Tonight’s episode was written by Jesse Alexander and was directed by Adam Kane. Both of these gents have been workhorses for us. Jesse is a most formidable presence in the writer’s room – driving the scripts and stories forward. And he has written several key episodes for us. Adam, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, was the director of photography of the pilot. We gave him his first episodic break as a director last year with “.07%." This is his third episode for us.

Tonight’s episode weaves past, present and future together in the way that only we can. Adam and Peter finally leave the Montreal warehouse and begin working together… But for good or for bad? Sylar implements the next phase of his plan, which has unfortunate results for one twin. Suresh has a breakthrough, and then a setback. Claire contemplates life without father, unaware that dear old HRG is trapped in the basement of Primatech.

This episode is a penultimate episode of our “pod” of eleven. Episode 11 will be (and always was designed to be the end of a chapter.) Season one, as we all know, had a 23 chapter “VOLUME." But Tim Kring had come into this season specifically wanting to design smaller volumes. We knew well in advance how many episodes we’d run before our first break of re-runs and pre-emptions. After the eleventh episode on December 3rd, we knew we’d take a break. This year, Tim wanted to resolve the story more completely at this first break than we had last year, and begin VOLUME 3 in the Spring. Well before the writers strike was a serious issue, we had always planned on ending VOLUME 2 next week. It is true that, on the eve of the strike, as it was becoming an inevitability, Tim did some quick rewrites on episode 11, so that it would be even more resolved and complete if, God forbid, the strike goes on so long that there is no more of season 2 than the first eleven. If that happens 11 will be a de-facto season finale and can function as such. But if the strike is resolved relatively soon, we will most certainly come back and present VOLUME 3. But, this particular blog is about episode 10 not epsiode 11, and so...

One of the things that, sadly, has to happen from time to time on this show, is that an actor has to be called into Tim’s office and be told that the sand has run out of their character’s hourglass. All of us face this moment in our own lives. And on HEROES, as in life, Sylar, or a stray bullet, or a virus, or some other unexpected twist of fate comes inevitably to take us all. Telling an actor that they're off the show is one of the jobs that Tim likes least of all. But running two TV shows builds broad shoulders. It’s just one of those things that you have to do. Some take it well, some with sadness, and some rage against the dying of the light. This week, Shalim Ortiz got the call.

Shalim is a great guy. He has been truly thrilled to be on the show - more so than almost anyone. His nephews in the Dominican Republic have watched faithfully since the first airing, and, to hear him tell it, they literally flipped out when they heard he got the gig. He is a joy on set. He’s always prepared. He’s a great scene partner for the other actors. And he’s an all-around good egg. After he got the news, Shalim made a point of thanking all of the producers for the opportunity, and telling us what a great experience it was. And then Sylar stabbed him to death.

This episode was an unusual experience for me. We had a crazy production schedule this season. We were doing, what are called, “double-ups” – which means that we were, literally shooting two episodes at the same time. This wasn’t (as has been surmised) because of the impending strike. It was because we (and NBC) wanted us to make a lot of episodes, with very few breaks for reruns and pre-emptions. It was a brutal experiment, which had us literally writing, then prepping and then shooting two episodes at the same time. What that meant for me, specifically, was that while I was prepping and shooting my last episode, Adam was shooting this one. I was pretty out of touch with it, certainly more so than I like. Not that anything went wrong, it's just that I had the unusual experience that the first time I really saw ANY of it was when I saw the first directors cut. I had read the script, and briefly chatted with Adam and Jesse a couple of times to give a handful of notes – but otherwise I was removed from the process.

Then, because Allan Arkush (who is usually a little more post-production intensive than me) was shooting episode 11, I got into the editing room a little more than usual on this one.

Editing is an amazing experience. The old cliché is that it’s really the last rewrite of the script. That’s true, but what’s interesting is how much you can do with, essentially fixed elements. At the writing stage anything is possible. The writer can, literally, write anything they want to – and the (awe-inspiring) challenge is to create something from nothing. The production experience, which for me is usually the directing experience, is to realize the script while introducing the factors of time, money and other people. But still, you can put onto film almost anything you can imagine as long as you have enough time, money, and you can convince the right people (various studio execs, producers, writers and actors all have to be convinced, at some point, to do what to stuff they sometimes don't want to do.) But in the editing room, the film is now finite. Well, almost, you can usually go back and shoot a few inserts (which are generally close ups of inanimate objects, which don’t involve cast members – i.e. a comic book hitting the floor, a hand turning a key, etc.) You can also write new lines of dialogue or narration – as long as they’re off-screen. But, by and large, the film is done being shot and it’s all in the re-arranging of it. But what's amazing is how much can be done and how extreme the different choices are that can be made in post.

When I first saw the episode, it was working well, but it felt it was a little slow (it was running about 6 minutes longer than the final running time.) And there were things in the way it was presented that made it feel, to me, a little choppy and a bit emotionally distanced from the characters. Some of this is because of Adam Kane’s strengths. He shoots a lot of interesting shots, and (unlike many directors) he shoots many options for different parts of the scene. Most directors will shoot one shot which is specifically designed as the opening shot of a scene. Then, ideally, they design one shot as the ending, and they have a lot of general coverage in the middle. Adam will always have two or three shots which could, quite legitimately, open a scene, close a scene and be used in the middle. It’s a tough gig directing episodes. Unlike in features, the director rarely gets to finish the show. They deliver their cut to the producers and move on. The producers complete the work. But I know, from having directed a lot of episodes, that if you don’t show the producers what they’ve got available, they may never go look for it. So one of the obligations of the directors first cut, is to make sure that ALL the cool shots are used, however briefly, for the producer’s viewing. Later, this will be thinned out, but if you don’t show what’s there it can never be used. Yes, in the ideal world, one wants to take the time in the cutting room reviewing all the choices that exist. But in reality, especially when we get to this stage of the season when the post schedules are tight – if it’s working, many times, there’s no chance to review. Besides, you’ve hired excellent editors and directors and you trust that they’ve shown you is the best stuff. This doesn’t mean we never review takes and shots. We do. A lot. But usually, if a scene is working, you move on, concentrating on what doesn’t work first.

The other thing is that there seemed to be, in the first cut, a lot more exposition than usual, about the nature of the virus – it’s causes and it’s cures. I know that there was lot of discussion about this. I know that the network and studio were concerned about clarity and specificity in this area and that they gave a lot of notes about it. I know Jesse Alexander worked hard to service these concerns, but that he was always concerned that we ended up over-explaining. Frequently, in storytelling, if you try too hard to explain and clarify a difficult point, it ends up exacerbating the weaknesses of the storyline, rather than bolstering its strengths.

Film making is an always fascinating experience. It is one where the emotional experience the viewer has is what ends up mattering more than anything else. Logic and plot are necessary, but ultimately are cold emotionally. A brilliant visual design and a stylistic presentation are great, but they are cold emotionally. It is character and situation that are hot, and that drive the audience’s emotional experience. One of things I’ve been so happy about, since I came to this show, is that this viewpoint is shared by Tim Kring, and Dennis Hammer and Allan Arkush. We all chase emotion primarily, not style or plot.

So the process of this episode, from the first cut, was one of thinning and simplifying. A lot of the shots were dropped and we simplified the shot presentation in favor of performance.

I know Jesse was happy that we ended up dropping a lot of the explanation about the origin and nature of the virus. The scene at Primatech in 1977, for instance, originally was a lot more complex and we played more of the (newly introduced) characters of Young Kaito and Victoria Pratt. In the end, we culled out a lot of their dialogue and concentrated in Hiro who was watching from the doorway.

We also ended up re-arranging the scene order quite a bit from the original scripted version. This is actually very common on HEROES. The nature of the numerous characters and storylines makes the order that they’re presented in highly flexible. Generally, the scripts take the various storylines and distribute then evenly throughout the episode. There will be one Claire scene per act, one Peter scene, etc. In the editing room, again, we try to react emotionally, asking ourselves “Do I want to stay with this story?” “Have I been away from this story for too long?” And so on.

Here’s some examples of how the scripted order changes in the editing room on HEROES. Interestingly the scripted opening of the episode was the Maya/Sylar picnic scene. The scene where Peter finds himself in the future was second. The Sylar scene was good, but not an especially dramatic opening. And we didn't come back to that storyline until late in Act 2, so it felt like we were away from that story for too long. Additionally, the way Adam shot the future stuff was so compelling, with Peter watching in slow motion while Caitlin and his future self struggled in real time, it felt like it should be the opening. Also the original first act was very long. So all of these factors caused us to move the Sylar/Maya scene to the top of the next act.

That’s just one example, but it’s how we work through the whole episode.

Two other quick things. Kudos to the VFX guys at Stargate for the scene where Suresh is in the cab at the end of the show. This doesn't look like a visual effects sequence, I know... and that's to their credit. The taxi was actually sitting static on a green screen stage - and all the moving New York backgrounds were dropped in as visual effects. I think they're particularly good.

Another scene worth talking about is the one where Sylar stabs Alejandro. The first presentation I saw was an elaborate montage of stabbing and jump cutting and contrapunal sound effects like heart beats and ticking clocks. It was EXTREMELY violent, and worthy of Martin Scorsese. But it was obviously never going to fly on TV. I took a pass cutting down to, what I thought, was a bare minimum. Tim Kring and Dennis Hammer thought it was still WAY too much and went through it again and thinned it more. By now I was sure it couldn't get any shorter. THEN we showed it to NBC's standards and practices department. I think I ended up having twelve conversations with them, in which we cut and recut and recut and shaved frames and more frames and more frames. I knew the ultra-violent blood fest that Adam Kane directed wouldn't fly, but I'm not sure what we have left in there even makes sense. Oh well.

Next week, we close the book on VOLUME TWO

Until then, pictures:













Anonymous said…
I liked that this episode was a setup for the finale but I'm both excited and sad that next week is the final episode.
Anonymous said…
Beeman, please don't kill Hiro, much less at the hands of Peter...

Don't let the writers get all "creative"... "Hey guys, what if Superman killed Batman's parents? Whoa... that'd be compelling drama..." "I know, lets do that with Hiro and Peter!"

Peter is at heart gentle and caring (though super powerful) and Hiro is earnest and wants to be a good hero. Don't mess it all up on us!
Anonymous said…
no joke, I will probably cry next week when it comes to an end.
J. Molinaro said…
Poor Peter. I hate how confused and manipulated he is.

Can't wait for next week... but I don't want it to end!

Any pictures of Zachary Quinto to share with us? Pretty please? *bats eyelashes*
Anonymous said…
It's my backpack! It's gone!" -Micah
"I love you, dad!" - Claire as well as "I'm losing the things that are close to me."
Niki's repeat of the "being a hero got your dad killed" speech she's been giving every time Micah suggested being a hero...

Some of this writing is honestly HORRID. No offense, but this is the kind of "say exactly what you are thinking" diologue that deserves on Passions.
Anonymous said…
I have to agree. Some of the dialogue on this thing was absolutely atrocious. Seriously, do you guys have to make Peter, Maya, and Mohinder THAT STUPID? I mean really, there's nothing worse than powerful people who are complete idiots. Normal people are not this stupid in real life. I'm surprised the world hasn't blown up every week considering how idiotic you guys make some of these heroes. I'm you can get it together next week and present intelligently written and captivating televsion. Until then.
trac54 said…
Booo not enough photo's this week. I guess that's to do with the fact you were not as involved in this episode.

I'm really worried about how everything is going to be summed up in one more episode. I'm sure you guys will have things finished with ties left opened for VOLUME THREE.

I really hope this stupid strike is over and everyone gets what they need.

I will ask you a favor as well. Keep the photos in bigger formats! I noticed last week you had them cropped. Every blog you write I get a new background for my computer. :) Unfortunately none for this week.

Also sort of glad Alejandro's is dead, oh for goodness sake. I'm NOT a fan of them.
Anonymous said…
I will never complain about lack of Sylar again because when you guys bring him back, it's with a bang. He's so going to give me nightmares tonight.

Just don't go and kill him now, 'kay?
Anonymous said…
Very disappointed that Nathan is not in the episode. Again. You guys have seriously underusing Adrian Pasdar. Which is unfortunate since the guy is so talented.

I also don't like what I hear about next week's episode. If you guys really going to do that to Nathan, you guys better be prepared for many angry fans.

Personally, I'd stop watching the show if that happens.
Anonymous said…
Last week was awesome -- this week was disjointed and nonsensical.

As someone noted above, the dialogue was like a soap opera -- "I'm thinking this." "What about this?" Why would Alejandro show up to threaten Sylar, a known killer? Why should Claire tell Elle about her plan? etc.

And why can't the "heroes" show some common sense? Hiro was an office worker -- he didn't think to type "Adam Monroe" into google?

The characters also act so inconsistently that it's hard to get involved. All the producers and writers should be forced to watch the first 5 seasons of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" so you can see how to develop consistent characters while still writing witty, surprising dialogue.

I doubt I'll be coming back for Chapter III.

P.S. Despite my negative comments, this blog is a great behind-the-scenes peek into production even though you have to kiss up to everyone who works on the show.
Chris said…
I have loved your behind the scenes looks at Heroes. Especially the last two weeks where you went into detail about the shooting of the street sign and the rearranging of the scenes.

Please keep up this level of detail, it's quite fascinating.
Sorry, Greg. Gotta say this week didn't work for me at all. I get that it's setup for next week, but it was just dull.

I also really don't buy that Hiro and Peter would go straight into attack mode with each other. It is absolutely, 100% against everything we know about those characters at all. They are the two characters on the show who are most likely to talk to each other. I was pretty upset to see them presented the way they were at the end of this one. I'm really, really missing the scenes of cooperation between heroes we had last season. Drama is all well and good, but what I love about the show is the moments of connection, not the moments of division and mistrust.

Also, so much screen time for Maya, and not even a cameo by Nathan, who was MIA last week, too? Not good.
Anonymous said…
Ok first this episode was amazing!! I loved it!!

and second
Thank You too who ever made Zack shirtless in that one scene.
That made my day!
Please have more scenes with him without a shirt!
lol :))
Thanks for the lengthy awesome post. It's great to get a snapshot of your mindset throughout the filmaking process. I can't wait to see how things close out next week.

Will there be anything to tide us over until next spring, like the online comic, etc.?
Anonymous said…
You people complain too much. Boo hoo Peter and Jiro are fighting. Cry me a freakin' river. Adam killed Hiro's father, he's not going to let anyone stand in his way of getting his revenge, no matter what your "Hiro is a talker" mind thinks. Not even Peter. And while Hiro was charging Peter, Peter could have blasted him easily. He didn't, which means he doesn't want to do it.

Tonight's episode wasn't all that compelling, dull most of the time. Next week will be a good episode though, though it seems like a lot of story to fit into an hour. Shame you guys couldn't have extended it to 2 hours.
Anonymous said…
OMG you have to have the whole bloody scene of Sylar killing the twin on the DVD. Please oh please.. in all its greatness (not that I had any bad feelings for the guy, but Sylar and his misunderstood ways, deserves to be shown in all his greatness).
Rae Mendez said…
:( No Nathan again this week. Plus, why is everyone's acting is suddenly off this week?
Unknown said…
This was an awful episode, a huge disappointment compared with last week's. If this was finished before the writers strike, then good riddance to them. Maybe you can explain these plotholes:

-Peter knows how to read minds. Why doesn't he read Adam's? Or Hiro's?

-Peter and Hiro were basically stuck together while everything was frozen. With all the time in the world, wouldn't you think there would be more discussion and less YAAAAAAAAAHHH?
Anonymous said…
Good episode. Though I can't refrain from commenting on one quibble concerning Victoria Pratt's character. How could Pratt be in the "Company" picture when in the flashback she clearly stated to Kaito that she could no longer be a part of the Company. Seriously that picture and the context in which it was taken needs too be explained. Perhaps this was overlooked in the rush to film all the episodes at the same time. Anyways enjoyed the show and look forward to next week and the next volume which I hope comes sooner than later. Thanks for reading.
Anonymous said…
The moment where Elle has the Slusho in one hand and the cast on the other arm and realizes she can't start the car... I laughed out loud. Kristen Bell is great. It was this big high-tension scene, and she just gave it that little moment of "wuh-woh."
Anonymous said…
The dialogue on this episode was horrible. Noone cared about Claire's grief or suffering over her dad since we already knew he was fine.

Furthermore, it is starting to get sort've annoying to keep having a major character subjected to near death, but then have them be predictably saved.

There was also way too many incidents of Plot-Required-Idiocy.

I must say. If the fellow who wrote this hackery is a shining beacon of the 'workhorses' who power Heroes, it might not be a bad thing that they're going on strike. Hopefully, for good.
Sara Endellman said…
What happened here? After last week's episode, this is such a disappointing episode and there's only one more episode too. Some of my annoyance:

* Nathan is not on again this week. And after reading the spoiler, I'm not happy about what will happen next week. Count me out if something bad happens to him.

* The acting in this episode was awful, to put it mildly. Ditto with the kind of decision that the characters made. Hiro can freeze time. He should try to do that then use his Katana to chop Kensei's head.

* The best thing about this episode was the Elder's past and we didn't even get to see much of that because Claire and Maya dominate the screentime as usual.
Anonymous said…
I'm very glad to hear that this really wasn't the end of the season. I love the idea of volumes. I can't wait to see how next week turns out!

My favorite part of this ep was when Claire was letting HRG's "fictional" ashes into the ocean. Sunset scenes tend to look really cheesy but I loved how the colors were perfect and they had silhouettes.

I also hope I learn more about Adam Monroe, if he is basically getting back at all of the Heroes because of Hiro's betrayal.

I guess I can wait and see!
Anonymous said…
The truth is that this episode sucked. The consequence is that nobody will watch Volume 3 unless the finale is spectacular.
Anonymous said…
I am so disapointed with the quality of this show and tonight's episode was so ridiculous. Everyone seems to have lost their intelligence especially Peter and that doesn't sounds good. peter and Claire used to be my favorites characters but I don't know who they are anymore (Kill off West and Caitlin as soon as possible).
I cringed at Hiro's dialogue, and I have an awful feeling that this finale is going to be a letdown once again because it has way too much stuff to resolve
Anonymous said…
What the crap...Who wrote this?! It was like plot contrivance after plot contrivance.

I want my season one characters back!
Anonymous said…
I just want to say that please include the uncut version of Alejandro's death in the DVD. GOOOOOORE!
Anonymous said…
sorry greg,

i love your work...i really do, but the rest of your cohorts work sucks balls.

except for the ticking effect, the rest of the episode belonged in the crapper.

milo cannot act....this was covered up for most of the first season. but as he has taken more of a lead this really shows...i cringe when he opens his mouth...and so does the scenes between the two.

the novella stuff was craptacular...unless it was designed that way....then it was great parody...but i dont think your writers are that smart.

it seems that the writer's strike will be settled by xmas....but it does give you guys plenty of time to retool

and the first thing that must occur is for kring to step down from his writers duties and work as exec producer...full time

turn script chores over to loeb, and give him free reign (as long as he doesnt do another werewolf bit)

im just very dissapointed with this season
Anonymous said…
Worst episode of the season. What is the point of Season 2 Sylar??
I love my Peter, but what's going on with his character? From the moment you erased his memory, he doesn't act like a human being. Yu really don't know what to do with such a powerful character?
Heroes has no master plan. This is so depresing!

I still love you Greg and thank you for this blog. You're great!
Anonymous said…
If Peter turns out to be an idiot for believing Adam, I'll be highly disappointed. Seriously, your leading character can't be that stupid! You can't let that happen.
Stop with selfish Claire, let her reunite with the Petrellis. Mohinder is pretty but he can't be that stupid, right?
Anonymous said…
Years from now, if I had to remember one Heroes episode.

First year, episode 8 - "Homecoming". Peter had tremendous courage facing over whelming odds.

First Year episodes reminded me of Stan Lee. His characters were ordinary men and women who by misfortune have gained superhuman abilities and although still plagued with frailties, character flaws or deeply troubled.
Anonymous said…
I know I'm waaaay in the minority here, but I really hope that next season, the characters are given more development instead of obvious lines and shirtless/making out scenes. This season has picked up somewhat, but I felt like I was watching "Young and the Restless" during Sylar's scenes.

Everything began to pick up in the last five minutes of this episode, but up until then the dialogue was very, very awkward and the scenes felt almost disjointed to me. I'd critique the character development now, but then I'd start ranting forever about Maya and Peter.

I'm looking forward to the finale, though - that looks like it's going to be a great conclusion to the season!!
Unknown said…

I just want to thank you for posting this blog every week. It adds so much more to the experience of Heroes. I love the perspective, pics, everything.

And I wanna ask you to be sure that "Martin Scorcese" scene makes it into Season 2 DVD set! I'm so curious to see what that scene looks like before it got cut so many times;)
Anonymous said…
I don't understand why everyone hates Maya so much. I think the character is very cute and deserved all the time it got on screen. Wouldn't it be cool she realizes at some point what Sylar did and kills him. *evil*

Anyway... I want more Jessica again... Ali Larter with a weapon is just extremly HOT.
Anonymous said…
You guys make my Tuesdays anticlimatic. =(
MediaGirl said…
I just want to thank whoever had the foresight to give us a half-nekkid Zachary. Please to be doing so again in Volume 3??? The fangirls will be loving you for it - not as if we don't already! But still more love!
Unknown said…
I hope y'all are aware that Matt needs to come and save his husband, erm, I mean, family.
Navarro Parker said…
Pretty good episode. My favorite scene was Claire's hand healing after she smashed through Elle's car. (And yay for Slusho!)

And one less Wonder Twin! Yay. One down, one to go!

A few misteps. By revealing the HRG isn't dead, Claire's emotional farewell and scattering of ashes rang empty. Why not reveal HRG was alive at the end of the season -- it would have made a great cliffhanger.

I know what Joanna Cassidy and George Takei looked like in the 70s, and they sure as heck didn't look like those two second rate hacks in bad wigs you hired. And that's NOT Joanna Cassidy in the Company founders photo. What's up with that continuity error?

Also, Mimic Girl getting captured? Seems unlikely. Can she only mimic one ability at a time? She should have drop kicked all gang bangers. Nice to see Mikah's powers in action again. I forget how much potential he has. But helpless girl in jeopardy from group of urban thugs -- really? Seems to go against everything Heros is in general and Mimic Girl's self empowerment arc.

Lastly, Peter must have absorbed Suresh's gullibility super power. I mean, really? Is he that dense not to get Adam's true intentions?
Anonymous said…
Wow, there's some serious hate in these comments! This wasn't my favorite episode, either, but we needed the plot exposition it provided to keep things moving along, and I'm looking forward to next week.

Thanks Greg for giving us this behind the scenes glimpse. Filmmaking is really interesting, and one of my favorite things about Heroes is its cinematic look, so it's great to read about how it's done.

Request: I know the fans all love shirtless Peter, and god bless Mr. V., but could you maybe get Adrian Pasdar to take off some clothes, too? We got some undressed Nathan last season, how about a reprise in volume 3? :)
Anonymous said…
What did Sylar do to Matt? He was with Molly at the end of the episode. "I gave the babysitter the night off."
Anonymous said…
Great eppy, can't wait for Peter/Hiro showdown. A giant thanks for shirtless Sylar, more of that please. The Scene where Sylar takes out Alejandro was awesome, very bloody. Glad Sylar is in next eppy, he's my fav character and I've barely seen him this season.
Nur Jeevan said…

I've been reading your blog for a while now and have been thoroughly enjoying Volume II. So sad it has to end next week.

I love the new characters especially Elle. She seems a bit gray at times. I'm wondering how many are going to die this season. Please don't kill Hiro and Elle!!
Anonymous said…
i love peter but he has been pissing me off for the last 2 episodes. peter is not that naiive and so i am upset that he just blindly trusts adam! how can he NOT listen to Hiro. Hiro wouldnt attempt to kill just anyone...

Also I am really annoyed with Maya and cant wait much longer for Sylar to kill her. She chose a stranger over her brother who stood by her. sucio...
Anonymous said…
i am so sad the only 2 or 3 episodes were good ones in volumen 2 :(

And altough maybe this has nothing to do with this episode...
Please stop hooking up peter with ANY girl!! please next time make a good one relationship at least a belivable!
The peter/caitlin was so not good a man can left everything behind for girl? what kind of man peter was? it was horrible!
mtp850 said…
I sincerely appreciate your effort Greg, Since you are bussy man i can hardly imagine how you manage to write this Blog. I will sustain myself on commenting the show but i would like to know if you read these comments by fans ? If you do, could you please let me know by answering it in the thread or in your next writing, The thing is, i would like to e-mail you something you might find interesting

best regards
Unknown said…
I wonder if the producers were first thinking of crazy situations/twists to put the characters in, and then telling the writers to base the plot off them. I don't even want to imagine the fatuous and delusional groupthink going on in your conference rooms.

"Hey, let's pit Peter and Hiro against each other. Okay how are we going to do that? Hmm... Okay, got it, what about brainwashing Peter? Yeah, that's it."

"All right, so it's settled, we're going to "kill off" one of the most important characters in the show. But not really. Let's brainstorm some ideas, people!"

In the period of three months, you guys have managed to completely destroy the relationships and foundations built in season 1. You've made some of the coolest characters (Peter, Hiro) into pathetic shadows of their once-grand statures. You've turned an acceptable MacGuffin into a cringe-worthy relationship focal piece, replete with cheap drama, cliches, and an imbecile boyfriend. You've added unsympathetic characters whose ultimate roles seem completely meaningless. Worst of all, you have completely alienated your fan base by showing that you care more about marketability and cheap thrills than geniune entertainment.

Greg, I enjoy your blog, but I think you guys at NBC really need to think about the direction you're headed with this show. A few weeks ago, Tim Kring apologized for the utter wretchedness of the first few episodes and promised us that the show would be getting better as this season comes to a close. This admission of failure was commendable because it seemed like he was genuine concerned about Heroes' fanbase, and it's true that the last two or three episodes have been exceptional. I was willing to forgive and forget until last night's episode aired. Do you honestly think that this horrid little episode, filled to the brim with ridiculous plot holes and about-faces, was better written than the first few episodes? If anything, this was probably the worst episode of the series, simply because it took your audience's understanding of the characters and completely betrayed it. Did you honestly think that we, as loyal viewers, wouldn't realize that Peter can easily read Adam or Hiro's mind to find out who was telling the truth? Did you really think that we would believe Hiro to be mercurial enough to charge his friend with no hesitation? Do you really think that we are that stupid?
Anonymous said…
you can have bad writing if the shit that's going on is exciting
Anonymous said…
Personally, I liked the episode. Wow...reading some harshness here! Well, can't make all the people happy all of the time. Sylar finally got some "play"; a Hero died, for reals; we saw the past, present, and future; Claire put the smackdown on Elle, etc. I do agree that Peter, and Mohinder are WAY too gullible, but they are flawed characters and still trying to figure things out. It's harder for us fans to see from their point of view because we do get more information than their characters. We see more of the whole story. It's easy for us to say: Don't trust Bob or Don't trust Adam, because we see what they are capable of when they aren't trying to be "good" in front of Mohinder&Peter. It's always the nice people that get taken advantage of. I know. I'm too nice by far. So really, it is reflective of real life. I just don't understand how The Company would let an "infected with a potential pandemic virus that they aren't quite sure how it's spread" Niki out in the general population?! Personally, I think The Company wants to spread the virus, especially now that they have a cure. How much money and power could they have if they are the ONLY means of humanity's survival? Hope we do get a Volume III before next fall. Crossing fingers!!=0) Thanks for the blog. Look forward to that every week too!
Anonymous said…
I am only disappointed in the lack of naked, wet Sylar pictures on your blog. Some pictures of nearly, naked HRG in hospital bed would also be appreciated!

I loved the episode and from all the web traffick on it on I'm seeing I'd say it was a ten!

Everyone's a critic. I didn't know there were so many script writers on this board.

Go please the world...You can't.

But a lot of people are very happy!

I loved the episode, I was suprised by many of the twists and turns and happy to see so many of my favorite charachters at work.

The desire for logical consistency is often at odds with dramatic effect in a series. I'll take the drama.

Some of the critiques here are better than at the other boards because at least some people site a particular problem or aspect they dislike.

"I'm bored." Generally, just means your favorite charachter wasn't in the episode or there weren't enough badass fights.
Anonymous said…
so many bad commentaries...
I liked this episode. Not one of the best for sure but average i think.It's obviously preparing the ground for the next one to come. Not always subtle,ok.But i didn't get bored compared with some West/Claire older scenes or Hiro in feudal japan!
I didn't really noticed bad acting but well, it's not my native language. I just LOVED Sylar's return! Shirtless or not, he was absolutely Sylaresque! Zach acting was perfect, Sylar was so patient,clever,MANIPULATIVE,cool,jumping from Gaby to Sylar expressions with real subtlety,cynical (i love that!) planning everything...In fact, he was obviously way more clever than most of the others :-)
ok: and so hot too...
I always thought Peter was stupid, so nothing new for me.Claire didn't unnerved me, West was almost not there, The plots were not bad at all, new informations were interesting and Sylar was back,killing, wet, with an agenda...Not that bad!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for this weekly blog, and the lovely pictures and info.

Now I really hope you guys do save the character Caitlin and give her own storyline, like you have with Mohinder and Mr. Bennet. While certain shippers might not like her, I enjoyed a normal female character in relation to Peter. Like Superman/Lois Lane. Caitlin's character, Monica and Adam/Kensei are the only ones that really have worked combined with the other regular characters. Also, you know females without powers can save the world, too. And I'm so happy that Peter hasn't forgotten Caitlin, now he just better save her. Killing her or sacrificing her like Simone would be cliche and bad writing.

Also, LOVED the flashback to the young Group of 12. So much story to tell.

The twins, just aint working. Maya comes across as a person without any common sense. And it's obvious that the Sylar storyline may have run it's course. Also, what babysitter just leaves so a stranger can watch the child?

And where is Nathan? Really?
John said…
I really feel bad for the cast trying to work with the horrible dialog they are being given. Adrian Pasdar is about the only actor with enough chops to make this cornbread believable.

I hated most of season 2. Two weeks ago we got the first decent episode of the year. I had some hope for Heroes. Unfortunately it was followed with the bad "4 months ago" and last nights almost unwatchable episode.

You guys really need to take break, sit down and plot out 5 - 10 episodes that don't rely on characters being stupid to advance the plot. You also might want to give them some dialog beyond "If this virus gets loose it will kill us all" and "I hurt so bad" and "We're not like other people".

Just horrible....
Anonymous said…
The dialogue was exceptionally bad this weeks, but it doesn't come close to how bad in general the whole episode was.. yikes!

I think the writers/producers/etc should re-watch season 1, that was 100% pure quality... edge of your seat "i cant wait to see what happens next!!" stuff... season 2 is really dull in comparison..

/not satisfied viewer
Nibehlung said…
Some characters have been badly neglected this season this includes but not limited to: Sylar, Niki, Nathan, and Ando. I blame this on the addition of new regulars who add nothing to the storylines but only serve to make the plots even more overwrought and harder to follow. If you plan on bringing new characters, please keep them only as recurings with only few appearances.

Claire needs a separate storyline away from both of her families (Bennet and Petrellis). It'd have been better if she enters some kind of dormitory. It just doesn't make sense that she keeps hanging around either one of her families even though she's already a teen. Most teens can't wait to leave their home and live with their friends in share house/dormitory.

Do not go back over one character's development. If you have build/redeem a character, continue the character along the path. The idea is to evolve the character so they become a better person. Reversing the characters back to the point where they were back in season 1 is a waste of time and character development spent on the character.
Anonymous said…
gyou know???
since the first episodes i was thinking....peter had amnesia and a part of his personality and maybe brain goes away???

Because Peter is so out of character this season!!!!...I mean come on!!...first Victoria said to him something against Adam...adam killed her...and everything still is ok ...?????then...Hiro HIRO told him...adam killed his father!! and peter still believes Adam??!!! and then the whole oh i am so sad about Caitlin...i dont care much about Nathan or the rest of population...but the girl i met for a week..oh god..i cant live without her....laaame

Please volumen 3 PETER SEASON 1 PLASE!!!
Anonymous said…
Everything that goes up..must go down. True in the case of this show

Wow..I agree with the rest of people here. The writing was poor, as well as the acting.

After being praised for last week's episode the show went back to its horrid and mediocre start. This is unbelievable. There was hope that this show could improve with last episode, and that is gone.

Way to go..went back to mini-bits of the story, terrible writing, sometimes when the characters speak it really makes them look awful, the lines were just plainly poor. (Perhaps now that the writer's are on Strike they could improve on their dialogue skills at the picket line).

You might think that this comments are just pure rants.And you're right, they are since they're based on the frustration of having watched a well written, creative, impressive story turn into a complete mess.

Read the comments on this post, whether they're rants, comments, explanations, suggestions they all point in the same direction: the show's quality went down like a balloon full of led.

It is sad, but it is also what it is.

Thank you Mister Beeman for this blog.
This blog is fantastic, thanks so much for writing it.

Love the last 2 eps, but this week not so much. It is hard to believe that Peter and Suresh can be such idiots, that just doesn't fly.

If you could to one thing to fix this volume it would be to change the Wonder Twins story line. Their story is the same old thing every week,killing people and running. They do not deserve this much time. What is their purpose, if any, other than to be fodder for Sylar. How Boring. I am sure something very interesting could have been done with these characters.

That said I sure do hope the strike is ended so we can see Chapter 3 and more!!
Anonymous said…
the good:

one less character..yay!

the bad:

Peter doesn't save Victoria?..he can stop time, stop the bullet, I don't know..anything..he just stood and watched ?!

Nikki sounds like a broken disc..I agree.

Micah and his cousin break in a house because of some comic books?.

Maya is still annoying and her lines are plain dumb. Perhaps that's what makes the character sooooooooooo annoying.

The whole episode was terrible.
Anonymous said…
Wow, you all are harsh on the way Peter's written. Lest we forget he's still just a hospice nurse with a LOT of power (power which he still doesn't completely know how to tap).

He hasn't read Adam's mind because he hasn't felt the need to. He has to concentrate to make it work, unlike Matt who just hears stuff.

He's going along with Adam because he thinks the Company is a bunch of liars (true, but..). Adam hasn't given him a reason to believe he'd lie to Peter. The Company has. Really, who would you trust? The guy who help bust you out of prison, or a former prison guard WHO HAPPENS TO BE POINTING A SHOTGUN AT YOU AND HAS SHOT YOU ONCE ALREADY? :)

I liked the episode...nuff said.
Anonymous said…
Personally I'd like to see a more humanistic core to this series, more credible behavior and less stupidity on the part of all characters.
Anonymous said…
This episode was great - as it usually is.

I felt a lot more sorry for Alejandro then I ever thought I would. Maya definately does not know whats coming, and once she finds out, she'll probably want to die anyways.

But Sylar was amazing in this episode. He was perfect. Evil. I loved it.

And Adam and Peter are awesome.

Can't wait till next week! I'm in so much suspense of which 'Heroes will fall.' I'm so scared. :3 (Please don't kill Hiro or Peter at the hands of each other...they're both too great and Peter doesn't know that Adam is bad!! And don't kill Nathan...he has far too much left to tell.)
Anonymous said…
And after reading much of the other comments I disagree wholeheartedly with them. The season is good. Nothing could top season 1 (yet), but people say it's more horrible than it is. People complain because Peter and other characters aren't in the episode as much, but a lot of the storylines are interesting.

Maybe it's just me...but you guys haven't lost it. The show still rocks, I'm more addicted than ever, and I'm going to miss it when it ends next week. <3
Nanaly said…
Greg, I've heard the bad news about Nathan's fate in the season finale. Please tell me it's not fatal or anything like that. It's bad enough that he's been backbenched throughout this season with little to no appearance most of the time. Someone at a board counted his appearance in the first 2 episodes and it didn't amount to more than 1.5 minutes whereas others racking up 10-20 minutes just in those 2 episodes. Considering Nathan was only in episode 4, 5, 7, 8, I'm willing to bet that the total amount doesn't go beyond 10 minutes. I mean what gives? You have a talented actor in Adrian Pasdar and you give him the least amount of screen time whereas the boring and untalented ones get lots of screentime. And now you get to use him as plot device again just like last season's finale.
Anonymous said…
"Micah and his cousin break in a house because of some comic books?"

If you're gonna critique the episode, at least pay attention to it. They were getting DL's Medal of Honor back as it was in the backpack the thugs stole.
Jemiah said…
Beautifully shot episode, but the dialogue left a lot to be desired. I'm sorry that it looks like these 11 episodes are going to have to be it - the reputation of the show has suffered badly this year. I want the show to survive and thrive, and get better; it's so new and young, and I want it to find its feet. I'm in it to win it, so this viewer will stick around to the bitter end... but sometimes it is difficult. Sincere affection and support from a professional writer (so I guess I have the right to complain - but I know how hard it is, and you can just do your best and choose to either learn from or ignore your critics)... ;)
Anonymous said…
The writers killed off the wrong twin: I find Alejandro MUCH more interesting in motivation than his whiny sobbing hormonal sister.

I think Sylar killed him off too easily.

I almost didn't watch this episode when I heard the Wonder Death Twins were going to be featured on this episode.

What's with CLAIRE spreading Daddy HRG's ashes into the ocean? I'm sorry, but I'm finding the overemphasis on Claire in that family to be creepier and creepier. Doesn't her brother have anything to day? Isn't her mother supposed to be the primary person in her marriage, and not her daughter? What gives? Shouldn't each of the family members have been given a portion of the ashes to say their own piece about Noah, the HRG guy? Oh yes. I forgot. It's All About Claire.

I'm with the others. I'm tired of characters being dumb to further a plot. It's shoddy writing.

And when are you guys actually going to, you know, let Nichel Nichols ACT in a scene and have more to do that's relevant to the story like George Takei? What's up with that? Is she not capable of the job, and you just wanted the name in there? Who's next from the old Star Trek cast? Walter Koenig, I suppose - and of course I'm sure he'd get a great role, considering his amazingness as Bester on Babylon 5.

I'm just so disappointed in this season so far. One really good episode (last week's) out of 11 is not good odds. :-(

Thank you for your informative blog, however. It's a great eye into the process of producing a high concept show on television.
J said…
Ok, i read enough of the first few comments to not feel so badly about saying....DULLS-VILLE! *That's* an hour of my life that i'll never get back. Did the writers *know* they were going on strike so they just cranked out crap so they'd be more appreciated when they return? Seriously, terrible!

Oh, and I agree with other commenters, I'm liking this blog. Although, the writing is a little to (PR) positive for me sometimes.
Anonymous said…
I'm amazed by all of the negativity I'm finding from posters. Not just on this blog but also at the boards and other Heroes boards. It really does blow me away.

I'll admit that the writing at times has let me down when compared to the first season, but if I compare it to the other drivel I've seen on TV lately, it's still leaps and bounds above the rest.

And I really am not disappointed with Season 2. I DVR'd every episode and preserved them on my laptop so I could rewatch them start to finish (while you are on hiatus with the strike). I think I'll really enjoy rewatching them now that I know what is going on and what had happened during that missing 4 months. I suspect I'll catch a lot more and things will have greater meaning to me. (But having said that - please don't let season 2 end at 11 episodes. I know volume 2 ends at 11, but sincerely hope the strike ends soon enough that you can come back and give us some of volume 3 - additional season 2 eps. Can you give us any idea of the "breaking" point... the absolute deadline of when we won't get any more episodes until next fall/next season?)

A friend of mine actually said that he thought volume 2 had more "replayability" to it than season 1. Just because of the "clueless" factor that you had going for several eps. He's looking forward to going back and piecing things together after-the-fact, as well.

I'm beginning to wonder if the intelligence of the average television viewer has dumbed down to the point that if a plot line goes unresolved for more than one episode, they lose interest. Or if a show isn't just about special effects, violence and "clashing" of characters, then they lose interest.

It's a shame, because to me, Heroes is a very engaging and deeply interesting story on many levels.

I've heard people repeatedly complain about the writers making the characters too dumb this season. Why do they feel that way I wonder??? Because "they", the viewer, happen to know "exactly" what is going on and so they think the characters should be clairvoyant enough to see things equally as clearly?

I'll give you an example. I've seen a lot of Peter hate the past few weeks. People saying that Peter is dumb, stupid... blah, blah, blah (sorry, Milo, nothing against you personally - and I don't feel that way.) Excuse me, but do people not understand that the reason Peter didn't want to leave Ireland to begin with (and go find his family) is that his mind had been completely wiped clean? He had absolutely no memories of his family or frame of reference for who he was or what his life had been like before??? I mean, I can understand people being upset at first... because we didn't understand what was going on - we didn't know about the Haitian and the mindwipe. But now that people KNOW what happened, they seem to forget or are unable to acknowledge what that would do to a person. It's just like with Claire - Claire was considering wiping her mind just so she wouldn't have to deal with the pain of losing her dad. She wouldn't CARE anymore. Same with Peter. He didn't CARE anymore about the things he had cared about before. He was a completely different person, until he got his memories back. That's why he could join up with an Irish gang and fall in love with a girl he just met. They were ALL HE KNEW. The only memories he had and people he could remember. I could go on... and I could do this with any character on the show (I personally love them all for different reasons) but I'll stop now.

I guess what all my endless blabbing was about was trying to get people to "think like the character". You have to forget everything YOU KNOW and focus on what the CHARACTER knows. They don't know what you know or even what other characters on the show know. They only have their frame of reference. What's happened to them and their own memories. If you can think like the characters - things look a lot different. And everyone has PERFECT hindsight - it's 20/20. Anyway can say "this was stupid" or "that was stupid" while you are watching it happen... or after the fact. That's what actually makes this show so great to me is that these ordinary people who have stumbled upon these extraordinary abilities, are still just normal every day people who do stupid things and make stupid mistakes... and who fail sometimes to learn from their own mistakes - even repeating them. It makes them more human and more real to me. I just wish more people could put reality aside for a moment, put themselves into the characters shoes (really - forget what they know) and they might enjoy it more... oh, and remember that it is supposed to be fun... entertaining...

Anyway, I'm stepping off my soapbox, Greg. Once again, I thank you for this wonderful blog. I've learned so many interesting things from it. Not just about the show, but what goes into to making such an incredible show. How difficult and detailed and time consuming it can be. It's a wonderful glimpse into your world.

I love the show. I anticipate it eagerly each week, and I'll be with you till the end.

Anonymous said…
I want to echo what others have said - thanks for taking the time and effort you do on this blog. It's fascinating to get a glimpse behind the scenes and to understand what choices were made and why.

That being said, I'm going to also echo the negativity of the general comments again. I loved Sylar last season - you folks created a villain who was compelling; monstrous and yet human enough to be sympathetic. Which leaves me wondering: who is writing Sylar this season, and did they even watch Season 1? He's gone from being layered, sympathetic and human to being a caricature of a mustache-twirling villain. There's no sign of humanity or weakness or anything. It's like he was run over by a steam-roller and turned into a flat, two-dimensional character. I love the character, but I would have rather had him die at the end of season 1 if this is the best the current writing team can do with him. In all seriousness, I've seen fan fiction writers who seem to have a better handle on the character. Zachary Quinto is trying hard, but I don't think there's much to work with right now. The poor guy had it better when he was a guest star.

I'm also having very mixed feelings about watching the final episode. Why? Because the NBC announcer keeps chirpily announcing that two characters will die next week. This isn't directed at you folks in particular, but at TV writers in general - there was a time when killing off beloved characters was edgy and radical. It made an impression on the audience. Those days are over. Know what it does now? It pisses the audience off. You get us to become emotionally invested in characters, then you sadistically kill them for cheap ratings stunts. It's one thing if the actor wants to leave, or the character isn't working out, but there are tons of ways to get rid of the characters without killing them. Send them away. Put them in comas. Marry them off and send them to the suburbs. It doesn't matter. I gave up on Lost because I was so tired of them killing characters I liked. The characters don't mean anything to their creators, so why should the audience care? All you do is kill them off to exploit our feelings for them. It's exhausting, frustrating and unsatisfying for the audience, and it drives us away. If you want to be edgy and radical, quit killing characters off. Let them all live. That'll be radical and new. And really, that line about it being dictated by the plot? The plot is dictated by the writers. Killing people off is the lazy way out. It's also amazing how many plots demand deaths during sweeps months. A viewer could get to feeling cynical about that particular coincidence.

So no, I probably won't watch next week's episode. I'm too tired of all the deaths on TV shows. I'm burned out. I'll make sure to set the DVR and check online to see who dies. If it's characters I care about, I'm just erasing the program and the season pass. It's no longer worth the effort to bond with TV characters and shows. I remember during Season 1 Tim Kring and others said you guys were learning from the mistakes made on Lost. You didn't learn one of the biggies - enough with the stupid deaths, already.
Anonymous said…
I just want to say that Heroes is the ONLY thing I watch on network tv these days.

Overall, I've enjoyed season 2 but I also have a few complaints to voice:

- This episode, while very interesting, lacked a bit in dialogue and character development. I echo the comments on getting tips from BTVS.

- I HATED the romance story line for both Claire and Peter.

- NOT ENOUGH NATHAN THIS SEASON. This can't be said enough. And if his is the final death in the next episode, I WILL stop watching the series. Since a gem of a character and actor would be so poorly used, how can the rest of the series redeem itself. A bit melodramatic, but I feel strongly on this.

- I would like to see Ando better used. Why is he always stuck behind a desk this season?

- I wasn't that fond of the twins story line, but I think Alejandro's death was too easy. There should have been a bit "more" story/drama/fight(?) to his offing.

- Keeping the charaters who have any kind chemistry constantly apart and then using the volume/season finale as a "reunion" episode really sucks.

Heroes is a really cool show, but if there is any way to avoid allowing the suits at NBC in having a say, it would be better for the series. IMHO, the creativity of the show is taking a back seat to concessions for the suits.
Anonymous said…
Coming off of what was the best episode of the season, this episode simply wasn't up to par. I really think that compared to the polish of the first season, this one has been sloppy in almost all aspects: character development, plotlines, scripting (much more awkward than I remember it), everything. It's disappointing to me, because it's really the only english-language television show I watch and I eagerly anticipate it every weak. I'm hoping that this is just a temporary decline in quality, and that it returns to form soon if we get more seasons.
Anonymous said…
Sometimes killing off a major character is necessary. I love
Noah very much (ha-I almost said
respect, but I LOVE all the characters-even the villains.)
It felt right though for Noah to die
and I was like "oh no not again"
when he lived.
Killing Peter at the end of the
first season would have felt right.
He really is the central character
of the show imho, (besides being
my favorite). And in all the old
hero stories the major hero dies.
But you have all made me care
too much about the Petrelli brothers. Please no Nathan or Peter dying! And I wish it was Adam
Hiro fights not Peter.
I like this blog and I LOVE
the cast/fan interaction. I
usually hate tv. but this was an exception. I hope season 3 is better.
Anonymous said…
Same anonymous left comment loved the Petrelli bothers. Pasdar did not have scenes this season which
made makes me angry. I am hearing
rumors (why the bananas are they
breaking out) about Nathan.
Please don't let them be true...
Anonymous said…
Same anonymous left comment loved the Petrelli bothers. Pasdar did not have scenes this season which
made makes me angry. I am hearing
rumors (why the bananas are they
breaking out) about Nathan.
Please don't let them be true...
Anonymous said…

Peter has a box in front of him...(he didnt know what was inside) but maybe there was a loot of information about know???and he decided not open it..because what? a girl? "oh no i have powers maybe i am evil?" i think is the weakest excuse i´ve heard in a character.
(i love milo´s acting btw..i think he is amazing but this year isnt his fault people dont like his actitude)

Can you please take a look at the personalities of the characters and try to make them beliavable again? thank you.

I think the only fans happy with this episode are the sylar fans ( finally some skin!!) and the adam fans...well..adam is amazing btw!!

I wish whoever write the peter love story with caitlin had thinking that while he slept with her maybe his character could have a wife waiting for him...what kind of girl she is?...and low!
Anonymous said…
save the cheerleader - save the world

took a long time for that one to come up again and reveal the real importance of claire.
I always suspected that that chapter wasn't closed in season 1 because that motto was not : Save the cheerleader - save NYC :-)

So Claires blood is the antidote for the shanti virus and if she had died in season 1 everybody would die.

Anonymous said…
Hey Greg!

Thanks for writing the blogs each and every week. It's really cool to see behind the scenes of one of my favorite shows.

wow....all the negativity in here. It's a bit overwhelming. last night's show was a bit slow (esp coming after last weeks amazing epi!) but it so wasn't deserving of the clobbering it took here and other forums. i thought it set up next weeks fall finale very nicely...although how you are going to fit everyhing in one hour next monday is beyond my comprehension.

i do somewhat agree about cluelessness of some of the characters is a bit much. ok so peter always did come off a bit naive and mohinder usually takes a bit longer then most to catch on to evil plans but these past couple of episodes take the cake. For such a smart man, mohinder is quite dense. Maya...while her lack of common sense makes me shake my head in disbelief most times...I can partly excuse it because she is distressed over the deaths she caused and blinded by the fact that sylar is insanely gorgeous. (i would do anything he said too. LOL!!) oh and on that note...thanks for shirtless and my friends are eternally grafeful.

i can't wait for next weeks episode!!! Please don't kill HRG, sylar, hiro, nathan, peter, adam (love david anders) and even mohinder (just maybe have HRG or sylar slap him around a bit for being so clueless).
Anonymous said…
Come on guys. I am a hereos fan to the bone and have watched and tivoed from DAY ONE, but this week just plain ole SUCKED! First off, I agree with everyone else. Who the hell is writing the dialouge lately? SOAP OPERA! Secondly, you Kill Alejandro and keep Maya? At least That poor guy can act. Maya's whole idiocy of leaving her brother for Sylar, are you serious? you should have killed her and let Alejandro morph into a better hero with both there powers combined. PLEASE KILL HER OFF!! And Sylar? He has no powers, he a skinny white guy who has no strength. I think the Bennett Dog has a chance of killing him.
Peter. Is he all of a sudden RETARDED? he watcehs Adam kill Pratt, (says she was gonna blow your head off), and beleives him? dumb idea.and him and Hiro at the end, great. What's gonna happen next week a fight that happens off screen, again? The elders: Congrats on explaining absolutely NOTHING about them, or the company or Victoria Pratt other than she's a hottie little scientist when she was younger. Adam/Kane/Tekensei: at least he's interesting and can deliver lines. No Nathan? No Parkman? PArkman's Dad? BAd Episode guys. Go read the online comics because there's better writing and stories in there than on the show. No disrespect to you Greg or anyone on hereos, it's just this episode is not what a second to last season finale should have been.
Anonymous said…
does anyone see that every episode that is written by this alexander guy is terrible...with horrible dialougue? seriously he is awful....check his stuff on Lost and do some of these people get writing jobs? they must know SOMEONE.

alo Adam Kane did an epidose last year that was complete crap. either someone upstairs have crushes on guys like this or he is blowing the right saw the garbage that came out of certain people in the past and you keep giving them chances to work,......that wouldnt happen in any other business. and to the guy up above me that said give jeff lobe full reign....are you nuts? the guy ruined smallville...and now he is here doing the same thing? I am terrified for the future of this show......who is in charge over there?
Joel said…
This episode was so-so. Claire's plan was stupid to me...Peter reaction was weird but we can say that he was blinded by Caitlin loss... Sylar was great last night back in his usual stuff but I felt that it was easy to kill Alejandro...I was hoping that he would do a lil bit more...I don't know if Maya will die next week or not but I hope she will be better written that her brother and herself were during that Volume. I can't wait for the next episode and of course Volume III....
Unknown said…
"You get us to become emotionally invested in characters, then you sadistically kill them for cheap ratings stunts. It's one thing if the actor wants to leave, or the character isn't working out, but there are tons of ways to get rid of the characters without killing them. Send them away. Put them in comas. Marry them off and send them to the suburbs."

Ha! Tell me about it. If I may bring example from an old show called "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", in S3, Buffy knocked out Faith and sent her into a coma (due to her evil doing ways). That was awesome and allowed Eliza Dushku to go back to the series later on in S4 when she's available again. Her 'exit' and 're-entry' were both spectacular and does not in any way involve death.

"Heroes" (and other recent shows like 24), on the other hand, uses death like it's a cheap ratings ploy. It's season finale, so let's be chopping some characters! Never mind that most of them probably don't get more than 10 minutes character development/story per season because there are so many characters in this series. The writers also made a mistake in bringing in not 1 but 4 new regulars (and 1 annoying twat called West) into the fold when no one asked them for it. So the original regulars not only get shafted even more, they are now on the chopping block as well. If this is more of what we have to look forward in S3, count me out.
Anonymous said…
Honestly, you guys just need to light up a joint as the episode starts and maybe you'll enjoy it more. It seems a lot of you enjoy coming on here and bitching more than you do the episode.

Beeman, I love the blog.

The last episode was fine, it set up the finale. All the Peter mindreading stuff is crap. His power isn't at the level of Parkman's, no where near. It's not a passive and easy thing. Plus, Peter is basically a god at this point so EVERY "plot hole" could be summed up with "Why didn't Peter use *insert power here*". Not to mention, part of Peter's deal with Catlin goes back to the central point of his character, his caring. He feels that it was HIS fault that Catlin is trapped in the future, so he must save her. His rashness to such emotions (which has been a theme of his) blinds him, because he cares so much. Same way he refused to believe Nathan was involved in the bomb plot of Season 1.

Same goes with Hiro. Sure, he could freeze time and kill every evil in the Hero universe, but that'd sure make for an interesting show, eh?

So yah, enjoy the things in life. The fact that many of you are using Buffy as a source of "good TV" speaks volumes of the level of importance NBC should place on your comments.
Anonymous said…
'So yah, enjoy the things in life. The fact that many of you are using Buffy as a source of "good TV" speaks volumes of the level of importance NBC should place on your comments.'

Someone else finally understands that Buffy was a low-budget fantasy show that placed emphasis on humor and not a moderate-budget sci-fi drama on NBC. I was starting to get nervous. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Guys, please stop using Nathan as your character-in-peril go to guy. I feel like I get stomach ulcer every season finale and I hate that. Especially since you guys are not going to be showing new episodes after this. It's really cruel to end the episode on a cliffhanger note when we have no idea when the show will come back again.
Anonymous said…
>>Someone else finally understands that Buffy was a low-budget fantasy show that placed emphasis on humor and not a moderate-budget sci-fi drama on NBC. I was starting to get nervous. Thank you.

Buffy had a modest budget, but emphasis wasn't on humor. It corporated humor, drama, romance and action through above par WRITING AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT to make it an incredible series. Something Heroes did well in season 1, but keeps hitting and missing in season 2.

It's the story that keeps people invested in a series, not money thrown at the special effects team, which, by the way, isn't all that better than Buffy or Angel. The green screens in some of the episodes where very noticeable.
Matt Sutton said…
Okay, a few complaints...

- What moron in the editing booth stuck the "HRG is alive" reveal at the beginning of this week's episode? Way to kill some of the "Claire misses her dad" drama.

- Maya and Alejandro should have started dying no later than episode three. Both of those characters are utter crap, I don't feel any sort of emotion in regards to either of them outside of apathy bordering on outright hatred, and frankly, I'd be happier if neither of them were on the show to begin with.

- And in regards to the whole "new characters" thing in general... Mr. Beeman, when season three (or season 2.5, depending on the strike) rolls around, please let the creative staff know that we the viewer don't need a million new characters. I can't speak for everybody else, but I would have been perfectly content with the same cast of characters from season one, with maybe only one or two new additions. The only additions that have been handled even remotely well are Elle, Bob, and Adam Monroe. The rest were wholly unneeded.

- And as an aside, am I the only viewer who actually likes Caitlin? I can understand all the hatred for West and the Hispanic Wonder Twins (though I have to admit that West has started growing on me), but why Caitlin?
Anonymous said…
"Buffy had a modest budget, but emphasis wasn't on humor. It corporated humor, drama, romance and action through above par WRITING AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT to make it an incredible series. Something Heroes did well in season 1, but keeps hitting and missing in season 2."

Excuse me for being the only person in the known universe who doesn't think BTVS was the best show like ever. I always thought BTVS was basically a campy sitcom that tried too hard to parody itself. It'd fit right on CBS, in other words.

I'm probably going to the ninth level of hell for that.

"It's the story that keeps people invested in a series, not money thrown at the special effects team, which, by the way, isn't all that better than Buffy or Angel. The green screens in some of the episodes where very noticeable."

Didn't mean to suggest that special effects were everything. I guess you've got a point there -- burnt Nathan looks like plastic just as much as the Buffy demons looked like plastic.

A little more on-topic: this season of Heroes was fine. The plot was pretty decent -- it was just executed rather horribly through poor writing and slow pacing.
Anonymous said…
It's television. The point is to enjoy what these people work to bring to you every week. I mean, how nitpicky can "disappointedfan" be? Honestly, what did you expect Claire to say? If the last thing you said to your dad was "I hate you," then of course she's going to say "I love you" to say goodbye. What would you say if you were in her position? Give me a break. Besides, its not like the reworking of these last episodes because of the strike is making things any easier. Give THEM a break.

I agree that I'd like to see more of Nathan. As for Maya y Alejandro, I thought the idea of their two-part power was fascinating and was wondering how Sylar was going to harness the power of two into one. I'm a little disappointed at how easily that mystery was solved, but hey. As I said, its TELEVISION.

Love the pictures!
Kurt G. Guard said…

Thank you for being courageous enough to post your production blogs weekly and thanks for having a back broad enough to take the venomous blows of so many opinionated fans. Hey you guys came in hard the first season and, in my opinion, raised the bar for network television entertainment. this is the burden that comes along with it.

This episode did somewhat disappoint me. i was sad to see Alejandro go, i figured he'd be the only one who could stop Maya if she really did cross over to "the dark side." my disappointment comes from the inevitable shattering of one of my theories... which is not always a bad thing!

i am a little uncomfortable with how emotionally driven all the characters are becoming. Many of them are so far away from where they were going that it worries me as to how much further one can take them before they are too far gone to be identified with.

Noah is damn near crazed, Hiro is approaching reckless, so is Claire, and Peter seems so strung out on love potion that he's becoming gullible.

Even though these changes are rubbing me the wrong way i'm still a fan of the show and i still trust the creativity of the minds behind it.

keep it up, you rock!
Anonymous said…
>> Someone else finally understands that Buffy was a low-budget fantasy show that placed emphasis on humor and not a moderate-budget sci-fi drama on NBC.

That sounds awfully dismissive. Buffy might be a comedy but it also excelled in delivering high drama. And just because something has low budget and screened in low-rated network, it doesn't mean that it's not a good show. The fact is, Buffy lasted 7 seasons. Quite a feat for a cult show. Buffy also didn't get this much criticism during its 2nd season. If anything, Buffy 2nd season was regarded as one of the best seasons in the series.

>> Excuse me for being the only person in the known universe who doesn't think BTVS was the best show like ever.

You're excused. It's not the 'best show like ever' (btw, you sure sound like the kind of valley girl BTVS tries to mock). But it has a lot of addictive qualities to it that make the series deserving its 'cult status'. Most of all, it was *entertaining*. And isn't that the point of any series?

>> I always thought BTVS was basically a campy sitcom that tried too hard to parody itself.

That's a fit description for the first season, which was still trying to find its feets. But the fact that you said this for all of the seasons suggests to me that you haven't seen beyond the 1st season. Everything from S2 and beyond turns quite dark.

As for Heroes, there are several problems that pop up this season. This includes pacing/repetition and the addition of new characters. None of this season's additions are organic like Ted or Hannah in S1 were. All of a sudden there are all of these regulars. Then there's a case of uneven screentime distribution. It's true that Claire and Hiro received the largest share of screen time more than any other characters.

I also agree that the show relies too much on death to make the story interesting. There should be other way to make things exciting. More action scenes, dangerous stunts. Some of the exciting things that happen in X-Men movies, for example, do not involve death. They are invasion of the school for the gifted, a bunch of characters try to stop Magneto, people being hunted, and just basic power fights.

I'm sorry if some of us sound harsh, Greg. I'm sure most of us are not criticising out of spite. We just want the show to be better and would last longer than just 1 or 2 seasons.
Anonymous said…
First let me say that you guys are doing a great job. I think this season is just as good as the first, considering it has half the episodes.

Next, I find it sad that most people can't understand the story, and want all of their ideas in it. It just confirms that creativity in T.V. and movies are coming to an end; especially the whole "Buffy the Vampire" comment. They say how they don't want clichés and then throw Buffy at you.

I also found it sad that most of the people who wrote positive stuff could only talk about Sylar shirtless. If you are going to comment, please don't waste space on that, just keep those thoughts to yourself and your friends. You make the blog look like Heroes is nothing but brainless fans.

As for Peter being stupid, no one said he was smart. He always seemed the type to be easily manipulated. Not to mention that the whole situation is very realistic. A person like Adam has to find a loyal bodyguard. He is charismatic, and has a lot of experience.

Hiro is becoming a warrior. A warrior knows when talking is pointless. Peter would not let Hiro kill Adam. Hiro knows that, why waste time talking, get the job done.

Why do people want more Ando? He doesn't have any powers, or anything to contribute, but humor, and friendship to Hiro. I mean I like him in the show, but why ask to give him a lot of time?

As for the twins, Maya is dumb, so be it. There are dumb people in the world.

To all of the fans: please, if you are going to critique the writing, at least try to think first. "Oh writing is so boring” What it is, is realistic. That is how people talk in “real life.” People don't use fancy words, or "original" descriptions when they talk. These heroes don't have super vocabulary power. Try to put yourself in their shoes before you call them dumb. Shoes where you do not see the whole picture.

To the writers: You guys are doing a great job. Please keep it up. I do fear that creativity in T.V. and movies is dying. With fan commentary like this, it only encourages it to die faster. Please, try to keep it going.
Anonymous said…
Well i dont think any episode was disapointing but i have been very curious how Peter doesnt know about Adams plans since Peter can read minds and knows he can.... kind of a plot mistake there unless theres a twist you havent shown yet either way ive faithfully watched every scene of ever episode since the very first one-- and even bought Season 1, im addicted. but please pay more attention to the fine details of the Heroes abilities--remember we pick every scen apart so no room for anymore mistakes
Anonymous said…
Don't kill Hiro! Don't let Adam manipulate Peter either. I love Hiro for his total faith in everything he loves! Also, Peter's the most powerful hero, why let Adam manipulate him?

Heroes do sometimes need some common sense. I totally agree with the post someone had written up there.

I love Sylar. He's such a freak. He's evil and sly and just plain awesome. I lovee his acting. It seems that he really does want more power and wants to kill everyone! But i know there's a good side to him. Remember the episode with him and his mom, despite the fact that he killed her? That was accidental by the way. Oh, if Sylar isn't the evil dude this season, why is he still playing in Heroes? Not to say that i want him out, though.

Is Kensei the evil genious this season?

I hate Mohinder. All he does is nag, nag, nag. He's not the cure anymore, so why keep him alive?
Anonymous said…
I actually liked the show and i think the series is being resolved a lot more tidy than series 1.
Episode 10 was great, the last 5 episodes have been great. Loved the spots in the show especially the end, its good the the heroes are shown actually using their powers.
The dialogue was on average mediocre but only on average... The twins and Sylar are showing great ironic and sadistic chemistry. However Claires lines are rather dull and very chick-flickesque. Her character is signing shows of improvement and West is the last 2 episodes has been immense.
Anonymous said…
**UNCONTROLLABLE SOBS** Still no pics post of Kristen Bell in her bikini.

I have to agree with the comments about the bad timing with HRG. It ruined one of the best episodes to date AND it killed all the tension in the Claire storyline.

Please for the love of Pete stop giving her character so much screentime at the expense of Nathan and company. Nathan's character is one of the few that is constantly satisfying.

I agree mostly with the new characters comments also. Too many characters, too little screen time. Season 1 hit the nail on the head when it came to that. Claude Raines in for a couple of episodes, Claude Raines OUT before he overstayed his welcome (with questions as to where the hell he went) and Hanna Geilman was in/out like a duck mating. PERFECT. IMHO all the time spent on the Wonder Twins has been a complete waste of screentime. I would have much rather seen the time given to Nikki and DL,Parkman, Mrs. P. Remember boys this is an ensemble cast! That means show them all. And if people want more of Claire, leave them wanting some so they will savor her screentime all the more.

Please please please over the break go back and watch S1 episodes again to see what gave your show the zing it had at the end of the season. AND PLEASE POST PICTURES OF KRISTEN BELL IN HER BIKINI.
Are we going to see a deeper exploration of the heroes different powers in volume 3? Like Parkman finding out his ability is much more than simple mind-reading, or Ted Sprague finding out that his power was much more complicated than blowing stuff up.
Anonymous said…
Given the writing, here's a plot twist that would fit right into S2:
HRG tells Mohinder and Peter that "gullible " is not in the dictionary and they go look it up.

'nuff said.
Anonymous said…
Peter is not acting like Peter because most of his memories are either still gone or severely fragmented,"I remember evrything", or everything Adam was talking about (never clarified) also Hiro attempted to stop time to get at Adam but , Peter is unaffected for obviuos reasons, Hiro is out of his mind with grief, he realizes Adam is responsible for the death of his father and his love in the past. Hiro doesn't know Peter is not in his right mind so when Peter defends Adam hes just another Bad guy in Hiro's eyes. Maya And dead boy were necassary to show how Sylar retreives his powers and attracts (and loses) his first pupil or apprentice. just as Adam learned in the civil war you cannot take on the world alone. Seriously are we all watching the same show.Thanx for the show guys its been a great ride.
Anonymous said…
also Hiro had no way of knowing what Peters current situation is, as far as he is concerned peter is the same old Peter and has allied himself with the wrong people.And did noone else figure out a long time ago that Peter got his scar from Hiro. I quote Future Hiro "I like you better with your scar" come on people this has been coming since day one.
Anonymous said…

you promised more of the bouncer from episode 8, so far it is a no go.

how long do we have to wait? I am (and so are a lot of others) very interested in this character's development.

feedback please?
JennaJ said…
Okay, First off, I love your blog! Hats off to your efforts. It's really nice getting a behind the show look at what in all goes into the process.

Now unfortunately here comes the complaining... This episode was the first and only episode of Heroes that I've seen that actually left me feeling depressed.

I really do love this show, and last year, I rated it as my favorite on TV. You bumped back LOST (which was no easy feat!) You created interesting characters that the viewers cared about and wanted to learn more about. This season I hardly even recognize them.

I could rant about a plethora of the Heroes characters, plot holes, etc. but that would be incredibly long and unneeded. So, I'm only going to use Sylar here as my example:

First off you started the season with Sylar in South America with Candice in a worn down hut... after '8' or so surgeries to repair his skewered insides. Good thing he's obviously impervious to a multitude of infections that environment would harbor after many expensive surgeries (from who?)to keep him alive.

Then you have Sylar kill Candice, which sucked because I thought she was an interesting character, but her death was believable and understandable for Sylar to try and get her abilities.

No further mention has been made as to how/why he was brought to S.A., or who was behind the surgeries etc. I'm sure Candice didn't give a flip, and Linderman is supposedly dead. The company has it's own lock down facilities, and I doubt they would leave a dangerous serial killer like Sylar with just Candice all alone in BFE. It's hard to pin point Adam being a contributer being he has been locked up for the past 30 years... But I digress...

Sylar's next appearance is teamed up with the twins, and contrary to all the negative feedback on them, I think they are ok (not hated by me) but I am in a state of apathy concerning whether or not they were to stick around or disappear from the show either.

Once Derrek(cell mate/car owner) finds out that the twins are wanted murderers, he tells Sylar who in turn just kills him. You could have had Sylar just hit him over the head with the brick to knock him out.(People in the Heroes world seem to have really soft heads I guess.)

What I'm trying to say is, Sylar doesn't have to kill everyone that he comes across! That's getting really old really fast. Someone is getting killed in almost every single episode he's featured in. Even if he's not the one killing them, he's assumed to be a major contributor.

We know what Sylar is capable of, but is that it? He's become so black and white with no shades of gray. Where is the vulnerability we saw in the hard part? Where is the inner struggle between Gabriel and Sylar? If all Sylar is or will be is a ruthless killer, he'll have to die, and that makes me sad.

Anyone if given the right circumstances can be redeemed, or at least can have a realization onto themselves that what they are doing is wrong. With all the religious overtones that have been intertwined with Sylar's character, it shouldn't be impossible to write him seeking some type of atonement for his actions after realizing what he's become.

The first season Sylar killed because he wanted to be special, he thought the other heroes were 'broken' and undeserving of there powers. This season his killings just seem more out of convenience verse what he would mentally justify as a suitable loss or in his words 'an evolutionary imperative.'

There's a reason Sylar moved from being a guest star to being a series regular. Please stop being lazy writers and give us more substance and layers!

Other than the rant above, the past 3 weeks episodes have been pretty exciting and fun.

I'm really liking Elle and Adam's characters, and as other's above have stated, I really hope you don't kill off Nathan! Okay! I'll leave you guys alone now; I think I've blathered on enough for one post! :P
Anonymous said…
Who was Adam's accomplice in 1977?

I shouldn't expect an answer, should I? (I think even this question is rhetorical. haha.)
Anonymous said…
Ok for those of you who have complained this whole season, here's my advice.
If you nitpick everything you watch on tv, you will become absolutely miserable. Heroes still is amazing. End of story.
Anonymous said…
Congrats for your job at the blog, and, of course, in the serie.
The evolution of Peter in Ireland wasn't really exciting and the story in Japan was too long. But, instead, in the last episodes, the story line was absolutely "gorgeous". Hope you can continue the season assap.

Hope to hear from u soon!

Congrats again, from Spain!
Anonymous said…
How can Peter use Elle's Lightning while he is already using Hiro's ability to move between moments in time? Wouldn't this attempt throw him into the time-frozen state as well?
Love it that Sylar has been in about four episodes so far, and has already killed three people.
Why doesn't Peter read Adam's mind to determine his intent?
Did Sylar attempt to take Alejandro's ability as an insurance plan against Maya's ability (after the make-out session with Maya)?
Where was Sylar's scar from having Hiro's sword pushed through his body?
Anonymous said…
where is the Real location of Costa Verde,I wanted to visit there someday so can you tell us?
Anonymous said…

He has to...he has to!!!!! :(
trac54 said…
I'm bummed and I need more heroes blogs.
Anonymous said…
i think you are very kind of sharing your experiences with us the fans and the behind scenes photos ...are amazing!!

remember no more NEW characters maybe until season 5!! :D :D :D

not stupid love stories

the heroes needs to start getting smarter not more dumber please!!!!

And i would love see peter caring about his family as in s1 and about the world...not only for the "new girl in his life" and forget everything else. I want the real Peter back please! i didnt like this Peter!

Anonymous said…
What the hell, Greg? First you guys backbench Nathan and now you use him as a plot device. If he's not back, I refuse to watch this show again.
Anonymous said…
I hope niki's not really gone :(
Sara Endellman said…
Very disappointed. I waited for a season to see Nathan getting important role. Instead, he got gunned down. The only way I'll come back for next season if he's alive. Otherwise, you can forget about it.
Anonymous said…
Captain Midnight, if you look attentivly at Sylar belly when he's half nude, you will see the pink scar. Of course, now that he got is regenerant shoot, i bet he will be as clean as a new kid!
Make me think that the new eye of Cheerleader must'nt need a glass correction...
I dont believe that nathan is dead, i bet is was the best way to validate is last declaration to the journalists: "some people want to keep the thruth secret". So every people who have powers, will now knew that they are not alone, and they will start to regroup. Then you will obtain vilains groups, and heroes groups, and the vilain seams to be the injected people (artificial heroes), against the "pure blood". Sound like other movie or book over mutants, like the excellent books of Karen HABER!
Anonymous said…
Correction: "the new eye of the cheerleader's father."

Anonymous said…
Quite interesting to have shot Nathan, although many fans agree that he was a very good actor and character, the plot point of him becoming the president, and subsequently not being president the entire season failed to escape my attention. Seems like these episodes are being rushed to accomodate the strike, which is understandable! The entire concept of the Heroes overview and storyline is interesting to fans, but the writing has sort of left too many holes and questionable storylines, the show is movie-like in delivery, but it's episodic TV all the way. But I still watch. and hope.
Anonymous said…
Was the naming of Victoria Pratt’s character an in-joke? After all, Vicky Pratt played a superhero in Mutant X. Okay, that show was rubbish, but I always liked her in it.
Anonymous said…
Hey Greg, where's the post for episode 11? Great season!
Anonymous said…
OK Peter's not exactly as dumb as he looks. Maybe you all are heartless zombies, but if you love someone (like Caitlin) then sometimes a desire to keep them safe overcomes your common sense. Besides, Peter wasn't there in 1671 to see Adam as a villian - in Peter's arc, he's only been a friend to him. Peter never realised, tho, that if he prevents the future from happening, Caitlin is lost to him forever - he can't travel to a future that no longer exists to get her back, now can he?
Anonymous said…
Also, Peter has no concievable reason to read Adam's mind - he has never even hinted at evil intentions in Peter's presence. Remember? "We're going to save the world" and all that.
Anonymous said…
Please god stop the farcical tick tock noises when Sylar is being evil. You might as well give him a theme tune. Blech.
Anonymous said…
I regrettably have to say that I agree with most of the negative comments.

Please no more cheap deaths/resurrection it's killing the show.

The main characters used to be more consistent, I really miss that.

P.S. : The show is still very entertaining and worth watching. Thanks.

Anshine from France.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
While this episode had some interesting things going on (looks like we finally get to see how the Future Peter got the scar on his face), i've been cringing every single time the Maya/Alejandro/Sylar storyline appeared. Two of the most uninteresting characters that i've seen on this show. They feel nothing more than a convenient vehicle to get Sylar back into the States. And Maya is just insufferably stupid. The only way you could've made the Idiot Wonder Twins worth keeping around is if Alejandro actually left, teamed up with one or more of the Heroes, and came back to have to confront his sister. Instead, you chose the cheap way out, and now we're stuck with the blubbering, needs-a-smack-upside-the-head Maya. Oye.

Also, is Suresh just walking around with a functioning brain stem and nothing else? His argument about violence was pretty sad, considering it was him who shot and killed Noah just an episode ago. He's supposed to be a scientist- what evidence has he seen that would actually convince him that The Company is telling him the truth?

I have to agree with what some of the other posters have said here. The lack of working brain cells on the part of most of the characters is really eye-rolling. Nathan was actually on a roll (my gods, some real investigating with Matt! Who'da thunk it?), but he's gone. It's getting pretty hard right now to root for any of these Heroes...
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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