Well, there you have it.

It’s rare in my business to ever really have a sense of completion. But tonight I did.

As I posted earlier, I was surprised and excited when Kelly and Brian called and asked me to direct the last ever episode of the series. A few weeks later I got the script. It was Xeroxed on red paper so that it couldn’t be copied. We’d done the same thing with the 100th episode.

Now, as I think you know, I directed only the 2nd hour of the finale. The part that starts with Tess lying on the gurney and ends with the classic logo. Kevin Fair directed the first hour – the Clark and Lois wedding.

Kelly and Brian had decided to re-jigger the schedule so that we would shoot the finale early (in the place where the 20th episode would normally be shot.) The thinking, which was smart, was that if there were any re-shoots or pickup shots needed there would be time to get them before the crew closed up shop. Also, that there would be more time to post-produce the visual effects.

Anyway, so I was directing another show when I got the red script. I went into my trailer during a break and immediately flipped to the last page. I’d long had my own opinion of what I wanted Smallville’s final image to be – in some ways it seemed so obvious – but so many times people can out-think the obvious. I’d always hoped to conclude the series with an image reminiscent of when Christopher Reeve first ripped open his shirt to reveal the logo in the first Richard Donner film. So I flipped to the last page and read the last line and (alone in my trailer) pumped my fist and went “yes!”

Then I read the script.

I try not to do too much work when first reading a script, I just want to experience it once without beginning to work…. but I do keep a pen handy in case any big questions or thoughts pop up. Anyway I didn’t write anything down on that first read-through until I got in the fortress and the script described the suit coming up from the ground encased in a crystal of ice… and then I wrote “F*CK YEAH!!!!!” In very big letters. That was my only note my first time through.

As I write, I’ve JUST finished watching the show. I’ve been working on other projects and haven’t seen the finale since I delivered my cut over six weeks ago. I hadn’t seen any of the final visual effects or heard the music or anything. The cutting pattern was almost exactly as I delivered it – but a number of scenes where shifted around by Kelly and Brian – all to good effect. Originally the scene where Clark gets the suit was much earlier in the show and the plane scene with Lois was much later and continuous. Also one scene I directed was moved into the first hour (The scene where Oliver is given the gold ring by the three baddies) and one scene Kevin directed was moved into the second hour (The one where Clark finds Tess’ car.) All these changes where very good and streamlined the story. But, the point is, I got to have a relatively fresh experience watching the episode along with you.

Of course, the most exciting thing was to have Lex return after all this time. Michael really wanted to come back, but he was on a new show (FOX’s “Breaking In” – which had completed the pilot and was just about to begin filming episodes.) I hope I tipped the scales a bit when I called him and told him that I was directing and how pumped I was. Anyway – he soon committed to doing the finale’ and I’m sure you are all as glad as I was.

Of course, because of his new show he couldn’t shave his head as he had in the past – so a bald cap was in order. We were nervous about it, but it was very well done and I think looked good in the end.

Because of Michael’s shooting schedule on his FOX show he could only shoot for one day – A Saturday, about a week before we started filming the rest of the episode. Lex’s character wasn’t in those first red pages I read – but I know Kelly and Brian had plan “B” just in case. Nevertheless, Kelly and Brian rushed to polish the scenes and Michael showed up on a Friday to test the bald cap and get oriented. We filmed all his scenes in one day – a Saturday. (My favorite cool idea of these scenes was when we pull away from the window and the Luthorcorp logo crashes down revealing the “X” in the support structure)

I have to say – that day with Michael was probably the funniest day I’ve had in my career. Michael and I feel the same way about the SMALLVILLE crew – they are our family and we love them! Michael – over the years had learned to mimic and imitate almost everyone on the crew. We were all in a production meeting when he first arrived to much applause and hugs – and it wasn’t two minutes later before he was doing his famous imitation and the room exploded in laughter.

The scenes were no different. Tom and Michael fell right back into their on screen relationship. Even though the Lex/Clark scene and the Lex/Tess scene are very intense and Michael came up with his usual genius subtle performance – Michael and I are both notorious cutups and together we’re twice as bad - between takes was non-stop, sidesplitting, raucous laughter, including us serenading each other with “Oh Sherry” from opposite sides of a massive soundstage. At one point -Michael in his white "President Lex" suit and black glove was standing in front of a green screen telling off-color jokes. I’m off camera yelling, “We’re rolling Michael…" “We’re rolling Michael.” But he still does, like, a five-minute standup act… Oh my God what a day!!!!

By the way my hat is off to Cassidy Freeman for her scene with Michael. They had never worked together, or even met (as far as I know.) She stepped up and crushed the scene – I think her work in that scene is subtle and intense. A long long time ago I read a quote from Robert DeNiro that, in life people put a lot more energy into hiding their emotions from each other than showing them - and that most actors get this wrong. I agree and I always try to direct performance with this intention - Feel the emotion, but then disguise it or re-direct it. The more layers an actors performance can have the better. Cassidy and I worked on the idea that there was an ongoing relationship with Lex and a great love and gratitude to him from her. But also all the pain and betrayal that she has gone though to get here. We talked about how she was entering the scene knowing she would probably never leave the room alive and that she had to disguise her true intentions throughout. Also, that even in the final moment of her death she still loves Lex. That's a lot of complex stuff in a short scene. What always interests me most is not the dialogue but the moments between the lines - it's in the pauses that you can read truth.

From the beginning, with SMALLVILLE, we always let these moments in performance linger. Most shows cut out the pauses, as the writer's intention is just to get from line to line as fast as possible. But from day one, with Miles and Al - our group philosophy was to let these moments play. It's one of the things that has made the show great. (Ironically, it also results in SMALLVILLE's scripts being very short relative to other shows. The finale script was only 39 pages for 43 minutes. Most shows shoot 50-60 page scripts.)

I also love John Glover. Besides Michael Rosenbaum, I've kept the most off-screen relationship alive with him. But, although I'd talked to him on the phone, I hadn’t seen him since we worked together on HEROES when he played Sylar’s father. He's a brilliant and fascinating man. Despite the years of experience, the accolades and Tony awards - he still goes to acting class and perfects his craft. He has a way of challenging the other actors in a scene. It's all well intentioned and kind, but - in the in-between moments as the actors relax between takes - he says and does certain things that get his scene partners thinking. Inevitably, John Glover brings up everyone else's game.

Also I gained new respect for John Schneider… he REALLY wanted to be the one who gave Clark the suit and he lobbied for this. In the end, despite personal hardship and inconvenience to himself, he showed up on the day we did that scene and did it. I gave him one of the best directions I’ve ever given. I said, “Just look at Clark with all the same feelings you have for Tom, and know that Jonathan has given everything to Clark that he can, the same way you did for Tom.” I swear to God, when I shot the profile-profile shot where Jonathan hands Clark the suit, I cried. I mean it’s one thing to cry at BEACHES or a Hallmark commercial with “We’ve Only Just Begun” playing on the soundtrack - But this was my own episode of my own show as we were filming it in a dusty warehouse and I'm sniffling and tearing up. But the moment was so powerful for me – not just for what was happening on the screen I was watching but for what was happening beyond it!

It was also great to see Alison Mack again. Because of her schedule (she was doing a play in New York) she wasn't available until almost two weeks after I was finished filming. I had to fly back to vancouver to film the scene and I'm glad I did. First of all, it was worth it just to get a hug from Alison. She is so sweet, and I've missed her. But also - I really wanted to work on one moment with her. It's the moment when she turned back into the room to look at the little boy. I told her I wanted her to reflect upon the whole journey that she had gone though for the last ten years - all the good and bad, the heartache and joy and to come to the realization that it had all turned out for the good. I knew this was Chloe's experience and also Alison's and also mine and also, hopefully, yours.

One other great moment came to me while shooting. The little boy was so cute and expressive. He was just 5 years old, which is VERY young. It's hard to get much out of children that young. Pretty much the secret is to talk through the take and tell them to do what you want as you want it.... Anyway, it wasn't in the script, but he was cute and there was this set of bow and arrows set-dressed into the room. So I created the moment where the little boy snuggled up in bed and looked off, hopefully, at the bow and arrows and then, on a separate cut, I pushed into the bow and arrows. I had the idea, in that moment, to paint a picture of the first time one believes in something great and exciting.

The scene I was most nervous about was the Clark/Lois scene, which was the second to last scene of the show (and series.) I talked with Erica and with Tom about how – in that one scene they were no longer the characters that they’d been playing all these years – they now had to embody Clark Kent and Lois Lane - the icons. I think they really got it. I worked with Tom and with the extras, to get the bumbling Clark moment where he's bumping into people and ad-libbing apologies. I also think, in their close-ups on the stairs, where Clark offers the rings and then snaps them back (Tom came up with that “Pretty-Woman”-like beat by the way) we really got to feel the fondness and chemistry that Tom and Erica have always had for each other.

I remember the first day she met Tom. It was just before we started filming season four. Erica had just landed the part and she was SO nervous. I arranged for she and Tom and I to spend a Saturday running scenes and rehearsing. I wanted to make her feel welcome to the show. Anyway, Tom was just coming back from his summer hiatus – I don’t know where he’d been but he came back wearing shorts, an old hat a t-shirt and he had a gigantic beard!!! He looked like a crazy old fisherman!!! Still he was his delightful charming self and he very much did make Erica feel comfortable as we read those very first Clark/Lois scenes.

It was awesome for me to be able to also guide the very last one.

It was about four or five days into shooting when we filmed the final scene on the daily planet rooftop where Clark runs to camera and reveals the logo. It was a hard shot to get right on many levels. The intention was to do it in one shot. Also Tom had to run full speed right at camera but not slam into it. Getting focus right is very difficult on a shot like that. And it took several takes to do so. But beyond all that - I knew it HAD to be perfect... There was no margin for error. I'm usually pretty relaxed and confident on set - but this day I was nervous. It took, if I remember right, about ten or twelve takes to get it right. I consulted with everyone - "Do you think we got it?" "Do you think we got it?" (Which, again, I don't usually do)

After that scene I went right into the final Clark/Lois scene.. Which was equally important - And then right after that I directed the scene with Lois getting off the elevator and going up to Perry White’s office where she meets Jimmy.... Which was ALSO super important. Basically, I directed the last 5 minutes of the series in one day - but in reverse order.

It was a crazy hectic day – BUT… When I went home that night and was laying in bed in my hotel room – a great sense of relief came over me - "OK I thought – I got those scenes right… The last five minutes of the show work!" I felt that even if I screwed everything up the rest of the shoot - the series would be OK with a great last few minutes. I slept well that night.

In general I feel proud of the hour. I feel I did my job. Trust me - it's not that I think every moment is perfect or that no mistakes were made. There is a lot that I flinch at because it's not 100% perfect - and I wish I could have done better or had more time - BUT it's mostly small stuff. In general I believe the episode achieved it's goals and is a satisfying conclusion to this great ten-year story.

Over the years I’ve developed a strong and specific philosophy of filmmaking. First and foremost I believe in performance direction. I believe in subtle but clear directions and subtle but strongly felt and clear emotions. I’ve worked hard to earn how to communicate with actors – always with the goal of using the least amount of words to evoke a strong performance. You’d be surprised – no matter how experienced and talented the actor (or for that matter how novice) if the actor trusts the director and the director knows how to communicate to the actor (and every actor is different) EVERY performance can become better and deeper and richer.

I also strongly believe in the interaction between actor and camera between staging and camera movement to evoke specific emotions. It’s very hard to describe in written words – but I’ve come to believe that if the camera moves in a certain way at a certain speed in relationship to the actor – different emotions are evoked. There is a subtle dynamic in this interface between man and machine that can 100% enhance the desired emotion delivered to the audience.

I believe, tonight, I did a good job tonight in this regard. The camera is flowing and dancing and the actors are moving in harmony. I really love when there is a flow and a harmony and everything smoothly blends together.

I also love doing long masters without coverage… I used to do these all the time on SMALLVILLE and encourage the other directors to do this also when appropriate. There are a couple in tonight’s episode, but I‘m very happy with one in particular. Early in the show, when Clark comes down the stairs of the daily planet and meets up with Louis and the place is chaotic and the radio is talking about the imminent meteor hit – I did a very complex shot that moves through two rooms and circles around 360 degrees. First of all, with these kinds of shots, the actors have to get all their lines right and the tempo has to be right and can’t be aided by editing. Also - We used to shoot on film and the film cameras were independent of cables – but the new HD cameras have long cables that trail after them that greatly add to the complexity. In this take, two crew members had to put on coats and hats, because they were briefly seem in the shot as it spun around. Also at one point, Erica had to hop over the cable that was whipping beneath her feet – that part cracks me up because it was like she was hopping over a jump rope – but she did in a way that kept her in character as she was chasing after Clark and saying lines.

I don’t know what else to say…

Except -- my deepest regards to Tom Welling. He was not-exactly a boy when I met him - but he was wide eyed and unpolished. Don't get me wrong, he was perfect for the part and he's great in the early episodes. But over the years he has grown and developed SO much - and so much more than he needed to. Once he understood that he had to be the quarterback of the team, in front of and behind the camera, he took that role on with a strong intention. In ten years - he became an excellent actor, an excellent director and an excellent producer - and he took all these roles on very seriously. Without question - the series lasted 10 years - mostly because of him. Not only because he had to do it for show to continue - but because there were things he insisted on doing, and there were things he refused to do. These things gave the show it's integrity and that integrity gave it longevity.

I'll tell you one story about Tom that sums up everything about him. There was an episode, I think in season two, about a young girl who turns into a wolf. The character gets wounded late in the episode and when Clark runs up she is laying nude in the woods. Well, we had filmed most of show already - but in editing we felt we needed to pick up one more angle over the naked girl's body towards Clark. So we put together a small pick-up crew, and - because the original actress had gone back to L.A. - we hired a body double. Now this young lady's job was to lay down, nude on the ground on a chilly fall Vancouver night, so that we could film over her torso towards Tom. She wasn't really naked - she had some pads taped on strategically, and she was just arranged to camera to look naked. But she had most of her skin exposed. The crew was working hard, lighting and getting the camera in place for a tricky angle. She wasn't complaining at all - But we were all working and mostly ignoring her. Then I noticed that Tom noticed her, and he could tell that she was cold. He didn't say a word, he just took off his coat and laid it on top of her. He then gave her a small smile and then went back to his start mark. It was so gentlemanly and it told me a lot about him. In the end - he is a gentleman and a good man - and that integrity of character comes across on screen.

A lot of times, watching my shows on the air is rather unemotional for me. I’ve usually moved on to the next thing and it’s more like a final quality control check from me than anything else.

Tonight was different – very different!

This show has given me so much. So much more than I could have ever given it.


Alright - I know you like pictures so for this special occasion we’ve got a lot of them.













































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Andrew MacNeill said…

Thank you SO MUCH for all of your blogs over the years (I hope you keep this one going for Falling Skies).

Your posts on Smallville and the excitement you've shown at coming back for the finale (and other episodes) captures an enthusiasm that, at least for me but I imagine for others, is addictive.

So sad for Smallville to go, especially as it has had such an amazing cast and it's been great to see them grow, but very excited to see what happens with everyone as they embark on their own paths.

That said, I hope someone has some of those moments you mentioned for a blooper or fun reel on the DVD.

Thanks again!
Nathália said…
Thank you so much for the pictures and everything else!
Anonymous said…
I loved the pictures, thank you so much for that, the actors are all lovely :)

But I have to say I can't believe you enjoyed the episode, I really believe this was one of the worst written, more illogical and badly done stories ever written... and I watched Grease II

Congrats on feeling happy about the ending, believe me, I'm so happy is over to. Be well
Rasmus said…
Thanks so much for sharing your pictures and tales from the set.

The finale was great, particularly the last couple of minutes. The ending, with Tom revealing the Superman logo and the Williams theme playing, was PERFECT. I thought that was the highlight of the whole series. The climax we all wanted.

Michael Rosenbaum was extraordinary. Soooo happy to see him in the finale.

Only two downsides to the finale: Lois should have called him Superman (eg when he was outside Air Force One) and we should have gotten a decent shot of Tom in the suit.

Otherwise amazing ending and great job directing it.

Anonymous said…
Love your insight on what went on in the making, thanks for sharing it with us.

It was a truly emotional episode for us, the fans, and know how it was conceived is a nice way to close the chapter.

It's really amazing to read about Tom back ins eason 2, Jonathan pulling for being the one to hand the suit, Erica's first encounter with Tom and how that came full circle with you, and of course Michael's on set antics!

Thanks so much for sharing all of it with us, and best of luck with Falling Skies -which looks incredible, and I had missed Noah on my screen, so I'm looking forward to it!
GoldenGirl said…
Thank you for all your great work on the show and thank you for all the great pictures you shared!
Daniel said…
Thanks for the photos and for a great ending. This is the only show I made sure to watch every episode of, and did so for 10 years. Thanks for bringing out the hope that the Superman story always brings.
Aussiegirl40 said…
Dear Greg,

You rock!!!! It is as simple as that. I think you are the best director in the universe. The other Smallville directors are wonderful too but your talent as a director is second to none.

I thought you had outstanding writing to work with and to direct. Both episodes were heartpoundingly brilliant. I love this show more than any other and the ending was perfect.

We are all critical of ourselves and I know you think you could have done better but for most of us die hard Smallville fans...what you did was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

I have also loved reading your blog and conveying your passion for the show and for the actors and everyone else associated with Smallville. You did bring out the actors best performances. I am sure they have learned a lot from you.

You should be proud of that very last scene. It was everything I could have hoped for but delivered so much more. Tom was brilliant. The visual effects were amazing and I thought the transition from Clark Kent to Superman was incredible. I cried and jumped for joy all at the same time.

Well done to everyone who worked on Smallville and thank you for all your contributions Greg. I look forward to seeing your future projects. As I said at the beginning...you rock!!!!!!!!
wwg said…
I agree with Monicaop.

The finale basically invalidated the first 7 years (the Al/Miles years) by erasing Lex's memory. What happened to "it's not the destination, it's the journey". Lex had no journey. He's evil - lightswitch!

Martha was livid that Clark sold the farm but nothing ever came of that. And why did Clark see/interact with ghost!Jon? Can someone give Lana some of whatever Clark was on so she can see her parents? It would have saved us years of drama.

Chloe saves the day again(!) and no one notices?

Chloe has a kid who wears Warrior Angel pjs, has a room decorated in blue/red complete with a solar system hanging from the ceiling. She's reading her son a story about Superman. And she even names Superman with Supes music playing in the background!!! It's obviously Clark's son.

After 7 years Clois aren't married. Why? Bc Clark keeps going off to save the day? Or bc he's secretly with Chloe and is too chicken to tell Lois?

It's the most nonsensical finale to 10 years ever.

I'm glad you only see the positive though.
Harrison said…
my favorite part was clark remembering all the past memories in the fortress right before he could fly. That was brilliant.
Mike said…
I thought this was a well done finale. I was very impressed with the acting in this episode, everyone brought their A game. I was very happy with it and had a great time following the series. Thanks for posting all the behind the scenes pictures.
Anonymous said…
Ten years waiting and you couldn't give the fans the only thing what we want: Tom Welling in the Superman suit (not CGI, not seen from 50 miles away, not close-ups, not a cheap t-shirt). I'm so dissapointed about that.
Andrea said…
From Italy... No words... Fantastic!!! Thank you for all!!!
Unknown said…
Thanks Greg for this wonderful look behind-the-scenes. I love to hear more anecdotes about Tom, about the times he insisted on something and the times he said no.
Fascinating entry as always.
Charity said…
I really enjoyed the entire finale, but the last hour (and particularly, the last twenty minutes) was my favorite. You (and everyone else working behind the scenes, and the cast) did an incredible job. Thank you for moving me to tears -- it was hard saying goodbye to my favorite show but the incredible feeling of that last hour made me proud to be a Smallville fan.
Unknown said…
the finalw was good but i really wanted to see the other supers at the wedding and a better fight scene there are no good fight scenes since its been about metroplois dooms day was 3 punches and a explosion crap darkseid was one flying fist boring and they didnt show darkseid's full true body the only intersting fight was with zod but they fought with no powers do and they should of done is it a bird a plane no its superman! but it was good with costume and flying
Unknown said…
the finale was good but i really wanted to see the other supers at the wedding and a better fight scene there are no good fight scenes since its been about metroplois dooms day was 3 punches and a explosion crap darkseid was one flying fist boring and they didnt show darkseid's full true body the only intersting fight was with zod but they fought with no powers do and they should of done is it a bird a plane no its superman! but it was good with costume and flying
Turon said…
Thank you so much for all the work you have done on Smallville. I loved the finale, brilliant and perfect way to end the series. Well done to you and the entire Smallville team!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing your memories and amazing photos, Greg! So glad you returned for the finale. I have always enjoyed your Smallville episodes - Lineage, Prodigal and Asylum are three of my favourites EVER! Your rapport with the actors shines through in their performances.

(PS: Clex Forever!)
g said…
So, I'm 40 and take heat from my buddies for loving this show, but I'm a die hard Superman fan and was truly hooked on Smallville!
The characters/actors were exceptional and they should ALL know that they did an excellent job week in and week out. The finale was absolutely perfect and I even cried for CS???!!! The vows and the comic book with Chloe's son killed me. "...see you in the funny pages" was a great line btw! My wife shed a few tears as well and wondered how I cry for Smallville but not for anything else. It's part of my childhood I assume and seeing as I have a Superman statue and framed poster in my office, probably speaks volumes.
Fairwell to you all but I will be supporting your careers moving fwd...you deserve it!
P.S What would my Kryptonian name be? Always wondered that?
Thanks again.
Anonymous said…
So Chloe's kid wasn't Oliver's? That really should've been made more clear. Actually, Chloe's fate should've been made way more clear. It really stinks that after everything she's worked for, running the Torch, reporting for the Daily Planet, helping Clark save the world, running Watchtower, all she ended up was some random kid's mom. She had no connection to Clark or his life anymore, and there was no explanation for it. Their friendship over the course of the series was incredible, and I did not expect it get swept under the rug like that.

I had tons of issues with the finale, such as the weak flying and the short glimpse of the suit, but was particularly disappointed that Chloe wasn't given anything to do.
Anonymous said…
Thank you SO much for sharing your memories with us.
Gopic said…
I just want to say that I have been watching this show since day one, I have canceled dates, postponed trips, and so on. This is the only show I really cared about and it meant a great deal to me. The message of hope and heroes is something that we are missing this world. This show exemplifies greatness. I thank you and the entire cast for making this for 10 years. Thank You for producing perfection and thank you for a great finale. I wish you all good luck on your future endeavors I am sure that you will do even more great things.

Biggest Smallville fan in the world.
Unknown said…
Thanks Beeman for the blog and your hard work. Still I must complain about the one thing about the finale that really bothered me.

The whole Lex memory wipe thing was a cheap cop out. We are what our experiences have made us and to erase Lex's experiences defeats the point of his journey. Everything we saw him go through with his father and Clark is wiped from his mind which makes one wonder why he'd even be a villain at all now. I think that was a big mistake from a writing stand point. The show had already taken steps away from previous Superman mythology like by having Clark and Lois together before he is Superman. So why not just have it so Lex knows Clark's secret in this version?
Unknown said…
Moving passed my complaint though, thank you to yourself and everyone involved in Smallville for entertaining us for ten years.
Unknown said…
The complaint from that guy Michael, sounds like its coming from Rosenbaum himself.

Nevertheless the finale gave me more than i expected and i can do nothing but be humble and thank you for 10 amazing years!
Christopher said…
Dear Greg,

I just wrote a long, long comment pouting my heart out but for whatever reason it was swallowed by the system.

But my point boiled down to this, I would really really appreciate an answer to: why did they have to use a CGI suit? Why couldn't that last shot have been out on a real rooftop, with a quickly sewn-together costume? That CG superman broke my heart. After ten years as a fan, I am left saddened by the overuse of CG at the end.

Please, I would really appreciate the closure that would come with just a little clarification of why it had to be this way.

Thank you for all your hard work over the last ten years, I hope you had as much fun working on the series as I did watching it

Imran Chaudhry said…
Hi Greg, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and those wonderful behind the scenes photos. I've been watching since Season 1 and it's been an amazing journey. I would like to thank you and all the Smallville cast & crew for their work over the last 10 years. May you prosper in your future endeavors,
Imran Chaudhry, UK
Anonymous said…
Really should have been a full shot of Tom in the suit and not that blur affect. After ten years we deserved more. Other than that, besides Rosenbaum's Lex being treated as a side threat and not the main threat felt bad. What was the point of Rosenbaum returning then if not to be the villain? But the ending with Tom on the roof was good.
Anonymous said…
Once again I love your personal stories and your pictures were hilarious, especially the beaver one and the ones with MR. Some film terminology terms I didn't understand, but I will look them up.

I'm so happy you're doing more blogs! Falling Skies with STEVEN SPEILBERG?! Ooooh.. what does that sound like.. I think success...
That should be easy as pie, right?
Anonymous said…
Thanks Beeman, the finale was worth watching. Its great that you got to finish off the project that you started with your family.

It looks like everybody had one hell of a good time on set.

Thanks once again for your vision and insight into what makes a man a hero and what makes a hero connect with the world.
Unknown said…
Blueorangeny - longtime contributed and follower with Comicbookmovie.com

Greg, thank you first for your time, your contributions and your blog with the finale information

But I need to say the following, I know I speak for a lot a lot of people. What happen here? What were Brain and Kelly thinking? What's the true story behind the finale, did the suits at WB really stronghold the producers on what was allowed and what wasn't?

10 years and we get a wedding the first hour...a rushed 2nd hour, finish with 10 minutes of CGI bs. What the F... sorry (I know it's not your fault but people need to be heard, I'm one of many). I've put time 10 years (23 to 33, even my FB page name is Clark Kent) and love into the show that portrays my favorite character. Look I get it, I get that the show from the beginning was about Clark's path and journey. We get it, we know 217 episodes but 218 was supposed to be different. I also get if they just ended the show with him opening up his shirt. I know some would have let that slide. BUT BUt...but the CGI!!! flying around, head shots (with no s curl btw), and the famous music pumping in background, shoot I was pumped my adrenaline was pumping, I was even expecting Mr Reeves to rise from his dear grave (RIP Superman). But the finale, I'm sorry to say was a crime. Crime was committed Thursday night and for others will reoccur Sunday (Canada). Now I and others want 10 years of my time and love given to a show that left us hanging. Shoot and I thought I was robbed with the Sopranos ending, that was business, Smallville ending, now that's PERSONAL...

If anyone has the first follow up interview with Brian and Kelly, ask them.

"Ok what's up, Brian and Kelly why you tease your fans of 10 years with lame a$$ cgi, head shots (no s curl), and finish with open shirt?"
Clever Elsie said…
I hope you'll ignore the negativity in some of the previous comments. You're incredibly generous to share so many memories and insider tidbits with us! After ten years, it's impossible to wrap up every loose end in two hours and inevitable that some people will get a different ending than they envisioned. But this was a solid finish to a journey I have been on with all of you since day one, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your contribution to the alternately thrilling, heartwarming, eerie, and inspiring show that was Smallville. You and the cast and crew of Smallville have entered (and sometimes altered) the canon of an entire fandom. And that's a feat worthy of Superman himself.
Unknown said…
Thank you for all you did. This show was special to me and Im sure millions of other fans. We spent 10 years watching a young man's accomplishments and journey into the hero we all know and love. Like you said it is almost like losing a loved one. You want to mourn, but the Finale makes you say YES....I knew he could do it! The excitement for me is still there. I have watched the Finale about 5 times over, and still tear up. The scene that gets me the most is the roof scene with the music playing. All I can say is....EPIC. Thank you again to you and all involved. You brought enjoymet into many peoples lives. Tom Welling...this generations Clark Kent/ Superman.
Kevin said…
Mr Beeman, I can't thank you enough for all you have contributed to the show over the years. It's nice to read your methods, too. Your episodes caught my attention early on & I was so pleased when you came back both this year & last year. Those last several minutes WERE perfect. My arms flew into the air & I had the biggest grin on as Clark opened to roof door & ran to the camera. Trust me, you guys nailed it.

Thank you. And thanx for these great pictures.

Best of luck with your future projects. :)
Unknown said…
Well, you just made me cry again! I can feel the respect and passion you have for Smallville. As a fan, I appreciate your conscientious and loving approach to the show. I know - sappy!

The ending couldn't have been more perfect. The ripping open of the shirt was exactly how I envisioned it. I never wanted a full shot of Welling in the suit. Although, it would have been great eye candy! It just didn't fit Smallville. Brilliant!

I hope there will be a commentary and/or special feature on the DVD's for the finale. I love your insight!
Unknown said…
Hey mister Beeman. I've been a loyal fan of Smallville for all 10 years. What pissed me off though is that in the finale, Clark Kent didn't really wear the Superman suit. He was CGI'd. Why after we've all been loyally watching your Smallville show for 10 freaking years, wanting to see Welling in the suit and all we get is a CGI Superman? That is pathetic and I now hate Smallville because of that.
steven self said…
Remember on earlier seasons where pop songs were played during the show, like close to the end of an episode? I like that. Tom was right on the Red commentary. Y'all could come out with a soundtrack called the loft mix. Or you could call it the barn mix. Do you think the episodes were quite as good after Millar and Gough left the show? I did like it on season 8 when Lana trained with that navy seal guy and talked to those scientists working for Lex, and ends up getting super powers. That was cool. I think it would've been better if Clark wore the suit more. It would have worked on the very last episode! However, it was cool when Johnathon hands him the suit, and he comes flying out of the fortress of solitude with the suit on! Bye.
Anonymous said…
Thank you...

... for the memories, for the insights, for the quality and the anecdotes. Thank you for sharing, and caring for, this wonderful show...
Best wishes for your new endevours..
jewelthebaker said…
Thank you for helping to make Smallville such a brilliant show. I enjoyed all 10 years, and it's my favorite show. Always will be.

Thanks a million for the most AWESOME finale ever! I've watched it multiple times, and I cry every time. The last 20 minutes are SHEER PERFECTION!!! I didn't watch 10 years just to see Tom in a suit. I don't care that it was CG effects. It was the symbolism of the suit that is so important...not whether it's real or computer generated. Anyone who is disappointed in not seeing Tom in a "real suit" is missing the whole point. Smallville's 10 years were about the journey, NOT the suit!

Going forward, I saw a preview of Falling Skies and thought it looked good. Now that I know you're involved, I'll be watching for sure.

Thanks to Tom for his amazing work in front of and behind the camera. Thanks to all of the cast and crew for making me smile for 10 glorious years!

Smallville fan for life!
mak said…
loved loved loved Smallville finale. just what i always wanted. cried too.... very emotional 2 hrs of my life .
Lane said…
Hello Greg!
It was a pleasure, an amazing experience watching smallville for 10 years. The show started I was only 12, now I'm 22 old and realized how important smallville is to me, it defines somehow part of who I am and what I care for. The finale was like a mature long-wedding end , there was so much respect for the characters, ever one had a trigger story, it's the end but it doesn't fell like it ended, I can't explain that in words.

Everbody made a great job all those years, it is not a play, it's a lot of time, I started university, working...basically defined what I'm supposed to do in the next 15 years of my life and Smallville is part of my choices. I'm so glad to read from you all those emotions, to read that you are so into this like I am.
It's priceless for any true fan to know facts and concerns from the creators of their favorite TV Show.

I watched the finale on saturday because I live on Brazil, even tough the episode was already aired over USA and I was sure it would be a lot of spoilers over the internet, I watched it without expecting anything, I think that's way I'm so happy with the end, everything fits well.

All those flashbacks scene made me go nuts, I started to call my friends also fans of Smallville to talk about how they were, it was like I needed to flashback my own life which is fulfill by persons that I met because of Smallville.

Fantastic...I can't even sleep knowing that Clark completed his journey, that Lex even with a brand new mind without any memories and a second change shall be his greatest enemy, Lois growing up her career as a reporter, Chloe doing what she does best, changing the destiny of people, Oliver being a true hero, Martha a beloved mother and wife...and the relationship defined between Clark + Lois, Oliver + Chloe...fantastic.

Ever single second, thank you so much for doing that with such talent and passion, thank you all the actors, writers, producers, backstage team that make this show possible and never to be forgotten.

I wish all the best in your up-coming works, sucess and strong, thank you for the pictures!

Hugs and Kisses from
Daniele J M Brazil/Campinas
Shawn said…
Im curious too! Why no real shot of Tom as superman and why a complete mind wipe. That means everything lex was and all the times he had in smallville were for nothing.

But on a sidenote. I think you did a great job and it sounds like it was a ton of work. Thank you for all your time and effort into this great show and finale.
Anonymous said…
Thanks a lot for this amazingly directed episode. The finale was just perfect. Too perfect for words.

Tom, Erica, Michael, Cassidy, JG, JS, Annette, Justin all brought their A game. Loved the Perry shoutout and so glad that AA was brought back as Jimmy. I even liked Chloe in this episode, and that's saying something because I'm not a fan of her character.

Thanks for this brilliantly directed gem and for sharing the bts pictures. Wish you all the best for future.
Greg said…
Well done Greg... do you have any insight as to whether DC or WB didn't want Tom in the full suit except for CG? Is it because of the motion picture? That's my only complaint... but great finale...
Unknown said…
Hi, Greg!

I'm writing just to say THANK YOUR for all you guys have done for Smallville.

It's been a pleasure watch the show for the past decade, and this one last episode was just perfect.
Joseph said…
Thanks Greg for posting those amazing behind the scenes pics and for giving us your insights into not only directing in general but your approach to the "Smallville" Series Finale!

It's hard to believe that the show started when I was a Sophomore in High School, so it was interesting to be on a similar trajectory as the main characters going through high school.

Your directoral presence gave us some amazing episodes throughout the series run. Best of luck on "Falling Skies"!
Kanlee said…
I have been a very loyal fan of Smallville ever since it started.I loved most of the episodes even though it was like a Clark Kent in a different dimension.Still good.I was somewhat disappointed with the finale.It seemed lacking,also the miniscule part of Superman flying was cheap looking.It looked kind of like a cartoon character or image.
Dan Charp said…
Thank you Greg,

you just give me closure (I really need it). I still have water in my eyes... Thanks for the pics and good luck to your future project.
Reed Arnold said…
I loved the finale, but I am wondering why we didn't get a medium shot of Tom in the suit. The long shots were great, but then we only got his head and hints of a cape billowing.
Anonymous said…
Thank you, Mr. Beeman, for directing the pivotal last hour of the season finale, and for sharing your thoughts and emotions with us. I now know why Smallville is the gem that it is -- it's because of the love and passion of those, like you, who made Smallville.

Reading all the comments here, I am moved by the love so many fans have for Smallville. How thirsty and hungry we are for heroes -- for the goodness and integrity that are the stuff that make heroes. It's a sad commentary on our world....

P.S. I loved the finale, esp. the last unforgettable iconic scene of Clark on the roof, whipping off his glasses, ripping off his shirt to reveal the "S" logo, running toward his destiny. :-)
Shaun said…
Thanks so much for what you've done with the final episode of Smallville, it was absolutely EPIC!
silverlve26 said…
Some folks will always disagree with whatever you put out there - regardless of how wonderful you personally believe it is.

In my opinion, the final episode was wonderful. It literally had me in tears, laughing, screaming like a danged fangirl and applauding at the end.

To the entire crew - everyone did an amazing job and it reflects the Superman story in a great way.

I especially adored the way Clark and Lois were played by Tom and Erica - the chemistry and the emotions were great!!
Unknown said…
Thank you for sharing. What is next for you?
Unknown said…
Whoops, my bad. Good luck with Falling Skies. Hmnn... wonder if Michael and Tom might be free for a guest shot??
Unknown said…
To you greg, to all the producers and all the actors on smallville....thanx for the big F*** *U* to all ur fanz..a cgi superman?? not even flying off the daily planet, just like i've been saying for the last five years, they're just stringing everybody along for their paychecks, they dont give a flying f*** about continuity or lore or anything but money... i hope you all had a good laugh at our expense and while your all enjoying ur vacations at x beaches where ever i hope a sea gull craps on all ur faces and you think of me.....i dont care what deals or what WB said, as well as their new movie, clark kent/superman franchise has been played by lots of different actors over the years, one more wouldnt matter......
John said…
I've watched every episode. 10 full years worth and I wouldn't have changed one thing in the finale.

Excellent job.

Now to start dreaming of the entire cast and crew doing some movies in the near future on the BIG screen!
Leuki said…
Thank you so much, Mr. Beeman, for sharing your experience and thoughts. I've been watching since season 1 and it's been an emotional rollercoaster. There have been good times and bad times, but in the end (as it should be in every superhero story) the good always prevailed. This finale was everything I could have ever hoped for. It made me laugh, it made me cry, but most of all it made me believe. And for that gift, sir, I thank you, Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Cassidy Freeman, Justin Hartley, John Glover, Michael Rosenbaum, Annette O'Toole, John Schneider, Aaron Ashmore, Allison Mack and all the wonderful, hard working cast and crew.

This is the show that turned me into a Superman fan, and it will always hold a special place in my heart.
rosalindamgarza said…
I am 57, yes u heard right 57 i started watching 10 years ago, since, i've had 3 grandkids and retired from my job. The one constent thing in my life has been Smallville. Never missed an ep and have dvd s 4-thru 9 and can't wait 4 season 10. I never watched for the flying or the suit I watched for the characters and enjoyed clarks journey as well as lois. Thank you for years of entertainment. I loved the finale I cried,laughed, screemed, and cheered when clark came 2 save lois on the plain. I made it a Smallville finale night"very immotional" nite. love all the cast. thank you
Anonymous said…
Hi Greg,

I'm a HUGE Superman and Smallville fan, and I did enjoy the finale and in the last few minutes started to get really excited but my bubble was burst a little by the fact that there was no medium shot of Tom as Supes, (as many have already said) I think that would have truly been the icing on the cake and would have taken an episode that was really good and enjoyable to Great. I enjoyed the pacing, the way Oliver fought with Clark and found redemption and how the episode tied up with the episode where Clark visits the future. I just needed that one shot to really top it off.
BTW the Lex mind wipe was really interesting and the right way to go as he will more than likely revise all his history and piece it together and learn to loath Superman like he did in the comics it would have been daft to have him know who Superman was and also glad Lana wasn't in the show as that would serve to undermine the wedding and Clark and Lois's love.
To finish thank you for all your work and effort to everyone involved and could you beg steal and borrow and add an extra superman scene for the dvd please?
Unknown said…
Thanks for all the hard work on Smallville! I started watching the first night it air and I was hooked! The finale was fantastic and more than I hoped. Please give my deepest thanks to the entire cast!
Cin said…
Thank you so much. The whole series was well done. I suffer from moderate to severe depression and Smallville was ALWAYS the highlite of my week, months and years. Thank you again and to the WHOLE cast and crew. Hope to see you all again soon :)
Unknown said…
Not only was Welling not in the Superman suit but dang, why did you guys have to wipe away the first 7 years of Lex's memory? We followed Lex on his dark path for 7 straight years, hoping to finally see it all culminate in Lex being FULL evil. Instead you wiped it all away in 15 minutes flat.

riesen2b said…
This episode was the perfect ending to ten wonderful years. I feel sorry for those who choose to post nothing but negative comments simply because Clark isn't shown full screen in the costume. When Smallville first began it was said that you would never see Tom Welling in tights and to me that promise was simply kept. Also for the one person that posted that he now hates Smallville, I suggest that you must have never even been a fan of the show. Thinking back over all of the thrilling as well as touching moments over the last ten years shows what a truly great achievement the entire cast and crew accomplished. Thanks to everyone for 10 terrific years of entertainment!
elldub_ak said…
Dear Mr Beeman,
This Kiwi fan just wants to thank you and everyone else for your hard work over the years with Smallville. You really do sound like a 'family'. Rosenbaum sounds like such a dag (oops, that is such a kiwi expression - it just means he's funny) and it was nice to see him and Tom together again. Having seen some of the outtakes from their scene together, I was cracking up.
And that last shot was just perfect for me. Thank you again.
Unknown said…
Thanks for your blog, really enjoyed reading this and loved your reactions as you read the script, a lot of my reactions were the same as I watched the finale. One of the best series finales of any show that i can remember. Incredible and the finish, Goosebumps!!! Will miss this show, and thank you!!!!
marcikhat said…
Dear Gregg,..your Smallville finale was just poetic, wonderful, but mostly powerful..You brought those brilliant actors together during their final moments and created the most memorable moving scenes ever!

You were inspired to do your best work ever because you were with Smallville actors.

Smallville actors that have been dedicated to their craft for all these years, but the finale was the most emotional..Tom & Erica truly were transformed into Clark & Lois..and yes their chemistry was so brilliant and magnetic..Emotions were high and they came through with such brilliance.

Yes..everything came into play, camera angles, lighting, but most important the "one on one" that you had with these actors paid off..

I will deeply miss Smallville I do not know if time will ever heal the void ..but you did them well Gregg...Smallville will always be a special icon that no one can ever recreate because of the special cast and crew..and you made sure of that with the finale..thank you for sharing your thoughts ..God Bless You...
Anonymous said…
After reading all the comments above, one common thing is clear: female fans are far more forgiving about the show's faults than the guys.

My opinion: disappointed.
Anonymous said…
I absolutely love the finale,mr.beeman! thank you for directing half of the finale and long live Smallville!
Unknown said…
No words to thank you, I couldn't wait for the italian version so I saw it in english.

The show started when I was 22 and @university, now I am 32 with my own company... Smallville has taken 1/3 of my whole life, leaving strange feelings: I have to say goodbye to an old, important friend.

Simply thanks for your work, everything has been perfect.
Anonymous said…
First off, wow to the negative people. Totally rude. I think if you found complaints than you're not a true smallville fan. No, not every episode has been perfect throughout 10 years but since I love the show so much, I still couldnt find even the episodes people call the worsts to be bad! I love this show, its meant so much to me over the last decade...I am in love with everything about it and have been there through thick nad thin. I can quote almost whole episodes!! It's so amazing and has always been a way to entertain me. I could go to the show when I was bored, happy, sad, mad. When I needed some joy, entertainment or a good laugh, I went to Smallville!
I can't thank you enough Greg for all the hard work and the awesome work on the finale! I was truly in love and have since watched it about 6 times. I laughed, cried, and boy was I jumping out of my seat when clark flew, when he got his suit, when he saw all of his trials, when he saved the day! It was epic. I thank you for sharing these great memories from the set. The show will be greatly missed! I feel like a huge part of me is missing. I even teared up reading this cause I realize this will never happen again. =[ but thank you for a fantastic ending to an epic show: it was truly bittersweet for though it has ended, a legend was born! Thanks!
Mile said…
Desde mi tierra Colombia, solo quiero dar las gracias por los mejores y buenos momentos que compartí en cada capitulo de esta serie, a todos los actores, productores,camarografos y cada uno de los que hicieron posible que esta serie llegara hasta mi país, gracias muchas gracias y por favor no cierren los blogs para seguir compartiendo la vida de cada logro de estos heroes que nos hicieron soñar, llorar, reir y emorarnos de ustedes.
Anonymous said…
Hey Greg. . . I am serious the biggest Smallville & Superman fan out here.
But i have to say, this series finale episode of Smallville was the best ever, a full 99% satisfied, with that i would have to say i wouold love to say 110% happy with the finale, but one question please im begging you. . . .?
Did Tom Welling ever actually wear put on the Superman suit? And most important why not a full clean shot of Tom Welling in the Superman suit???
I have allways defended and been supportive and been happy with Smallville, but i have to say this and it really kills me to ask and say this, but it really made me mad and kinda ruined the show if not series for me, IDK. . . Please why not a full clean shot of Tom Welling as Superman, i mean did he just really not want to wear it or what? I mean i heard in an interview that Tom Welling has always been open to the idea of a Superman movie, he said it himself, so why not just one 10 seconed shot of him in the full suit!!!???
Michael said…
The finale was everything I was waiting for! Perfect! Superb! I could feel it was made with so much love and respect for the characters and for the actors! There are some images from it that I simply cannot forget. The moments with Clark and his parents were heartbreaking! The script, the acting and the directing were so delicate and subtle! I am so very happy that I had one more chance to see Annette O'Toole and John Schneider. It really meant a lot to me!
Also, the wedding scenes, as well the scenes with Clark and Lex were very moving! It really did't matter that the fight with Darkseid was not long and the special effects were not too many. The story was about the characters, about their inner fights and growing.
Over the years, Smallville helped me to find strength inside me during difficult times. Except for Star Trek, no other show did this for me! This is why I will always love Smallville and I will always return to it! THANK YOU FROM ALL MY HEART, MR. BEEMAN! ALL THE BEST TO YOU!
He final was great. I love it. IT was like a film. I Tape it and I watch 2 times right now. I'm like a new fans because, I know Smallville until 1 and half year. My son bring at home the first dvd series. And , at this moment I was not so interested. But, he told me that it was the young age of superman. So, my favourite hero is Superman. At this time, I began to watch all DVD one after the others. I watch the 9 seasons in 4 months. IT was so great. And I can't wait to watch the last season... So in the mid time, I did a beautiful Dry pastel of Tom Welling because I have to do something. He was a good model with a nice charisma. I was very in. So this is the link: http://www.artacademie.com/main-artistes.cfm?id=1074&idoeuvre=16660&p=3
The only bad thing is I cannot reach him to show what I did. I think he will appreciate. IT's about 1 year I'm trying very hard to find a way to send this photo of my artwork. If you have a chance to pass the message, could you please do it. I hope so much I hit this time at the good door.

Thanks a lot!!
Sirio said…
I did enjoy the "Smallville Finale" and my compliments go to the director and all actors. But what about Cassidy Freeman? She died and sacrified herself against Luthor. Somebody should remember her in the last scenes, what do you think?

How about adding Superman (Welling) flying over the Earth (like Reeve) and smile to his fans?
This is my email if you want fast the information . Just ckick on my name.

Thanks a lot!!
Holly Jones said…
Thank you Greg, for your dedication and creativity with Smallville, and for helping make it an incredible ride and powerful journey. Your blog has really inspired me...I sometimes wonder if anyone can love Smallville as much as I do, and then I hear your passion for the project and how you describe everyone's commitment to it on the set, and I understand why it's such a great show. The number of fans that share my passion for Smallville is amazing.

I have never been such a fan of any show, and I doubt I ever will be again. I fell in deep with Smallville about 2.5 years ago, and since have watched the whole series a few times...I blasted through the first seven seasons in just 4 months. I had never been "connected" to a tv show, and was so surprised to see myself so absorbed and committed to the characters. It carried me through a difficult time, and for that I'm grateful. It's message of hope and sacrifice and light, and the powerful family bond they shared spoke to me. There's something very special about Smallville that delivers such a connection to the audience. Just as the creators of the original Superman intended, there's a message of hope and light in a dark world.

As you've mentioned in your blog, that can only be achieved by the passion, dedication and belief of the cast and crew. It shines through so strongly: from the consistent and deep writing, to the powerful acting, to the effort that goes in to "big" effects every week, to such perfect song selection that makes those special scenes so powerful.

The heart and depth brought by the actors to each of their characters is what has carried this show for 10 great years. The characters feel like a part of your lives, like friends (or foes), so real with the authenticity brought by the actors to their characters.

A moment about Tom Welling: Clark is an inspiration of selflessness, grace, and humanity, all while being imperfect, which is what makes him so relatable. We can relate to his "humanity" since he's dealing with the same kinds of issues we all do every day. But on the other hand, he deals with such heavy issues we will never face, but faces them with courage and honor. Just as Christopher Reeves sold his character so well, and "made us believe a man could fly," his portrayal is moving, endearing and deep, with all the expected flaws and complexities of a superhero alien. Tom Welling's transparency of spirit and the piece of himself he brings to the role makes it all the more real.

Smallville's "Clark" is the "Superman" we all want to believe in, and inspires us to be better ourselves. I really have appreciated great writing and directing that made Clark's dark hours so real. His struggles compel us toward him and cause us to root for him even more. And in rooting for him, we find ourselves challenged. I liken Clark to a pearl being formed by the grinding of the sand in the oyster, and the cast and crew have made that struggle so real and so moving.

I'm not sure that you'll read this, but I just want to say thank you for the last 10 years and making Smallville such a very special show.
Peter said…

Thank you SO MUCH for your amazing contribution to SMALLVILLE. The Series Finale delivered with a bang. We got to see the end of Clark's 10 year journey towards becoming SUPERMAN. LOIS AND CLARK are finally together married like in the comics. We got the return of LEX LUTHOR in such a badass way yet an awesome tribute to the comics as well as him becoming President. I loved seeing Clark fly with the classic Superman suit on. I can't express how much I loved Erica and Tom during the wedding of Lane and Kent those vows were beyond perfect they were epic. Loved seeing homages to Superman:The Movie and using the john williams theme "Superman march" with Lois Lane's love theme "Can you read my mind?". The cameo by Jimmy and Perry was awesome . I loved seeing the Kent family reunited (Ma & Pa's words to Clark were bittersweet yet heartwarming) I can't even go into detail of how amazing it was to see Jonathan hand the suit to Clark after Jor-El express his love and proudness of his son finally accomplishing his destiny . Seriously Beeman you guys nailed it that you so much.
Valsidar said…
Hi, Mr.Director! You did really great! But this is a homage, a sincere heartful tribute to writers, producers, and actors: Tom and Erica in particular, but Justin and Allison as well, not to mention John Schneider, John Glover and Anette O'Toole, of course. I am about 60, still I enjoyed for 10 seasons
Smallville, and as many of the comments say, WHAT REALLY MATTERS ARE RELATIONS BETWEEN CHARACTERS; that makes the difference! Erica's Lois is the best I've ever seen, though Teri Hatcher did very well, too. In fact LOIS & CLARK (The new adventures of Superman)of the 90s would be my second choice, at least up to this moment. I am going to miss Smallville very much. Sadly there is no movie coming to end the series on the big screen. Stargate did! Think it over!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for Smallville. Is the Best Series of Superman.

Greg Beeman thanks for All!!!

My Blog: www.smallvillechronicles-spain.blogspot.com
Greg Beeman I'm Alberto Angulo Morales, of www.smallvillechronicles-spain.blogspot.com.

I want be extra in Smallville.
Anonymous said…
Really long buy very very enjoyable and great post. I like this show and I watch Smallville Episodes online. Its best series of US.
Anonymous said…
I was disappointed on my initial viewing, but enjoyed it more subsequently. I've seen every episode over 10 years...and from day 1 figured it would end with a shirt rip to reveal the "S" in the last shot. But a few points:

1. Much like the "battle" with Doomsday, the defeat of Darkseid was weak...no real drama.
2. This season had way too many "filler" episodes for a planned last season...the finale storylines were rushed and should have been spread out over 4-5 episodes at least.
3. Lois, when she picked up the video camera on AF1 after the save should have went live and announced to the world that "Superman" had arrived. I can't believe that didn't happen. Welling himself was never once referred to as Superman.
4. And like most everyone, I wanted to see Welling in the suit. Maybe he refused to wear it...I'd like to know, but after 10years fans deserved the "money shot"...not just a close-up of what appeared to be a Superman t-shirt at the end (it wasn't even close to the suit he was given)...or some far away CGI effects. My fav scene was him flying out of the Fortress putting the suit on...but it would have been epic to actually SEE Tom in the suit in that scene.
Nelson in WA DC said…
What becomes a legend most? An inspiring & suspenseful story that stands the test of time. Unfortunately, the final episode of the series fell short. It starts & ends on an intriguing & innocent note with Chloe telling her son the story of Superman's beginnings. But, most of the rest of the episode is told in a much darker & depressing tone with a cookbook of simplistic incidents the writers felt were needed to reach the point where the 1978 Superman movie starts--not a natural flow of events that built to a suspenseful climax & clever resolution.

Lex Luthor needs to be brought back to life so they rip the heart out of Lionel to do it. Tess must be eliminated since she doesn't exist in the Superman movie, so Lex stabs her in the back with a giant dagger upon their first meeting. Not only are these resolutions simplistic--they are gruesome & not the ones Chloe should be telling her 5 year old at bed-time.

The storyline with Darkseid that unfolded over a number of months was simply resolved in a matter of minutes. Although Oliver went on a world-wide search for the Bow of Orion in the previous episode to fight off his infection, here Clark told him to fight it off & he was cured in seconds. The rest of civilization receives a similar remedy when Clark pushes the meteor away from earth, their infection symbols disappear & everyone cheers their salvation.

The direction & acting in the finale were great as usual, but the storyline offered nothing new or inspring. The writers had 10 years to write & budget for a spectacular conclusion to the series, but the quality was no better than the last several episodes of the series. It was clear that at least several ideas were borrowed from suggestions in the devotedtosmallville website. The 1978 movie promised people, "You'll believe a man can fly"--and by the end you actually did believe it! After seeing the finale to the series, there is nothing new to believe in. Perhaps Geoff Johns should have been brought in to provide the proper tone & vision since he understands the genre & his previous contributions to the series were terrific. I think those involved in the production should have demanded a rewrite before filming began. As it is, I am sure there will be no Emmys.
SEM said…

Anonymous said…
Smallville was great til it last. I hope you will throw in a special scene on the dvd release where we can really see him in the suit? However.. for those who said Chloe had a random son or clark's, you're all wrong guys. It's oliver's boy. Why do you think you see the bow and arrow in his room? Stop making crap up. Use your common sense. However i was glad to see you have Michael come back as lex. "I will always be there to stop you." "Oh i'm counting on it." was a huge BOLD statement and it gave me goosebumps. Sure i wish we had see him in the suit instead of CGI but this show was all about Clark Kent becoming the Man of Steel. Still would have been a money shot if you did a suit shown dude! Now bring us Metroplois next year! :D MAKE IT HAPPEN.
Anonymous said…
Oh one more thing.. the best part that was where clark had discovered his own flight and soul within his strength. That was the best of all because that was a perfect pose you'd see in a comic book. I was hoping more stuff added. You should have done a 3 hour special :P LOL. Let's hope they'll consider adding stuff that we did not see on television. Oh hint hint.. SUIT? :D
Emci said…
I´m a big fan of Smallville and I´m so proud of the whole series and specially this last season.The finale was excellent! I enjoyed every minute,every word,I was surprised and crying in most of the scenes,and I have no words to express in english how amazing was this episode.Thank you Mr. Beeman for your excellent work,for posting the pictures of the back stage and for your comments.You really love this show.Though I feel sad for it´s ending I am fullfilled with this great finale.Smallville will be my favourite show for ever and ever!It will always remain in my soul with a lot of grateful to the whole cast and crew who gave us,the loyal fans, 10 years of entertainment,and hope for the future.
Anonymous said…
I do not miss any Smallville Episodes. Its mine favorite show. This is very popular and famous series US. I like this show very much.
twentytwo said…
you're the man, beehive. i miss you. if you read this...call me. -cassidy
chloverqueen said…
i was crying and very emotional while reading your blog! it was like i was the one telling these words.. i couln't believe a perfect director would be so emotional and attached to his craft. i love all the scenes in the finale! i love smallville so much and when the actors were talking about how great the crew and staff and everyone in the set that it was like a family. my love pulsed over and over with "smallville". i see it not only the show but an institution of good-working-environment and crafting art at its finest, the audience will marked it as PERFECT!
jacky said…
Your posts on Smallville and the excitement you've shown at coming back for the finale (and other episodes) captures an enthusiasm that, at least for me but I imagine for others, is addictive.
Jamie Andrews said…
Hey Greg,

I'm late to the party on your blog posts (obviously really late haha) but I just wanted to pop in and say thanks to you and the rest of the cast and crew for making Smallville into the amazing show that it was! I started watching it from the very beginning when I was 12 and very ill at the time, to the very end! I'm so happy to have been there through that very long and awesome journey you all took us fans through. It was totally worth the wait to finally see Clark fly and in that iconic suit!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE AMZING JOURNEY! I definitely believe a man can fly! ;)
sohbet said…
y the negative attitude towards Anne, Tom and their baby. For one, I feel this is their ultimate revenge against the aliens, to continue the human race. 2, It adds a new dynamic to the show. 3, These people know that life is short and they have t
Unknown said…
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