
Anonymous said…
I think I'm in love with Zach Quinto. No joke.
Can I say he has the sexiest voice I have ever heard in my life? It's kind of like a whisper yet everyone can hear it and with lots of layers you know?
I'm going over the Sylar bits again
just to be able to hear his voice.
Hahahaha, I'm so retarded I know..
Gimme more Sylar voice overs, please.

Anyway, I loved the episode. It was great. I was squishing a stress ball whilst watching, not because of stress, because of the suspense! So much stuff happened!

Favourite moments:

- Peter finally gets his powers back. Oh forgive me, I mean power.
I loved it when he said I love you to Nathan. I really felt the love
he had for his bro. And man, Nathan is one bitch.
- and Hiro of course. That pikachu
thing was hilarious. I had to pause so I could stop laughing.
- Sylar's lines. All of them.
Okay, so I'm being biased because I'm obsessed with him. But that line, something like "Tell me I'm not like you!".. I felt so sorry for him. I love Sylar. Seriously, he is the most intriguing character
and has so much depth. It's like, he knows he is a killer, he knows he is a monster but the thing is he loves it and he also knows it's bad and he wants to stop.. but he also doesn't because it's who he is.. Phwoah.

I LOVE HEROES SO MUCH, you have no idea. ARGH! What am I going to do
for the next month?
I hope you write some blogs, I really enjoy reading them

P.S Sylaire? You've got to be kidding. Its Peter/Claire!
Also I'm glad this episode Kind Of
cleared up my questions about why
Sylar killed her. I'm still heartbroken. I'll get it over it someday.
Anonymous said…
the president really looks like Obama!!!How could you know the president in the future~~~it suprised me so much!!
Mothman's Dog said…
Season 3 episodes 12 and 13 likely won't air here (Australia) until January, so I'm going to skip over my thoughts concerning Volume 3 and make a suggestion:

Before writing any more time-travel episodes, please watch some episodes of Doctor Who. As much as I want to see Hiro get his powers back, I do believe time-travel needs inbuilt or implied rules like DW has. I say this because the end of The Eclipse Part Two immediately made me think of a similar situation in the DW episode Father's Day.

Ando's power being the power that helps other powers makes perfect sense, as throughout Heroes he has been the hero who helps other heroes. So I hope Volume 4 sees Ando power-up some of the heroes we've seen far too little of, like Molly, Micah, and Monica.

Daphne is my favourite new character since Molly, and I hope we get to see a lot more of her. Call me biased, but I wish she'd ditch Matt to spend more time with Ando, Molly and the Bennetts.
vern2287 said…
This episode was great!! And I agree with some of the scenes you talked the shot of Ando trying his power with Parkman and Daphne leaning in, awesome! The Sylar voice over was really cool too. He did an excellent job making it different from the typical Sylar voice yet eerily familiar. Great direction with the opening scene with Peter, Nathan and Arthur's body..I loved it. I can't wait for 'Fugitives' to start and to read your next blog.
Anonymous said…
Though I enjoyed the episode, (the interaction between Peter and Mohinder was like crack for me), I have to say the preview made me drool. I want to know who was holding hands on that flight. Hints? Anyone?
Anonymous said…
What an end for that chapter!
Everything was perfect: the rythme was great, the balance between emotion and action well calculated.
Very tense at some moments. The Sylar's moments were astonishing!
Zach Quinto was really at his best, he's just adjusting perfectly at each of the scenes.Well, he was given a clever script so
Sylar was very interesting emotionally this time, trying to make others understand his point of view. Ok, his manners are still a bit rude but who cares?
Angela Petrelli was great too! The scene between them was one of the best!
The parallel between Primatech and Pinehearst was well made. Fire everywhere. A family exploding in fact.
Nice opening for the fugitives. I hope we'll get to see M.Dorn a bit more?
Curiously, i'm absolutly not worried for my favourite character (Sylar) though he's left for dead...Too bad for Meredith but well, some second characters have to go. I like the new turn Nathan is taking. Adrian Pasdar acted very cleverly too.
All in all, i loved this volume and i really think the next one will be at his best!
Wish you, Mr Beeman,some spare time to rest and a happy new year! Thank you again for everything!
Anonymous said…
It was brilliant! I always know it will be awesome when I see your name as director.
redelf said…
Best scene...Hiro belting Tracy. Classic.
AЯTHUR said…
Just nitpicking, but can the special effects team please stop using the tacky "pieces of paper flying" effect whenever Daphne speeds off? Seems like there are always plenty of mysterious loose pieces of paper around for Daphne to create a mess when she speeds off.

Anonymous said…
congratulations to all the cast and crew on your work on this episode, it was great! mr. beeman, you did a terrific job directing! i can't wait for the next season!

hahaha, the 'pikachu' line was hilarious! amd Hiro's response, too...classic :)

ando's ability and how he and daphne used it to bring Hiro back was also really cool. is Hiro going to get his power back???

i was so excited when i saw micah's pic at the intro to the next season! is he coming back for season four???

fugitives is a very intriguing concept...argh Nathan! he's gone so far from when all he wanted was to keep powers all under wraps...poor peter! he loves nathan, and you just know he would be willing to do anything for him...and nathan is selling him out! maybe there is a touch of remorse in there somewhere...

Meredith's death is really sad...although i do have to say that i love sylar! :P how he ultimately made her destroy herself was really eerie, right up his alley. zach played this whole episode amazingly, and made you feel sympathy for his character. i found it really touching when he said that all he wanted was to know that there is still some good left in the world. he is so intriguing...there are so many layers to his character and i look forward to seeing how he develops next season.

to kristen and jessalyn: i love your work on this show, it is fabulous! you really brought both characters to life and i will miss you both very much. thank you for making me fall in love with your characters <3

and thank you, Mr. Beeman, for all of your info and pics! what am i going to do with my monday nights now...season four can't come soon enough! :)
Anonymous said…
Pssssh, Barack Obama would never back Nathan on this one. XD I CALL FOUL

But this episode was definitely the most satisfying conclusion to a volume yet. And Sylar's monologue in the beginning was what made it for me; that was beautiful.

Can't wait for Fugitives. :D
Anonymous said…
Amazing episode!
Loved the Sylar/Claire scenes!!
Wish there were some pictures of Zach and Hayden together...
Anyway, great work!!
Anonymous said…
While I love the show I have to say I just can't believe the Nathan and Peter story line. It just doesn't seem to fit. I mean Nathan was saving his brother at the end of season 1 and he has been working with him throughout this season.

Now he was fighting Peter and looked like he was ready to kill his brother. It's as if Arthur transferred his mind into Nathan somehow. It just doesn't work for me as it seems Nathan went evil too quick. Just doesn't fit to me. I know its the journey, but good lord within two episodes Nathan now wants to pretty much beat up or even kill Peter and have all his friends locked up like Hiro and etc. I guess Nathan forgot to tell the president he can fly?

Also, what happened to the fact that Peter needed Syler power to save the future? Overall this season was good, but it seemed the writers took the stories places and didn't follow through.
Anonymous said…
Mothman's - I'm in Australia too, it sucks that we're now 2 episodes behind. Sigh. Haha, and that's why you watch it online like I do!

Anyway I watched it again last night.
Nitpicking. But how did Claire jump
through the glass in that cell?
It was bulletproof wasn't it? Super thick right? So if a bullet can't penetrate the glass, then how can Claire's head? *confused*

Oh and something else. How can Daphne bring along other people when she's running really fast?
Are they running really fast as well or are they kind of.. floating along? I don't get how that works.

May I take a moment again.. to say.. I LOVE SYLAR?
I love the tragic bad character thing. Zach Quinto is such an amazing actor. That part when the puppet master had him on a marrionette and then Sylar did
something to his brain? Great facial expression!
And Greg, if you haven't already,
you gotta watch this:
Zach Quinto as Smudge, the bisexual
roomate! :D
Anonymous said…
Thanks Greg for the pics , loved the episode especially Claire's scenes and the ones with Sylar were made of awesomess , btw as many others I was expecting to find some Hayden/Zach pics, love these two much and since they spent a big amount of time shooting the finale episode , it really dissapointed me not to find any of them *pout* loved the Milo/Adrians pics tho, those cracked me up lol
Anonymous said…
Please! Bring Back Niki/Jessica!
I Love HER!
My Favorite Charactere!
I stopped watching the show, because she died!

Anonymous said…
Awesome job on this episode, I really liked it. (I specially loved the Sylar/Claire scenes and I hope they have more interaction in the upcoming volume)
I don't know if it will make a difference but I was hoping for Zach/Hayden pictures too...

I love the Adrian/Milo ones. Thanks for taking the time and posting :)
Anonymous said…
"I think I'm in love with Zach Quinto. No joke.
Can I say he has the sexiest voice I have ever heard in my life? It's kind of like a whisper yet everyone can hear it and with lots of layers you know?
I'm going over the Sylar bits again
just to be able to hear his voice.
Hahahaha, I'm so retarded I know..
Gimme more Sylar voice overs, please."- Kath

i strongly second ALL that. (:
Anonymous said…
Hahah yay nini!
another Zach Quinto lover!

i have a feeling that the people
asking for Zach/Hayden pics
are the same person O__o"

Adrian and Milo
are so funny in those pics.
Anonymous said…
That was kind of an alright episode for me. I loved the Ando-Daphne-Matt (and later, Hiro) group once they stopped expositing about Hiro in the past. They'd be a fun crime fighting team, I hope they have scenes together next season. Maybe with Monica and Micah joining in?

I also liked Nathan and Peter's fight. As much as I like Peter, watching Nathan smack him around a room with a pipe was oddly satisfying. Same with Hiro punching Tracy.

The Sylar Presents "Saw" plot fell flat for me. The actors all did a great job, and it looked very good, but it all felt so removed from everything else. I probably would have liked it as a frame for a flashback episode (characters reminisce while trying not to die) or as a an episode encompassing story. As it stood, I just didn't feel the tension.

Another thing that bugged me involved Mohinder. I know that Mohinder has been becoming more morally gray as time passes, but it was surprising how no one seemed to care about him. Peter left him to die, after letting Flint rough him up, Matt dismissed him as a freak. I know they were never especially close (few of the characters are) but it all seemed so callous. I was relieved when Tracy picked him up on the roadside.

The ending as a whole worked for me. It was a great setup for the next volume. I'm really excited for more, especially if Sylar and Nathan are the (mostly evil) antagonists. They both do evil so well.
Anonymous said…
I think Sendhil and Ali must have been disappointed with their characters this year. Sendhil in particular had another bad volume.

The character of Mohinder has gone as far as it can go. I hope that this character will not go on much longer in the next volume.
Anonymous said…
I agree that the Sylar scenes were flat.

Sylar was the least favorite part of this volume : his character shifts were just too numerous and too drastic to be taken seriously.

He was such a great character in season one, but this season was just a diaster for his character. The writers did an awful job with him.

I hope that he died in the Primatech fire.
Anonymous said…
this is not the first time that a president is played by a black person on television or even in a movie. hollywood has been "thinking" progressively for a while, and now we are seeing this take place in politics as well. im sure obama would not support the kind of slander or hateful comments uttered by those who reacted negatively to michael dorn's portrayal of the president.

that being said, I LOVED THIS EPISODE!!! AWESOME!
Mothman's Dog said…
Hey Kath - reckon if we get enough Aussie viewers commenting here, we can get an Aussie Hero played by an Aussie, with an Australian-themed superpower? There was a didgeridoo in Bob's office...

Janice made a fair enough Home And Away plot-pawn/foil to Matt, back in season 1, so I don't mind her returning with their superbaby.
Anonymous said…
Mothman's - Lmao, man if Steve Irwin was alive, he could get on the show. He could talk to crocodiles or something.. control them with his over-the-top accent. He'd be a kick-ass villan XD
I hate you channel 7 *revs chainsaw*

I don't want Janice to come back >_>
Didn't like her. But I'm looking foward to the Superbaby. Perhaps
a Superbaby vs. Sylar fight off? LOL

KC (again) - I'm afraid my lovely wuvley Sylar is not dead. I've seen pics of them shooting Volume 4 and he is definitely alive.
I like his character shifts. They give him depth, it shows that Sylar isn't a black and white villain. He is gray. He became this way.
Mothman's Dog said…
Kath - Matt isn't one of my favourite characters, so I have to admit I enjoyed Janice doing stuff like throwing the phone at him, calling him on his diamond-thieving ways, etc. So, yeah, Sylar versus Superbaby, Janice versus Daphne, and Matt standing in the middle clutching his head :P

A plague of crocodiles in New Orleans! Micah turns evil and switches all televisions to endless Steve Irwin reruns!

Tony Martin and Mick Molloy, as a comic relief hero/sidekick duo on the Hiro/Ando pattern? Or, given his roles in Hulk and Star Trek, Eric Bana - as Uluru?

No, I know...

The australian cricket team's 12th Man turns up to teach Maya how to hold a cricket bat properly, and is revealed to have the super-catering power - he can keep drinks cold and food hot in any weather, and can produce a can of your favourite drink on demand!
Anonymous said…
Ep 13 was great! I was totally sucked into it. Thanks for your effort! Zack as Sylar was amazing, so... real. And I can't help but wonder if Claire's on her way to becoming the future Claire we've been seeing.

The science bit with the space-time fixes was cool. When I saw Ando's powers I couldn't help but think that Daphne might do something like that! Guess this means that Ando truly wants to make people better? But why did he kill Hiro in the future? Guess I'll find out next season.

Can't wait for fugitives! Jiayou!
Anonymous said…
Mothman's - Hahaha that's hilarious. I'd so laugh if these ideas ended up on the screen.

Maybe we could go for the subtle approach. You know, have a few kangaroos bouncing around in the background when Sylar is slicing a victim's head. Maybe Tracy (hate her.. kill her, please) wearing a hat with those cork things hanging off whilst unleashing her evil plans for the world
A few echidnas hear and there.
OMG MEAT PIES ! hahaha

Matt is an awful character. Honestly what is he still doing there? He can't act for shit either. He can't even turn his head on the side convincingly.

Ohwell. I just downloaded Sylar's monologue, putting it on my ipod.

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO TIL FEBRUARY? Holidays are so boring. I guess I could rewatch Lost episodes. Have forgotten what happens.

I'm off to bed. Bye.. world :)
Anonymous said…

She was able to jump through the glass because Meredith weakened it with fire. The bullet help too.
Anonymous said…
I am also completely turned off Heroes because of the shitty treatment Mohinder has been getting.
Matt's dismissal of him - "Suresh has turned into a freak" - Peter's contempt as he taunted Mohinder and stopped him from saving his life, later left him in a burning building!!! Whoa. Does "empath" by any chance mean "asshole" in Heros-speech?

Considering Mohinder once saved both their lives and never got a word of thanks for that? Whoa.

For God's sake, Mohinder is one of only three (four? Will we see Maya again?) series regulars of colour, could you at least attempt to treat him like a human being?
Anonymous said…
Kind of a dick move not thanking Jeph and Jesse for all their hard work.

They deserve so kudos and an acknowledgment for everything they've done for the show.

You owe them one Greg.
Nyksylos said…
I'm sorry that the work that the slip-shod scripts that the writers put in caused you so much distress Greg. Hopefully those issues are non-existent now, and you can direct episodes that dont waste your time or energy and are deserving of your directorial ability.
Anonymous said…
This was indeed a good episode, except for the fact that Nathan turns against the Heroes (sorry, I've always been a Nathan-fan,so I'm a lil' diasappointed) and yeah, the Sylar scenes where great. Great acting from all of the cast there. But my fav. scene was actually the Pikachu-scene between Hiro and Tracy, and Ali Larter just looked so genuinely perplexed after Hiro hit her. That was just brilliant.

Oh btw, seeing the pic of adrian and ali made me kinda sad that Tracy and Nathan are not together anymore.

Lastly, your directing was brilliant. Can't wait for volume 4! by then, I wish you a Happy Holiday, Greg!
Mothman's Dog said…
Kath - yeah, have one of the names on Sylar's new list be someone in the outback, so he has to wear a cork-dangly-hat and stop at a roadhouse for a meatpie-floater. AFTER he scalps Matt and Tracy!

At least channel 7 is better than channel 9 when it comes to sci-fi shows. Y'know, scheduling Babylon 5 at 10:30pm and not airing it until 12.15am, cos the footy show overruns? And have the footy show hosts swear their heads off at 'trekkies' when people write in to complain? That gives us:

Sam Newman, supervillain; special power of audience rage. He kidnaps Micah, Linderman-style, and combines their powers to broadcast insulting comments about American sports and culture, resulting in mass riots. That plays into the 'clear and present danger' plotline for volume 4!

Well, the 12th Man is using his other special ability - calm anyone by handing them a cool tinnie - on me, so I'll sign off and leave it to others to suggest new aussie heroes.

Have a heroic holiday season!
Anonymous said…
I didn't even notice you were tired directing this. You were fantastic as always.

Oh I loved when Sylar in a creepy sense understands how Claire's mind works and told her that HE not Peter killed Arthur, emphasizing that Claire is concerned not just about Peter's safety but his morality as well.

Yeah I adore Peter/Claire's relationship :D

Thanks for the Adrian and Milo pics as always!
Anonymous said…
I hear you plan on killing one or two female characters in Fugitives.
After Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite shot down a female fan's concern about the treatment of women on Heroes, I should not be surprised about this, but still, it hurts.

My biggest fear is that you will bring back one of the female characters of colour who miraculously beat the odds and made it off the show alive, just to kill them off for cheap shock effect. Stop treating minorities as red shirts, start treating them as characters who have fans, too. Don't send a message to your female viewers that says how the only thing they can look forward to is to get in an abusive relationship and die a gruesome death.
I mean... honestly? Are you comfortable with your name under this message? I wouldn't be.
Anonymous said…
I highly admire your work in Smallville and it is a privledge and a comfort to know you are on Heroes.

Btw, Sylar/Claire subtext is revolting.

Seriously we know that Peter/Claire is destined. Peter said so in S1.

I am very saddened to see Nathan and Peter divide after everything Nathan did in S1's finale. He proved that he would give up all the power (abilities and seat in politics) in the world because he loves Peter that much.

So it seems unlikely that Nathan would choose saving the world over his brother.
Parimi said…
Even though I don't watch HEROES with a magnifying glass but honestly, I have lost the intellectual sense of the story and its destiny. I loved the first season. A simple straight forward well made script. By bringing too many new faces and with the fast paced story line, I feel like NOT getting enough time for my mind to process the story.

I mean there are many people who might be enjoying the series still but its complexion has turned out to be chaos.

A little story line tweak, SIMPLICITY with your punchy attitude should regain my accolades. If you think I can be a good critique, HIRE me Beeman.

Anonymous said…
I did not mind the new faces. What makes it impossible to follow is that the old faces just get new personalities, motivations and backstories randomly. Without continuity, why should I stay invested in this story? My favourite characters were either killed off or had their personalities rewritten so they wouldn't be such positive or interesting characters anymore.

It feels very, very much like they're trying to make this show all about the Petrellis and the Bennets and Sylar, with some comic relief and a bit of exotic seasoning in the form of the occasional underdeveloped dark-skinned bit player and some fake accents. But the show is being whitewashed.
They are obviously trying to make Claire into Sylar's number one enemy. Why? Mohinder worked fine. Everybody loved their scenes, the actors were brilliant together and their story was fantastic. I was impressed that they would be progressive enough to have a character of colour the good guy, and a white US citizen the villain in that relationship.
Now Mohinder is replaced with the white, blonde cheerleader from a privileged family. I am probably supposed to love Claire and agree that she is special, I am probably supposed to want to be her... but these days, everything about Claire is artificial. Her importance in the storyline is forced. Sylar's interest in her (beyond her ability) is forced. Her wig is obviously false. And I don't know anymore what she looks like under the make-up. I cannot root for a character who looks like a Barbie doll and who can only be given importance by making other characters less important. Characters who just so happen to be of colour.

In other words:
Claire and Sylar? Should be Mohinder and Sylar and/or Maya and Sylar. They already had the relationship with Sylar that you want for Claire.

Claire whining about having to pick a college her rich grandmother will pay for her? Sick. What about poor black orphan girl Monica and her dream in Season 2 to be able to afford college?

It makes me sad to see how racist the subtext of Heroes has become. I wish it had been like this from the very start so I never would have bothered with the show. I hope the actors of colour you are forcing to play second fiddle to the white perfect heroes will get better jobs soon, where they are treated with equal respect.

I will try not to attach myself to any new character of colour (or feminine gender, too), because they'll just get killed off or written off. You'll probably keep Hiro and Ando around as asexual, infantalized comic relief, but it's just a matter of time until they are the last remaining spots of colour in the cast. Heroes will be some weird 1-hour white supremacy commercial stressing the importance and specialness of the blonde cheerleader and explaining to us how everything her heroic uncle does is right and just and moral, and that they are heroes, and we should all strive to be like them, and only them. Good riddance.
Anonymous said…
@ 6:26 anon:

...are you the same person that's been posting since, like, episode five?

If you are, you're the most eloquent troll a blog has ever seen.
Anonymous said…
Uh, no, I didn't even look at this blog around that time. But thanks, I do try with the eloquence.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, I figured Zach would get some pretty amazing reviews for this episode...
He was incredible, he does "messed up" so well.
Anonymous said…
^^^The "rant" up there.
I don't think the show is racist at all. Yes, we all know Claire has everything she could want, the point is that she doesn't want this, she wants her freedom and she wants to be useful and make a difference. But everyone keeps telling her to be a good little girl and just go to school and not have a voice and stay out of trouble.

The reason why Mohinder and Sylar aren't the main enemies anymore? You just answered your own question. They've already been there. Storylines change and now Claire and Sylar seem to have tension. So what if Claire happens to be white?

The show includes so many different races, backgrounds, I don't know HOW you can even claim any level of racism is happening.
Mohinder has had so much time dedicated to his character, and is STILL one of the main characters, and i'm sure he will continue to be. And they last few episodes have been very Hiro-heavy.

Just saying. I think this show is pretty non-racist. That is one of the things the creators of the show set out to do, to create diversity and a feeling of unity across borders, and i'm sure they would hate anyone perceiving this as racist.
Anonymous said…
Hey, don't get me wrong, I thought Heroes' first two seasons did really well.
I'm also not upset Mohinder isn't getting much screentime this season, it's that he's no longer written in-character, and all changes are for the worse.
And Heroes started out with three African-American regulars, one Indian, a Japanese and one Latino. That's six. Six out of eleven. Now, it's three out of eleven: two Japanese and one Indian. (Assuming Maya has been written off.)

It's a trend in Season 3, and I would not find it upsetting if it wasn't somehow unexpected and disappointing, in me, considering the relatively good history.
Sure, they always got a lot of cultural details wrong, but in season 1 and 2 they at least tried to develop the characters beyond those initial stereotypes.
This season, they no longer even care to specify which African country Usutu is from. Knox's backstory is cut, keeping him one-dimensional. He's randomly fulfilling the villain role until he randomly dies. Not a character, a chess piece.
And the regulars? Well, Monica and Micah did not show up, they were quietly dropped from regular status. No place for them in the storyline this season! Sad that a lot of screentime, backstory and development is given to quirky blonde new girl Daphne. Don't get me wrong, I love Daphne and Brea, but I also love Monica and Dana.
Maybe they should not have kept Monica and Micah isolated in New Orleans. That way, they could have crossed over into the main story easily. In Season 3, this isolation is extended to two other regulars of colour: Mohinder and Maya. Maya especially, she hardly even got to interact with another human being besides Mohinder. Mohinder also hardly left the lab, and all his previous relationships were hardly acknowledged, or only very briefly and superficially.

He played a role in this storyline that could have been played by any other scientist - more believably.
Where was the Mohinder we knew, who wouldn't turn down Maya's request for help, and who wouldn't come up with new science projects while Sylar was out there continuing his murder spree? Who said in Season 1 "I didn't call about my research. [Sylar] is still out there. A man that dangerous must be stopped. That takes presedence over any academics"?

OK, other people were out of character this season, too, but it's harmed him the most I guess. Because you don't "explore someone's dark side" by retconning and simplifying his motivations and then making it so the change isn't so much about personality, but about icky special effects. They took something that should have been psychological and made it into a display of gross monstrosities, while having several characters come in every now and then and condemn him.
All of these characters were unfortunately white, with the exception of Maya, who did call him a monster, but later showed compassion for him by telling him to get better.

No other character seemed concerned or even surprised by Mohinder's change. It's upsetting for a viewer who is already worried about Mohinder to see how little support he gets, even from his roomie and from people whose lives he's saved without ever getting a word of thanks, like Peter.
I mean.... I am a fan of this character, and he's not treated right. Not because his role is small, but because his role is handled in such a horrible way. This is a storyline that should be explored emotionally, and that really puts Mohinder fans through a lot of crap emotionally. It would be nice to see that at least characters on the show share those worries, to see it acknowledged how much this is upsetting. But no. Instead it's treated as a cheap excuse to gross the viewers out, get Sendhil naked for some cheap hoots, and it all happens on the expense of this character.
Anonymous said…
Honestly, this is crossing the line.
It's a freaking TV show!
An fantastically good one? Yes.
But I don't think we should be over analyzing it to the extremes
Anonymous said…
If you're allowing yourself to be "put through a lot of crap emotionally" by a t.v. show, you need to get yourself a life, or some therapy. Go outside, read a book, play with your kids....there's a big world out there and Heroes is a small part of it.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, people who think about the entertainment they consume and try to express how they feel about it are such losers. Get a life, y'allz!
Anonymous said…
There are people in Africa dying from starvation.
Anonymous said…
And thinking about the entertainment one might otherwise consume mindlessly impedes aid to African countries how? If you're gonna use that argument, get off this post, and stop watching the show. Seriously, does the fact that people have more complex thoughts than "uh good!" and "uh bad" about a tv show you enjoy offend you that much? Or are you one of those "someone used the word 'racism' in a sentence directed at something I like, and are thus calling ME a racist" types?
Anonymous said…
Nope, it don't offend me, far from it. I just think it is very unnecessary and well.. stupid. Allowing yourself to get so emotionally worked up on something that doesn't exist in reality. It's just kind of sad. Save your efforts for something that could really use it, say, the people in Africa.
Heroes is a TV show, designed to entertain you, so be entertained.

I think I'm going to stay on this blog, and sorry, I'm going to keep watching Heroes too.

Oh and for the record, I am a
"Oh no, things don't work out
the way I wanted it too, but ohwell life is like that and now I'm going to build a bridge and get over it" type .

Merry Christmas.
Anonymous said…
Since when is concern over the portrayal of minority characters a waste of time? A little Indian boy in the US could have looked up to Mohinder as a role model, or simply enjoyed seeing him on TV; now that is a lot harder, because Mohinder is frequently too stupid to live, and hard to empathize with. Maya could have been an intriguing character to watch, instead she was reduced to a Latin-American sex-pot mess; before that was simply weak. DL's death was pointless, as was Utsu's; so was Meredith's to some extent (I'd like to see if they do anything with the latter before I judge). The disappearance of Micah and Monica is still puzzling, especially when one considers the pains they went through to keep Ali Larter and her character 6-pack in the fold. Having these opinions, registering them, and wanting to discuss them, isn't wrong. I'll be staying on this blog, and watching Heroes too, because I enjoy both, and my opinions count, while you, in your round-about way say mine don't and are "sad" and "wastes of time".

It isn't about whining that the show hasn't turned out the way I (or the original complainer) wanted it and "wasting our time". I still enjoy Heroes a lot, and find Mr. Beeman's work particularly affecting. But entertainment need not be mindless, nor mindlessly accepted. This is not a failure to "build a bridge and get over it." If that were the case, I, and the other posters like me, would simply write "herOes sux now, bye" or something similar. Some one who would oh-so-politely wish the blog a Merry Christmas should surely be able to see that well-thought out criticism and discussion (even on unimportant things) is better than random flaming? Can we agree to that?

Oh, and Happy New Year.
Anonymous said…
OK, Kath, if I may not be upset about things that aren't real. Then how about the actors?
Of the regular cast, how many white actors have ever been fired? None. Even when a character gets killed off, the writers find ways to keep the actor on the show, as it happened with Ali, with Zach, with Adrian.
How many actors of colour have been fired? Tawny, Leonard, Noah, Dana, Dania, Santiago. (Six our of nine. Two third.)
As an African American or Latino actor, you have no job security on Heroes, even if you are cast as a "regular". You can just get fired any moment.
And of course you'll be given bad writing and small, shallow, crap roles that make no sense and that will cause the media to bash you, make you the scapegoat, which may or may not harm your further career.

These are real people who do not receive equal treatment as their co-stars. And that's not okay.
Anonymous said…
"Although the themes remain big in the next volume, there is a return to more intimate storytelling, more character driven, with more emphasis on relationships. We get back to what made the show special in the first place -- character first, ability second. The show is at its best when the drama takes precedence over the effects. Everyone is in agreement about this. There will be lots of action and excitement but we will tell fewer stories per episode which means each story is told in more depth, especially as the volume progresses." -Jack Coleman

this sounds fantastic!!! the human moments in the show are the ones i love best and what make Heroes so incredible. i'm really excited to see how the how the characters will evolve and can't wait for the fourth volume!!!

happy holidays and a happy new year!
Anonymous said…
Sigh. Okay, okay I agree.
Btw I think Maya and Usutu were mainly plot devices. You know, for Sylar, he uses Maya as a way to get back to America. Usutu was there as a spiritual guide/mentor type thing. Maybe it's just a coincidence that they happened
to be of colour, I don't know.
What I said, was my opinion too.
Everyone has different opinions.
Next time maybe you could just ignore me or something O___O""

Oh an Anonymous at 3:39, that really does suck.. But it's like that in every country. It's an American show, people want to see Americans, they can relate to them better. If you go to China.. all the actors will be Chinese and so on. I'm not saying the only way to get a secure job is to go your native country but keep it in mind that the producers are just giving the viewers what they want. Unfair as it may be..

Happy New Year guys.
You know I'm really happy
tb's and tweens that type lyk
dis don't hang around here much.
Though I may be classified as a tween, I'm 16?
Anonymous said…
It's an American show, people want to see Americans, they can relate to them better.

Sendhil Ramamurthy, Masi Oka, Leonard Roberts, Dana Davis etc. ARE US Americans.

And there are Indian Americans in the USA, there are Japanese Americans and African Americans. You know what? They watch TV, too. They want to see people who look like them, too.
Is this the Sarah Palin "real America" attitude again? If your skin is dark, you aren't really an American? America is a country for white people?

See, it's exactly this attitude that makes it so hard for them.

(That having said, are white people in the USA really so latently racist they can't relate to dark-skinned people emotionally? If you can only feel compassion to people who look like you, isn't that kind of horrible?)
Anonymous said…
I think, deep down inside, that is
exactly what people want to see.

Americans are racist...
Everyone is.
Subconsciously or not.
White people will always be
"on top", "better" and "superior".
If there was a show with only Indians, I know that "white" people wouldn't watch it.
Or that it would be axed after a short period of time.

And yes it is horrible, but that's just the way it is.
Anonymous said…
No one is asking for a show about only one minority group, such as Indians.
We'd just like Heroes to get back to what it was in Season 1: a mixed ensemble cast with Latino, Japanese, Indian, Caucasian and African American characters where it doesn't look like the non-Caucasians are just random token minority representants, but actual characters.

We want roles for these actors that are not just carelessly thrown together ethnic or national stereotypes.

It's awfully easy to shrug this off with "that's how it is, the world is bad, why try?" but WE are the fans, and it is up to US to voice our concerns and tell the producers of Heroes and the CNN officials and Tim Kring how we feel about these issues, what we oppose and what we support.

I am white. Doesn't mean I am okay with racism, including the white default that reigns in Hollywood (and other placed).
Anonymous said…
Maybe you should right a letter
to Tim Kring instead of on here.
I'm not sure Greg even reads these comments?

I just googled new cast for Volume 4, there's none of colour...

I'd like to see the show back to
how it was in season one as well.
Not just ethnically more diverse
and as you'd like, with roles
that are actually concrete,
but overall, the storyline, the plot and the characters.
It looks like I'm getting my wish too. I read an interview with a
director that is coming back and he
says Volume 4 is going back to season 1, less stories an episode,
more emphasis on relationships
and character and powers are second.

(I'm Vietnamese Australian)
Anonymous said…
First of all, this tv-series is the most fascinating sci-fi story and scene that I've ever watch. Well, I like most superheroes stories, such as superman, spiderman, batman, x-men. but this 'heroes' is different, it has some twists between reality and fantasy, it gives us a free thoughts of 'what if...' it goes perfectly blended the science and fiction and thus make people wonder around, somehow feel thrilled and being entertained by the same time. well i say that if i have right to rate 'Heroes', i go for 9.5 out of 10.

Perhaps, if the story goes into little bit more explaining things while making some explanations to emphasize the story goes, it will gives more taste and sense, and thus people like me can get hook up even more. Anyhow, I enjoy this tv-series much.

Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Hi Greg Beeman, and the entire cast of heroes ♥! I'm grants 15 years and live in the province of Buenos Aires in Argentina. ♥ I love heroes is a great series, because here the season three has not finished viewing .. but I am very anxious and I download the Internet: D I wanted to ask you a question .. how many volumes are heroes?

happy new year ♥
greetings from argetina
Anonymous said…
actually, i'm a bit surprised when there are actors from japan and indian (in the beginning of the scenes). however, soon later, i've found that it's necessary to bring such actors, because the main theme in this tv-series is 'save the world', if they don't go with describing the world, perhaps the story seems to be too cubicle.

for me, it doesn't really matter whether actors/actresses are coming from, as long as they are good actors/actresses and play smoothly for the role in the story. however, perhaps, it's matter when culture or habbit involves in the story. i know that superiority maybe exist somehow, however if the superior intimidates the inferior, this may means that the villains are (really) exist among us.

well, i'd like to watch 'heroes' further even more. hope that it may describes more about how Mr. & Mrs. Petrelli met, how Adam Monroe stucks in Japan at the year 1671? how Dr. Suresh involves with the company and gnome activities in the beginning? and there are (actually) lot more I wonder around.. well, whenever i get confuse or something like that, i've just accept the story as it is given, try to just enjoy it. Not too much pondering. :)

Anyway, keep a good work. Wish the next volume will be even better.
Anonymous said…
i was about thinking on how easy Hiro and Peter kills people (even the extraordinary one). they can teleport and stop time. the only thing that matter, they are among good guys, do they will become villains? if that happens, how do we suppose stop them?

Hiro and Peter can teleport or stop time, then kill any victims within second (perhaps faster than that). From season 1 to 3, mostly Hiro uses it to self-defense, to escape from danger. does Hiro use it for self-offense? if ever Peter the bad guy, i think Hiro couldn't beat Peter, but if Hiro is the bad guy, then Peter will be the Hero. Well, I'm just curious, why teleport and stop time abilities are not being used for self-offense, perhaps it's a matter of self-righteous, am i right?

in season one, when Hiro kills Sylar, i think if Hiro stabs Sylar from far by running first it looks not so powerful, but if Hiro uses teleport twice to move closer to Sylar then stab Sylar, it shows Hiro's power. perhaps, Hiro is still learning his power abilities, is it so?
Anonymous said…
I have great doubt if we already know that Claire Short is not one finger but it beats a growing new I wonder if Hayden was cut in half two claires grow? : S
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
LOVE Tracy!!! Give her lots to do on the next volumes, she started out really great in Vol3, so don't forget about her, Ali Larter is fantastic and we miss Niki, so let Tracy be the next big thing!!!
Can't wait for next ep! all the best :) :) :)
This comment has been removed by the author.
I really enjoyed volume three. I don't think there were too many characters introduced at the beginning and I keep up with the story line ok.

I don't understand why some people complained about the beginning of volume two been too slow and now they say it's too fast. Make your mind up people.

Enough said. Thanks for all your posts, they are very interesting as are the photos.

Can't wait for volume 4.

Sonia said…
First: Sorry for my english!! I'm from Spain and my english isn't very good.

Chapter 8 it's amazing!!When you see the evolution about Sylar(great script and great Zachary Quinto's performance)uouuu...great!!!Thank you so much for these moments!

I can't wait fugitives volume..hehehe

Spansish fans are waiting for Heroes World Tour in Madrid or Barcelona!!

Besos from Barcelona!!
Anonymous said…
So, I came in a lil late on Heroes (actually a lot late), but whatever, I'm kind of glad that happened because this was just an emotional rollercoaster for me. I mean WOOOOW. I never thought I'd fall so madly in love with all these characters! (or that I would be rooting for Sylar in the end)

Anyway, just wanna say thanks (to everyone, really) for putting so much work into this show. It was really easy to get hooked on it (just ask my firneds cause I've been talking their ears off about it for the past week or so).

Gah, I just can't believe I have to wait so long for the next episode >< I got so used to just having them right there in front of me all the time (I actually loaded the up on my iPod and watched them when I was on my breaks at work...and listened to them in my car. XP I've never been so happy to know Japanese)

Okay, so I have to stop myself 'cause I feel a rant coming on, and I just have way too much to say about the show.

Oh! The pictures. I love them!
Anonymous said…
WOW! That's all I can say about this episode. It was absolutely amazing. Great storyline, as usual. Can't wait for Volume 4, it looks so great. I love Heroes so much, I'm practically dying without it. Your blog is fantastic as well, I love the pictures of the cast and crew. Again amazing episode and volume!
Anonymous said…
is very important that you put in your blog how many volumes there will be heroes .. because I said that there will be only four .. : (Hopefully not please! Bored without me heroes!
RowHomeGames said…
I know, this is in reference to an older episode. But I wanted you and the rest of the crew to know that your show stopped me from committing suicide.

The line, "It gets better... life after High School. It gets better."

Since then, I've gone to college for nursing, fell in love with a beautiful woman, did plays. I'm the man I've always wanted to become because that line gave me hope. That line proved to me that some writer in Hollywood has been in my shoes. People I want to become have been there and become something regardless of the hell of High School.
Anonymous said…
please, if you have other ZachQuinto&KristenBell Pics together, from the time Kristen Bell was on Heroes, can you share with us? thank you!
Anonymous said…
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