Episode 18: Parasite

Remember in the next few weeks HEROES will be off the air. If any of you have questions you’d like me to answer, I’ll take the hiatus opportunity to do so.

SEND QUESTIONS TO: herosite@gmail.com

As for tonight, our eighteenth episode!!

It’s so weird. It’s going so fast. In my reality we’re about to start prepping episode 22 (which I’ll be directing) of the total of 23 we’re going to make. I was just up in Jeph Loeb’s office and we were saying how incredibly fast it’s been going. It doesn’t feel like a year since we both started on this little endeavor.

Tonight is another big one (surprise, surprise). To give you an indication, here is the email I sent out to Tim, Dennis Hammer, Allan Arkush and the other writers upon reading the script: (I’ve cleaned it up a bit for public consumption.)

"Holy sh*t!!! This is the holy sh*t-est episode yet! The shockers just keep coming! It may be too much for a weak-hearted viewer and we may need to attach a warning up-front!


Anyway, this one is chock full of twists and turns – and, true to the promise Tim and the writer’s have made to the public, we will reveal the mysteries as we go and not make the audience wait interminably.

For instance tonight we reveal who Linderman is and what his master plan is. We reveal who the Haitian is really working for, and we reveal whether Hiro saves the future after all. It’s also got a pretty kick ass ending, in my opinion.

I think all of the actors did great this week. I think tonight I’ll tip my hat to Sendhil who gets to a level of intensity in his scenes with Sylar that we haven’t seen from him before. I also think that Adrian magnificently underplayed the internal struggle his character is going through. Malcolm McDowell does most of the talking in the excellently written scene that introduces Linderman, but, as they say, acting is reacting and Adrian’s reaction is amazing as he sits their half-listening and churning with internal struggle.

Also, Ashley Crow is excellent. I just yesterday called her up, after last Monday’s episode and this one to tell her how amazing she’s doing. She has been amazing since the pilot, but this episode really allows her to stretch into new arenas. Her scene with HRG where she says “I’m good at playing dumb” is one of my favorite moments.











Tonight I’m doing something a little different. Because Chris Zatta, who is the young man who wrote tonight’s episode, is very new to the business. Chris has been the writers's assistant on HEROES all year. This is his first produced credit of any kind. He strikes me as a very earnest, thoughtful, hard-working and all-around nice guy. He should be a beacon of hope for anyone aspiring to be in the film business who’s smart, eager and willing to put in a little elbow grease.

GREG BEEMAN: Chris, I’ve been joking about this for a few weeks, that on this one I was going do a blog called “Chris Zatta, living the dream.” And now the time has come.


GB: How old are you, Chris?

CZ: Twenty-seven.

GB: And how long ago was it that you were a p.a.? (production assistant)

CZ: Well, I’m the writer’s assistant on HEROES, now. I was the writer’s p.a. on CROSSING JORDAN last year. Before that I was an on-set p.a. on AMERICAN DREAMS, and a few other jobs, catch-as-catch-can, before that. Including back in Boston.

GB: And as an on set p.a. and writer’s p.a. what were your job responsibilities?

CZ: Photocopying. Getting lunches for the producers. Getting coffee. Getting breakfast for the cast. Delivering scripts to people’s homes at night.

GB: The classic “a lot of hard work for a little money”

CZ: Yes.

GB: Then this year you’ve been the writer’s assistant. How did you get that job?

CZ: Tim Kring, Joe (Pokaski) and Aron Coleite brought me over from CROSSING JORDAN. I worked on the pilot as well with them.

GB: So, obviously you did a good job in their opinion?

CZ: Yes. I hope so.

GB: What does the writers assistant job entail? Describe it.

CZ: Yes. There’s a big table. Eleven writers. And they all come in every day, around ten. And they stay in there all day until about six. They are just talking about the show. About the stories. About all the characters. Very fast, with lots of ideas coming and going and changing all the time. Basically, I’m a stenographer. I’m taking notes on everything. I take notes all day, and then at night I have to type them all up.

GB: Wow. That sounds like it would take a long time. How long does it take you to type up a whole days worth of talking?

CZ: A lot of times until pretty late. Until midnight or so.

GB: And then what?

CZ: Go home. Sleep. Wake up. Come back and do it all again.

GB: Well all the writers obviously liked you and felt you did a good job. So, how did typing notes translate into being offered to write an episode of the show?

CZ: One of the first things the writers have to present to the studio and network is an outline of the episode. It’s a scene by scene breakdown, and, actually in HEROES case, also a character by character breakdown of the story they’re planning on writing. It’s the first thing the network and studio give notes on.

GB: So it’s important?

CZ: Yes. And I guess my notes were decent enough that they felt that they could become the rough draft of the outlines. One of the writers would take my version, and add some flair, and that would become the outline that was sent in. That lead too them noticing that I was doing well.

At this moment Joe Pokaski bursts into the room:

JOE POKASKI: Greg I didn’t have any luck getting a hold of any of Chris’ ex-girlfriends for the “Chris Zatta Living The Dream” blog you’re doing.

GB: No?

JP: You know, Chris, so they could say what a huge mistake they made breaking up with you and everything.

Joe runs out.

GB: You do seem like a good catch, Chris. A good prospect that any Mother would love.

Chris Zatta shrugs and looks embarrassed.

GB: Okay, so then what?

CZ: They let me write a few scenes. On HEROES all of the writers work on different scenes of every episode. Every writer takes a pass. The writer in charge of the episode then takes it and polishes it. It all changes a lot. In the end only a few lines I originally wrote stayed in.

GB: Really. That’s cool. So what are some of the scenes you worked on first?

CZ: I worked on early versions of the first scenes where Peter and Cluade were first in Peter’s apartment. Also scenes with Hiro and his sister. The storyline of Claire in which her mother got sick and went to the hospital – I did the first drafts of some of those.

GB: That’s awesome. I had no idea. I ended up directing some of those scenes. So who was the first one who told you you’d be writing a script for this hit show?

CZ: Tim Kring was first. He said they were thinking of giving me some kind of writing credit.

GB: Were you surprised?

CZ: Yeah. It was unexpected. I was told that a first season show rarely gives scripts to assistants. I knew Tim had a reputation for giving people a chance. But on a show like this I thought they’d go out to someone more established. So I hoped, but I didn’t expect.

Then the writers asked if I had any writing samples.

GB: And you had them?

CZ: Yes. I had a spec script for BIG LOVE. Also a one-act play I’d written. And a feature.

GB: What kind of projects were these.

CZ: The feature was a drama, a coming of age story, about three friends in their twenties. The one-act was a comedy, about a couple who are trying to have dinner and all sorts of things keep preventing them from doing this.

GB: That’s great. Perfect. This reminds me of the old saying, “When opportunity knocks you have to be ready for it’s arrival.” You had a spec script of an existing show, and both a comedy and a drama of original work. That’s exactly what you should have.

CZ: Yes. It’s not luck or good timing. If I hadn’t had my samples this wouldn’t have happened.

GB: Okay let’s backtrack. What’s your background?

CZ: I was born in New Jersey. My Dad worked for General Mills and Campbell’s soup so we moved to Toronto when I was 6 for a few years, and then back to New Jersey and then to Belgium for two years. Then back and I finished high school in New Jersey.

GB: Where did you go to college?

CZ: Boston University. I majored in film and minored in German. I graduated in 2002.

GB: How long did you know you wanted to be in the film business?

CZ: Since I was 16. My family were all film buffs. They were very into movies and we always used to go to them and watch them together on TV. My parents loved movies.. When I was 16 I saw 2001: A SPACE ODYESSY on cable. I didn’t know what it was exactly before I saw it. I knew it was science fiction, but as I was watching and I started to realize what the story was and how it was being told. That it began with primitive man and followed mankind into space. I had a realization right then about the kinds of themes and the kinds of stories you can get across.

GB: That was your epiphinal moment?

CZ: Yes.

GB: That’s so cool. I had almost the exact same experience, when I was 15 when I saw STAR WARS in the theatre for the first time. I walked out of the movies and my life was changed. I knew I was going to make films… I had no idea how or what… But I knew.

It’s great that movies can do that, isn’t it?

CZ: Yes.

GB: I bet someone out there - some kid - will be inspired by HEROES the same way. I love this work. It’s the best! Okay, I’ve gotten off topic. So where did you go from Boston U?

CZ: I worked at a video store and whenever I could I’d p.a. on commercials or movies that came to Boston. There was a guy who kind of was an agent for all the local people who wanted to get work on films that came through. I worked on MONA LISA SMILE when it came into town. That was the first experience I had with a big project, and where I got to see stars that I’d seen in movies all my life.

GB: Was everyone nice to you?

CZ: Very much so. I met Julia Roberts at the wrap party. She was really nice. Nobody was a jerk at all. But after that I realized Boston didn’t have much to offer. So it was either New York or L.A. I wanted to get a little further away from the East Coast. So, it was LA.

GB: Did you know anyone when you got here?

CZ: A few people from high School. A few from college.. Maybe a half dozen people. My college friends were working as assistants, and they helped me start to try to get jobs.

GB: So when go from that to you, on set, with Malcolm McDowell and Adrian Pasdar doing your scene.

CZ: I know. I was sitting, with you, at the monitor and they’re saying the dialogue, but it’s on the monitor. Then I’d poke my head around the corner and see it was real.

GB: How was the whole experience for you?

CZ: Amazing. Amazing to be on set and actually to have a creative say in things.

GB: So you actually are “living the dream?”

CZ: Yes. Definitely.

GB: Are you happy with the episode?

CZ: I’m happy with it. It taught me to step back. It’s my first experience and I really saw how you have to step back. There are a lot of departments and producers and the director who all have such a strong say and who all put their stamp on it. Some things change from the way you first conceive it. Many times for the better. From beginning to end there are so many voices and so much input. I have definitely learned a lot and it will help me next time.

GB: Now what? Hopefully it’s just the beginning for Chris Zatta.

CZ: from this experience I have been able to get an agent. I’m working on another spec feature, an idea I’ve had for awhile, and I’ll write it over the summer. I’ve been speaking with my agents about what to do next. It’s all going very fast. I’ve been waiting for a while now it feels like it’s here.

GB: Excellent. I’m proud of you. Well, if I have any advice, not that you're asking for it, if I have any tip for longevity in this business it’s just… Don’t quit. I look back and realize now that I’ve done nothing but direct or produce, in some fashion or other, since, like, 1984. I’ve had big ups. I’ve had big downs where I was unemployed and unemployable for a long stretch. But, looking back now, it never even occurred to me to quit. A lot of people I’ve worked with or went to film school with, they moved on. But I never did no matter what.

CZ: That’s great.

GB: One last thing. I think we should pause and note Tim Kring’s generosity with you. He has a huge job and all the pressure and responsibility that goes along with creating and maintaining a show of this magnitude, but he took the time to help you out also.

CZ: I know. I’m very grateful. He has that reputation. Joe and Aron were both writers’s assistants. I think Tim thinks it’s the best scenario, when you give someone a chance. The person knows the show and the ways the stories are told and also you’re helping them get a foot in the door. And that’s a good thing. It’s great he’s done it for so many people. I am grateful. Very grateful.




Okay. That’s it. For the next six Weeks HEROES is of the air. I’ll be answering fan questions for the next week or two (if I get any)

If you fans have any questions you’d like me to answer, remember send them c/o Craig at HEROSITE.NET at this address:



Anonymous said…
chris looks younger than 27...and tell him from all the fans that he did an excellent job....i do wonder why they cut the "lone wolf" bit from the adrian/masi dialogue...it was hilarious...put it back on the dvd

bringing in malcolm is a stroke of genius

other shows do this kind of stuff as shtick (like lost casting cheech marin last week for purposes unknown)

knowing that malcolm will have an ongoing role in heroes is geek heaven

and thank you again for continuing to bring eye candy to the screen...missy is stunningly evil...cool thing would be if we discover that the missy persona is as much illusion as everything else she can do

im gonna go through heroes withdrawal over the next 6 weeks...cant wait for the final explosive arc (pun intended)
Anonymous said…
Fist, just want to say to Chris . . . Helluva job kid, this was a pivitol episode of this huge show and you pretty much nailed it. I think that you gave Mrs. Bennett some of the best dialouge I've seen her have the whole season. Next, to the folks who put it all together, AMAZING. This show is great because the folks behind the scenes and the actors bust their asses on a daily basis. I'm not sure how many of us fans actually say it, but THANK YOU! Kids who have grown up on comics love you guys for it! Keep up the great work, enjoy the time away and come back to finish up the season strong as ever.
Anonymous said…
>>im gonna go through heroes withdrawal over the next 6 weeks

If you want more angsty Claude, then rent 'Revengers Tragedy'. It's beautiful, mad, brilliant, and in Jacobean English! Think Hamlet meets Mad Max.
Doc_Bo said…
I swear, I thought I'd have a heart attack...it just kept on coming... This is the best show on the air and thank you all for your hard work. I'm a comic book geek and couldn't be happier with Heroes!
chowie said…
I wish I had someone like Tim Kring.

As a(n extremely) frustrated writer, I'm so happy for someone like Chris Zatta. Congratulations to him!
Anonymous said…
OMG! i absolutely loved this episode... a real great thriller for suspense and answering questions... great job guys!
Anonymous said…
Fantastic episode and my congratulations go to the entire cast and crew.
I had to do a double take when I saw Malcolm's name in the opening credits, having one of my favourite actors in one of my favourite shows is absolute heaven.
Ending the show with that cliffhanger was so cruel! But so good too, because now we all can't wait to see Ep 19.

Looking forward to many more great episodes...
Anonymous said…
Once again, I am so glad that each episode is bursting with revelations, and you absolutely can't miss any of them (which is where Lost has failed).
Anonymous said…
Wait. This was the writer's FIRST script? Wow! It ROCKED my SOCKS. I can't get over it. It was shocker after shocker after shocker. And none of the shocks felt like they were done for the sole purpose of shocking us. They all felt right. Like they fit with the tone and the spirit of what we've been seeing all along.

And I have to give it to Senhil, Ashley, and Jack. All of them blew me away with their performances. The entire cast is at the top of their game, but I think this (and last week's episode) was the first time that the actors I mentioned really got to shine.

And Malcolm McDowell as Linderman??? You don't know how much I LOVE you guys for that! He's perfect because he has the right amount of menace and the right amount of worldliness.

I can't even tell you how much I love this show and how grateful I am, as a fan, that you take the time to give us a peek behind the wizard's curtain. I can't wait til April 23rd.
Anonymous said…
Yea... why *DID* they cut that "lone wolf" bit out of the episode?

Anyway, a spectacular episode. You guys raise the bar and then you keep jumping right over it. From start to finish it was an excellent show. Even the minor moments had something to make them stand out, like Greg's one scene in the OWI hq. When there's a new episode airing Monday takes on the air of an event in my household and with my friends. Tuesday morning livejournals are all full of fun Heroes talk. You've inspired quite a community.

Chris, the writing staff, and the actors all did a wonderful job of bringing to life these new characters and making them real, flushed-out, three-dimensional people. I do love how just when I think I've got someone pinned down they turn around and surprise me, like Mrs. Petrelli. And even though I keep abreast of some of the spoiler news, seeing it come to life is a moment that is never diminished by knowing what's in store. I have yet to be disappointed with what you kids are doing over there in Heroesland.

Thanks for keeping the answers coming even when you're all the while leading us to ask even more questions. The wait until April 23rd nigh unbearable with anticipation and hope.

Thanks for the continuing behind-the-scenes look and all the pretty pictures. Oh, and thanks for finally chopping off Milo's Emo locks. I waved a little happy flag in that moment.
Anonymous said…
Is Chris Z. a Thunderbirds fan? The NYPD Cop's name was Jeff Tracy - head of International Rescue on Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds.
Tylers.Net said…
Bravo! Great episode. I didn't really think about who the Hatian is working for until you mentioned it. Linderman? So, will this put Episode 23 on May 21st?
Tribulo83 said…
Great Episodes 2 weeks in a row now to wait 6 weeks will not be fun. I don't know what I will do when I have to wait for Season 2. Also I don't suppose you could help me get a job some where in the business? Let me know. malcom83@gmail.com
Anonymous said…
Alex >

As with you, Greg, that shining moment of clarity when I just knew my future -- my destiny -- was to work in the entertainment industry came after watching Star Wars when I was 9 years old back in 1977. First I wanted to be an actress (and work with my crush at the time, Mark Hamill), then I decided on a career as a special effects make-up artist, set designer and prop-maker. While I sorta still do all of those things, mostly for fun, right now I've settled on a career as a writer/producer. As I've mentioned before, I have a TV series already in the works.

Which leads me to Chris Zatta. I think it's great that Tim & company recognized his talent and decided to give him his first big break as a writer. "Parasite" blew my mind, and came in as a close second to "Company Man" as my all-time favourite eps. I'm definitely going to keep him in mind for a freelance writing gig on my show.

Enjoy your hiatus, Greg. The next six weeks without my HEROES fix are going to kill me!

Jim McKee said…
I agree with the other responders, in that this was one of my favorite episodes (in fact, the last 3 are my 3 faves, and it is DIFFICULT to pick a fave at all, this show has rocked from the beginning).

Thanks for taking the time to do a blog, and thanks to you and all your associates who bring us this wonderful show. (BTW, I am not a fan-boy, I'm 46... not knocking fan-boys, mind you...)
Anonymous said…
It's the mark of a wonderful creative enviroment that such a great and upcoming writer like Chris would get his break.
Amazing.. I'm still covered in goosebumps from last night's episode.

Thank you,

Kitty Hayden
Anonymous said…
This was definitely one of the "holy sh*ttiest" episodes. If you leave off the "holy."

· The FBI can't wiretap Linderman, but Ando can infiltrate security? Please tell me there's a good explanation for this.

· Mohinder's insta-analysis of Sylar's spinal fluid. This was definitely a "This is Unix! I know this!" moment ala Jurassic Park. I know accurate science is not a big priority for the show, but a little effort wouldn't hurt.

Maybe if it hadn't come right after the sublime "Company Man," it would have been a bit easier to stomach.
Libelula said…
I love HIRO.. thankz for everything!!
Unknown said…
I tip my hat to you and your team. You have repeatedly pumped out some of the best writing I've seen on TV! Last nights episode kept me hanging on the edge of my seat, and I hate that I have to wait so long to find out what happens.

Great Job!!
TheCanerdian said…
I gotta say, you guys have rapidly grown from the underdog to being one of the most respected and renowned shows on television, and its deserved.

I think we, as audience members, are now waiting with baited breathe to make sure you don't go the route of such hits as Lost, tanking your characters and your plotlines in favor of great sweeping mysteries and mythos.

Don't forget what makes this show great: the core, human, feelings, that reach out and touch us every time you guys air an episode.

Plleeeease don't ever lose sight of that.
Anonymous said…

i post this alot on the main 9th wonders board...and now i shall post my missive here...

this is a comic book.....

oh sure, it looks like a tv series, but it really isnt...it is the first live action comic book in history

as such, one must suspend disbelief even more than usual...stop looking for obvious flaws, and just kick back and enjoy.

but saying that, i am sure about a couple of things....

1) ando is more than he appears to be...did you not wonder why pop of hiro did not terminate ando? i mean coddling your kid is one thing, but ando is on a very extended leave of absence and those things are not looked at lightly in japanese biz...think its just a coincidence that the girl ando had a crush on just happens to be jessica? not even...

2) mohinders magical mystery computer...it is apparent that it isnt running windows nor any mac software...it is a super laptop that can analyze dna...who's to say it cant do so in less than an hour?

why didnt you ask about the blatant comic book/movie cliche' of mohinder monologueing instead of killing, or the other obvious cliche' of the stupid scientist who thinks he can control a monster?

you didnt because it all fits into the ultimate comic book

comic books are not a genre...they are an art form...just look at tim sales beautiful artwork...artwork that is indeed another full character

and to jim and others (including frank miller who hates the term) there is nothing wrong with being an aging fan boy

were it not for us fan boys, hollywood would be almost devoid of ideas (and much talent) today

my god...teen aged girls are in love with this show...they are reading the online comic...they are joining in the discussion boards

where was heroes when i was a teen? i may have had a better love life

so until april 22, i remain a true believer, and as always, make mine heroes
Jacki said…
This was an AMAZING episode! Hope to see more from Zatta in the future!!
Anonymous said…
One of the best shows on television. Can't wait for the upcoming shows.
Anonymous said…
i suresh dead i cant find it out. i thought he was the main character
Loko said…
Greetings from Mexico
The whole concept and series are great... but episode 18 rocked so much! It was quite extraordinary :)

you people have a genius with CZ there, value him as he deserves
Asia Joy said…
Thankyou so much~
the picz r great ^^
u r the true heroe here :]

can't wait till APril/MAy
Im addicted~
Tamaryn Tobian said…
Greg,I just recently came across your blog, and I have a lot to catch up on, but I wanted to say thank you for your willingness to act as a window to both friends and fans of not only Heroes but also the industry as a whole. It is a rare quality and one truly appreciated.

I also thank you for sharing the experience Chris had with the Parasite episode. His story, as well as many others of the cast and crew, serves as a reminder not to lose hope in the pursuit of dreams. How fortunate you all are to have the opportunity to work in such a positive and growth-centered environment!

Thank you again, I look forward to reading more.

Anonymous said…
I've been loving this show, and the direction its been taking, but rumours I hear about Mr. Linderman's character arc - specifically, his plan to frighten the US & the world into peaceful co-existence through the destruction of NY - concern me greatly. Following a weekend that saw tremendous success of the movie 300, the director Snyder will have the ability to finally bring the Watchmen to life. Surely you've heard of the most influential superhero comic of the 20th century? I cannot believe you would deliberately steal that works central plotline, diluting it even (an exploding man lacks the gravitas of an interdimensional telepathic monster bent on invasion). Say it isn't so - don't betray my trust and that of all your fans.
cuzzin said…
Dear Greg,
I just wanted to use your blog site to congratulate both Noah Gray-Cabey (Micah) and Hayden (Claire) (I don't know how to spell her last name) on winning the young artist awards Saturday. I'm very proud of both of them. Now we just have to wait for September for the big people awards (Emmy awards) to see how Heroes do. I know they will win some. I had a feeling Heroes would be winning awards. Well I'm very proud of those 2 as well as the show and everyone keep up the good work. Also if anyone wants to congratulate Noah his web site is www.noahgraycabey.com and the young artist awards' web site is www.youngartistawards.org.
Chris Tombrello
Anonymous said…
With all due respect, If you keep making these announcements that you continue to answer questions so the audience doesn't become frustrated, it's only going to draw attention to the fact that there aren't really any great mysteries that have to be answered. The stories presented on Heroes are not really that intricate. I'd be a lot more satisfied by episodes that are confusing and well written, as opposed to the current weak ones that are "quickly resolved for my benefit". As it stands now your blog presentation is better than your television product so I no longer tune in to NBC on Mondays. It's a shame you had such a great start.
Anonymous said…
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