Episode 23: How To Stop An Exploding Man

There you have it 23 episodes of HEROES. Wow. What a long strange trip it’s been. Everyone else who works with me on the show will agree that it has been one of the hardest and most creatively satisfying experiences of our professional careers.

The fans frequently sight that the show looks like a mini-feature every week. That is a great compliment to all of us. But, as you can imagine, it’s not easy to do that. The sheer logistics of doing this series have been quite challenging mentally and physically.

So, while you guys may have to wait 3 months or so for the next installment, let me encourage you with the following news: First we here at HEROES are already all back at work. Episode 1 is being written as we speak and we begin shooting episode 1 in about 1 short month. I have heard the writers pitch out the story lines for the next season and lemme tell you they are freakin’ awesome. There are new characters. New powers. Some of the characters you have come to know and love, in fact, DID die last night. And ALL those who survive will be moving on in new and unexpected directions. We are all ABSOLUTELY COMMITTED to not repeating ourselves next season – but in bringing you a freshly conceived show. Also, the reason we are beginning so early is that we are all committed to long runs of the show next year with very few, and very short hiatuses. We don’t want to be off the air with new episodes for 5 or 6 weeks anymore.

Also, the DVD will be out on August 28th and it will be loaded with lots of extras. We have been working on many of those extras for several months already.

OK – that’s it. As for me, my blog will go dark for a couple of months. But this season, my plan is to come back online a few times before we air, to fill you in on what’s developing, and maybe to answer some questions you have. I’m sure the official NBC site and Herosite.net will alert you when new blogs are up.

Hang in there. And we’ll see you next year!!!










Anonymous said…
Congratulations on a great season of television. It was one hell of a ride.

I'm saddened to hear that some of the characters did die last night--I am still hoping that Peter and Nathan are alive. With Peter's power, especially--once he really learns to control it, we could get a much more epic showdown with a Big Bad in future seasons, right? Well, I guess we'll see in September.
Anonymous said…
I do hope you'll consider some more frequent updates, even if they are short. I enjoyed your Q&A over the hiatus and would love to have something HEROES-related to keep up with before Season 2 starts.
Anonymous said…
Nathan, I'm sure, died but if Peter is gone I'll be crushed. He survived blowing up in the five years in the future episode, so I have high hopes. I'm also excited about the bad guy Molly mentioned.
Unknown said…
Please tell me Nathan is not dead. I think the character still has a lot of potential.
Jimmy B said…
Thanks for the best season of TV I've had in years: You made me believe that good shows CAN make it on Network TV. Every week was great, and I can't wait for next year.
Anonymous said…
I have to say CONGRATULATIONS, this season was awesome and well, what can I say, I'm a huge fan. I'm just a little disappointed at the season finale, a lot of things didn't make sense and we didn't get the super Sylar vs Peter battle we were all waiting for (at least I was). Sylar was defeated so easily! why!. Anyway, congratulations, I'm looking forward to Season 2 and more Sylar (I'm rooting for the bad guy here, he's too awesome).
Anonymous said…
Greg, thanks to you and the entire team for a really, really great season of television.

I'm really hoping that Peter survived (I'd like Nathan to be alive, too, but I think there's more hope for Peter). I would be disappointed if his story ended here--I think there's so much potential with this character, and I want to see it explored fully!
Anonymous said…
on the merchandising front, I think it'd be nice to see the online graphic novels make into hardcopy format (which I've heard repeatedly is coming), and also it would be nice to have postcard versions of the various "Isaac Mendez" paintings...

that would be kewl.
Jeff's Place said…
Mr. Beeman,
You officially KICK ASS! Sir!!

Thanks for a great first of many seasons of Heroes!
Anonymous said…
By "die," you of course mean in a cocoon regenerating under the Hudson River, correct? Because that's what I think of when someone says "die" in relation to SUPER-super-powered characters. :) Great season - looking forward to an even better season 2!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for providing this behind-the-scenes look at HEROES! Will you be making a production diary for the next volume? If one word could be used to describe the finale, I'd hafta say that it was "satisfying"! Thanks for answering most of the questions of the first volume and tying up a bunch of the loose ends, while still leaving us hangin' for September 24th!

Kudos to you and all who've provided us the ride so far!
Anonymous said…
Awsome! have fun shooting season 2!

Heehee I too root for Sylar, Zachary Quinto is just made of so much awsome.
Anonymous said…
Fantastic!! Excellent!!
Greg, you, and the cast and crew deserve all the praise you are receiving. And a special thanks to you for that special tip your young "tracking system" gave us for next season...especially because he/she is far worse than Sylar. Can't wait for the DVD!!!
MediaGirl said…
Thanks for the most fabulous first season of any series I've ever watched! I've never been so thrilled with characters, storylines and direction before! I can't wait to see where season two goes - especially with regards to Sylar's storyline which I just know is going to be awesome.

Is it Fall yet????
Anonymous said…
Liked the finale, but I am left wanting a bit regarding a big bad-arse Peter-Syar showdown. With the very very brief encounter in Suresh's apt, I expected the final show of the season to show a major smack down b/w them. What gives?
cuzzin said…
Dear Mr Beeman,
That was a great season. I really liked the 1st season. Can't wait for season number 2. You, the cast, and crew have a great summer. And all you fans out there have a great summer as well.
Chris Tombrello
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
yes yes, let Nathan die now that his wife can walk, that would be brilliant... what show are we talking about?

(well Hana die... DL? Mat? Nathan? Peter?)
Unknown said…
Congrats on a successful season. I can't wait for heroes to start on MY BIRTHDAY. Awesome and have fun shooting season 2.
Unknown said…
What a episode. Amazing, goddamn.
This show is the best thing ever in my life. Lol, ok maybe not, but it comes close.
I really can't wait till september, the same month as my birth'month'.

I would like to thank you Greg, and the rest, for making the best thing ever on TV.

Thanks lol
Anonymous said…
Congrats on a great season and amazing series. I am little disappointed by the finale as I know I was hoping for a epic battle between Sylar and Peter.

I felt the why Hiro stabbed Sylar was little lame as there are inconsistencies with the way Sylar is able to stop bullets but can't stop Hiro. I hope some explanation occurs about it as it seems there may be a plot twist involved.

The season finale really felt rushed though. Was it a problem of budget or something else? Your writers were really on the ball entire season but it seemed they dropped it a little for the finale.

I still looking forward to Season 2 though and hope to see some amazing stories!
This was the most amazing new show to come out this season, i looked forward too and loved every single episode i saw. i can't wait till next year for new and exciting stories to appear.
Unknown said…
Dear God (AKA Greg Beeman),

Please bless Peter and Nathan, the two bestest brothers evar, and please let them live into next season.


P.S. I assume that Nathan dropped off his passenger and then took off very fast to avoid the explosion. Let's go with that. Or you will have some VERY upset fangirls. Adrian Pasdar is just too good an actor and too hunky to let leave the show. Sorry -- we won't allow it. 8-)
Anonymous said…
Oh man. I can't believe I'm begging here.


There. You have it. In caps, no less.
Rae Mendez said…
I really hope you'll include Nathan as one of next season's characters. I just find the character to be compelling and I think his journey has just started. Please don't make another mistake of offing character too soon.
Karmakin said…
Justin:If the foreshadowing means anything..(sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't)

Sylar was distracted from the attacks from multiple angles. Something he wasn't used to. So he had to prioritize...

Sylar thought Hiro wasn't a real threat, as each time Hiro tried to confront Sylar, he pulled up short. Obviously, not this time.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for this backstage look at Heroes. I can't wait for season two. Really. I can't. Get to work, you! ;-)

--Rick from The Ninth Podcast
Anonymous said…
i love that picture of the cast sitting around between takes-it's almost surprising to see milo and zachary just hanging out, which is just another testament to how well they do their jobs. Great first season!!
Anonymous said…
Mr. Beeman,

I hope you read this, because I have some questions. Mostly just one: What exactly happened that made the last episode so terrible?

Now, if you are honest with yourself, you must agree that that episode was lackluster. Maybe not directing it, you don't particularly care, but I am having a real hard time figuring out what went wrong.

The writers had been pretty on the ball all season, and last night was really an atrocity. It was really the most anticlimactic season finale I've seen, especially given the hype. Now, was everyone pressed for time? Was this the actual plan of how things went down? I'm sure something MUST have happened - I've invested so much into this show that something is awry in Las Angeles.

I hope you respond to this with honesty, because without explanation, I know many loyal viewers who have given up hope, and hopefully a reply can ease their confusion/allow them to return for a second season.

EzraSmall said…
If you guys bring Nathan back, he HAS to have some serious radiation burns! Like Claire did when she approached radioactive Ted.
Anonymous said…
ahh, i loved the season finale!! great jobs guys, i loved how you made the season finale a bunch of new funny moments, sad moments, and thrilling ones... just know that you guys did one great job! i appreciate all the work that you guys think up everytime you guys make an episode... i can't wait for volume two, it will be awesome!!!
Thelma said…
Thanks, Mr. Beeman, for the backstage pass to Heroes. I love, love, love this show and was very happy with its finale.

I'm guessing Nathan is gone but Peter will be back. And so will I.

Looking forward to Season 2! And hopefully more posts than you say you'll be making.. Then again, enjoy the break. You all deserve it.
Anonymous said…
Aw man, I think it is best if Nathan is dead, it's great closure for him, but Matt really hasn't done enough and I would hate to have him be killed just because he got cocky.

And I hope Zachary Quinto will be back next season as well, he has a great character,
Unknown said…
I think my interest in the series will plummet down without Nathan so please don't kill him. There are so many things that Nathan have yet to do and I'd like to see more of his story. Why is it that every redemption always ends with death? What does it say about helping out others? It kills you?

If you want to kill someone kill Matt or Sylar. I'd seriously lose faith in the writers if they allow serial killer to survive but a more interesting character to die.
Sarah said…
This update has made me extremely happy for multiple reasons, one of which is that the season one DVD is coming out on my birthday!

This show is way more than awesome. I wish Heroes was a person so I could give it a big bear hug. :)

Hope you enjoy your time off. Can't wait for September!
Anonymous said…
Ok, I loved the finale (especially since Sylar is still alive) however, there were some inconsistencies. For example...Peter can fly people! Why didn't he just fly himself up into the sky and blow up and not have to waste his brothers life? Also, when Hiro traveled into the future in one of the earlier episodes and he was at the police station and witnessed the explosion...wasn't that during the daytime? So then why did the explosion actually occur during the night? Just some minor details but I can't wait for Sylar to come back and the other big baddie...I'm out!
Anonymous said…
Although the season finale was an unexpected letdown, I congratulate you on an excellent season of television and a very interesting blog.

Best of luck with Generations.
Anonymous said…
It was so great, and I was such a skeptic at first, but you guys really won me over.

Can't wait till the fall.
Christie O. said…
I completely agree with the comments about the fight scene. I was looking forward to a massive Matrix-like smack-down but it was actually really quick. Loved the show, though, despite that. Still not sure if Sylar actually died, and I'm pretty impressed by the symbolism of the cockroach by the way, but he did go down pretty easy. And I don't understand how he could not be there all of a sudden with all the other heroes sitting around (I am sure that someone would see him move??) But I must have faith that the writers have that covered for next season. Love the pic of Sylar eating ice cream. It helps me remember he's just an actor, because man has he me convinced that he's a terrible villain. I am so looking forward to next season -- I cannot express to you how this show has restored my faith in television which has until now been filled with reality crap. Thank you for your blog and the time you take with it! It has been a pleasure reading all about the show behind the scenes! (By the way, I'm also very much looking forward to the new evil villain that Molly alluded to -- the brain eating forehead-severing Sylar already gave me sleepless nights (yes I'm lame) so I'm interested to see what the writers come up with. Cheers till next season! And thanks! Kisses to Milo!
Batang Yagit said…
It's a great series. Congratulations! The first season was great. We should be expecting more on the next season i guess. Keep up the good work mr. beeman
Unknown said…
So THAT'S why Sylar's killing people! His overwhelming love for frozen Yogurt!

It makes so much sense now!
Anonymous said…
Mr. Beeman, Firstly, I'd like to say, great show, Heroes makes my Monday nights fun, and I look forward to them now. Keep up the good work, and we'll be seein' you next season.

Secondly, to one of the anonymous comments a few posts up: It could be that the explosion occurred at night because the timeline that led up to it was much different from the timeline that Hiro jumped into, thus effecting when it occurred. As for why Peter himself didn't fly away...well, I don't think it was a writer's brain fart, so I'm guessing it was because he was either A: too preoccupied with controlling the explosion until he was far enough away, or B: it was too much for him to have that power activated and the flight. Maybe he can only have one at a time.?

As for the showdown, I admit, I wouldn't have minded a bit more Sylar-Peter beatdown. Oh well, next season should be pretty dang exciting!
Anonymous said…
Love the show, have convinced everyone I know to watch it. Even have it on at work (at a bar) every Monday night. However, I can forgive the minimalist fight scene, as all characters are still learning and developing their powers. BUT, I swear, if you kill Peter, I am turning it off and never watching again. And I know I am just one person, I just wanted you to know that I can't possibly be the only one who feels this way. Do the right thing. Kill Parkman, he's useless. Kill Nathan, I can move past it (though not happily).
Kill Peter and its a total dealbreaker.
Peter, Claire, & Hiro are the lifeblood, without which the show should not exist. So DO THE RIGHT THING.
Anonymous said…
what a legacy this show is going to leave behind...the whole series so far has actually slowly inspired me emotionally to keep going...but the season finale has left a mark on me...such an amazing show.....I felt great resonance with Peter's character(older brother,self doubt and all)keep building this legacy you guys have my support...this show is for the people out there who are "different" in real life.keep it up :)
Anonymous said…
To those that are curious as to why Peter did not just fly away, just rewatch the scene where Nathan flies down to Kirby Square. As soon as Nathan lands, Peter tells him "I can't do anything," which could be taken as Peter does not have enough control to use his other abilities.

At the beginning of the series though, the explosion was predicted to occur the day after the election. Since Peter exploded the night of the election and Sylar was able to escape, is there still a possibility that he could go kablooie the next day?

The suspense is killing me! I'm going to sleep, wake me up in September :)
Anonymous said…
Loved the show for virtually the entire season, but the finale fell flat. Why no special effects? Why such a limited payoff with the Peter-Sylar confrontation? Why the obvious plot holes? Why cram everything into one hour instead of two? And why weren't there any freaking people or cars in New York?

Believe me, I'll be recommending the DVD to all my friends who didn't watch ... while bracing for the inevitable post-finale complaints.

The blog is fantastic by the way. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say any and all updates between now and September will be appreciated.
Anonymous said…
Overall the season was great.
But there were some big, gaping holes.
Why does Peter keep passing out?
Peter controlled Ted's power when he got it, why not later?
Where did the Haitian go?
What was up with the dead Deaveaux's scene? I have no idea how you could explain that.
Jen said…
Thank you for a fantastic ride. It was thrilling. A big thanks to the writers for having Nathan validate Peter's trust in the end. I, ultimately, never lost faith in the character, either, but it was nice to see that he's everything Peter thinks him to be.

I was right about the way to stop Peter. Please don't let my theory about Nathan being saved be wrong (because flying at supersonic speeds = invulnerability!) *L* I'll be so sad. And Peter will be emo again.
Anonymous said…
OK I'm in that target 18 - 45 range LOL, so here is what I thought.

Good Points
Great to involve the whole cast, and the way the final moments did mirror the prophecy dream was great

Some really good emotionally resonant scenes especially with the Petrelli brothers, HRG and Claire. I love the new super powered family that is emerging with Niki too

The "evil" ones were on top form too, Mama Petrelli and Sylar.

Not so good bits
There were a lot of episodes building up to this climax and it was too rushed, and didn't have enough impact for me, personally

Peter seems too weak, and no other Heroes can stand up to Sylar well enough, so he seems too all powerful, and when he went down so "easily" with the Hiro stabbing, it was weird

Too much slush mush unconditional lovey speech bits...it reminded me of H Potter actually, your power is love etc

I'll still tune in for s2, and thanks so much for your production diary, and insights :)
Anonymous said…
I love how you guys kept the action to a minimal during the entire season and kept the Sylar/Peter showdown just the same, with an extra dose of umph thanks to Niki. I would NOT have enjoyed some crazy battle of wits between Peter and Sylar where they blow up Kirby Square with their powers and such =P

I don't feel that the season finale was "weak", but there are a few gaps that I'm positive will be answered in the second season like:
-Where's the Haitian?
-If the explosion happened in daytime in the "original" timeline, does this mean there's still a chance for a second, morning explosion? Does this mean Sylar can still get to DL?
-GOD I love the cliffhanger on the hero that Molly can't find. So much speculation, but I'll hold off until we find out for sure.
-Does Meredith still have anything to do with the series?
-Hana Gitelman and Claude should have been used more. I know Hana got killed off on the webcomic but she should have gotten more screen time.
-I hope Christopher Eccleston gets to come back next season. And let's pit him against David Tennant? That'd be super cool

I also wouldn't mind paying for like, VIP content :D
Unknown said…
It really saddens me that Nathan could be/will be dead.....
Anonymous said…
Thanks a heap for a terrific blog and a terrific series despite a bit of a let-down to me with the final episode.

I dunno, the build up left me feeling a bit empty after the final show. Almost as if the writers were heading somewhere to do something spectacular for a payoff - but then the budget and some of the scripting was scalped and the payoff reduced as a result.

Maybe somebody's world did end in a bang, but to me it felt like a whimper.
Anonymous said…
congrats on such cool show! i love this shoe.. as for the ppl hu asked wers hatian? dun u remembers he dead? suresh klilled him wen he was suppose to kill hiro wif da needle... and i really hope der wun be DAT much new characters.. i really loves these original ones... as for natahn and peter... i hope dey still both alive... espcially peter, i wun mind dat much nathan dieing... but i still hjope he survives... as for da cliffhanger bout dat guy dat molly cant find, dats so awesome! "wen i fink bout him,he can see me" i mean after some brain eating thing, wats worse? im rss tuned 4 season 2... but i hafta say i am really dissapointed wif da season finale.. der as so much cramed.. and everything was so short, y not make a 90 minute special? the season finale had heaps of potential and den it dissapointed me... y was da peter,sylar face off soooo short? it barley lasted 30 seconds.. as for hiro... syalr should haf dun sumthin to stop it... buh to be honest i dun lyk da fact dat hiro goes into da 1600 for saeson 2... i never really lyk those movies in da 1600's bout samruais and all dat... but ders always da rest of da characted in da mordern world ^^... but nvm dat! BRING ON SEASON 2!! as for da finale for season 2 (i noe im finking relaly ahead) make sure its bettter den season 1 finale ^^..
Anonymous said…
Greetings from Scandinavia! I have to admit that i was a bit disappointed with the finale.

I felt there were just some stupid things that made no sense like Niki deciding to joint the "battle" (silly 1 dollar slapfest) against Sylar of whom she doesn't know anything about! I mean, how did she even know he's a bad guy? They'd never met! And of course her contribution lasted like 3 seconds after she went back to just standing around...

And why didn't Peter himself fly into the sky? Sylar allowed Hiro to just stab him with the sword, and the whole "last 3 min" of the show were the lamest ever. I mean, haven't we gone thru this already?! Yeah - Hiro travels back and forth and can't control his powers and is probably related to the ancient Samurai Hero.

There was nothing suprising. The budget seemed low for a season finale that should be a kick-ass episode (instead of what it was now) and i felt that it was one of the worst finales on any show i've seen! NOTHING HAPPENED!!

And yeah, i still think it's stupid to use so much of the shows running time to replay the same scenes that ended the last episode. I'm always tempted to fast forward those. And i'm a fan of the show!!

Hopefully Season 2 can fix some of these things. I still think that Heroes is one of the most interesting and promising shows on TV at the moment, but if you guys continue to hit off the mark, audiences will move on and wait for something better to come around.

And having read comments on forums, i'm definately not alone with my thoughts about this disappointing final.
Anonymous said…
We've been loving Heroes over here at pinkraygun.com - and while the general consensus seems to be that the finale was something of a let-down, we found it to be emotionally satisfying and touching. And, in our own snark-filled way, we've gone ahead and created our own list of "How to Stop an Exploding Man."

Consider it us giving back for all the work done this season. Now, how long do we have to wait for the new episodes to start airing?
Anonymous said…

..and just one more point, while I'm here. i know things don't always happen the way people might like.

But - even though a bit let-down by the finale - if either Peter or Nathan are revived now, surely the integrity of either character - and the major storyline from this season - are obliterated.

If both live, we were all fooled. Yay!! writing team....

If one lives, all he has done is assisted the death of his own brother who was trying to do the right thing..

That's no reward for heroism...

It felt like a two-hour finale split into two one hour finales by a network.
Unknown said…
zach quinto is so hot, all the guys on this show are!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for awesome season of Heroes. I really hope that Peter's survives, he just has to much potential to die. Can't wait for Volume 2
Anonymous said…
To everyone disappointed with the lacklustre Peter/Sylar showdown - Sylar already knew he was going to go down, as evidenced by his closing speech and precognitive flashes. He didn't need to fight back.

Thanks for these updates, Greg, and I'm adding to the multitude hoping for many updates to come!
Jay said…
Congratulations on a breathtaking finale and phenominal first season! i was hooked on every character and concerned with their own separate outcomes. Not surprisingly, the world was saved with love, not strength. Surprisingly, it was Nathan who helped saved it. Adrian and Milo really nailed the "I love you" moment. I hope Peter makes it back down to earth. And Sylar, i hope he returns. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a "bad guy" more than what Zachary Quinto did with Sylar. Thank you for a season of absolute bliss! The countdown for Season 2 begins...
Jim Frasch said…
I guess I was expecting a little more in-depth of a blog post covering the finale. I guess that's the problem, you've set the bar so high for yourselves, both with the show and with this blog. I look forward to reading this blog almost as much as I do to watching Heroes.

Can't wait until Fall!
Anonymous said…
What a fantastic show, and what a disappointing finale! Why the hesitation to shoot Peter - he would be knocked out for a bit, thus giving his nuclear powers time to "calm down", but it's not like the bullet would have killed him.

A great series, but there were so many previous episodes that were so much more exciting.
Anonymous said…
DON'T KILL SYLAR!!!!!! I LOVE Sylar! I also love Peter. My favorite part of the show right now is Peter vs. Sylar. I don't want Nathan to be dead, but if he is, it is a sacrifice I am willing to make for the sake of Peter and Sylar.

I love this show, and I toyed with this concept in my own work about 2-3 years ago. You guys have really done a good job with it, and it feeds both my own and what I believe is our culture's pop obsession with heroes and superheroes. I love it!
Anonymous said…
To begin with I love the last episode of season one, it's awesome! then again, every single episode seems to have kept me watching, and impatiently waiting for the following week's episode.

I really cannot wait for Season 2 to come out. I do hope that Nathan will be back for the next season, Adrian Pasdar played such a good role at it. Zachary Quinto is awesome! He plays such an awesome role as Sylar! I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him in Season 2? heehee
Anonymous said…
Great job on a great season.

I just want to officially petition for Peter Petrelli (Milo V.) to return for season 2 and BEYOND.

He HAS to return next year, IMHO he was a BIG part of Heroes success....

Somewhere in Jersey
Anonymous said…
While I too would have liked to have seen a bigger battle with Sylar, I can't say I'm disappointed with it at all. I think it was well handled, that there are explanations for what some have called plot holes (Peter too preoccupied with trying to control the explosive power to fly, Sylar not really expecting Hiro to do anything and got surprised when he did). The show is focused more on the people and relationships than the powers and so, though we love to see them manifested, can understand limiting it and not making the battle itself result in making a crater out of Kirby square.

All in all, it was an EXCELLENT series this season and I'm looking forward to the next one!
Unknown said…
Thanks for all you've given us, GB, from your fantastic direction to your obvious enthusiasm. What a great ride it's been and I can't wait for the DVD release.

That said, if Nathan is dead, the next season had better be the best thing I've ever seen, or else my love affair with the show is over. I will definitely be returning (which, from a business standpoint, is all that matters), but the last episode was chock-full of writing mishaps, unsatisfying fakeouts, and needless trauma. Still better than 95% of all television ever produced, but to say it was a let-down is a vast understatement. I wish Adrian Pasdar all the best, but seriously, keep that man on the show - he's a genius.
Anonymous said…
Although it might be a repetition, but I really liked the entire season so far ... so I am hardly disappointed with the season's finale.

There are truly too many inconsistencies an unexplained circumstances.

Why this reluctance in an great battle, that would far better explain
- Peters explosion (Ted didn't explode like this all along)
- Niki's joining ("oh, a fight let's kick some ass" - as for she never met Sylar before)
- Sylar's sudden killing by Hiro
(a true fight with the three or four - with Parkman as a distraction - might have given several good ways to overcome Gabe)
- Sylar's sudden vanishing (what were the other doing? - they fight the most dangerous creature ever and now they just forget about him, to allow him a drawback to the canalization, please! In good old films such villains were aloud to drop in an abyss at least after having obviously been killed, so that the ignorance of the dead's body might even be a little more credible)

I just can hope you revamp the finale episode for the beginning of the next season and make it even a little more adequate to the quality of the whole season ...

Save the cheerleader, save the season!
Anonymous said…
Well I hope that Nathan and Peter are still alive...after all they never died on screen. Anything could have happened in space. I have my money on Matt, DL, and Sylar being actually dead. Why? Matt being shot 3 times, showed that Mr. Psychic is still flesh and blood and can be killed like a regular person. 2nd, DL should have lived considering that even though he was shot, he grab Linderman's brain...shouldn't he have been healed? Although, I think his job was to serve as Nikki's Ando. Last but not least, I think Sylar is actually dead but something dragged his body into the sewer...why else would that roach be there...maybe it was the person that's bigger and badder than the boogeyman???
RosieBoo said…
Congrats on a great season!...and finale! A lot of folks on here are bashing the finale, but how would they have ended this season? After the show ended, even if I felt like I still had some questions, I couldn't think of any other way to tie things up so nicely, yet leave us wanting more. Great job!

I can't wait for the DVD (yippee, it's coming out in August!) and for Season 2. And I'll second the saving of Sylar. I don't think a villian has been this loved in a long time. :)

For one commenter that asked why Claire didn't just shoot Peter....it all goes back to love vs. strength. Some of you people need to analyze more.. :)
Unknown said…
i loved it but it did sadly not live up to my expectations. and i hate that the season is over. the ending was very weird since i would expect to get starter info of season 2 out of ads. what was hiro doing there in the first place, and why didnt you just make peter burn his head of when he was about to explode?(assuming going nuclear gets hot)
John said…
Cop out. We're now left with 15 good guys vs. Sylar. Everybody, besides sylar, who was bad is now either good or dead.

The big showdown was anti climactic, the writing was stilted (You saved the cheerleader, let me save the world..gag...you're my hero...double gag)

The whole 2012 episode was a red herring and it was quite apparent that the producers decision to bring most of the cast back for season 2 impacted the final few episodes of season 1.

I loved the early part of the season, loved the middle and saw the potential for a cop out at the end. Unfortunately...that cop out happened....

I hope the staff charts a course for season 2 and sticks with it for the whole season instead of changing course in flight.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, I have to agree that the season finale was pretty disappointing. All that buildup week-by-week for an anticlimactic almost-battle between Peter and Sylar that should have been far longer and much more intense.

I still love the show, though, so hopefully Season 2 will be even better!
Anonymous said…
u know i thought heroes would be another run of the mill series, but i was way wrong..

and im still sad that the petrelli's died..spez peter, but i mean...at the end of the day he was getting slightly whiny with his "I can't control it! I can't do this!"...

but YATA!!! =) to the 2nd volume! and if u ever kill off hiro i WILl cry...
Dave said…
Absolutely fantastic -- the whole series. You SHOULD be beaming, Mr. Beeman!

Looking forward to the future, and the past, and whatever else you and the entire Heroes crew and cast come up with!
Anonymous said…

if you guys really did kill off some major characters, i say kudos to you...that takes balls.

second, i think much of the criticism of the final show, shows the sorry state of the intellectual prowess of today's tv viewing public, and that is sad.

this show was never about huge cgi laden battles, nor should it ever be.

it was the cgi laden battles trumping the human interaction that killed x3

what i really loved about the first season, was the way it payed homage to the roots of comic books in the united states.

the original creators were mostly jews who either emmigrated or were of first generation. within their stories were significant threads taken right from the bible and talmud and legends told to them by their parents

the show itself could have gotten very silly, very fast...but thank god this was avoided.

im a little sad that we wont be seeing malcolm mcdowall anymore...i just hope eccleston makes more appearances, as well as more of takei

and i just hope that greg keeps the blog going thru the offseason

and until preacher hits the hbo airwaves in 09....make mine heroes

oh, and to those who keep questioning why peter didnt just fly away....claude was a bit off on his description of peter's powers...he is less an empath and more like a sponge...he was oversaturated with powers, being surrounded by all the other heroes and sylar...he had no control over what was happening
Anonymous said…
well done. heroes is by far the best show on TV today. i hope many more seasons of heroes come from this. i'm so sad that i have to wait three months for the new season. every actor/actress, writer,creator(tim kring) and crew all did a great job. i do hope that peter is still alive. i think he can be the one all the heroes can turn to foe help once he lerns how to use& control all his powers. i plan on buying two copy's of heroes when it comes out. thank you all for making the best show ever.
Anonymous said…
It is amazing to watch heroes in HD. HD has made me so much more aware of the characters and the surroundings than ever before. I never would have known before when an actor didn't shave well enough or their makeup didn't match their neck...freaky!
Anonymous said…
Congrats on a succesful season! I love the direction the show is going so far,it's really edge-of your-seat stuff!Thanks for those great pics,they're so funny!And of course tell evryone at Heroes congrats and thank you for all the hard work you put on the making of an awesome TV show!
Anonymous said…
Accidentally posted my comments asking that Nathan and Peter not be dead to the wrong section, rather than repeat reasons why just know they are heartfelt and sincere.
Mr. Colby said…
Like so many posters above, I really enjoyed the show (the only show besides "Lost" that I went out of my way to see every week), but felt let down by the finale. It just seemed rushed, like the writers and producers and FX guys didn't have time to give us what they'd been giving us in 22 previous episodes - a well-thought out, logical, visually exciting story.


How about this. We the viewers give you a "mulligan". We all pretend this episode never existed. You folks go and make the episode you really wanted to make, and that we wanted to see. Air it a month from now, or something. And we all love it and talk about how worth-the-wait it was to have a 5ish-week break between the last two episodes of the season.


PS - As precedent I cite Highlander 2, which all true Highlander fans will swear up and down NEVER HAPPENED!
Anonymous said…
The possibility of Nathan dying is almost too much to bear. He is a really good actor and he really shouldn't leave. When Hiro went to the future, it was indeed daylight. While the timeline was significantly altered during the show, it is possible that NY could go boom still because Sylar is alive and this was the night before the explosion. Announcements of Nathan winning the election were all over the place, so it'd be weird if he didn't make a public appearance the day after winning. Also, Peter had to get his scar from SOMEWHERE...

From the way Peter acted, it was as if he really could only use one power at a time-- which means he couldn't fly. I think people should pay more attention to that.

Hiro didn't pose a threat to Sylar. Sylar didn't do anything to Hiro because of this. Sylar could've also been slightly disoriented while holding Peter in his clutches.

If Claire did shoot Peter in the head, that doesn't mean that the bullet would necessarily lodge in the brain. If it didn't, he would heal and we'd be back at square one. If it did and they took him to the hospital to get it out, we'd still be back at square one because every time Peter loses it he could explode (kind of like having high blood pressure-- except you don't explode!).

I would not like the idea of anyone dying, even though I know at least one of them will. I like DL being alive, but if he's alive the story with Niki/Jessica is still going to be around and I didn't like it too much. The commentary guy said that for all intents and purposes, the Niki/Jessica story is done, so whatever happens to DL seems kind of lost in the wind. Too bad, he seemed like a good guy. Micah was a cute little kid that really has potential in the world of Heroes-- but probably not with the storyline he comes from. It'd be hard to separate him from that.

Overall, fantastic show. I will watch it to the end.
Anonymous said…
Please don't let Peter and Nathan be dead. I've already stopped watching Lost which turned into a silly nightime soap and 24 which had no coherent story line this season. Without an adult and a maturing young moral center as lead characters, Heroes is left with leads I'm not particularly interested in - a comic book character, an absent minded professor and a schizophrenic.
Anonymous said…
Adair Tishler who plays hero Molly Walker on NBC's Heroes is cast in the leading role for the feature length psychological adventure, A MONSTER IN THE ATTIC going into production this summer.

For more information visit: http://www.nightlightpictures.com/Nightlight%20Pictures/Casting%20Press%20Release.html
Anonymous said…
Actually the official website for "A Monster in the Attic" is www.monsterintheattic.com
Unknown said…
The finale definitely felt rushed. Esp after the preview the week before I was hoping for an epic Peter/Sylar battle of powers. Instead Nikki's involvement was silly, Peter (with every power known) punches Sylar and then turns his back on him again (didnt he learn his lesson about that the first time) and Hiro with the running start doesnt get telekineticly tossed aside before stabbing Sylar. The show is so wickedly uneven about how lives and who dies (e.g. Eden vs. D.L.). Plus the gaps in logic (even if we do need to suspend reality) are SO big sometimes that it definitely takes away from the show. I do look forward to Season 2, but I worry now since Sylar has died the show might be ready to jump the shark (www.jumptheshark.com).
Anonymous said…
Yes, Pseudolus - love your idea! Let´s get a new finale, worthy of this wonderful season! Even though I don´t think that the finale was horrible, it just wasn´t goog enough.

And another idea; let´s start a campaign to keep Peter Petrelli in the show! Could somebody who´s good with computers start a "savepeter.com" webb? And then we could all wear black clothes or something...
rob said…
Loved it, loved it, and I LOVED it. Can't wait to see what the Heroes team think up for the next season.

Props to everyone who's made this show work.
Anonymous said…
There is nothing I love more on this Earth than Heroes on Monday nights! Can't wait for next season!
Anonymous said…
Can Peter and Sylar use only 1 power at at time? Could the Sylar ooze be the collected powers and/or evil incarnate looking for a new hosts? Does the eclipse teaser a sign that DNA modifications had alien or space orgins? Was the "future" episode an indication of who actually lives and dies despite the changes in events? What about Issac's future paintings and comic book; it showed Nathan in the WH (the Sylar prez had a green Hulk like look)?
Anonymous said…
something bout the last bit with the cockroach and the drain...

u guys are definitely up to something in season 2...=)
Greg said…
It's very kind of you to take time out to give some insights into the making of this program...

From all of us here in Denver who are fans, may I simply say...

"Don't Kill Parkman"..

Anonymous said…
>> If you guys bring Nathan back, he HAS to have some serious radiation burns.

Guys, before you say something like this, please read up on "Supersonic", "Hypersonic" and "Sonic Boom".

Here's one on Hypersonic:

Amongst the many effect that flying at hypersonic can cause is convective and radiative heating. Ditto with sonic boom, it is created due to heating and expansion of air.

We've seen in the past that Nathan has created trails of Sonic boom while flying. Despite this, his skin is not burned up and his body are not torned apart. This implies that like other supersonic or hypersonic object, he has the ability to withstand extreme heat and radiation while in flight mode. He actually create these extreme heat and radiation while flying.

If anything, I would find it unbelievable if he doesn't survive.
proudmama said…
Like many, I loved the show, but thought some moments were a little corny (the way Nathan appeared)- and some moments didn't make sense (sylar getting killed so easily). But overall this is the best show I've ever seen. Am I the only one who would like to know the events leading up to "5 years gone"after the explosion? Like how did Peter and Nikki get together. Can't wait till next season!
Anonymous said…
I am hoping that Peter is alive, he has so much potential in future seasons and he just started getting control of his power. I have my fingers crossed.
Unknown said…
I love Nathan/Peter final scenes together and how they work together to stop the bomb. However, I'm not keen on the implications.

I hope Nathan is alive. He still has so many plot threads waiting for him. Ditto with Peter.
Volume 1 was superb! cant wait for Generations! I hope Nathan, DL and Parkman are still alive..I know Peter is..LoL.
Anonymous said…
I'm hoping that both Nathan and Peter are back. Nathan could have flown Peter up then once high enough let him go and flew to a safe distance, hint hint.

Heroes is my #1 new show. Keep up the good work.
Anonymous said…
Love the series, the first can't miss show (for me) in years. Cannot wait for the DVD set (buying the HD). Just one question, maybe someone can tell me. Will there be new Graphic Novels over the break like there was during the hiatus's?
Anonymous said…
the finale was a fitting end to the season and then some...why? because in this show the story is more important than anything else...yes, there were some mistakes like nikki's involvement in the fight, parkmans stupid decision, and some others...but the episode's resolution was foreshadowed long before that. Anyone who's been following the season knows that the finale follows the premonitions in Peter's dream and Issac's last comic. Things happen the way they were seen to happen.
The battle between Sylar and Peter didnt satisfy you? too bad...was Peter ever in full control of his powers like Sylar? That would be a resounding NO...Peter was petrified of Sylar, of possibly being the bomb, and through the whole season we saw him in full control of his powers only in 5 YEARS GONE and thats it. A mistake was made in making us expect a big fight, but Sylar would have OWNED Peter unless the other heroes had been involved.
Why didnt Peter fly? duh!! he says it!!! I CANT DO ANYTHING!!
Hiro stabbing Sylar? Haven't we all seen how Sylar believes he is invincible and how he believes he's above all others? Even when he was captured by the Company we say his arrogance and his confidence...was he going to be afraid of someone who hadnt been able to kill him before when he had the chance? In the end I firmly believe that the finale was made the way it needed to be made...true, it wasnt flashy, it was FX-loaded, but it was fitting to all the circumstances surrounding the bomb.
Why did Nathan change his mind about stopping the bomb? Because of what his daughter would think of him if it went off, the cheerleader who was saved.
Anonymous said…
this show rocks. it's hard for me to want to see another tv show after heroes because it can't be better then it. before heroes i was a smallville fan even though i knew that alot of episodes had nothing to do with what the season was about. but when heroes came out everything i wanted to see in a superhero tv show was there. like a great story, every episode fitting to what the season was about, the many super powers on the show + flying & it's all about everyday people that find out that they have these powers and find each other at the end where they save the world. i can't wait for next season i herd peter & nathen will be back and i will be getting the heroes dvd. well done to everyone that made the show what it is "the best show to ever hit TV in history".
Anonymous said…

Adrian Downes said…
Ok, after 102 posts what can I introduce that hasn't been mentioned already? While it would have made sense for Hiro to use his time-freeze action to plunge his sword into Sylar's chest, this is science-fiction people, with the emphasis on FICTION.

Besides... given that Sylar has Issac Mendez' power, perhaps he knew he wasn't going to die, and was just decided to have a bit of a lie-down in Kirby Plaza for a while...

Make no mistake, Heroes is the best thing to happen to TV since Lost. Given the writers' past association on other shows, it wouldn't suprise me that the individual Molly cannot find is indeed JACOB....

It will be a tough act to follow, but I am definitely looking forward to Season 2.


Sus said…
well this'll teach me not to let the rest of life's bs get in the way of checking in on your blog! Mr. Beeman you and the rest of the crew deserve a wonderfully relaxing summer and though I'll be eternally saddened if Peter and Nathan are indeed dead I can't wait for next season. Oh and the return of my fav actor/character Christopher Eccleston/Claude...right?? right?? Thank you and everyone else for such excellent work!!
Unknown said…
I don't think I could properly say I was disappointed by a show so rich and involving that it not only invites a borderline-obsessive degree of attentiveness from me, but rewards that attentiveness every time. I'm so proud of you guys for being big and colorful and wildly creative but still erring on the side of subtlety--trusting the actors to communicate the shades of their motivations, not spelling everything out.

That said, there are times when I long for clarity, for something a little more decisive--an overt (read: ha-I-told-you-so or gah-I-didn’t-see-that-one-coming) resolution to a standing mystery. The season finale turned out to be one of those times. I think I can posit explanations for some of the apparent "inconsistencies" of the final scene, but it would have had a more direct impact, more urgency, if (with respect to that particular moment) I didn't have to think about it, I just *felt* and *knew.* Y'know?

My biggest concern going into the finale was that we would get this devilishly clever, massive melee of non-stop action from wall to wall, leaving no time for character moments--and given the choice between the two, I'd choose character every time. As it was, I got the exact opposite! I highlight, in particular, Peter’s vision and the subsequent scene between Peter and HRG. Intriguing, beautiful, moving, thematic. Totally meaningful. Can there possibly be a weirder way to say, in a sense, Welcome to the Family than “If it comes to it, I’ll put you down myself”?!! How deliciously HRG!!! And yet I was sincerely and deeply moved by that scene.

All the same, the final moments lacked… punctuation, somehow. A virtual tableau, bringing together all the major characters for the final moments, is a visually-promising idea, but I didn’t understand how those characters—many completely unfamiliar with Peter and Sylar—knew that they belonged on the sidelines, that Peter and his exploding hands were the inevitable main event. Didn’t understand why they didn’t at least try to get the kids away. (We know they wouldn’t make it, do they?)

And I think that the foregoing episodes themselves, not just the publicity machine, asked us to consider, really consider, how someone as powerful as Sylar could be stopped—hopefully without someone like Peter having to compromise himself with acts of dismemberment or something. (For the record, I had my money on the old Brody Mitchum treatment, something that would give Sylar a chance to start over, at least temporarily declawed). But I never dreamed it would turn out to be as simple as: Hit him! Several times! Now poke him with the sword!

Finally, while I love the possibilities presented by Hiro’s Samuraii Adventure (!!!), I don’t think I was ready for it. One thing that did come through loud and clear in the finale was sacrifice—the beauty of it and the tragedy of it simultaneously. Even if Nathan is still alive—and he may well be—I doubt he could be sure of his survival when he made his choice. Claire can’t be sure. Peter couldn’t be sure. It was a little jarring to see Claire and HRG revert so quickly to the topic of homely comforts, and I didn’t feel ready to geek out about Hiro’s new stomping grounds. Too sad. Still too sad, and cliff-hanger or no cliff-hanger, does anybody want to ask that nice little girl where two of my favorite characters on tv—ever—fell out of the sky? (Or—gulp—didn’t?)

You can see how involved I get, LOL. Six paragraphs? That’s true love.

With apologies for my rambling and thanks, as always, for a phenomenal year,

Anonymous said…
Hi Greg

I'm not sure if you'd still be reading the comments by now, since you posted this a while back. I'd like to say, based on what I read, that I think the directing for this show seriously elevated it's quality far beyond what you'd expect from the writing.

I've got a question about the finale. Some people have expressed disappointment with the showdown, and Tim Kring had repeatedly stated that previous encounters between Sylar and Peter were "trailers" for the finale. Did something go wrong? Were there logistical problems, did the show go too far overbudget? I'm having a bit of trouble reconciling what the writers have said would happen with what actually happened.
Anonymous said…
Hi Greg--first of all, thank you for a great, great first season. I loved every minute of it.

I am, however, worried by this:

We are all ABSOLUTELY COMMITTED to not repeating ourselves next season – but in bringing you a freshly conceived show.

I'm pleased that you don't want to repeat yourselves next season, but I hope this doesn't mean that we're starting over with an almost entirely new cast. There are so many great stories left to explore with the characters we know and love now--like back story on the Petrellis, and the continued adventures of HRG and Claire--I hope these aren't dropped next season.
Anonymous said…
Since election day takes place on the 7th and the newspaper was dated November 8(commonsense will tell you that a newspaper prints the election results the following day), the same day the bomb goes off in the daytime, can that mean there is still an explosion that will happen?
Anonymous said…
Greg- Gr8 season, i loved every Bit, it can only Be descriBed as "oh snap did u see what she did, what!!!!!!, yo he just.., that one is crazy.., he's sheisty, a yo they.., that's hot how she.., where'd he come from, wish i could do that, this the Best show EVER!!!4 Real!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Yet again you and crew astound us leaving us asking for more!
I can't wait to see what you bring to Comic Con in July! Please tell me it's on the Fri and not Sat. I have a wedding/party event I must attend. Either way I'm hooked

Anonymous said…
Awesome show guys! All the characters are just wicked. (I do hope Nathan somehow survived!)At least Peter can fly too so that power can be fully explored!Just such clever storyline. Thanks heaps. Look forward to next season.Can't wait!!!
Anonymous said…
Please please please let Nathan survive. Let Adrian Pasdar stay!!!(BIG FAN!!!)
Avi said…
A couple of people here have said they were dissapointed with the finale, but I was not, and do not understand their comments. The finale was AWESOME. Not just edge of the seat intense, more like off the edge of the seat, laying on the ground with jaw dropped open.
Company Man was edge of the seat. The finale was much more.

Also, everyone says there's a cockroach where Sylar disapeared, but I saw no cockroach.

I eagerly anticipate Season 2. Hiro's last scene at the end - at first, it's not such a big cliffhanger, because mostly everything in Volume 1 has been resolved satisfactorily, but the more I think about it the more I think it was indeed a crazy intense cliffhanger - WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN?!?!

Heroes is awesome!

"You saved the cheerleader, so we could save the world!"
Anonymous said…
Hello from Malaysia.

Congratulations on a great season and an awesome finale! I was expecting a more explosive showdown between Peter and Sylar, honestly, but I was glad that the show stuck to its core of human relationships being what is the most important.

This show could have turned into something silly, violent or unresolved, but I'm glad that the writers have turned it into something that truly has heart..and drama, for that matter.

I shall join the ranks of fans proclaiming that they hope that Nathan did not, in fact, die. I was really looking forward to the development of the whole 'family' idea. It is clear that Claire doesn't trust her biological father and is still struggling with the fact that she is adopted, even with the many bizzare things going on around her. I was and am still looking forward to her character development with her biological 'family', especially Nathan. Now, that wouldn't be plausible if he were dead... (And yes, I am a hopeless fan of Adrian Pasdar in the end.)

Good luck with the upcoming season. I can't wait!
Anonymous said…
When is the next big announcement will happen? I'm really worried about Nathan's fate in the series. Please tell us that he'd live to join the others in second season (and as a real person instead of as a ghost or visions or anything stupid like that). I think there are so much untapped potential for his character. Also, would the comic book address some of the cliffhangers from the finale?
Anonymous said…
Congrats! Oh please let Gabriel be alive hes one of the main reasons I tune in.
Him and Mohinder cause they're just so cute together. ^-^(okay sorry rabid fangirl kicking in)

Anyways loved it completely and shall be waiting with baited breath clutching my Sylar poster to see if my love lives to steal another brain.
Anonymous said…
A possibility on how Nathan can survive: make him the new Human Torch:

Anonymous said…
Hey Mr. Beeman, I hope that you actually get a chance to read some of these comments. First off, Heroes was great this season and I want to appluad the work that everyone put into it.

But anyway, I was just thinking... and if Smallville just killed off the character of Chloe (as seems likely), then maybe you should see if there'd be any roles amongst the "Heroes: Origins" characters for Allison Mack. Heck, keep an eye open for Marsters while you're at it.

I figured that it can't hurt to make the suggestion, have a nice summer.
Anonymous said…
Bonjour! Mr Beeman, it's been years since we didn't have a TV series of that quality. Writing is great, filming is great, i enjoyed every minute of it. And thank you for the finale the way it was, this was perfect. So many possibilities. Okay, now the level of expectations is sky-high... Good work this summer, you guys.
TllGurl said…
Thank you so much and congratulations for a wonderful season! And the season finale was really very cool.
The only person whose survival I'm iffy about is Matt. He was unconscious as Molly pleaded with him to not die. ("You're my hero!" *sigh*)
Nathan and Peter made me cry. Just want you to know.
I am so looking forward to next season.
And your blog is great, too!
Thanks again.
Anonymous said…
I finally saw the finale. It was awesome. My favourite was the dialogue between Nathan and Peter. But what's with the cliffhanger? I hope you'll bring back both Nathan and Peter again. It'd love to see both brothers working with each other again. Although hopefully in a mission that's less dangerous than the one in the finale.
Unknown said…
Mr. Beeman,

Kudos to everyone for this year's season! The finale almost made me cry because of Peter and Nathan. Hope to see more of Mrs. Petrelli and Noah Bennet in the next season...

BTW, I'd like to suggest that you guest Jon Voight as Noah Bennet's father. Did you notice the resemblance between Jack Coleman and Jon Voight? Watch Enemy of the State, you'll see the similarities.
Anonymous said…
Heroes is truly the most rocking and thrilling thing to happen on Television in a loooong time... I cudnt wait to see wot sylar was upto episode after episode. I really hope Peter Petrelli is still alive and Mohinder is retained for Season 2. O and Sylar too... just thinking of him makes me shiver...
Wow Man! What you Do Is Really Cool
(Sorry About My English- But Im Short Age And I Dont Live in a Country Where the People Talk In English-)
Whatever.. I Like You Blog-
But i Understand Just a Little Bit-

Humm ...

I Wanna Be Like You T_T

Please Tell Me
How Peter Have This Scar In His Face?
He Have the Regeneration Spontaneous Power [From Claire]- So..How He obtained That Scar?

I Hope You Can Understand Me =P
And Again..Sorry Abour My Horrible English

Good Bye! And Thanks For Read Me!
Anonymous said…
I hope Nathan is okay. I think there are still a lot of stories left to tell for him and Peter. I really want to see the two of them interacting a lot more than they did in the first season. I've been wanting to see the two of them working together. All of these times we only see them working in opposite direction. It'd be nice to see them on the same side/supporting each other but one where the two don't actually explode in the sky.
Amerigo said…
Peter ain't dead. He's got regeneration, right?
He's probably going to land somewhere and he'll be fine
Anonymous said…
Man im from Australia but i've downloaded the final eps. Soo good!
I'm hoping Peter and Nathan are'nt dead, but then again, Beeman could have meant sylar did actaully die??? Just a suggestion. I'm loving Niki's new developments and i hope next season is awesome! Cant wait till the DVD. Keep it real. T wilson.
p3te* said…
I love this blog...dont leave us out in the cold until next season!!!
Anonymous said…
it is a hell of a ride my friend just that i wish peter saved the day but kudos to nathan man. i respect you.
i found this cool art of Sylar in deviantart..
Varun Goel said…
Tremendous series!!!

Heroes is definitely one of hte best things that happened to television!!

The preview of Generations was exhilarating!! Kensei at last!

Kudos for the great work!! Lookin forward to the nxt volume!!

With a thumbs up...

Yours heroically,

-Varun Goel

PS: I hope Nathan survives....
Anonymous said…
I hope both Nathan and Peter are back in second season. The show won't be the same without them.

Here's an incentive to bring them back:


It's Nathan and Peter, South Park style.
Anonymous said…
CosmicAvatar said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
CosmicAvatar said…
Having just discovered this blog (better late than never, eh?), I just wanted to say thank you to you and the guys for a superb season. I can't believe how thoroughly I got sucked into it. Can't wait for the next one. (Preferably with Nathan in it. I refuse to believe he's dead just yet!)
Nibehlung said…
Hi Greg,

I just heard the rumour that there's a new character with similar power to Nathan.

Why are you guys doing this? I feel like you guys are purposely marginalizing Nathan. He's my favorite character and I dislike that someone else is going to have the same power as him. Can't you give this new character a different power or have Nathan upgrade his power or something?
Anonymous said…
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If you do add my link to your site my I kindly as that you include the anchor text NBC Heroes for the link and the URL http://www.nbchero.com

Thank You and If you would like your anchor text changed to something else please let me know and I'll happily change it for you.

P.S. If you do not want to do a link exchange or if my link is not present on your site after two weeks I'll assume that you declined the request and will remove your link from my site otherwise I'll happily keep it online.
Anonymous said…
"I just heard the rumour that there's a new character with similar power to Nathan."

What? I was going to say how happy I am that Nathan is back but this is just put a damper on that one. I hope it's not true or else I'd be wanting this new character to be dead soon.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
Wow! My husband and I were afraid before rewatching the series on DVD that it wouldn't hang together as well as it seemed to when we had a week between each episode. So far, it's been even better than we'd hoped! Can't wait for the new season to start.
Anonymous said…
I am rather frighten by the fact that Hiro would grow up. Wouldn't it means that the whole show would be .... dark? And heavy?

I really like having some light moments in Tv shows. Keeps your hopes up.

Great series though! With awesome actors! I think you don't need me to tell you who I like the best. *winks* Lol.
Serena said…
7 days till Heroes comes back!!!
Anonymous said…
what was the title of the song playing during the double-dutch scene?
Anonymous said…
Great finale, great writing, great acting.



Not like I root for the evil side or anything.
Anonymous said…
You know, I understood less than half of that. Still thought it was cool to see how Google maps is put together. We use it all the time now, instead of Yahoo, when we have some driving to do.
Anonymous said…
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