“An Invisible Thread”

Dearest readers, this is a sad moment for me, as it will be, not only my final blog for Season 3, but also my final blog for HEROES.

You see, I will not be returning to HEROES for Season 4. Ultimately this was a financially motivated decision made by NBC. They no longer want to have a Producer/Director position on the show. But it coincides well with my own innate wanderlust, and so, while sad to leave so many friends and comrades, I am excited for the future.

Having said that, while this will be my final blog respective to HEROES, it is not necessarily my final Beeman’s Blog ever. Over the years I have been careful to keep this blog separate from or any other entity that specifically ties it to HEROES. It certainly seems reasonable that I will continue to write on about whatever my next adventures are. It is a bit too early to say, but I have a strong feeling I will be involved in very exciting projects in the very near future. I hope that the many of you who have followed me up to now will continue to follow with me as I move forward. I have been amazed that the blog frequently gets thirty or forty thousand hits a week. If I have been able to give any enjoyment or insight to you fans then that is certainly enough to me. As I hope you know, I am well aware that our fans are everything and I am very happy to have been able to serve you. Moving forward, well… I will keep you posted.

So, having dispensed with that, it seems appropriate today, not to write a typical behind-the-scenes about what occurred on this final episode. From my point of view as director and producer it went quite smoothly. It was a Tim Kring script, which are always easy to make manifest. I am pleased with the overall results, and I hope you will be as well.

It seems more appropriate today to address a farewell to the many people I have worked with these last three years. (Take a breath – this could go on for awhile!)

I feel like starting with the actors. Of all the jobs I do on this show, working one on one and in groups with the actors is the most deeply rewarding and important job I do. I’ve mentioned, frequently what a great cast this is. That is partly because they are all very nice people. But also, they are all talented, and they each enjoy the relationship with the director, digging for the unexpected and the surprising.

I’d like to start with Zachary Quinto. Because I didn’t do the pilot I didn’t have influence over hiring the rest of the series regulars. But I was there, directing Zach at his first audition. It was an incredible, showstopping, performance. It was immediately evident that his range was phenomenal and I knew then and there we had something special. Zach is a true artist and I feel a deep affection for him. He is also a great person and a very giving actor to his fellow actors, to the crew and to the show. What’s especially amazing is that, as great as he is, I know how much he can still develop into the power of his craft. Beyond a doubt, I know that he will go on to greatness - because not only does he have the talent to achieve this he has the will, and I have immense respect for this quality within him.

To the rest, I’d like to say farewell to Hayden Panettiere. Hayden you are a savant. You do everything effortlessly and are deeply intelligent. I respect you immensely.

To Jack Coleman, you are a true professional in the very best sense of the word. Your work seems effortless and simple, and yet I know how complex the character is. Whenever I have had an opportunity to push with you into the deeper aspects of your character, the rewards were always rich.

To Ashley Crow, you were phenomenal in the pilot, presenting an odd quirky character. As the series developed, slowly, you were given the opportunity to expand this character and show a depth of character, a strength that is born in love of family. My personal opinion is that all of this resides naturally in you and reflects your own values. (In fact, whenever I had the opportunity to direct “The Bennets” Hayden, Ashley and Jack together, it was a delightful experience. “First Line on the Ice” I called them - using a hockey expression. Those scenes were always so fun and easy and fast to bring to fruition.)

To Milo Ventimiglia, you are a person of great integrity and a filmmaker in your own right. You have always been deeply respectful of the crew and the process and I respect that in you. I have really, truly enjoyed working with you.

To Adrian Pasdar, you are a true leader, and a funny nice guy who cares immensely about the details of his performance. You challenged me and forced me to direct with more depth. It is an honor to have directed you.

To Ali Larter, we had a very special and bonding experience on the sixth episode of the first season, as we both worked through a complex performance. You are characterized by great enthusiasm and desire to strive for the highest performance you can achieve and I very much admire you for this.

To Sendhil Ramamurthy, you are one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Your enthusiasm for being on the show has never waned. And you have always gone the extra mile whenever I asked you to do something above and beyond the expected. I am very grateful to you for this.

To Greg Grunberg, you are as funny and as naturally likable in person as you are on-screen. I have also been very impressed by your eagerness to push into darker areas of your character whenever the opportunity presented itself. Tonight’s episode is a good example of this. It has been a joy to work with you.

Masi Oka, you are one of the smartest actors I have ever worked with. It was incredibly fun learning the minute amount of Japanese I did from you. Your positive attitude was never in doubt throughout. You have been a great ambassador for the show, in so many ways, Thank you.

James Kyson Lee, sometimes I wonder if the work you do is fully appreciated. Straight-man comedy is not easy to pull off, but you make it all look so easy. As a film-maker I know that you are always 100% reliable to deliver whatever is asked of you. I have gotten to know you personally a bit and you are a delight to hand with. Thanks for everything.

To Cristine Rose, I have to say I have never had more fun directing an actor than I have you. I feel we have done excellent work together. I know the scene we did recently where you were eating oysters in the restraunt was a truly fun collaboration. Similarly the one in tonight’s episode where you discover Nathan’s body was, for me, perfectly emblematic of the collaboration between director and actor. You love to take chances and I love that you have trusted me. Thank you.

To the other cast, who have left the show (at least temporarily???) Santiago Cabrera, Tawny Cypress, Noah Gray-Cabey, Leonard Roberts, Dania Ramirez, Brea Grant and Kristen Bell… It was truly special to collaborate with you all. I am so filled with warm feelings at having worked with every member of this cast that words can’t describe it.

But there are also so many people I have worked with behind the scenes on this show. If you’ve followed my blog at all then you know that this is, on SO many levels and incredibly complex and challenging show – and also a deeply rewarding one. I have had the incredible fortune of being involved intimately with every department.

Firstly, to Ruth Ammon, HEROES Production designer. You are among the most talented individuals I have ever worked with. The sets you build have been uniformly marvelous. Your taste is impeccable. Your sense of color and design flawless. You have taught me the concept of building history and character into sets. You have been more challenged than perhaps any other member of the crew… You have built huge, incredible sets in so little time – and when I walk on them, they are perfectly designed to be shot, both artistically and technically. I thank you and your whole crew. I don’t have time to name them individually, but they have done world class work faster and better than I have ever seen.

To Nate Goodman, our Director of Photography, I have had perhaps the closest collaboration with you. Your intuitiveness, your endless enthusiasm and willingness to take real and significant chances is a marvel. You are starting your career as a D.P. at such a high level of talent that I know the future will be quite bright for you.

To Charlie Lieberman, our other D.P. What can I say? Your lightening is sumptuously gorgeous. The way you make the light caress the face is so beautiful. You entered an already running machine and stepped aboard effortlessly. The work we did on tonight’s episode and on the last one we did together, episode #19, is some of the most beautiful photography I’ve been involved with. (And I really care about photography.)

I think it’s also important to mention John Aronson, the Director of Photography who shot the whole of season one. John set the look and established our standards. His influence continues to be felt.

I’d like to thank the entirety of the camera, grip and electric crews. We have a core group that does the bulk of the episodes and a huge, vastly rotating group that does our second units. That the show has a cohesive look despite the myriad crews that work on it is a testament to everyone’s hard work and to the integrity of vision of our DPs and producers. I would like to single out just a few names of those I’ve worked most closely with…. Peter Mercurio, our camera operator, Chuck Crivier our key grip. Carlos Gallardo our dolly grip and Jeff Levy our gaffer… And to all of the many many rest who create the images the fans enjoy week in and week out... Thank you all for your hard work and good attitude. It has been a pleasure to work with you.

I would like to thank Gary D’Amico and his special effects crew. Gary you blows stuff up real good, and does every other kind of mechanical effect imaginable. The range of special effects you have done on this show is all encompassing. As far as I can remember, nothing you and your crew has done has ever not worked. Great job!

Also, Tim Gilbert, our stunt coordinator. In TV time is short to do very elaborate stunts. Tim you have had a great attitude through all types of conditions. And again, congrats on your SAG award this year!

I would like to thank Lori Madrigal and Wendi Allison our makeup artists. I have mentioned them a few times before on the blog. You guys have the greatest attitude and keep every member of our large cast continuously happy in your trailer which is the rockenest on the planet.

The same enthusiastic thanks goes to LeeAnn Brittenham and Angie Gurule our hair people!

To our Prop department, especially prop master Ross Anderson, and his key crew James Clark, Reba Rosenthal, Scott Henry and the rest of the crew that have worked all of our numerous units. All of your work has never been anything but top notch. Every prop was right or was quickly made right if there was ever a problem. I would also like to single out James (who twitters as @jamesprops) James your dedication to the show and it’s numerous details has not gone unnoticed by me. Thank you all for your enthusiasm.

To Stargate Visual Effects and our team Eric Grenaudier, Mark Spatny, and also to our Season One VFX producer Mark Kolpack – This show has been a great and fun challenge… So many things get written into the scripts that we have to figure out how to do in just a few weeks. It has been fun collaborating with you guys creatively even when we have to creatively figure out how to do something huge without a huge amount of money. One of the most effective VFX-based scenes I’ve done remains the Season one episode 3 scene in which Hiro first froze time in Tokyo Japan. Since then we have exploded New york, Exploded Tokyo, Frozen and shattered Ali Larter as well as (tonight) made Ali Larter materialize out of water. We have recently Morphed Sylar into virtually every cast member we have, shattered a plane and then digitally re-created it on the ground, we have flown Peter, flown Nathan and so much more. Thank you guys for your hard work and diligence!

To our prosthetic guys from Optic Nerve - Glen Hetrick & Mark Viniello, you guys did amazing work. My favorite was the open brain cap you made for Hayden in season three's opener. I stood six inches from that appliance and I still couldn't figure it out. Glen, you as the mutated man Suresh worked on was also a hoot from episode 9-11 this year. Guys, thank you!

To Cathy Gibson, our UPM, it has been great getting to know you as we worked in the trenches together this year. Figuring out the pure mechanics and manpower of this show is a beast and you tamed the beast with elegance. As director Jeannot Szwarc dubbed you, "You are a snub nosed 35 inside a velvet purse!"

To Brenda Pulos and to Alex Reid, and who left earlier in the year, thanks for everything. To Pearl Lucero and our entire amazing Office Production Staff, thanks guys!

To Valerie Norman and Merry Donner, our two amazingly talented script supervisors. Thank you. Val, you and I have been especially close and we have shared a lot emotionally and metaphysically. I thank you for your freindship.

And to our AD Department - Sam Mahony, Robert Scott and Anne Berger and Diane Calhoun, as well as to our numerous simul-unit ADs and also those who have left, my friend Pat Duffy and Milos Milicevic . Due to SO many reasons this show is THE hardest show to A.D. I have ever seen. All of you did it with class in your own inimatable way.

To Ken Fuller and the sound crew - thank you for excellent work done quickly and quietly. In general there is cleaner sound with less ADR on this show than on any I've been on.

Our Casting Guys RULE - Jason La Padura, Natalie Hart & Keri Owens!!! This team found this amazing original cast and continues to find the actors that fit seemlessly into our high standards week after week!

To our costumes team, for making our cast look awesome - Debra McGuire, Nancy Gould and your entire team of people.. Thanks!

For finding us places to shoot, week in and week out thanks also goes to our Locations Department -- Steve Hasson, Dianne Friedgen and Jason Savage. This is another department that has to jump through hoops every week just to get us on the air.

To Brian Stegall and our transportation team that keeps our company moving thanks for everything. You do a great job in a seamless way!

I'd like to give a special thanks to our stand in team... Otto Krausse who is without question my oldest friend and my brother-from-another-mother, Mitch Blaylock, Elizabeth Obrien and Heather Stunkle as well as the numerous stand in's on simul-unit... You guys work hard witha great attitude. (Stand-in is something I should have done a blog about - basically they "stand-in" for the actors during the long lighting set-ups between takes. It's basically super-important but tedious work that requires paying a lot of attention for very little thanks - and this is a great and happy team!)

To Foz , who I brought over from SMALLVILLE and ended up being Jim Chory’s assistant – thanks for being a great guy! Thank you for your kind words towards me. You are a great guy!

To Lori Motyer, our post production producer and to our editors Scott Boyd, Jon Koslowsky, Don Aron to Lois Blumenthal, and to all of our assistant editors and post production assistants…. You guys are the best. The show is so well crafted in post production it’s not funny. Lois, I feel especially proud of you, because we worked together on your first episode after you moved up from assistant! Great job everyone. I will miss my time down in the dungeon with all of you.

To Wendy and Lisa our composers, I would like to extend a special thanks. The music that you create for the show is haunting and magical, and you are truly the shows greatest fans! Allan and I would always know how a show was because when we showed it to you guys you had the most authentic reaction ever. Also, the speed with which you turn over your amazing scores blows my mind. Thanks.

To all of our writers, Thank you. Adam Armus, Kay Foster, you're character work is unsurpassed. I still feel “HOMECOMING” was one of my best episodes. To Joe Pokaski, and Aron Coleite, your level of talent at your youthful ages is intimidating. To Bryan Fuller, you know I think you are a genius. To Rob Fresco and Mark Verheiden – I have greatly enjoyed our time together. To our younger writers, Chuck Kim, Chris Zatta and Oliver Griigsby, thank you. To all of you - The work you all did singly and collectively was so complex and dense that it’s awe inspiring! I am very glad for the time I had with each of you.

I'd also like to say a special thanks to my friends Jeph Loeb and Jessie Alexander, who have also left the show. Thanks for all you contributed and much success in your continued endeavors... This is a given, but I say it anyway.

To Jim Chory, our line producer, thanks for being a great instructor. I have tried to learn from your mind which is able to juggle such complexities that it’s amazing, You have been a great teacher. Thanks.

To Dennis Hammer, thank you for your friendship and your support. You have been the rudder in the ocean that is HEROES.

To Allan Arkush. Thank you for the dignity and kindness that you showed me. I was the new kid on the Kring block when I came aboard and I greatly appreciate the open-heartedness you showed me upon my arrival.

To Tim Kring, thanks for hiring me. It was great to finally really get together and work after all those years ago at USC film school. You created a truly inspired work. Congratulations and continued success.

Finally to my assistant Erin who has helped me in every endeavor with the greatest, happiest attitude ever – thank you!

I’m sure I’ve forgotten many, please accept my apologies. There’s a lot of you!

I hope that wasn't too lengthy or too sappy for you, my faithful readers... HEROES has for me been a very all-encompassing experience… It required so much of me on so many levels. I know there will never be another experience quite like this one again! One of the best experiences that specified what was amazing, especially, about season one, was sitting in a movie theater a few minutes before the show started (I think I was there to see MICHAEL CLAYTON?) and I began eavesdropping on two random strangers behind me. As I listened it became clear they were talking about HEROES and the Season One DVD set that had just come out. They started to go on and on about how awesome the show was. This was heady for me because it was completely authentic and unsolicited… They went into great depth about every aspect of the show, expressing not just fan-enthusiasm but also a deep intelligence and understanding about stuff we were up to that I thought was very subtle. That was an exciting experience for me but also one that taught me clearly how intelligent and perceptive our fans are.

Thank you all! Goodbye everyone!





























Kat said…
Greg Beeman, you're breaking my heart.

This blog has been a cornerstone of my Heroes experience for so long; for the past two seasons, I've always rushed straight to my laptop for behind-the-scenes insight, adorable pictures, and your amazing spoiler warnings. Thanks so much for keeping us posted every week, and for everything else you've given to the show. You'll be dearly missed on the interwebs and, I'm sure, on set.

<3 Best wishes.
Um... why do you guys hate the Nathan fans? What did we do to you?

Sad to see you go, Greg. Your episodes were always among the best. Don't know if I'll be around for season four or not, either, after this thing with Nathan. And things were so looking up for the show for a little while, too. :(
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for maintaining this blog, Mr. Beeman. You brought such interesting insights into the development of "Heroes" and, most importantly, you brought us really cool pictures.

But, sadly, I'll also be joining you on the "So long, Heroes" wagon. This episode just threw me over the edge. I hate to say it, but Nathan - as a character - as the reason I hung in so long. And with him gone, there's just nothing there anymore. He held all the fascinating character bonds and... it's just heartbreaking that he's gone.

I'll miss you. And I'll miss "Heroes." Thank you for the ride.
Anonymous said…
You'll be missed. I've always looked forward to reading your insights into the show's production, and behind the scenes photographs.

I can't help but wonder, Did Nathan have to die? Can't Claire's blood resurrect?
Jackie P said…
Greg, I'm so sad you're leaving the show. Your enthusiasm was so evident in every blog post I've read. I hope you the best in the future and I will continue to read this wonderful little place on the internet for as long as you update it.
mdunner28 said…
Thanks for all your hard work. I'll have to see whether or not I'll be leaving when the next season starts. Tonight was not good at all.
Unknown said…
Greg, I can't believe you're leaving :( 'Heroes' won't be the same without your enthusiasm and what you brought to the fans with this blog <3

I'm already emotional from losing Nathan, WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME D:

I'll miss both of you... but I'm still holding out hope that one (or both!) of you may return someday.
Anonymous said…
Rachel F said…
You will be greatly missed, sir. I adore your blogs even more than I love your contributions to the show. I hope whatever you do next is just as spectacular. I'm sure it will be. ;-)

Kate said…
Greg, thank you for all of your amazing work since season 1. Your work, your words and stories here on the blog and your commentaries on the show have been insightful, heartfelt and humorous. I loved the commentary with you, Zach and Sendhil for Unexpected. You all have such a commendatory and understanding.

I hope you have a lot of amazing projects coming up and I will gladly watch anything you work on!
Anonymous said…
Well your not the only one leaving the show I am now that Nathan died such a stupid death
Craig Byrne said…
Just read this blog and saw the news.

Thank you so much for keeping the fandom updated on the behind the scenes "world" of Heroes through this blog, and as I've said on the site, a personal "thanks" from me for all of your support over the years, for Heroes and for Smallville.
Ruby said…
Beeman, I'm truly sorry to hear you won't be with Heroes next season. But hey, maybe you'll get a break from "fans" yelling at you for a bit, huh? ;) (That is, until the backlash starts on whatever new show you work on, which it inevitably does.)

Thank you for your wonderful blogs over the past couple of years. They have been truly enlightening and I have really enjoyed your obvious love for this show and your willingness to share so much with us. I hope you go on to bigger and better things, you deserve it.

And on a purely superficial note, thank you so much for the plethora of Zachary Quinto pictures.

Good luck on whatever you do next.
Anonymous said…
Greg Beeman, thank you so, so much for all the hard work and enthusiasm you added to the show. I loved watching your commentaries, especially the one with Sendhil and Zach, and I always came here after watching the eps to check out all your behind-the-scenes info and pictures. Reading your post was heartbreaking, I'm very sad about you leaving Heroes, but I wish you all the best in the future.
Unknown said…
Greg Beeman,

It's strange that my first post on your blog is your last one about Heroes. =(

But I want to thank you for all the amazing work you've done. You're one of the best directors out there in television (I'm a big fan of your Smallville episodes too) and I know you'll go on to do many other great things.

And, I've always been an avid reader of your blog (even though, as stated, this is my first post). It's awesome that you take the time to connect with the fans and also thank the people that you work with. Truly generous.

I can honestly say that the show and the fans will miss you.

Bon chance,
Sara said…
I've never posted a comment on here but I wanted to thank you for your work on Heroes and for keeping us fans updated with your behind the scenes info and pictures. I have loved getting a closer look at my favorite show!! You will be missed on Heroes and wish you the best in your future projects!
Anonymous said…
Sad to see you go. Even when Heroes was at it's worst you made it enjoyable. Good luck and much continued success.

Can't wait to see what you do next.
Anonymous said…
That one picture of Zach and the fire is HOT. Pun not intended.
Anonymous said…
GREG! NBC made a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE mistake. I have enjoyed your blog since Season 1 and even more your DVD commentary. I am clearly disheartened over this. A financial decision? WHAT THE HELL were they thinking?!

I wish you the best......I hope you will still get to do the commentary for Season 3....
Anonymous said…
I've never commented on here before, but this blog, Greg, was the first thing I loaded on my computer after an episode of Heroes, even when I didn't like the show - even those weeks I didn't WATCH it. Your humor, commentary, insight, and glimpses behind the scenes and at the inner-workings of the show made the Heroes experience so worthwhile, and NBC could not have made a bigger mistake by letting you go. You're a damn good director and an awesome person, and I just want to thank you for posting these blogs, they meant a lot to a lot of us.
Anonymous said…
Awe, im sorry to hear that, loved your Heroes blogs and pictures. Your awesome for even doing them.

I can't believe what happened to Sylar, I actually cried for him and Nathan :(

Good job wit the finale though!
Anonymous said…
Greg Beeman, your awesome!

The show itself, is now totally crap. I hope they enjoy their last volume on TV.
ridley1013 said…
Your blog is one of the first places I visit after watching Heroes. I wish I had posted a comment before now. First, thank you so much for all of your hard work on Heroes. It has been a pleasure to watch your work, even when I disagreed with the storyline (tonight's ep is a case in point - Nathan's death was heartbreaking). Second, I'm truly sorry you won't be with the show anymore. It will not be the same without you. I thought your words to the cast & crew were lovely.

Best wishes in your future endeavors!
erin said…
Oh, Beeman--I am so sorry to see you and your blog go. I adore your blog and your work on the series as much as the final episodes themselves. Thanks for everything you've done thus far--for the fans. <3 You are an amazing talent and I hope to see your work elsewhere, but will miss your work and updates on future Heroes eps. My sentiments echo Kat's note above. Wishing you the absolute best of luck. Much love!! You will be missed! <3

As for this ep--amazing all in all, but I am very sad to see the "real" Nathan go and the downward spiral Angela is continuing on. I am with Parkman on that for the first time in a long while. Still, we have Adrian for the upcoming season(s) to see us through! :)

We'll miss you, man!! <333
Anonymous said…
The finale is now in my top 5 best episodes of any TV show.

and about you leaving:

Greg man, that is F'ed up. With all the money NBC will be saving with Leno's show, what the hell is their problem.

The blood lust of these corporations for money is becoming more and more unbelievable.

They're cutting down on the number of episodes as well. It's ridiculous.
Anonymous said…
I'm really sad to see you go, Mr. Beeman. You are a very talented man, and I hope you go on to be very successful.

On a different note, though, tonight's episode was absolutely BRILLIANT. For me, Nathan was a guy that I really loved to hate, but even so, I was quite sad when he died, though, now, there are SO many places this show could go! It was full of surprises, and you had me sitting at the edge of my seat the whole time. I'm absolutely thrilled for next season, though, I'm very sad you won't be a part of it.

I really enjoyed you're blog. It's always the first place I go after I watch an episode. Thank you so much for all of you're time and dedication.

Best of luck.
Jackie P said…
I honestly don't know why some of you are leaving such inconsiderate comments on Greg's blog at this time.

He's been nice enough to provide us with so much insightful, intelligent posts and many great pictures of the cast and crew. Can you just for once not leave negative comments here? It really isn't that difficult.

Greg, please don't let these people get to you. I again hope you all the best.
Anonymous said…
I had some thoughts about the show-- no, who am I kidding? I had thoughts about Nathan's most unwelcome and distateful demise, but I'll keep most of that to myself since it's now all out of your hands.

Greg - the news of your departure is heartbreaking to this Heroes fan. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything you've shared with us. Your blog has been the one place I unfailingly 'ran to' after each episode to learn all of this great little-known behind-the-scenes insight, and yes, the pictures are also delightful. Long waxing short, you will be sorely missed.

Your last episode was absolutely brilliant. I may dislike where some of the story went, but the direction and execution of all other crafts at play was just stellar, and I think I can objectively say the show is well on its way back to where it once was; which is immensely comforting.

Best wishes in all future endeavors, and thank you again for everything.
Anonymous said…
Mr. Beeman, this episode was sooo well directed - what the hell is NBC thinking. You will be truly missed. You are an awesome director. Looks like NBC killed 2 of their best people in one night. Oh, that's right... they are the lowest network on the totem pole. Go figure.
Anonymous said…
i can't believe this, i'm so sad. I love your behind the scene details and your pictures - and plus your episodes are always totally awesome. this sux =( tear.
good luck with everything
thank you so much for the awesome blog
ECCO said…
This is a sad day. You will be truly missed, Mr Beeman. But thank you, goodbye and good luck.
Liz said…
Good luck in the future. I hope you have the opportuntity to work with all these wonderful people again soon. Heroes made history. You should be proud.
Simone said…
Thank you so much for all of the wonderful work you've done on the show, for this blog, and for your hilarious commentaries. I'm really gonna miss having you on-board as a director on Heroes, and I wish you the best of luck.
Anonymous said…
I'm ry you won't be involved in season 4, your one of the most fan friendly people out there.
I wish you the very best in all your future work.
Pau said…
Greg, THANK YOU for sharing your blog with us, the pictures, the development of the show, the BTE. I just can't believe this! Heroes is not going to be the same without you. You kept us fans looking forward to your comments after every episode and now this is what we get. I'm so sorry.
I hated to see Nathan gone, and I do hate to see you gone too :(

All the best in your future projects. <3
Anonymous said…
I'm so sad , you are leaving the show Greg and not because i love the pics you gace us , you seem like a cool dude and your work on the show is one of the bests ,i wish you success in w/e you do next and lol there is a chance for you to come back cus i will miss you ;_;
Anonymous said…
i can not accept that you go, you are so kind man, in the past two years, you gave us such a lot of happiness, to read your blog is my interesting thing.

but i will still support you and HEROES, i wish furture would more well.
Anonymous said…
Sad day in television... U will be missed but we will see again.
Pas said…
Sad to see you go, but thanks for everything.
I don't think you need any luck, so I'll just say best wishes for whatever you're up to next :)
roque said…
Thank you for your blog. Can't be easy to maintain something like this amidst the other million things that are on your plate.

Best in your new adventures. If you can keep blogging, do it! I'm sure the fans will follow.
Anonymous said…
Dear Mr. Beeman,

I have been reading all your blog posts ... everyday (yeah, I started with Heroes late ... but the way I got hooked made me a Heroes Fanatic!). And the reason was you. What I loved about your blog posts was how you explained all the processes of film-making and the interviews with the cast and crew members. That way I have learned so much from you and you have become my inspiration in the field of film-making and blogging.

Although I know that many here come for the pictures, but what I really came here for is the way you write about everybody and the way you describe the whole episode making process. I will honestly miss that.

But then again, I know ... as soon as you start a new project you will come here and tell us all about it. I will be EAGERLY waiting for it.


Also thanks to Wendy the Picture Provider. Love you for giving us an up-close-and-personal with everybody.

Lots of Love
Anita said…

Your presence and behind the scenes blog and photos have enhanced Heroes and it will truly be a loss for them next year!

Please let us know what you're doing next and have Jesse, JKL, Grunny or someone Twitter it to us, so we don't miss out! Good luck and best wishes!
Anonymous said…
It's for the best. Heroes has truly become the worst show on television. Perhaps you can pay someone at IMDB to scrub your name from the credits on this garbage.
Owen said…
As a uk viewer i have had three dissapointments in 24 hours.. Firstly i watched 1961 and, over the credits, was told that we wont have any heroes for 2 weeks.. Then i found out that Nathan goes and we have possibly less Zach Quinto action aswell... But, more than either, I was upset when i learnt you would not be returning. Your inspiring blog has really given me (and I'm sure others) a deeper insight into the show than ever before. Your kind words to all involved with the show convey the enthusiasm we have have all come to love and know from you. I know you will be sorely missed by all the cast, crew and fans... You really have been brilliant on all levels.
Mothman's Dog said…
Mister Beeman, sir, I have long appreciated the work that goes on behind the scenes of Heroes, particularly the insights offered by audio commentaries and this here blog. When viewers started deserting the show in droves, the behind the scenes element was the deciding factor in my staying. For all that it has been a bumpy ride - and I am still copping flak from friends for sticking with the show - insights such as those to be gleaned from this blog have made the journey worthwhile. I am sorry that you will not be continuing the Heroes adventure with the rest of us (except maybe as a fellow viewer), and wish you the best of luck in future projects.

They ought to have promoted you and kicked out some real deadweight!

Thanks, and farewell.
Tom said…
Seconding the sentiments expressed above. Absolutely love the show, and this blog adds a lot to my "Heroes experience" as it were! The photos especially I really look forward to seeing each week, they really add a human touch to the show :)

Will be sorry to lose this side of things re: Heroes, and best of luck in your future endeavours!
Anonymous said…
Aww, that's all really too bad that this blog won't continue.

I wish more TV series kept a blog such as this one. It makes me like Heroes more knowing that every week I can watch the show then immediately read behind-the-scenes comments.

I'd say it is (was) a great asset for the Heroes community.

Good luck with your next project!
Anonymous said…
I'm really sad to see you go - reading your blog has always been a Tuesday Morning Favourite of mine, and was one of the best things about Heroes, ever. Thanks for all the laughs and insights, and will check back to see what you're up to next. Good luck!
xx mata
Anonymous said…
Greg Beeman, thank you so much- for all the work you've done on Heroes, and for this blog. I've always gone straight to my laptop to post what I thought about the episode and to see your blog.

I wish you all the best.
Unknown said…

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your blog and how much I appreciated you taking the time out of what seemed an insane workload in order to share such fascinating details of the Behind The Scenes stuff and of course the fantastic photos with us fans. I'm very sorry to hear you are leaving the show and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.
MarkHB said…
Mr. Beeman,
As so many others have said, thank you for keeping this blog for us over the past 3 seasons. The fact that your position is being eliminated worries me, though, since the continuing D-P positions (is Allan leaving as well?) seemed to have contributed immensely to maintaining the distinct style of the show from one episode to the next; Oliver can keep story continuity, but visual continuity across episodes must be much harder to achieve, and you were a big part of that. Of course, I only know this from reading your blog, so... :)

Good luck in your future endeavors; I'll keep checking in here as your insights into TV-making have proven fascinating, and I hope you get to be involved if and when the Heroes feature film happens! If you have an opportunity to forward any feedback back to the folks continuing on with the show, I'd personally like to see the distinct color palettes from S1 return: blue for NYC, washed-out for Vegas, gold for Texas, etc. Those, and the helix-symbol Easter eggs scattered throughout the episodes, were some of the details that helped make the show special early on, and I hope it can be again. Take care!
S. said…
I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for your contribution throughout this Heroes series, which undeniably has given it this much success. I wish you the best in your future endeavours.

One of your many many many many fans from Asia,
Unknown said…
I always looked forward to reading your blog after every episode and seeing the behind the scenes pictures. It was such a highlight of my Monday night. I am quite saddened you'll no longer be a part of Heroes and the show really won't be the same with you gone as well as Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander.

I wish you nothing but the very best in any of your future endeavors. And while no more Heroes post, I'm glad the blog isn't over.
Sarabei said…
Oh no! I just found your blog last week after being pointed here by a friend after I told her how cool your commentary with Sendhil on "The Eclipse - Part 1" was. It feels kind of like meeting a fun new friend and then find out they're moving tomorrow. Best wishes for you, and I hope you really will continue to update us on your new projects. Thank you.
levitatethis said…
No matter the ups and downs I want to say Thank You. From the beginning you've willingly put yourself out there and I think many of us appreciate that, even when we didn't always agree with the choices that were made. I wish you all the best in the future.

Thanks for taking the time to bring us into the behind-the-scenes fold!
Anonymous said…
I'm so sad about this news, devastated even. I will miss your insight into the show. Thanks for everything you gave to us, the fans. I will miss you and your Heroes blog. I wish you all the best.
Heather said…
I am in shock right now, I can't believe that that was your last blog. So I wanted to tell you thank you for being such a big part of my Heroes experience. You've given us a behind-the-scenes, in-depth view of a truly amazing show. Thank you for inviting the fans into the close-knit world that you, the other crew members, and the cast have created. I wish you lots of success in all of your future endeavors. You are a very talented director and any project would be very lucky to have you.
Eva said…
Thank you Greg for all what you brought to Heroes. I only discovered your blog during season 2 and have been addicted to it eversince. I'm really gonna miss reading you but I'm eager to read you on your other projects (maybe a huge movie!??) which I'm sure will be amazing!!

Best wishes,
Eva from France
Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting the pics every week, Mr. Beeman. I always visit your blog on Tuesdays :o)

As for Sylar becoming Nathan, it was a very gutsy plot twist and it took a lot of courage for them to do. And I thought it was brillant.
Anonymous said…
NO! Ack! I always love the episodes you directed the most. I hope many wonderful things come your way in the future and will continue to check this blog. You will be missed!
Anonymous said…
Not Showing that fight between the Petrelli's and Sylar was the biggest slap in the face to all Heroes fans around the world.
Frank said…
Thanks, Greg, for being a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world for Heroes! You are awesome!

Good luck wherever you find yourself!
Steve said…
Hi Greg,
Thanks for some wonderful blog posts, your insight into the process of making Heroes is very much appreciated.
It's not often that one can become a fan of a particular TV director as opposed to an actor, but your work for Smallville and Heroes has shown an incredible amount of talent and I'm sure that your next project will be just as successful if not more so than those other great shows.
Best of luck for the future

ProgGrrl said…
Sad news. Thanks so much for keeping this one of my favorite TV-creatives blogs. Hope you continue to blog into your next projects down the line!
Madd Heather said…
Greg! OMG, I can't believe you're leaving.
You're amazing, and I'm going to miss your insightful blogs and heart warming pictures.
Good luck with your future, and thanks for your hard work on making Heroes the best show ever. We'll miss you!
Amarisse said…
Sad to see you go i always came here for your nice bts pics and info.
Grl_2kl4skl said…
Ppl; @ NBC are IDIOTS! What the Hell? Do they seriously wanna loose all fans ? They're gonna end up fireing Tim Kring....

I'm so NOT watching Heroes anymore....I just wanted to say it was fun while it lasted:( It sucks that they've let U go.

I've put up with Adam beeing killed, Atrhur and Elle but NATHAN ?

Anyway, I would like to THANK YOU for all your hard work on the set and on this blog! I've learned some really cool stuff from you ;)Every week I keep coming back here to check out the BTS stuff and the really cool pics.Thanks again for beeing here for the fans :)
Unknown said…
I've not posted a comment here before, and I just discovered your blog this season, but I felt the need to post now. Greg Beeman, you will truly be missed on this show: I adore 'Heroes', and your fine work as producer and director is part of the reason I am so invested in it. Truly, you are one of the best this show has, and I'm sorry that NBC is letting you go, especially after last night's finale. Everything about the episode was well put together, and I applaud you (and everyone else) for your brilliant season ender.

That said, I truly wish you the best of luck in everything you do (keep us updated here! :) ), and I know that anything you go on to will be fabulous and amazing. Thanks for all the fun insights to the show, access to people through your interviews, and fantastic set pictures that we wouldn't have any other way.

Here's to a great show, and a great man. I'll miss your presence on 'Heroes'!

<3 Jen D
Anonymous said…
Greg Beeman,
I have never posted before, but I felt the need to let you know how great your blog has been. I have always gone right to the computer after an episode to read all of the great info you have to share. And I love the pics. You add such depth to the episodes. Thanks for being our blogger, it has been great. We will really miss you.
Anonymous said…
One word...GUTTED!
You've always been like an ambassador for the show, taking all the flak here from disgruntled idiots like myself when plots don't go as we planned. I'll miss you and your wonderful insights into the creative process behind the show (not that anyone can truly replace you but hopefully someone else will do a blog for the show in a similar vein). I'm so upset that NBC seemingly have no respect for the people behind the success of the show, I know there's the credit crunch but how does removing all the greats such as yourself help if inferior writing and directing makes the show less popular.
I'm sure all the cast and crew will miss you so much, as will the fans who appreciate all the time and effort you put into maing us happy. Hopefully one day you can return (like Bryan Fuller has). Until then good luck in your endevours, you've been great!
Unknown said…
Thank you, so, so, so much for your innumerable contributions to Heroes, Mr. Beeman. The show will never be the same without you, and you're extremely missed.
Anonymous said…
may God continue to bless you in your future endeavors!!! really sad to see you go!
dazzling d. said…
Thank you so much!!!! for longtime posting for us!!!!!

All the best, and wherever you go, be happy!!
Anonymous said…
You will be missed. Be well.
Anonymous said…
omg how could u leave nbc i hate you right now wish you nothing but the best beemaann!
Susan said…
What a heartfelt farewell. Extremely touching Mr. Beeman. You will be missed, I'm sure, by the cast and crew that you've been surrounded by. All the best wishes for your future, and we, the fans, will miss you as well. The episodes you have directed have been among the most entertaining to watch.

God bless.
Anonymous said…
I'm really sorry to hear you're leaving.
You always did an amazing job, no matter if in directing, taking pictures or writing witty entrys!

You'll be missed dearly!
Anonymous said…
BOO! I have truly enjoyed the episodes you direct the most - and have appreciated the photos on this blog. NBC has no clue what they are doing. It was a disappointing season in some ways, but this news is the biggest disappointment. Best wishes!
Brie said…
First time posting, Greg. Reading your blog every week was one of the highlights of the series. You seem like a really sweet, very talented guy. Good luck to you and I hope you do well in the future.
Anonymous said…
Mister Beeman, I have been a fan of the show since it started and stuck through thick and thin. I've hung in there when the writing was going off the deep end and waited patiently for it to get back on track, which it did. But honestly last night was the first time the show really upset me. I don't care about Nathan dying, people saying they are leaving the show because of that are just Internet Fandom Drama Llamas. No Mister Beeman, that's not the reason I am upset. Rather, we have sat through 3 and a half seasons of Heroes waiting for that one moment, that double page spread of heroes and villains locked in an epic battle to play across our screens. The ultimate Heroes battle took place last night. And you locked us out of it. I know it was a budget thing, I get it. But this was the season ender. This was the Big Deal. This one deserved an extra couple of hundred bucks to give the loyal fans what we have patiently waited for since the first episode. It was a classic WTF Moment, but in the very worst possible way. And now we find out that it was your final episode, that it was your swan song to the show. This is how you are going out? By cheating us out of the moment we waited so long for? It pains me to write these words, but I was disappointed in the show last night. In the middle of so much that was done well and done right, this seemed like such a cheap way to handle what needed to happen. It cheated the fans and it cheapened the show.
I'm not going to cry and whine about leaving the show as a viewer. The fact is I love the show and the cast and will most likely stick through until the end of times. But after last night it will never be the same. I'm not looking for that moment anymore, because you guys have proven that we'll never get it. And since for a lot of us, it was one of the reasons we hung on so tightly, it's a little bit of a let down to realize we've been waiting for an event that will never happen.
HERO said…
Thanks a lot, Greg, for sharin' your insight into each HEROES ep! Your influence'll be missed!

Take care, and best wishes in all of your future endeavors!

I'll continue to check out your blog entries.
Anonymous said…
Yokoromo said…
Greg Beeman... i can only say.. Thank You !! Best Wishes
Jennifer Howell said…
Greg, Good luck in your future work. Hopefully it'll be part of a project that respects it's own history and created universe.

Sadly, like many many others, I wont' be tuning back in either but please keep us updated on your future plans, I can't wait to see what you come up with next.
Anonymous said…
wtf is wrong with nbc????

you are probably the best director on the show

if kring keeps his position while you are gonna be pissed
Unknown said…
Aw Greg thats sad i will miss reading your heroes blog after every episode you never disapointed i hope you continue to blog on new projects because it was a joy to read this. and the pictures you took always made me smile it made heroes a better expierence. so for that i THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart

Good Luck on whatever you do
Ill miss the blogs

Caitlin xx
Tom O'Brien said…

Ever since I had the opportunity to work with you on Smallville, I've been a fan of your work and your final HEROES blog posting just goes to show what an immensely dedicated, detail oriented and passionate Producer-Director you are. Few, if any provide the level of committment that you continuously deliver. NBC's loss and soon to be someone else's gain. Look forward to hearing of where it is that you Beemanize next.
Thank you so much for keeping us connected with all the behind the scenes details and bringing so much pictures for us to see. Also thank you for takings this ride aloong with us through all this time and making a lot of the best episodes in the series.

Take care and I wish you all the best Greg!

I'll see ya around! =) ^^
Anonymous said…
I'll miss you, I've much appreciated this blog and the background information you give. I think it is rather short sighted of the show runners to 'let you go' because I think we'll all miss your enthusiasm and excitement for the show.. but there you go! Anyway, best of luck for the future.

PS thanks for Sendhil photos. :-)
Unknown said…
Wonderful episode, definitely inspires to watch more.

Now that's said; I'll miss you, Greg, and will be sure to check your blog often.
PaulB said…
I've been following your career since Circuit Rider Productions in Sacramento (ha! ha!) My family and I will certainly miss your presence on the show and your blogs. We love all your projects!

I'm sure your next project will be exciting and successful. We'll be following and cheering you on and even though my kids are tired of me saying "I know that guy!" whenever your credit pops up, I won't stop.

Best Wishes,
Paul Barfield
J. Molinaro said…
Thank you so much for maintaining this blog and giving us "Heroes" fans such great behind-the-scenes coverage. (I especially loved when you covered stylistic aspects--shots, angles, etc.--of the episodes.) Your blog has become part of the "Heroes" experience for me, and I'm not sure what I'll do without you.

I'm really going to miss your weekly posts and your pictures, but I hope to see some new content soon as you move onto new projects.
Cassandra said…
Thank-you for this blog! I am gutted to see you go. Every week, whether or not I actually enjoyed the episode, your blog and photos provided the highlight.

However, I'll be leaving the show with you. I was beyond disappointed to see that *Nathan* was sacrificed for the perpetual redundancy that is Sylar and I've had enough. Nonetheless, your blog was and is awesome. Your photos were incredible and hilarious while your words really offered incredible insight into the television show experience! Thanks, dude :D
Ames said…
Thanks for the memories and the great times, Greg Beeman! Wish for you the best in all you do in the future!

God Bless and don't forget what you've accomplished!
Unknown said…
Mr Beeman- I was sad to learn you weren't going to continue on Smallville and now this blow? As it goes..."All good things" I guess but this just takes the cake a bit..Thanks for the pics.. Clearly you had such a great time on set... I'll be watching for your next adventure
Unknown said…
As I'm sure it's been said a million times before, good luck to you Greg. You've really brought to light some of the coolness from behind the scenes.
Anonymous said…
Aw man Greg, we're gonna miss you dearly! Your blogs have given me a lot of good laughs, smiles, and wonder. So much work to put into a 43 minute show, but boy, is the Heroes team good at it. You are great at what you do and I hope you find enjoyment in the future! <3 Best wishes.

As for Heroes, I cannot wait until the next installment!
CL said…
What?! First Nathan/Zach, then you?! Oh no... this is breaking my heart. :( All the best in your future, do keep this blog updated! <3 said…


Anonymous said…
Best of luck Greg! Thanks for being such a personality in the Heroes universe. Best of luck!
Conor Maguire said…
Wow. Greg, I don't know what to say, us Heroes fans have "the hunger" like Sylar when it comes to any extra bit of info; whether it be interviews, spoilers, pictures, and yourself. It's not often someone in a position like yours finds the time to really spill their "brains" to the fans. I feel we've come to know just how passionate, talented and pure of heart you are. I admire how much pride you take in your work without gloating about it, you've always cared about what Heroes is all about, the people, whether it be the cast, crew, characters and fans. You've kept my hunger at bay. Good luck in all future challenges, obstacles and goals.
Thank you.
Thunderforge said…
Thank you so much for creating this blog. I've never seen any show that was lucky enough to have a person like you giving a unique look at behind the scenes. Best of luck with all that you do in the future.
Jemiah said…
Downsizing Heroes? Wow, it really IS a depression, isn't it? Thank you for everything, Greg - you've done an AMAZING job and I always loved the episodes where you took the helm. Best of luck in the future - I'll be chasing you to your next project! And... I am devastated. I've just lost my favorite character on my favorite show, and it doesn't matter that the actor will stick around (actually, it matters a hell of a lot, so that's good); we KNOW it's not really HIM. And we fans genuinely care about things like that. I'm sorry that such impulses don't jibe with what Mr. Kring wants from the show, and I don't blame him for that; decisions have to be made. But man, it hurts, and at the moment, I feel that it would hurt less if that was just "the end". If that's it, you pack up and move on. But the way it is, it's ghoulish, and not in a fun Spike-the-Vampire kind of way. I really wish you were staying on; I'd love to see your response to what's coming!
You are respected and honored by all the Heroes fans by making our fantasies of being a Hero in a way a reality. You truly have brought us a new perspective of life and how we could handle things in different methods.

This blog has been awesome to me, giving me the chilling suspense to be able to predict on what's coming on the new episodes. I'm glad to actually see the "Behind the Scenes" of a TV series for the first time ever. In fact, it's one of my top 10 favourites.

After watching 3 seasons of Heroes, the pieces of the puzzle is slowly coming into place and the story begins to make total sense. I guess you guys have been testing the loyalty of the viewers to the limits. And I thoroughly enjoyed every single episode of it.

This blog has set the benchmark to all those Heroes fans as the source of suspense. Nevertheless its sad to see this blog about Heroes coming to an end just like that. But we do hope that someday you will be back with the Heroes production team and be a source of inspiration to all of us again.
evelyn27 said…
Aw... I'm so gonna miss you and your Heroes recaps. I wish you the best for what's to come and just wanted to comment (for the first time!) that you are freaking awesome! I'll miss you on the commentary too.
leana from france said…
It's such a shame that you have to leave Heroes!
I liked your blog: It was very interesting to have a point of view from 'inside'.
I really loved the end of that volume: The idea of 'mixing' Nathan and Sylar is absolutely the kind of thing that I like :)
That way, Nathan is not 'really' dead and Sylar not really 'alive' anymore ...Clever and opening tons of possibilities, even a
definitive'melting' between the two personnalities. But which actor will stay mmmm?
This is the question bothering the fans, I guess...
Sometime, the actors leave the show because they have other projects (K.Bell..)And as I agree so much with you Greg about Zach Quinto, his talent and possibilities, might be Adrian who'll stay eventually.
I just saw 'Star-trek ' en avant-première in Paris and Zach is great there, so if , as I think, it'll be a blockbuster, there will be a sequel and Zach might be Spok again for sure. So the talented guy will be very busy in the years to come I think...
As you will be I'm sure, as you carry as much talent in your field as he does.
Good luck for the next thing to come, to you, to Zach, to Tim Kring, to all Heroes people and to the next season ! :)
Anonymous said…
LOL This is gonna be the biggest backfire in the history of incredibly huge backfires.
Also, kudos to Hayden for that Sylar-ceeper scene. I can't imagine myself in her position during filming without laughing hysterically.
And AWWWW I'm gonna miss this soo much. ><
Anonymous said…
Greg, we will miss you and I wish you the best but I need to say something:
I HATE, HATE, HATE the last episode.
As a girl said: Why do you guys hate the Nathan's fans? What did we do to you? His life has been in doubt at the end of BOTH the first two seasons. Not cool. Why don't you threaten someone else?
Now, he is worse than dead. You killed his body, but you also killed his memory. Nathan deserves to have a funeral as a hero he was (Did you guys remember that he saved NY in the first season? I don't think so!) and his family had the right to cry over the lost of their father, brother, son and husband.
And where the hell was Claire's healing blood during this nonsense?
I feel no closure in this (You killed Nathan several times but Mohinder is alive and kicking doing nothing in the show? WTF?)
Another point, the fight between Nathan/Peter versus Sylar was a bullshit. Sure the brothers would lose and one or both of them be killed. Until my 5 years old little brother could see that coming.And they did that behind closed doors?!?!?!?! Do the writers think we are idiots?
If yesterday was the best they could get with Bryan Fuller on the show, I think we have a big problem here.
All I want to do since last monday, is send a message to the Heroes writers office informing that, perhaps letting Kring write the finale was not a great idea. Maybe could you that for me? Please?
I know it is not your fault, but I am soooooo sad, I feel like the writers just shit on me.

So, I have to say that you will not the only one leaving the show, It's too damn depressing now that Nathan died such a stupid/creepy non-death.At this point I hope Sylar/Nathan (whatever he is now) kill all the other evolved humans and goes on to destroy the world, bringing about the extinction of mankind.


Anonymous said…
I'll be honest, though I've watched Heroes from the beginning, I've only recently started following it up on the web (call me a fangirl now, if you must.)

But your commentary and blogs are truly delightful; and it's rather unfortunate that NBC is budget crunching all the way up to the top now. (My dad runs master control in Phoenix; despite the Ganet ownership, the NBC budget crises have been crushing down on them for a while now. We didn't think it would reach that far up the ladder.)

The show is clearly losing out on a great talent; and I would just like to say that your farewells are some of the most brilliant things I've seen in a long time: you are clearly a man of honest intention and intelligence. Cheers and good luck.
grace said…
To beaming beeman
thank you for the many interviews, personal insights and behind the scene photos. your blog's the first thing i rush to after watching the show. please know that despite the dismal ratings at home, there're crazy heroes fans overseas. your blog really made the difference for me. you will be missed!

(but i just might start following any show you do from now on!)

my sincere thanks
Anonymous said…
Oh that is so sad your leaving. Their fools for letting you go but I wish you best of luck in your next adventures. Thanks a loads for your very interesting writes up and photos.

This last episode was excellent. I'm a bit sad that Sylar is may not appear in it again or even Zach. I was really up set that Nathan had died too.

Anonymous said…
Your blogs were boring anyway i won't miss you
Anonymous said…
Dear Mr. Beeman,
Thank you for your kindness and for sharing all of this wonderful behind-the-scenes information with us. I'm sorry the show is losing you, and I wish you a wonderful future. Thank you again.
Sincerely, Marla
Charles M. Davies said…
Greg Beeman, Heroes won't be the same without you. Unexpected, Homecoming, Landslide, Shades of Gray and An Invisible Thread are some of my favorite episodes to watch. I must have watched Homecoming about 20 times, someone could learn a lot about directing from watching you work I'd imagine. I also very much enjoyed some of the directors commentary you have done. I'd look forward to seeing you direct and produce other stuff in the future.

Thanks for all the awesomeness.
Sarcasmic said…
I never did post before tonight, like a few others i read, but I feel like you need the gratitude of every fan whose been reading this blog.

It's been a part of my Season 3 Heroes experience and may be part of my last Heroes Season experience, as I'm sure about the future of the show with all these stupid moves by NBC.

I loved your directing in the show and I loved your behind the scenes on the episodes....

I'd like to say you went out on a high note with Volume's Four improvement from the last season and a half.

I'm going to miss your blog and your presence on the show.
Brynna said…
I'm not quite sure that they'll be able to survive without you, honestly. I'll hold out hope, but who knows the show better than you? Who can do your job?

NBC is making a huge mistake, and I must say that I'm sorely disappointed in the way this show has been run by them. It's a tragedy to see how, in the push for popularity and ratings, they killed one of the greatest shows to come around in a long time, forcing plot development before it could come to full fruition. I thought that with this season, that the Heroes staff, especially you with your obvious passion for the show, could patch the holes in this sinking ship, but all NBC has done is knock into another iceberg by firing you.

Nathan's death was disappointing, yes, but nowhere near as disappointing as this.

So here are my props to you, Greg. Keep it real and keep it real good. Show them what they're missing, because your fans already know.
Anonymous said…
The best things about the blogs is that they are very short.

You give nothing away, the pictures are rubbish but not as bad as the blog itself. I won't miss you.
Anonymous said…
I agree with the above do something useful with your life!
Victoria said…
Hi greg! well I know you were going through the heroes and I really badly because they all go and heroes is not the same. I'm from Spain. Sorry if I speak Spanish and some words are not understood. am translating through internet. well hopefully the series follow the truth and good is a shame now every time you exit a chapter I can not see the pictures: (well here in Spain were not any, but I was under the Internet I do not see the last chapter. much luck. goodbye!

visit my fotolog of heroes!
Anonymous said…
Your blogs are nearly as pathetic as you are get a life!
Anonymous said…
Hi Mr. Beeman. I'm soo sad your leaving! I really love this blog and all the behind-the-scenes pics and info. Reading this blog was the first thing I did after watching an episode of Heroes. Good luck to you for everything you do in the future!

"An Invisible Thread" was AMAZING! It wasn't what I expected, but was still excellent. I can't wait to find out what happens in Volume 5! Heroes really is getting better (though I never thought there was anything wrong)!

I'm sure everyone will miss you dearly on set. I will try to keep reading your blog, even though you have left Heroes. Well done for the episode and good luck again!

Tasai, Heroes fan in Scotland.
Anonymous said…
Sorry, spelt my name wrong. It's Tasia.

Again, lots of luck and well done! Will miss you loads!

Tasia, Heroes fan in Scotland.
Anonymous said…
Greg, I am looking forward to your future projects. You have a fan in me. Best of luck!
rfl said…
From a big fan of the show in Brazil, just to let you know you will be sorely missed by Heroes fan across the globe! Your professionalism and directing skills, as well as this great blog with behind-the-scenes info, are both testament to the amazing professional you are. Godspeed Beeman!
Claudia said…
thank you for everything Greg!!!!
i will miss you!!!!!!

i was sad for what happened in the episode and now i read this..
Anonymous said…
Mr. Beeman, first off your departure is an absolute tragic loss to the show. You've been behind some of the show's most finest, superbly directed, and unique episodes. It was 'Homecoming' that hooked me into this show in the first place. Best of luck in your future endeavors, and I think I can safely say whatever show that has you direct next is more than lucky.
TamTam said…
I'm just echoing everyone else at this point, but I suppose that just goes to show how many people think this way:

Greg, you've been awesome. As soon as I found your blog I followed it religiously, and was rarely disappointed. You brought heart and depth to the world of Heroes for me, and I thank you for it. Your presence on Heroes will be missed.

And I, for one, will keep reading this blog. I'm sure you have plenty more in store for your fans, regardless of Heroes, and I can't wait to hear about it.
Anonymous said… sorry to see you leaving the show :( One of your fans from Graton :)
Robyn:) said…
Greg, I am going to miss you so much. I LOVE reading your Heroes blogs every week and am going to miss doing so immensely! I will most definitely stay tuned for whatever you move on to in the future! Thank you for all that you have done for the show and for your fans! I wish you the best of luck. <3
monalisa said…
Great job, Mr. Beeman. The more of a fan of Heroes I became, the more I kept hearing your name from fans, enthusiasts and cast members. You are truly respected and honored among Heroes fans and your blog has been delightful to read. Thanks for your efforts and works, and much success to you in the future.
Shirley said…
Hey Mr. Beeman-

You've been one of the best parts of this show, and I'm terribly sad to read that you are leaving Heroes behind. I have been an avid fan of Smallville and Heroes, and I remember my sadness at your leaving Smallville way back when. I remain a dedicated fan to both shows, and I know that whatever project you pursue next in your amazing career will show your brilliance and talent for directing just as Smallville and Heroes have done. Good luck on all of your future endeavours, and I am sure that you will be missed by the Heroes community. Thank you SO MUCH for all of your hard work and effort in some of the best hours of Heroes! You will be sorely missed.


P.S. Boy, did you make me cry during the finale. Especially when I saw this post after finally watching it. You always bring out the sympathy and emotion from the viewer; it's the mark of a great director along with a show like no other!
Elle said…
Sorry to hear you are leaving :(. I don't know how next Heroes season will be, but after the bitter last minutes of the finale and the bitter news of your leaving, I am sure it will be less fun, specially because we won't enjoy your chronicles and lovely photos.

Good luck for the future! Hope to listen from you soon!
coasterprincess said…
Hey Greg,

Sorry to see that you're leaving. I've always enjoyed your episodes and being able to get a glimpse at what goes on behind the scenes. I wish you the very best.
Francesco said…
Dear Greg, Heroes was one of the best series that I ever saw in my life, but, I'm so sorry to say this: nowaday is a totally shit. You changed the writers and it's loosing every sparkling detail. Please make something because I'm deciding to don't see more actual chapters...
Nicholas Orr said…
I'll keep following you as long as you keep sharing your experience of working behind the scenes! It truly has been insightful to read what is happening behind the camera.

It really takes the experience of enjoying a show to a different space of appreciation and respect. The sheer amount of work going on in the background has been unknown to me, then I started reading this blog and now have an insight. It would be neat to see the action up close, maybe one day ;)

Cheers for a weekly informative read.
kimberly said…
Greg Beeman, thank you SO MUCH for this blog, for sharing your experiences with us fans, and for being such an important part of bring life to this amazing show. I've looked forward to your blog every Tuesday morning for...gosh! I have no idea how long! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Thank you, again, for everything. Your stories have been so phenomenal to read--you've made the experience of being a Heroes fan so much richer with your blog.

Jess said…
Oh, this is so unexpected! Am kind of devastated that you won't be mucking about in the Heroes-verse anymore - I've always enjoyed your take on the show, and, of course, these marvellous blogs.

Thanks for being such an awesome guy to the fans, and for providing such insight. It's been a pleasure reading your thoughts. Best of luck for the future, Greg.
silje said…
I'm really sorry to hear you're leaving the show. This is a loss for the show, NBC and especially the fans. I don't know what NBC is thinking, but it's obviously not a good idea! This episode was fantastic and really put the show back in a good direction... what a shame that both you and Nathan will be gone next season. I wish you the best of luck for the future, but I'm sure you won't need it :)
Emily said…
You almost made me cry with that insanely sad and touching farewell... and I LOVE your pictures. I never really read any of your blogs before but I heard rave reviews and summaries of them by listening to every episode of the 10th Wonder Heroes podcast... and then I was watching and listening to the live show last Monday night - the really late one for fans on the West Coast even though I'm an east coaster, lol - and you had JUST posted this blog and Graham and Derek's reactions to it were genuine and heartbroken, I had to actually see this one for myself. My god. You're an AMAZING guy, obviously. I'm going to look you up on imdb now to see just which Smallville and Heroes episodes you were a part of, since I'm curious and extremely interested in the television industry but I'm not sure which part of it yet...

And AWESOME pics and captions, btw, I really enjoyed the 3.25 ones. :D

Lastly, I hate that some people are leaving Heroes after this episode. I loved it. It wasn't my favorite episode, but it was good. I definitely will stick by Heroes til the end.
Unknown said…
Mr. Greg Beeman Sir,

I refuse to write a "good-bye" message to you, because I know I will see you again.

Being on set for 12 to 14 hours with you was just as entertaining and exciting as the show itself! You always kept us Stand-ins laughing, and made the long days pass by quickly.
I enjoyed the discussions we had about Faith and life ... and I admire your desire to seek truth.

Thank you for the kind words above- about the Stand-ins. We were amazing. :)

I look forward to what you do next.
Bart said…
Going to miss you man:S


Still I give season 4 a try, but I will wish you coming back one's in a while;)

Greetz from Holland
Laurens said…
A message to the haters between us, if you don't like it why do you read it and mostly, why in de name of the Lord do you leave a message. I'm sorry, but for some-one who leaves is work after 3years of dedication, can't you be nice?

Greg I'll miss you very much, I hope that I'll meet you one day as a colleague. I learned a lot from you.

Best of luck in the future and I'll read this as much as you update it.

From Holland, bye
Anonymous said…
An interesting continuity problem,
Noah has been revived by Clair's blood before, so BOTH of them know how to bring back the dead with her around. Nathan could easily have been brought back, quickly.

It is sad when characters forget important powerful abilities.

Pure said…
hi, I'm a fan form Thailand, for months I've been following this blog. I always happy to see what u guys did behind the scenes. Thanks for crating this blog, gratefully thanks
- Pure
poppy said…
as usual i am always late to the good stuff, which is your blog, i have only recently found it after just starting to watch heroes: watching all previous season and episodes only in january i am a late come-er. i look forward to your future endeavors
Li said…
Awesome! So funny! That episode got me man! And I'm not easily surprised. If you ever need a horse rider/jumper I'm your gal! I love these entries!
Anonymous said…
Fantastic work, Mr. Beeman, both in blog and on set, and for that I salute you. Looking forward to your next project!
Mister N said…
Have a good one Mister Beeman.
I have not enjoyed the show at all since season 2 ( I didn't see much of season 3 either , just the finale and I realize I didn't miss anything at all).

But, I do respect you for showing genuine interest in the fans of the show. This is indeed a unique blog and good luck in your future endeavors.
FOZ said…
one of the most influential people in my LA career sir, and yes, without a doubt you will be missed. Thank you for everything you have done for the shows you have been on, and for me personally. Looking forward to what your next adventure will be.
Li said…
Is there some kind of petition we can sign to get you back on the show? Don't fix whats not broken I say! Will the other blogger be still posting?
Darcy said…
You've come a long way since "Miss Cale's Closet" and "The Big Garage." Ha! Heroes has been great, but I look forward even more to your next endeavor. Best of luck, Greg -- I'll keep my eye out for you! ~Darcy
Andrew MacNeill said…

You have been amazing at keeping the behind the scenes and enthusiasm on the show and everything you do. I hope you keep this blog up on everything you do (I wish you had been doing this during your Smallville time). Your work (both on screen and off) has been great to watch - and I look forward to seeing your name on all of your future projects.
Anonymous said…
Sooo sad to see you go. You're episodes were amongst my favourite on the show. You're awesome.
Thanks for everything and good luck for the future :)
CosmicAvatar said…
I didn't hear about your departure until Greg Grunberg told us at Eclipse 3 (and am now catching up after an extended period of computerlessness).

Very sorry to see you go as I've always thought of you as one of the major driving forces behind the show and your enthusiasm was most infectious. Thanks for posting so many photos and insights into the show and I wish you all the best for the future. May you have as much reason to be enthusiastic in your future endeavours!
Maria said…
Thanks for all your work, Greg Beeman. You did an amazing job for the show. Thanks and all the best!

Anonymous said…
I think i´m talking for all good fans when I say that we and Heroes in general will miss you. Good bye hope to see other show you work next.
shejon said…
First, I should have blogged this years ago. Thank you so much for the blogs, fantastic pics, and a chance to get a behind the scenes view of 'Heroes'. I know a lot of work must have gone into these blogs!

I'm sorry to see you go. You have such talent and vision that the show will surely suffer with your leaving. You brought out the greatness in others and your farewell to the cast and crew is a testament to your unique and giving spirit. I will stick with watching/supporting 'Heroes', but you will be missed.

I look forward to your next great project, which I'm sure is right around the corner!
Anonymous said…
Dear Beeman, thank you for all the hard work - and thank you too for all the fun!

We wish you all the best on your new projects :))

Hugs from Brazil,
Anonymous said…
I just stumbled upon your blog for the first time, and felt compelled to comment with this: You are an incredible writer, and from your musings, it's evident that you are an incredible person as well. I wish you all the luck in the world. I'll re-watch a few of the Heroes episodes to catch your work in all it's glory. Again, good luck, and we'll all be on the look out for what's next! - Sincerely, A new fan
Reginald James said…
Mr. Beeman,

(I sent a letter a while ago (c/o UTA) but it got returned.)

I just wanted to say thank you. I looked forward to reporting to set because you and everyone onset was so great to work with. Thank you for your energy and sense of fun - I learned a lot just watching you.

I also need you to know that it was a pleasure to work with Zeljko. He was so generous, when he really didn't have to be. I learned much from him as well.

All the best to you in everything you do.

Agent Kent Harper aka Reginald
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Funny. Turkish bots posted 3 links.

Mr Beeman, you and your Heroes blog entries are going to be missed. I always eagerly waited for your new blog entry. Have a goood life.
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