Episode 20: Five Years Gone

OK guys, this to me, is one of the most exciting episodes we’ve made so far. It’s true that its existence is reliant upon the rest of the season. It could not exist separately from the rest of the episodes, and maybe, viewed on it’s own, it will make no sense. But then, let’s face it – that’s how ALL of HEROES is. If you haven’t been watching all year, this is a tough show to jump into the middle of.

This one takes us 5 years into the future, courtesy of Hiro’s time leap. There we view a cautionary tale of what the future could be if our Heroes fail in their mission. I loved this idea when I first heard it. (I think Jeph Loeb first laid it out for me.) It reminded me of X-Men 141-142 “Days of Future Past” (which I bought off the rack as a kid and still own.) I know all the comic geeks in the writer’s room - Loeb, Alexander, Joe Pokaski (who wrote the episode) and Aron Coleite used that as a touchstone. The prep and shooting were hard. There were many, many conversations about tone -- How dark? How sci-fi? What was the look in this future for wardrobe, hairstyles, architecture, etc.? (The writer’s had pre-thought out some of this. By setting the story only 5 years in the future we weren’t obligated to create any wildly futuristic looks.) Another concern was tone of performance. It’s a lot of fun for the cast to create a new version of their character both in terms of performance and look. But there are also opportunities to, without discipline, run off the rails. I know that, ahead of time, I went down to set to speak to as many of the cast as I could about what they were thinking and what we were thinking. The shooting, for me, felt arduous. I think I was just overly nervous about it. Our director, Paul Edwards, had things well in hand – but I made more set visits to anxiously oversee things more than I had been lately. The shoot was quite drawn out too. Episode 21 came and went and we were well into the prep of episode 22 before this one was finished. This is because we had several internal actor conflicts. Masi was very heavy in both 20 and 21 and we had to delay a couple of episode 20’s days for it. We also had some late breaking trouble with one of our locations and had to delay shooting for that as well. It’s all a big juggling act on this show. Anyway, despite my early anxieties, by the time episode 20 finished I had, kind of, lost track of it. 21 had it’s own problems and then came 22 which I was directing and which was very big.

It was a weekend after shooting on 22 had started when I got the director’s cut. I had a mild trepidation, but also vague neutrality. We all watch dallies, and we may get advanced looks at a scene or two – if there are any questions about something. But the director’s cut of an episode is the first time the producers see it all put together. Whenever possible I like to be alone when I’m seeing a first version, and I think it’s important to watch it all the way through, without stopping, in order to get a full and true impression of it. It’s a mixed bag, watching these. The show is still usually in an early stage of it’s development. There are no visual effects, temporary sound effects and temporary music have been added. Usually they are sporadic and frequently not-quite-right. Usually it is several minutes over the final length. A few are great. A few are God-awful. Most are OK and, over the years, you train yourself to see past the first cut and into the ultimate potential. (By the way I’m not spared this experience when I direct. Seeing the first version of my own episodes is an, often, unsettling time for me.) Anyway… All this is prelude to say, that as this episode unspooled before me – I had the rare experience of true excitement. I felt that this was going to end up a great and very special hour of television.

You may have your own opinion that is quite different from mine. Maybe you'll think it was just OK. Maybe you'll think it stunk. But I love this episode, I think it’s cool, and I am very proud to have participated in it.

Speaking of the director, Paul Edwards is back, directing his second HEROES. Paul directed episode 8 “Seven Minutes to Midnight.” Sadly that was one of the ones I spaced on and never wrote a blog about (back before I was fully committed like I am now :) ) Anyway, we all felt like episode 8 was great and that Paul had contributed well to it. So we brought him back. Paul was a camera operator for years and years before he recently began directing. As you can see if you iMdb him he has a lot of credits as an operator http://imdb.com/name/nm0250267/ including a number of movies for Tony Scott. Paul has a very intense personality. He never sits down on set. His mind and his mouth are going a hundred miles an hour. And sometimes you want to suggest that there are delightful decaffeinated beverages available as well. But his film rocks and both his shows have turned out excellently.



One scene I was particularly happy with the way Paul concieved of it and shot it, is the one where Peter and Niki are in her dressing room in Vegas just before Peter leaves. He had a very limited space to work with, and the scene plays deceptively simply. But but the way Paul used mirrors and the way he blocked the actors to and from camera was very clean, and really enhanced the progression of the emotions in this scene.

The whole cast did great in this episode, but there are a few I’d like to single out: First, I really think Milo did an awesome job in this episode. His scar-faced character is a much stronger and much more bitter man than the innocent Peter of today. He’s a completely different character in some ways, and yet you can feel the logical extension of how he got from A to B. Milo’s performance helps us fill in all the gaps in between. I think Milo’s work in this episode is masterful and subtle at the same time. At the end of the day, his character, across the whole season has had the biggest arc and Milo has made it specific and real. I’m sure when the DVD comes out and we can watch the shows in quick succession we’ll see his progress more clearly… But, IMHO (as you posters say) he has been in strong command the whole time – much more so than I realized in the early going.

Also, Adrian Pasdar kicks ass. He had in his head to subtlely play Sylar the whole time, but only to let it slip in the moments before he kills Claire. I know that he got together with Zach Quinto ahead of time and had Zach read the scenes for him. And on the day of the scene where Nathan/Sylar kills Claire – he had Zach do a pass at the blocking of the scene so he could study his mannerisms. If you watch the show a second time you’ll see how it is a slightly different performance than the usual Nathan.

And finally, Masi. Masi had the most technically challenging role – as he frequently switched back and forth between Hiro and “Future” Hiro several times a day. In the long scene where Hiro and Ando confront “Future” Hiro, we used a motion-control camera, a device that perfectly replicates dolly and pan/tilt moves so that Hiro and “Future” Hiro can be in the same frame at the same time. But for Masi, it meant that he had to play “Future” Hiro first and then do a pass as Hiro later, where he had to hit his marks and space out his dialogue perfectly to fit into the take that he had already done. Luckily Masi has a very mathematical mind and he was able to do this relatively easily.

A couple of other points of interest. We had to find an oval office set for Nathan’s scenes as president in the future. The set we used was the one built for WEST WING. I always assumed we’d just go to Warner Brother’s studios for the day, but it turned out that the set had been dissembled. So we had to drive it over and rebuild it. A complicated endeavor.

Also, I think Ruth Ammon and the art department did a beautiful job with the ground zero set, particularly the eternal flame portion of it. The VFX crew at Stargate deserve a nod as well because they did great set extensions. But the best part was that because we built the set in the parking lot outside our offices - it provided a surprise opportunity for Tim Kring, Allan Arkush, Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale (the famous comic-book artist who creates all of Isaac’s work) and I to all be together. We are almost never in the same place at the same time!





Next week – the saga continues!


Joe B. said…
Greg, I love reading your posts. I was very iffy on this show at first, I thought it borrowed too heavily from other projects, but the execution has been so good.

My Heroes posts pale in comparison to yours, but you know, location, location, location ...

Great show. Very good blog. Especially for the addicted.
Anonymous said…
(Show ended two minutes ago)

Thank you.
Anonymous said…
thank you greg, for acknowledging the link to "days of future past"...but when will kring finally come out of the closet and admit that he has been at least inspired by the watchmen and rising stars?

it is no longer shameful to admit that one reads comics.

im here on the west coast...so 2 more hours till showtime...but thx for the preshow insights
Avi Muchnick said…
This was the most fantastic episode of Heroes yet. I can't conceive how you continuously raise the bar episode after episode, but my God, I almost feel bad for you folks and the work you'll have ahead of yourselves in Season 2 to top this one.
Michael said…
So I thought "OK, last week was the Watchmen tribute, this week is Days of Future Passed... I'm waiting for the Great Darkness Saga next!"

What about the time paradox: future Hiro got killed before he could go back in time and warn Peter on the subway.

Is this the first conclusive instance we've seen that Candace's power is illusion and not shape-shifting?
Anonymous said…
Hey Greg . . . What can I say about this episode. When I think you guys can't totally knock it out of the park AGAIN, I get this episode. Truly amazing dude . . . I know you guys work so hard to give us this astonishing show, and you do it every week for us. All I can say, thank you one and all.

Anonymous said…
hi. I don't know who you are I just recived this link in a forums I frequent. Anuways this is the BEST SHOW EVER AND THIS WAS THE BEST EPISODE EVER. PLEASE DONT CHANGE THIS SHOW EVERRRRR IM STILL IN AWE OF THAT EPISODE!!!!!!
Tylers.Net said…
Wow, I agree with you Greg. This is the best, biggest, and most creative episode yet. Thanks for all your hard work. Can't wait for the big finale. I am thinking that you are setting us up for season 2 with the showing of that family with the boy HRG was hiding. Hmmm.
Anonymous said…
I concur with your assessment of this episode. It was amazing!!

Everyone did such wonderful work. The tone was perfect, and was perfectly consistent across all of the performances. Wonderful color and light and visuals all around.

Masi Oka was amazing. (I LOVE FutureHiro!) I'm really looking forward to what he'll do in episode 21, now!

Milo Ventimiglia was amazing. (When is he not?!) Like you, I seem only to notice Milo's skill when I'm seeing his work in immediate contrast to something else he's done. In this case, I caught a Gilmore Girls "Jess Marathon" yesterday, so I had that fresh in my mind. But without other performances to compare against, you don't realize what great work he's doing. It's so effortless and invisible that you really don't notice it.

Adrian Pasdar was amazing. After last week, lots of people were speculating that "President Nathan" might actually be Sylar. Adrian did a great job of keeping us in suspense until just the right moment. Thanks for that insight into how he worked with Zachary Quinto to create the physicality. That's fascinating--and I wouldn't expect any less from Adrian.

And, though you didn't mention it, Zachary Quinto was amazing. (I always say that.) He wasn't on screen much, but he really made an impact! I liked the fact that Sylar looked a little haggard. He's got to be exhausted by now, what with being the leader of the free world and all! I absolutely love watching Zachary Quinto work. Sylar is a horrible person, but I'm always happy when he's on screen because he's so complex and fascinating.

You guys really raise the bar every week. Now I have three more weeks to suffer the ups and downs of waiting anxiously for Monday night, and dreading Monday night because it means we're that much closer to the end of the season. The DVD cannot come out soon enough for me!

Thank you again for allowing us this insight into production. I look forward to it every week. And thank you for all of the good work you do on the show.

Anonymous said…
I don't think you're going to have to worry about this episode being favored poorly.

Me and the other peeps on the 9th wonders message board are going crazy.

Sendhil wasn't kidding about this one being like its own feature film.

Its episodes like this that are going to permanently solidify me as a Heroes fans.
Unknown said…
Dear Mr. Beeman,

I've never been much of a poster, but tonight's episode was so remarkable that it's made a repeat offender of me.

Very tightly constructed, action-packed, but still had room for those memorable moments between characters; I don't know how you all do it, but please don't stop!

The conclusion, where so many characters make a stand to save our Hiro, was duly heart-pounding, and I liked the limitation to Hiro's perspective. (Where he time travels, the film crew time travels also!) But as Mohinder barricaded the door against those flashes of light, I was craning my neck to see around him, too! Like, crap a dog! Peter all flame-like! Sylar all ice-like! The world's ending in the hallway, and I gotta know what comes next! It all put me in mind of a little poem by Frost:

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To know that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

Not bad, Heroes. Not bad. And, for the record, I do hold with those who favor fire.

God bless!
Anonymous said…
I really enjoyed this episode, like so many others before. I have a question though. What is with "Future Peter" having a scar across his face. He can regenerate everything except this particular scar? Apart from that I suspended belief and just enjoyed the story telling.
Anonymous said…
Great update. just finished watching today's episode but I noticed that James Kyson Lee was credited as a guest star. What happened? I thought he was a regular? Anyone know?
Anonymous said…
Truly remarkable! I've never seen such a fantastic episode! Only complaint would be the 'combat' scene was rather cheesy. should have done something ala the matrix. Of course that in and of itself would have turned a 1 hour show into a feature film.
Peeved Michelle said…
Honestly, I thought this one was a little boring in parts, particularly after the first long stretch. When it went to commercial, I said, "This better get good." It did get better but I wasn't as thrilled with this episode as I hoped to be. Once I figured out that Sylar was Nathan, then I was ready to get back to the real story.
Anonymous said…
truly made my day! waited all week for this episode, hmm probably my favorite part was the Peter vs. Sylar scene. I definately want more of that! i see the anger and hatred in one another, so that is exciting... plus! everyone just melded together pretty well, thank you!
Anonymous said…
Adrian, Milo, Zach, and Masi were wonderful in this episode. They each have to play their character slightly differently and they deliver. I'm looking forward to see their work in the second season.
Sabre said…
To Michael: It was referenced in the episode, as well as put into the online graphic novels, that Future Hiro had just returned from delivering the message to Peter on the subway when he walked into his/Isaac's loft and found Present Hiro, and Ando.

To Greg: Awesome episode. I reallyreally can't wait for the next ones.. heh :) Keep up the excellent work!

And one of my theories was proven true tonight... and it's about a future event... Thanks (to all) for that :)
Anonymous said…
I had the same question as Scott From Sask about future Peter having a scar if he can heal/regenerate. But then it occured to me that the future timeline was dependent on Peter not having saved the cheerleader, which would mean that he did not absorb her powers since he would not have met her.

The only problem after that is, if this future timeline is the result of Peter not having saved the cheerleader, then why is Claire around in the episode for Sylar to kill?
xaviman said…
Great episode!

About the paradox, in fact it's not only about the scar, if Peter had'nt absorved Claire's powers (apparently that's why he has the scar), how could he have survived exploding?
Unknown said…
OK guys, this to me, is one of the most exciting episodes we’ve made so far.

You are SO RIGHT! This episode was incredible. I was honestly throwing stuff at my TV every time the commercials came on!

You should give Adrian Pasdar nine million cookies for the slimy, smarmy, creep-tastic performance he gave in this episode. He is a true chameleon.

To think about what Masi must have done in this episode, too - speaking to "yourself" in two different accents and two different languages? My head hurts just considering the mental contortions that must have been involved.

And leave it to Greg Grunberg - even when he's playing a completely sadistic jerk, he still gets the funniest line of the night. "WHAT?"

That episode was truly incredible, and I'd say the best of the show so far, which is saying a lot. I love alternate universe stories (the "Mirror Mirror" episode of Star Trek is one of my favorites) and this kind of episode is EXACTLY the reason why.
Anonymous said…
Greg, last night's episode was amazing! Milo and Adrian, in particular, were brilliant--their performances this season have been nothing short of stunning.

Thank you for this episode.
Azar said…
Wheeee! Well done!
Anonymous said…
Breathtaking. Litterally. I was exhausted and out of breath at the end!
Anonymous said…
Unbelievable. I was getting calls well into the night from people as they finished watching and just HAD TO TALK TO SOMEONE! To quote the first call of the night, "That must have been one of the best episodes of anything ever," and this from a guy who knows TV. I have to say that there were chills going up and down my spine the entire time. You guys really put together something very special. Back a few months I thought that there was no way you could continue to produce such amazing work for the entirety of the season, but not only did you continue to turn out excellence, but the show has only gotten better with each episode. One of the things I love is that I can go back and watch the show a second time and find things that I totally missed the first time around. My praise can't be high enough for what you all have accomplished. Waiting for each new episode is a trial in and of itself, but I am comforted knowing that, in all likelihood, I ain't seen nothin' yet.
Big thanks for everything.
Anonymous said…
reposted from: http://www.9thwonders.com/boards/index.php?showtopic=54665


It is my hopes that someone that works on Heroes might see this and pass it on to all those involved.

I just want to praise the entire cast and crew that worked on the episode (Five Years Gone) last night. From the cameramen, to the SFX artists, to the wardrobe people, writers, director, and especially the makeup artists (you did a fantastic job on portraying everyone as older, rougher on the edges like they'd been fighting in a war; mucho props) for working to produce the best episode I've seen. Ever. The makeup jobs on Hayden Panettiere (great job on making her look older, very believable), Greg Grunberg (loved the gray on his temples, a nice touch), Milo Ventimiglia (guy looks like he's been through a war, and the scar I swore was real if I didn't know better) and Jack Coleman's (wonderful job showing him as older and A LOT more stressed) were just astounding in how well they were done. You guys deserve a separate props for your hard work. The writers..definitely the best episode thus far in terms of dialog, storyline, and plot. Loved it and hope you all keep up the great work.

To the cast members, you did an absolute smashing job of portraying your characters in the situation they were in. We're five years into a war against the Specials/Heroes, and the way you portrayed your characters shows it. Greg, you were fantastic in all your scenes (and I'll admit, when you shot Bennet, I was thinking "You ***hole :P") in showing how it appeared that you were questioning your decisions. To Hayden, sweet job of portraying Claire as being mostly untouched by the war against your kind, but also in showing how much you matured in five years. On the flip side of that is Milo. Going from present-Peter to future-Peter (again, like you've been through hell fighting and got A LOT harder as a result) had to be difficult to do, even for a professional actor. Your portrayal was spot-on for what we should expect someone in your position to be, and I'll admit to feeling some sympathy for what you musta been through to put you there. Jack Coleman was also fantastic for doing this as well, showing how the stress of the last five years has gotten to him. Adrian Pasdar, you knew that it was really Sylar that was beneath your face, and a wonderful job in making us connect the dots late in the episode; I had a nagging feeling that something was up with Nathan, but I had no idea it would be that. Ali Larter and Sendhil Ramamurthy, very beautiful jobs in portraying how your characters changed as a result of the five years, but still showing how they were mostly the same person underneath. Ali for showing that lovely Jessica still is around if need be, Sendhil and Ali both for showing the conflicting emotions and thoughts that run through the characters' minds and feelings. And of course I have to mention Masi Oka for his role in portraying both Hiros. That's not an easy thing to do, switching mentalities like that in the same episode (I know, I did amateur theatre in school and often played multiple roles), and you managed to do a wonderful job at that.

In all, there is not one person that had a hand in working on this episode that does not deserve praise, a thank you, or one hell of a job well done. If this talented group of individuals continues to work together this well, then I eagerly look forward to the rest of season 1, and all of season 2 as well. Great job to everybody, and keep up the wonderful work.

A Heroes fan
Anonymous said…
last week it was

this week its
no wait, NATHAN DIED!

Heheh. anyway, amazing episode, even though it was a bit hard to get into the mindset of changing the past at the beginning.

thanks for one more mind-blowing episode. (ashamed to admit that i download the episodes from the net, since the run on tv here is a few weeks late.. this show is so good we have to resort to those measures :p)
E. Erin Smith said…
A truly fantastic episode! Very well written, well directed and of course well acted! Masi is a fantastic actor and you are correct that his mathmatical thinking is what made his acting in this episode so successful.

Though of course, like a few others who have posted the question remains - How did "Peter" have a scar if he can regenerate? Another question remains as well, if Sylar is "Nathan" then why didn't "Matt" figure it out - he's the mind reader? Future "Sylar" is very scary it was a great way to show what "could" happen. Makes you think. Where is Linderman? If Sylar kills someone that Peter has already met will Peter still get their powers? Just a few odd-ball questions that are running around in my head. Can't wait for next week, but at the same time I don't want the season to be over. Heroes has been one of my FAV shows since episode one!

Keep up the great work and keep blogging.

Steven said…
There is no true paradox other than the exisitance of two Hiros in the time period. Peter dreams of blowing up the city. In this episode, he still does and Sylar has killed Nathan, taken his place and then blamed the blast on himself so as hide in plain site. That being said, I absolutely loved this episode. Sylar's behavior as Nathan - wanting the extinction of those with abilities - is completely within character as Sylar. The thing that blew me away, though, was that Adrian Pasdar was playing Sylar for most of the episode. Looking back on President Petrelli's behavior after knowing he was Sylar the whole time, it made perfect sense that Sylar/Nathan would want the genocide to occur. Sylar was so manipulative that he could get so many people to follow him and do things that were somewhat out of character.

An absolute triumph, all around. I too feel sorry for the cast and crew to attempt to follow such amazing filmmaking with a second season. It's on par with works like the Godfather triolgy and Indiana Jones. So hopefully, and I'm sure that it will occur, the superlative work will continue.
Anonymous said…
great episode i hope you guys make a movie so you can go crazy with the speacil effects. were you guys fans of marvel comics civil war ? by any chance cause this episode had that feeling.
Chester said…
The more I watch, the more I care about the characters. Episode 20 only whetted my appetite for more Heroes. I am insanely impatient to see what happens next.
Anonymous said…
Look, I love the show and am hooked. The cast and story were great last night, but there is indeed a paradox. Perhaps the title should have stayed as "String Theory."

Stephen, the paradox is centered around what happened to Claire in the past as told by this episode. Future Hiro explained to Present Hiro that Claire was killed by Sylar (we assume at Homecoming) which is why Sylar did not die when Hiro stabbed him before the bomb exploded.

Future Hiro explained that Sylar regenerated because of the healing power he took from killing Claire. Yet Claire is still alive 5 years in the future when Sylar presumably kills her in last night's episode with the future timeline.

That is why Future Hiro explained to Present Hiro & Ando that he went back in time to warn Peter in the subway to save the cheerleader. If Future Hiro had not warned Peter in the subway, we assume that Peter would not have been involved in her fate at Homecoming at all.

Future Hiro did not know the result of going back to warn Peter until Present Hiro/Ando told him in this episode.

So, it is implied that this future timeline is the result of Claire being killed by Sylar at Homecoming. If Sylar killed Claire in the past and absorbed her power to regenerate after Hiro's stab, then she should not be alive for Sylar to kill her in this episode. If Sylar did not kill Claire at Homecoming, then how did Sylar regenerate when Hiro stabbed him on bomb day?

Also, future Peter has a large scar across the face implying he never saved the cheerleader, never met her, and never absorbed her healing/regenerative power. Don't forget Future Hiro noted Peter's lack of a scar when he saw him on the subway in the past.

Peter admitted last night he was the bomb that exploded, not Sylar. If Peter exploded without Claire's power, then how did he regenerate after exploding?

If we assume Peter and Claire eventually met anyway after she was somehow miraculously saved without Peter's help at Homecoming, then why does Peter have a scar, and why would Future Hiro not know she lived through Homecoming if so?

There are several conflicting questions that hopefully can be answered from the next 3 episodes. But right now, the string theory doesn't line up right with last night's episode. It was great just the same.
Anonymous said…
The paradox can be solved if there are multiple timelines which the series seems to hint at.

The first timeline is Future Hiro:

Sylar is stabbed by Hiro but already has killed Claire at homecoming so he regenerates. Future Hiro then goes back into time to warn Peter at subway.

Second Timeline is created:

Future Hiro succeeds in telling Peter. Peter saves Claire but blows up as the bomb creating the future Hiro arrives back into at start of Episode 20. Future Hiro thinks he failed but the presence of younger Hiro and Ando confirms he succeeded. The bomb still happens but Nathan(real one maybe) blames it on Sylar instead of Peter. Sylar at some point in this timeline kills DL, Candace, and Nathan and takes his place. Once he finds out that Claire is alive he then takes her power.

Timeline Three may be what happens if young Hiro succeeds:

Young Hiro stabs Sylar and stops him. Peter may or may not still blow up but the totalitarian world that Future Hiro arrived back into in Episode 20 may be averted.
Anonymous said…
That was incredible! That was the most amazing episode I have ever seen. Never have I been so glued to my television set!

John said…
Loved the episode but I'm worried about the future of the series based on the blog post from last week. You always said that a season was an arc, you would reach resolution, some heroes would die, some bad guys would die and next season there would be a new story with new characters. Now I read that you guys are in love with your cast and are going to back away from the original concept. That leads to having to pen lines like "Peter can survive a nuclear explosion?!" and rewriting the time lines and events that were already set in place. Don't do it. Actors and characters need to get replaced in order to keep the idea fresh. If you succumb to "loving" you cast you end up writing script after script where you either bring people back from the dead, devise powers to keep them from dying or fall into the age old comic trap of having the bad guys escape from jail every other episode.

Don't end up like Alias, where JJ Abrams fell so in love with his cast that he had every bad guy get captured at least 3 times, devise a reason why they had to be let out of jail in order to go along on a mission, and escape during said mission.

Write an arc and follow through with it even if you end up getting married to the actress playing the part.
Anonymous said…
Thanks again Greg, for posting a new blog entry.
And thanks again for this AMAZING episode, this was great.
Great scenes, setting, lighting, acting, graphics, camerawork, makeup whatever.
But thanks again, keep up the good work, this show motivates me lol!
Avi said…
The ONLY bad thing about HEROES is there are NO SUPERFIGHTS!!

You know what happens in Spiderman?

1. He fights a villian
2. He has relationship problems.

That's what happens! He has a superfight, and whole buildings get destroyed or blown-up. But in Heroes, TWICE now, Peter vs. Sylar did not get into an awesome superfight! First time Peter dies of course, but the second time: Ice vs Fire!! That is awesome! But no! Cut the scene quickly to Mohinder and Hiro, why don't you? Why?

Also, props to Masi for portraying three characters: Hiro, bada-s Future Hiro, and emotional Future Hiro who is still like past Hiro deep down.

Every single other iota of the episode was downright amazing, though.

Some people here have wondered how Peter could survive exploding without Claire's power...Ted exploded several times in the graphic novel and did not die.

Also, I think it was the second to last act, where Nathan was giving his memorial speech while Peter and Hiro go beat up the guards, that whole scene was amazing - the white lighting, no music, just Nathan talking. Incredible.

I really feel now as if Tim and the writers had this planned out all along, those devious fiends.

Heroes is awesome. And now I have to wait a WHOLE WEEK to find out about Molly Walker - WTF, Molly Walker?? DUDE. See previous paragraph. Dude, a whole week!!! Why must you torture me like this, producers of Heroes/schedule of network TV/universe??
Alaydown said…
I like your different timeline explanations, which is how I first approached the questions to begin with. I have also tried to fit Hiro's description of time from episode 1 as a circle rather than a straight line, but it hasn't helped me with episode 20. Unfortunately I was still left with conflicting questions, but breaking them down like you did makes it easier to understand.

Starting with timeline 1:
Claire is killed by Sylar. Sylar gets stabbed by Hiro and regenerates with Claire's power, etc. Peter explodes, yet somehow regenerates body except for scar on face of Future Peter. Unknown how Peter acquired this power to regenerate body (except for scar). One possible explanation noted earlier is that Ted exploded several times in the graphic novel without dying. Future Hiro goes back in time to warn younger Peter in hope of changing timeline.

Timeline 2 created from Future Hiro warning younger Peter and then returning to Future Hiro's own time where he also sees younger Hiro and Ando:

In order for this to work, other things must also occur or not occur in addition to your events. Younger Hiro does not stab Sylar on bomb day. Future Hiro returns to his own time without awareness of any changes he caused to his timeline, such as not having stabbed Sylar or not knowing that Claire survived. Future Peter still has scar along with the power to regenerate -- odd that he didn't heal his face without a scar.

Timeline 3 will be generated if younger Hiro and Ando change anything after they return to own time.

One thought I read that makes sense is that Peter was scarred in the presence of the Haitian, where his regenerative power would be inoperative.

The remaining question that needs to be asked is how much does Linderman have to do with Sylar's actions? Linderman has known about everything and everyone so far. Perhaps Sylar is just part of his plan.
Anonymous said…
The Haitian was almost certainly under orders to prevent Matt from reading the President's mind, on the theory that homeland security didn't need to know his every thought. By now, Matt was so used to not being able to read his mind, that he didn't even bother trying anymore - hence Sylar's ability to keep the secret even from Matt.
Fín said…
without a doubt, my personal favorite so far. so many subtle uses of peters powers was good, although he was showing off :) joke, fantastic episode.
Anonymous said…
Mr. Beeman, I love hearing what you have to say.

This was the best hour in the history of television so far!!! Amazing!!!!

Thank you all for everything you put into each episode!!! Keep up the good work! The fans appreciate it!
Anonymous said…
Peter has the scar because, this girl Molly has something to do with it. In the next episode, Sylar will kill candice, therefore he has the ablity to make illusions. Sylar will use his telekenisis and the power of illusion and make Hiro think that Peter is Sylar. That is the reason why Sylar looks at Hiro at the last second before he strikes him with the sword. You can tell that split second that it shows the scene that Hiro has frozen time. Sylar does not have that ability, Peter does... That is where the scar comes from. But to explain why he cannot regenerate is something else.

In the end, Peter has been arround the Hatian. So Peter can block out others powers and still have the ability to use his own. If this comes into play, Sylar will be an incredibly easy take down. That is purely an if tho...

It all depends on what exactly this new Molly character can do.

My big questions are...
What power does MS. Petrelli have?
What power does Sylar's mom have?
Does Ms. Petrelli even have a power? (I watch too much Jerry Springer but...) In the online novel, Mr. Petrelli did not have any powers. So is Linderman Nathan and Peter's biological father?
Anonymous said…
The best show of the season! I can't stop talking about it. I called my best friend right after the previews and yelled into the phone, "DID YOU SEE THAT?!" I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you guys are doing. Awesome, awesome television. It's like going to the movies. And thanks for sharing your insights on this blog. It enhances the experience so much.
Unknown said…
thanks greg for such a wonderful blog, enjoyable and interesting reading
Nibehlung said…
Hi Greg,

This episode was fantastic. Thanks to the cast and crew, especially to Masi, Adrian, Milo and Zachary. All four are awesome actors. I have heard that you're going to retain the actors and I'm glad to hear that. I personally think that some of the actors that you have (ie. the four I listed above) are hard to replace. Don't fall into 24 mentality where they keep changing cast and yet the storyline is getting worse and worse. I think retaining actors and characters does not mean that the storyline won't be exciting anymore. A good writing will ensure that the same characters can go through a few seasons. Comic books are good examples of this.
Anonymous said…
There are several timeline and logical problems which may never be answered to our satisfaction. Peter surviving the explosion is a no-brainer. He has absorbed Ted's power, and Ted survives his own explosions all the time. He doesn't need Claire for that.

The issue of the scar is far more problematic. He should have been able to heal it in "timeline 2" referenced above, since in that timeline he saved Claire. The Haitian doesn't really answer the question, as he could have healed the scar after exiting the Haitian's presence anyway. And this raises ANOTHER question. The Haitian blocks powers; Peter absorbs them. If they come in contact, it seems that the Haitian can block Peter's ability to absorb his powers (implied strongly in the episode itself, where Peter says his powers would be blocked by the Haitian). This would then imply that Peter could not absorb the Haitian's power, and could therefore not block the powers of others. Big unanswered question there. If that's the case, then the Haitian is the most powerful of them all--more powerful than either Peter or Sylar (recall that he was able to neutralize the latter).

As for timeline questions, the three possible timelines theory answers just about everything. But there are some stray comments in the episode that even raise questions there. The biggest one is when Sylar killed DL, Candace, and Nathan. Hiro says that he turned Candace over to Bennet. This had to have been after the crackdown on the "special" people. Problem with that is that clearly Sylar had to kill Candace before "becoming" Nathan. That would mean that the "real" Nathan was originaly president and that the "real" Nathan had, in fact, instigated the crackdown on the "special" people (otherwise, why would Hiro have needed to protect Candace and others?) Bennet must have then released Candace and DL to Matt as potentially "dangerous" supers. But remember, because Candace is still alive, Sylar could not have been Nathan yet. How, then, did Sylar get access to Candace if Matt sprung her? All of this presupposes that "real" Nathan was president before Sylar killed him and that he was almost as bad in office as his "replacement." This is a major hole--how and when did Sylar gain access to Candace and when exactly did he kill her and Nathan? (Candace obviously had to have been first.) It would have been much better to never imply that Hiro turned Candace over to Bennet. This would have eliminated many paradoxes and would have allowed for President "real" Nathan to have either been good or for "real" Nathan not to have ever become president and the assumption that it was Sylar before the election. But Hiro telling us that he gave Candace to Bennet for protection throws a monkey wrench into all of this and demands an answer as to when exactly Nathan was killed and when exactly Candace was killed and whether or not "real" Nathan was the one who instigated the crackdown on "special" people. This was the biggest flaw I found, and would have been easily eliminated by eliminating Candace's name from Hiro's litany of people he turned over to Bennet. As it is, it sets up questions that demand answers that we are unlikely to ever receive, and that's really too bad.
Anonymous said…
shut up and watch the rest of the episodes. Your what and when are really messy!
OptimusPrime said…
Reposting from other forums:

"I think Charles' power may be a clairvoyant and is able to experience or see through other people's eyes. "

I think so too. This is something a lot of people are not noticing.
Remember, Peter (while caring for Deveraux) had dreams of him flying before he even knew he could fly.
He then also had a dream of him being the exploding man before even knowing he could keep the powers after absorbing them (from Ted).

Why would Peter have the ability of "dreaming" the (possible) future unless he absorbed it from someone?

I used to think it was from his mother, but now it makes more sense that it's from Deveraux since he also was having dreams of flying.

And what is it with Peter not absorbing all the powers Sylar has? He absorbed his telekinesis fine, but not the others.
Maybe Peter has to KNOW someone has those powers before he can recall and use them?
Because if that's the case then Peter also has the hearing, Melting, Freezing powers from Sylar and doesn't even know it!

My theory is that Peter needs to SEE (or know) the other person has a power before he can recall it.
I think the powers are automatically "added" to Peter as soon as he gets in contact with a person. But he is only able to use it IF he saw (or knew) that person had a power.

That might explain why Peter has only used the Telekinesis power from Sylar and not the others.
Because the only power Peter has seen Sylar use is that one.

I love the Sylar character. He can act so innocent when he shaves and puts on a baseball cap, but at the same time he is filled with so much evil and awesomeness.

I laughed so hard in last week's episode when Peter turned invisible and Sylar said "Interesting! I can't wait to try that one."
The way he said it was so awesome and funny at the same time.
Jim McKee said…
Everyone keeps asking how does Peter explode, and yet, survive without having Claire's healing powers? This one's easy... those who have powers are immune to the effects of said powers.

It's assumed that Peter meets Ted and gets the power. Ted is not harmed by use of his powers. Also, Claire's bio-mom (the fire chick) is not burned, even though she started a flame using her fingers.
Max said…
increible el capitulo 20
quede en shock!
espero con ansias el 21
saludos desde chile!
Slippy Lane said…
Fantastic episode, marred only by the release of too much spoiler information.

Too many theorists predictions were spot on with this ep. where in the past you've managed to keep us all scratching our heads.

I'm hoping this was all planned, and that you're gonna spend the next few episodes surprising the hell out of us!

Keep up the good work!
Unknown said…
How are you going to top this, Greg? Because I know that you will (since you're directing the finale)!

Best. Show. Ever.
Delta Bannerman said…
Hi Greg -- top episode, just wondering whether the delays you mentioned impacted the filming of the scenes involving Mohinder in the interrogation room (where he's about to kill Hiro). His beard looked a bit fakey in those scenes and real in the others (like when he's meeting Nathan in the Oval Office and scouting around Hiro's string sculpture in Isaac's old studio).

Nitpicking aside, keep up the frickin' awesome work.
Thom said…
I can't say this any more simply:

This episode was the greatest television moment in years. Congratulations. Always leave us wanting more.
Unknown said…
OMG, this last episode was the best. I find it hard to believe that you guys will be able to top it... but then again you guys do it each week. My jaw was dropped from the start. I think this is the best tribute to a 'Days of Future Past' I have seen, and that is including comparing it to X-Men 3. Keep up the great work.
Anonymous said…
This episode was intence! I loved it! the whole group and you worked hard. I hope good luck for all of you!
Alaydown said…
kellyh, when was Peter in the presence of Ted to absorb his power? They never met.
Anonymous said…
They'll meet before the explosion. Ted is on his way to New York with HRG and Matt, and the NBC blurbs seem to indicate that the two do indeed meet. Then there's Peter's dream sequence where he tells Nathan that he "took his power and can't control it." The only way for Peter to be the bomb is to come in contact with Ted.

In Future Hiro's timeline, Peter must have come into contact with Ted before Sylar gave him (Ted) the scalp treatment. We must assume that Ted ends up one of Sylar's victims if Sylar is blamed for being the bomb. The "String Theory" GN seems to confirm this.

But still, the real question...when the heck did Sylar get access to Candice, who was supposedly being protected by Hiro. And why did she need protection if the "real" Nathan was president, unless "real" Nathan betrayed his own kind before Sylar killed him (as the latter gloatingly told Peter). I guess I just think that Candice being on the list of "heroes" protected by Hiro and turned over to HRG just raises lots of issues. Obviously Sylar had to kill Candice before "becoming" Nathan. If Hiro was hiding her, then clearly "real" Nathan was in fact "betraying his own kind" before Sylar got to him.
Anonymous said…
WOW! I am an AVID Heroes watcher, I have every episode recorded on my DVR. Let me tell you this week, sitting down to watch the show was such a joy! I always get excited to see Peter & Sylar go at it. Infact, I have a question concerning this episode. My fiancee and I have been debating this all week...

Why can't Peter absorb all the powers that Sylar has and use those same powers against him, if he can absorb everyone else's powers? Sylar should be NO match for Peter.

And, Why does Peter have a scar on his face if he can heal and regenerate himself like Claire? It wasn't explained in this episode.

But I will say that this episode had me at the edge of my seat the whole time. It was great and I loved it. Thanks!!!
Kevin W. Wong said…

Love, love, love the show.

I started re-watching the show from the very beginning with a friend to get her caught up to speed. The second time Peter meets Mohinder is in his apartment, prompted by Nathan and Mohinder's father's book. There, he also meets Eden. Does this mean he absorbed her ability, though he is unaware of it?

Additionally, will we be seeing Claude again? He was a great character and I am sad he's gone.

Thanks for the great show!
Alaydown said…
kellyh, you might be right that Peter and Ted meet in NYC before the explosion, but don't forget that Peter could have exploded earlier. He doesn't need to meet Ted to explode. On one occasion, Claude, the invisible man, had to knock Peter out before he exploded.

There are a number of things yet to find out. I doubt Nathan betrayed everyone.

It would not surprise me if Linderman is to blame for Sylar getting to Candice, Nathan and then the White House. He seems to have knowledge of everything and everyone.
digitalsuperman said…
i think there are some loopholes from the episode. during the fighscene between sylar and peter..

if peter can freeze time like hiro, why didn't he froze time and killed sylar?

i just don't get it.
Kaulana said…
Greg, your blog is so awesome, it gives us great insight into what goes on behind the scenes of the best show on television. Any chance that NBC will produce an official Heroes podcast for next season? It would be great to hear more commentary from the producers as well as interviews with the amazingly talented cast.
Anonymous said…
Hey, a quick question to everyone! why doesnt the future Hiro or the future Peter freeze time and kick the crap out of Cylar?!!! just dont get this whole time travel, they should have an episode for time travel for dummies;-)
Anonymous said…
Greg, wonderful episode as always, you guys are doing an amazing job. Thank you for bringing this into our lives every week.

I just watched the trailer for episode 21, and I'm a bit anxious about Nathan now, whether he'll be returning to season 2 or not. He's my favorite character. I keep thinking about what the 'hard decision' he is forced to make actually is. All the people I talked to about this said they really, really hope (to put it lightly) Nathan will be there come second season. I hope so too, and I hope you guys keep him, because Peter and Nathan are the heart and soul of the show to me (and many others). I'll be waiting for the season finale, and thanks again. :)
Anonymous said…
There are great points and questions raised by other commenters on this blog! I hope the writers and producers can / will provide answers to them.

I really enjoyed the episode, and thanks to Mr. Beeman for posting your thoughts on it.
Anonymous said…
"Five Years Gone" was such an incredible episode, and I've heard nothing but praise of it everywhere I go. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I loved seeing Future Hiro again and for him finally to be working with Peter directly. Adrian Pasdar, in particular, was fantastic. It must have been very challenging to be someone else being himself. And I can really never get enough of Nathan flying. The glimpses we get of the Sylar/Peter fight were awesome! I also have to thank you for having a lot of Ando because everyone loves Ando!

Thanks so much for enriching the "Heroes" experience through your blog. All the entries are so wonderful and informative, and I know I speak for many when I say how much I appreciate all the time and effort you give for us. I can't wait for next Monday!
Anonymous said…
This show is my life!!

Please don't let them kill Nathan, he's too sexy to die.
Anonymous said…
I LOVE your enthusiasm for your job and that is reflected back into the result of your work!
Heroes is the best new TV show in years and has blown my mind EVERY week. It's so refreshing to watch a show that is so wonderfully detailed, tells a great story with great characters, and so well-created.
The episode, going five years into the future was just absolutely brilliant.
The moment Nathan turned into Sylar, I about fell off my couch :)
Once it went to commercial, I thought, "how did I not catch that?" because I thought back to how "Nathan" talked about wanting to be special and that so wonderfully hinted to Sylar if you paid attention.
Thank you for all your hard work and can't wait to see what's in store for the end of this awesome first season!
Anonymous said…
Hey, Greg. I've been lurking in a lot of Heroes discussions, and one discussion I came across lamented the minimalization of females (with powers and without) during the course of the episode. I take issue with some people who go as far to say that the show needs a female writer, but I am wondering what's in store for females on the show. Besides, the curious lack of central female characters has lead to some of the most twisted shipping of characters I have ever seen.
Anonymous said…
no central female characters? guess claire is chopped liver and mrs petrelli is pate'...anyway, is greg out on the islands already??

dang...john badham did a great job with tonite's episode

man...getting a big name director...what a coup
Unknown said…
I agree with the comments about Adrian/Nathan (looks upthread just a teeny way). 1)Sexah! 2)GREAT acting. 3)Chemistry between Nathan/Peter/Hiro is GOLDGOLDGOLD. 4)I can't get enough of Nathan flying either. 8-) I even wrote a fan fiction about it... (yes, I had to slip that in here... hee):
Jackie said…
I knew that was the old TWW set! It's kind of (okay, very) nerdy of me that I made that connection while watching the ep. when it aired last week because I recognized the American flag painting that is behind the desk in the Oval Office. Although it's good to know I wasn't making this up in my own head.

I only discovered your blog today by way of the Entertainment Weekly website--thank you for taking the time to share your insights and some of the work that goes in to producing the show each week.
Anonymous said…

LOVE this episode!!! i'm this close to going crazy. anyway, there's are soooooooo many questions from you guys! i'm just about wringing my brains out right now. greg, we should have another q &a session cos there are so many time loop holes and paradoxes to be cleared up!

timeline 1,2, and 3 makes perfect sense, but why would peter have that scar if he met claire and saved her ??(cos she's still around if you haven't noticed, LOVE the brunette hair by the way) also, i don't recall hiro saying that dl, candace etc. had to be protected or handed over to bennett... did he just say that they died??

anyways, great GREAT episode. i was suspended in disbelief for the whole hour. LOVED IT!
Anonymous said…
Peter wouldn't die from the explosion because it's his power that caused it, just like Ted never got hurt from it, like Claire's mom doesn`t get burned by her own fire...at least that's my take on that matter...
The scar probably doesn't have anything to do with the explosion, we'll have to wait and see though!

That being said, FANTASTIC EPISODE!!! Milo was amazing as future Peter, as were Adrian and Masi...can`t wait for the new season!!!!
Anonymous said…
Greetings from greece! Watching season two right now, i just wanted to let you know that this was my favorite episode of the whole series till now.

The time travel - string theory was very cleverly executed.
We still need to see how an indistructible and maybe immortal dude like peter got himself a cool scar like that. From what i understood from the episode, because Future Hiro had already warned Pete on the subway about saving claire so he must have had her power in the future. So this scar must have been caused by a power/magical/ability way (Call it Haitian). Really need to find out more about the scar.

BTW there is a singer in Greece called Petrelis, so we are making a lot of jokes about it :D
Anonymous said…
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Jamb Result
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