Tonight’s episode was written by Adam Armus and Kay Foster Adam's Credits Kay's Credits

It was directed by veteran Eric Laneuville Eric's Credits

Hello trusted fans... I'm sorry for the short post tonight. I'm directing the season finale and that's taking up quite a bit of time... Also, because Allan Arkush has been on set directing the second-to-last episode, I've been in post-production a little more than usual. I love this - but it's taken time away from lengthy blogs... Don't worry I'll find more time next week for episode 19 which I also directed.

Meanwhile I've tried to present an assortment of fun photos - some from set I took - but many from tonight's blog are by Wendi Avignone - our super-talented makeup artist. You may recognize some from the super-bowl spot.

Until next week.....















Serena said…
Haha, I've seen the last photo somewhere else... maybe from Grunny's Twitter site? Is that of him and Milo or Adrian???
Anonymous said…
WhoaWhoaWhoa...What is with the Ali Larter picture with the short hair on one side and extensions on the other? Did Ali get a haircut? Or is this potentially a spoiler image for an upcoming episode? Perhaps BARBARA's hair is shorter than Tracy's...? The picture just looks...spoilery.

EXCELLENT episode, folks. Brilliant job. Would've been perfect if it had had some Ali Larter in it...but, still...I must give praise.
Anonymous said…
<333 So much love for the pics you posted tonight--especially the first of Rose and Jack, baby!Sylar, and Adrian getting primped! Thanks, Beeman! ;)
Anonymous said…
la verdad no he visto el capitulo pero las imagenes son geniales!
un beso dede argentina :)
Anonymous said…
What's the matter, Greg? Didn't have the heart to actually write up anything about this episode? Maybe you're too bummed about Heroes hitting its lowest ever ratings last week? Poor thing. Let me play some violin music for you.
Anonymous said…
Great episode! I don't know why some people have to be cruel and leave negative comments on a blog you keep because you love your fans. There are still those of us out there who love this show, and appreciate the hard work that goes into it each week. Thank you for this blog, and thank you to the cast and crew of Heroes for all the love you consistenly send to your fans!
Anonymous said…
I think it's pathetic that "Anonymous" took the time to type that.
Emmy said…
wow the show was really good tonight. I loved it. I loved the sylar things. And his character development.
And I really want the Bennets to get back together. Its so sad with out them being a proper family.

It was a great episod. Nice twists gah I loved it
Anonymous said…
"Ryan H. said...
WhoaWhoaWhoa...What is with the Ali Larter picture with the short hair on one side and extensions on the other? Did Ali get a haircut? Or is this potentially a spoiler image for an upcoming episode? Perhaps BARBARA's hair is shorter than Tracy's...? The picture just looks...spoilery."

Hello? It's called layers, it's supposed to look like that (and has been since ever). It just looks different (the back part) because of the lighting and position, but it's all her (magnificent) hair in all its glory.
Anonymous said…

Took me about 20 seconds, sweetheart. Using a keyboard isn't particularly difficult.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful episode! Sandra is just, like, so incredibly epically awesome, I'm not sure I can handle it. Although I'm going to miss Luke a little bit, I'm not going to lie. D: But he's not dead, so a girl can hope.

Also. Tee hee, Greg Beeman, you has another troll. This one's less indignant, though, and more bitchy. But still. You attract them.
Anonymous said…
Man Sandra kicked butt! I feel so sorry that Matt has a bomb attached to him :(

I can't wait to see Sylar meeting his father. To bad Luke's gone :( I'm just glad Sylar didn't kill him.
Anonymous said…
Aw, Beeman too busy to talk tonight? Sad days :(

I really enjoyed the episode. This is why I watch the show.

I'm glad we finally got some developement with Sandra and I'm just aching for Claire to partner up with Peter. They make an amazing team.
Anonymous said…
Man, you guys hit the casting jackpot with baby Sylar. It was astonishing how much that kid looks like ZQ.

What was that song playing during the flashback scenes? It was awesome!
Firstmatekate said…
Wonderful episode tonight! Little Sylar was perfect. <3 (Then again, anything to do with Sylar/ZQ is perfect in this fangirl's eyes).

Sandra kicked serious ass. I loved to see her character finally really involved in all the action.

Keep it up!
Unknown said…
This was a really great episode, I loved it. Particularly Peter, I'm glad that he's become a character I enjoy again. Good job on eliminating his millions of powers.

I also enjoyed Sandra and Claire's storyline, it was wonderful to see two female characters interacting so well and driving a storyline like that. I could definitely do with more of it in the future.

Can't wait for the rest of the season, it's looking mighty exciting!
Misty said…
This episode was so much better! Heroes is BACK! Adam Armus and Kay Foster are my favorite writers on Heroes. I loved all the family stuff this episode. It was a theme almost. The actors did a great job and the look of this episode looked like Heroes.

This episode was leaps and bounds better than last week! Can't wait to see the rest!
Anonymous said…
It's fair to criticize the show, but I don't think Greg Beeman deserves this venomous tone directed at him.

This blog isn't his primarly job on Heroes. He's one of those who do a little extra to entertain the fans, so maybe you should spare your anger for, say, Tim Kring.
I mean, Greg Beeman strikes me as a great director and a wonderful person. Kring has proven in every interview that he's a horrible showrunner with no sense of direction who doesn't even enjoy his job.
We don't really know whose fault Heroes' quality dive is, but if we must single out someone, don't let it be one of the most honest guys...
Anonymous said…
I feel ashamed for the people who have nothing better to do than to spew cruelties on a blog that has been so generous with sharing interesting insights in the production process. Can't they see how pathetic that makes them look? It's one thing to spend time on something you love but an entire different thing to devote time to something you supposedly dislike.

Thank you for keeping up with the blog, Greg. We sure do appreciate it a lot! The pictures are particularly priceless. Good luck with shooting the season finale! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it won’t end with Nathan’s death again like the previous two seasons.

And I'm also grateful that Nathan finally remembered in this episode that he cares for his brother.
Anonymous said…
Dude, it's getting better! I liked this episode a lot. I'm glad that Nathan still cares for his brother.

Loved the pictures. Keep the good work!
Anonymous said…
Big fan of your blog! Loved the show last night, I really enjoy where this Volume is headed! Totally understand the short blog for this week, go make that finale amazing! ;) Love the pics you post, the behind the scenes and silly pics are always great!
Anonymous said…
sandra is such an awesome and supportive mom! im loving her character more and more! are we gonna see alex anymore anyway? he's so hot. :P and im glad u didnt kill off luke. cant wait to find out who the rebel is. is it... angela..? haha.
Anonymous said…





Anonymous said…
Those pictures are awesome!
Anonymous said…
To Anonymous:
You don't even bother with a name, because you know you will get burned for those negative words so me thinks you should shut up if you don't even have the balls to get a name to the comment.

Greg, too bad you can't give us some more wonderful insight on how this eppy was made, I always love reading about it. I especially wonder if you guys had Adrian and Milo in the ropes again or just computer animated the few seconds of the two flying together. Porbably the last. ANyways, good luck with the final eppy, make us proud man! You always do!
Unknown said…
Ok, first of all Hiro, Ando and Claire all have pointless storylines, I don't even feel like talking about them.

Secondly, I get so pissed watching this show. I literally sit and my computer and yell at the screen. It’s just frustrating when you see everything that’s wrong. Sylar has lost about 20 powers because honestly, the government should just be leaving him alone. Not only, should he choose to be smart and actually use these powers, have super-hearing which means no one could sneak up on him, he has the ablility to be a human nuke and instantly heal. Which means he can do WHATEVER he wants to.

And Parkman… What happened??? God**mn he has the ability to read people minds, suggest things to them, and cast illusions. When they came around to his room at the motel i figured they would open the door and Parkman would cast an illusion and no one would be there. But nope. Apparently being a hero makes you super retarded as well.

Finally, what the hell is going on the Zejick!!! HE SUCKS. He probably the worst villian i have ever seen. I mean the main thing Heroes lacks right now is a true villain like they had in season 1. They haven’t had someone that was actually EVIL. They need someone truly truly evil. I mean right now we have Nathan, who is never going to last as a villain, and soon to take Nathan’s place as head villain, Zejick. Who makes me laugh because he is extremely short. And not at all someone to be afraid of, like Sylar back in season 1 when they wouldn’t even show us his face. That is what this season is lacking. Along with some sort of cohesiveness by the writers.

And yes, this written was written as my response to episode 17 and I just found this blog.

Im just so frustrated ARGHGHG
Nyksylos said…
There is a massive problem when online reviewers resort to using the term "Heroes-bad" in describing the poor quality of other tv shows. That is the death-knell for a show, believe me. The pulse is in critical status.

Heroes since the end of Season 2 has jumped the shark, and drowned in an ocean of feces. In story-telling classes of the future, they will put up an episode of heroes and have them dissect the common no-no's in narrative crafting which Heroes seems to delight in.

By the end of Season 3, despite whatever miraculous efforts that Bryan Fuller may pull, the executives will have to seriously discuss whether or not this show can be salvaged. The audience's trust has been violated. No self respecting viewer will subject themselves to inanity followed by absurdity capped by banality. If the show does not make it clear through logical story-telling that it respects the audience, it deserves to die.

I say this with sadness about a show I enjoyed in season 1, or I wouldn't bother wasting my time here now.

And this would have been a simple but exciting follow-up to Season 1. Start season 2 in the future with future-Hiro and future-Peter as resistance fighters. The future is still bleak despite the fact that they stopped the bomb. Flash back when needed to show how things fell apart. Simple, closed, and shut. Not the most original of ideas, but one that gives the audience what it wants, and keeps things moving along.

I feel the worst for your actors. After what your writers have put them through, I'm not sure they will have any careers left once this show croaks it's last.
Anonymous said…
I wonder when will the fans allow themselves to "forgive" Heroes? When will they be able to watch the episodes without the anger and the disappointment generated by season 2 and 'Villains'?

Because is clear that the people responsable for the show is aware of the show's mistakes and they're working to fix them .But the fans have to do an effort and let the hate go. A little patience would help, too.

I'm still watching it and I still have hopes that Heroes will be cool again.
Anonymous said…
Hi! Great episode. This volume just keeps getting better! I particularly liked how involved Rebel (Micah?.. I hope so!) was in the episode. Don't listen to haters... they have nothing better to do. Keep up the good work!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful episode, little Gabriel was perfect and it's nice to know where he got the head cutting idea from. I think this is why Gabriel Gray was always so clingy and needing to please Virginia, from the loss of losing his birth mother.

I'm hoping Matt won't be harmed next week.

Sandra was badass and I think Thompson picked the wrong Bennet as an agent.

Please let Lyle turn out to have a secret ability, then HRG will have some guilt over focusing most of his protection on Claire when it should have been split evenly for both children.

Anonymous said…
Dream Pilot, I did not become a Heroes fan because of an abstract, idealistic reason... I became a Heroes fan because the show entertained me. It has been downright painful to watch for the last... two years. While the time when it was enjoyable only lasted for about one year. Or... half a year, really. Heroes stopped being fun sometimes in 2007, and it's 2009 now. I've been patient, and given the show the benefit of the doubt a thousand times, but I've gotten nothing out of it.
I'd rather watch other TV shows that do entertain me.
Unknown said…
Thank God, Luke isn't dead. I can't wait to see what happens nexr in Sylar's story line.

The Petrellis' scene was intense.

Loved this episode, keep up the good work:)
Jemiah said…
Loved "Exposed" - nice work from Mr. Laneuville, sterling jobs from all the actors (especially Ashley Crow! She is AMAZING) and it's always good to see David Lawrence again. Keep up the great work - and I can't wait to see what's in store for the last episodes of the season (especially since I know that Arkush and Fuller are involved)!
Omar said…
This episode was great. I've been watching the show since day one.

Stripping Peter of his ability to keep a multitude of his powers is making him have to be smarter and think ahead and plan better when taking action. I'm sure the development of his powers will continue and he will fall along the lines of his fathers abilities.

Despite all the idiots with there comments on "how bad the show is" I think every volume has been good and its just getting better.

If you dont like the show so much, stop watching it!!!!

Leave these blogs to the people who enjoy the show and wish to give some appraise to Beaming Beeman!

All I can say to all of the idiots with their comments, if you can do better send a script to the show or just shut up!!
Anonymous said…
i think heroes is still great and look forward to it every week. season one was so amazing its just hard to keep that high. once you have been tat high you always come back down. the show is still one of my favorites and to those of you who dont like it or have problems with it just stop watching it. leave us true fans to our show we enjoy
Anonymous said…
ok all you nay sayers when has heroes ever bad all this complaining about it not being realistic is just foolish because it's not supposed to be so why not just sit back and enjoy it without all the complaining
Anonymous said…
Great job! It's so wonderful to hear about all the work that goes into this show and the passion everyone has for their job. I love that so much, not many shows offer all of these views from behind the scenes... I love love love it.

Little Sylar was incredible! Such honest little expressions, he's so cute... adult Sylar saying "mommy" was way too sad and intense. In a good way, though. I love this show, I hope it continues for a long time...
Anonymous said…
Exposed had to have been one of my favorite episodes of the season because it really brings what I would define as the essence of heroes back. Peter using more then one ability and Sylar trying to rectify things. Looking for forward toward the episodes to come. The pics are always worth a good laugh.
Unknown said…
I have been really disappointed about this season start. Not to say it's Beemans falt, but the first season of Heroes lured me, because it was different that other series.

* fast paced
* epic story
* lot's of characters

now the whole serie seems just too light and still. Nothing happens, a lot of concentracion in on the Bennet family which has always been the least original part of the serie. Not that I say that it should be taken off either.

I really hope this is just a slow start for an other excellent season, but Tim Krings comments about concentrating on fewer characters and "starting over"seems quite discouraging.

Maybe all the jumping in time and speedy tempo was too much for the most conservative or dumbest viewers, but hey don't they have about all the other programs on TV suitable for them already??
Ally said…
Loving the Ali/Tracy pictures, we need more of her on the show! :)
Anonymous said…
For the person asking about the flashback song, I can't recall which track it was, but it was by Fleetwood Mac from the album Rumors.
Anonymous said…
the chain
Anonymous said…
'The Chain' from 'Rumors' from Fleetwood Mac. The best american band EVER (for me: french and quite old...)I learnt to speak english with those songs :)
'Exposed' was a super good episode! Beautifully acted by Ashley Crow!And as usual, Sylar nailed it...Whenever Zach is on screen, you HAVE to watch.
The race between Danko and Nathan is getting interesting. The Hunter's plan about changing Matt into a human bomb is machiavelic.
too bad that it was introduced with poor creativity (the drawing on the ground's loft AGAIN). I just hope that Matt's epic situation won't be saved by a flying man as it was last time.
Really enjoyed that episode.
Anonymous said…
I'll make it very short:
The 4th volume has been great so far and "Exposed" was awesomely intense and made me feel that Heroes IS still an amazing show.

Thank you for sharing these hilarious pics of the cast :-)
Omar said…
leana from france...I share your concern about Matt being saved by a flying man (Nathan or Peter) but it would bring symmetry to the show to have that happen.

Already the news channels (in the Hero universe) are showing the videos of people being hauled away by the government. What would add fuel to the Heroes plight is to show someone with abilities save the day for all to see.

From the previews we already know Nathan is on the scene. Now the question is whether Nathan has the grit to "out" himself and his flying ability or will it be Peter flying in to save the day.

I predict that Nathan and Matt will remove the vest but it will be on a countdown and Nathan will have a major decision but Peter will swoop in, take the vest and fly up and it will explode.

Remember Angela (Nathan and Peter's mom) whispered something into Nathan's ear that made him turn back and look at Peter while he was flying away and it was a look of "something major that Peter is going to do".

Now the question is if Nathan loves Peter enough to do the deed himself or leave it up to him.

Nathan came through for Pete at the end of volume 1, lets see what happens now.
Unknown said…
I really think this show is a fun entertaining romp and I just want to say keep up the good work. I think that the storyline that the writers came up with is tight and works well to give all the characters a forward momentum.

Keep up the good work and stay away from the trolls!!!
Anonymous said…
This was the best episode so far, imho. The effects, acting and plot in the other episodes have been fantastic, but the writing was lacking and that ruins it for me. But this Monday - holy crap! You really picked some amazing writers (I went back and watched the other episodes they've written after seeing "Cold Wars" and they were all great, too!) I am SO proud to be a fan of this show and I can't wait until next week! :D
Anonymous said…
The episode's fine and all, but I can't help but get the feeling that Peter's running around brazenly like a headless chicken, with his current position being of a real-life "Kirby", our cuddly little pink friend.

Absorb one ability, discard it and pick up another right away? Seems like the writers have been playing quite a few games, haven't they?

Regarding all the "shark jumping" comments, I can't help but agree. The writers strike contributed to the slide, but there are definitely some other factors in there.

Hopefully, you guys will be able to savage the Heroes universe back. Glad to know that the final episode is being directed by you.

All the best.
Frank said…
What's this about you having a Heroes comic come on Monday?
Anonymous said…
Little Sylar was ADORABLE. I just wanted to hug the little guy.
Anonymous said…
Great Episode. Please tell Mr. Laneuville he did a fantastic job. Loved Little Sylar - soo cute. Too bad he grows up to be a psycho.
Anonymous said…
Hehe, thought to post my opinions how to get the show kicking ass again. Heroes has been my favorite show on TV of the last couple of years, but I agree that since the writer's strike the quality has been going down. Hope you manage to change that. Anyway I appreciate your work and this blog, thanks for that!

Here goes:

Heroes survival kit

1. Listen to your fans, but don't take for granted that they know anything what they are talking about. (This goes for this kit also. Haha. :))

2. Don't try to kiss ass audience or make something that everybody likes. Concentrate on a complete vision you had and keep it in there. Everybody likes ice cream and everybody likes french fries, but who likes french fries in their ice cream? Please don't try to please everybody, it won't be possible.

3. Don't turn Heroes into an only teenager show. For an example please let Sylar have his dignity, no more "mamis" and palling around with pre-teenage actors.

4. Don't make the powers like a video game ability that transfers to people like a light ball. This is just too cheesy and simple. It makes the heroes universe a lot more unconvincing place. If you see that Peter was coming too powerful with all the powers let him get problems from it. Hard to control situations, accidents, make him number one targer for the bad guys whatever. Maybe he can go a bit crazy for all that is happening to him and temptations of power? It's not so hard to imagine other limitations that aren't so goddamn cheap.

5. It's good that there is a typical american family like the Bennets and a teenager girl like Claire, but please don't give them too much attention. This season has made Heroes to come closer to Smallville than ever before. Before heroes was good for teenage audience and other people also. Why not continue like that?

6. Please don't reuse the same plot. I hope there won't be another bomb danger in new york. We saw that already, it isn't so hard to come up with a new story, is it?

7. The fast tempo and time jumping was getting confusing to a lot of people, but it wasn't a bad thing. The correct thing would have been to cut it down just a little and make it just a bit easier to follow maybe. Look at Lost for an example, they do it, but not too extensively. You won't have to explain everything to the audience either that just makes them feel that you think they are stupid.

8. If you need to get characters out of the series please kill them. Give them and epic end they deserve and don't just forget them.

9. Don't forger Hiro and Ando, otherwise people will take the whole serie way too seriously. It's a good to have a little bit of humor also. What always worked with these characters is that they were funny but also had enough story to make them integrate as more than just the funny side kicks for the show.

10. Make bigger plots. It seems all the big elements for building a big story are presented to the audience and then taken away before anything really builds up.

Well here are my 2 cents. Don't know if anybody in the production team even has time to read it, but would like to hear other opinions from other blog readers if nothing else. Is there anybody who happen to agree with me?

Good luck Beeman! Hope you can get the viewer rate go up again and continue making this great show.
Anonymous said…
I'm loving the show again. I think 5 seasons would be ideal and having an end in sight will free up the writers to really get into the story. I'm a little tired of all the back stories and the filler, the action with some heart involved is the best formula, IMHO, and hopefully HEROES will just get better after this little hiccup.
Anonymous said…
This episode was a disappointment :|
I hope Hiro and Ando come back soon cause even if the plot line isn't as great as it used to least I have something to laugh at!
Anonymous said…
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..... said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
..... said…
i want more photos with adrian and milo :D
Anonymous said…
great chapter keep up the great work....i would like to see a volume of the younger founders n' it all plays into the heroverse characters we already know n' its a startin' on point for new viewers gettin into heroes. split a season of heroes into 2 volumes; 1 volume will be the cast we are now seein' n the other volume will be sumthing different each season.

examples 1: the founders when they first got together. example 2: a volume that takes place in europe with new characters n' sum suprises like claude in it.

this will expand on the heroverse n kinda bring back what kring wanted to do with heroes.
Anonymous said…
woohoo, Heroes is on a roll!!! :D:D:D

it felt so good to see Mrs. Bennet take on a more important role in Claire's life! the closeness of their relationship was one of the highlights of this episode for me. the two of them talking together in Claire's room and voicing their contentment with their lives was touching. we haven't seen Claire interact with her family for a while, and without those roots it was more difficult to identify with her. hoping to see more of Ashley Crow in the future! and hopefully back together with HRG too, it's so sad to see the Bennet family apart :'(

and the scene underwater with Claire and Alex was really sweet as well <3 i'm going to miss him!

and the puppet master!! AAH! i was so shocked to see him back, it was amazing! :)

Claire often appears to feel as though she is alone, and must take control as a result. it is for this reason that i often forget how young she is. i love seeing Mrs. Bennet be there to support Claire and to show her that she does not have to be alone - there are people who care about her and are willing to help her. this brings a very real and human element to the show that i find touching.

Claire always looks wonderful, but to me she looked absolutely beautiful at the end of the episode - when she was wearing little or no makeup and her hair was just down. natural. please consider this in the future, it's much easier to identify with her when she appears 17 rather than 25. her emotions seem more genuine, making her feel more like a real person, and hayden is beautiful already.

talk about epic plot twists! sylar had some major character development happening in this episode! his memories were powerful and heartbreaking, and it will be interesting to see what type of interaction will take place between him and his father when they finally meet.

along those lines, i am going to miss Luke! :( but hey, as long as he is alive, there is hope. the fact that sylar didn't kill him really says something meaningful about his character. it felt good to see sylar have a very human moment, too.

i was not as into peter and matt's storyline as the two above...i guess it feels a little repetitive. however, there were some great moments in there. like peter hugging nathan in a seemingly trusting and loving embrace...only to take his power and make his escape. brilliant! :)

but it's sad to see how far their relationship has fallen. i hope that there is some way it can be mended in the future. they still care about each other at least, that much is evident. like when nathan warned HRG about peter's ability to read his mind - he was telling HRG to warn Peter about the attack he would receive. HRG and nathan are still looking out for peter, and that is a comfort in the horribly corrupt environment of building 26.

bringing in Angela was super, too. i think her experiences will be an asset to nathan while he is trying to control a situation that has gotten terribly out of hand, as she has been there before and will be able to provide him with much needed advice. plus, Cristine Rose is awesome :)

there was something different about this episode that i couldn't really put my finger on, and i didn't realize until afterwards what it was - Hiro was not in it. i think it says a lot that i did not miss him in the episode at all. the bravery and wisdom he had and the humour he brought to the show when he had his powers made him great, please bring that back!

this episode was fabulous! i am extremely pleased to say that volume 4 is on a roll and i have faith that it will continue. thank you to all the cast and crew, and GREAT WORK! :D:D:D

p.s. thank you for your wonderful pictures, mr. beeman. haha, the one of milo and greg just kills me! :P
Anonymous said…
no body thought that claire and her mom were the new gilmore girls?
Anonymous said…
sorry i forgot to mention this earlier, but i have to say that the transitions between scenes in this episode were just flawless, especially from sylar and luke's scenes to his memories!

and the music was also very good - the drumming that increased in urgency while the two agents were searching the Bennet house for Alex really elevated the sense of tension and suspense for me.

thank you! :)
Anonymous said…
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Haha, I've seen the last photo somewhere else... maybe from Grunny's Twitter site? Is that of him and Milo or Adrian???
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