Sorry for getting the blog up a little late this week.

Sadly, here at the HEROES offices we’ve dropped below a skeleton crew to a nobody crew, and I got stuck doing all the computer uploading, research and spell/fact checking alone. If there are more mispellings and fact mistakes than usual, forgive me!

So… Tonight our eleventh episode aired. It was written by Jeph Loeb and directed by Allan Arkush, both of who did their usual outstanding job! And I hope you all agree it is a fitting end to this segment of the season.

This time I thought I would do something a little different. I’ve been meaning to interview our composers Wendy Melovin and Lisa Coleman since way back since last season. I’ve actually tried to do it several times, but our schedules have been notoriously out of sync with each other. Now we finally hooked up.

The music of HEROES is I think, one of its most important elements. It is moody and ethereal and both unsettling and uplifting all at once. The instrumentation and orchestration are highly unusual. There’s also a lot of it. Two or three weeks before the show is on the air, we have a spotting session, where the producers Wendy and Lisa go through the picture and specify where we want music and what emotional effect we want out of the music. At the end of those sessions we always joke, saying, “well, this time there were only five music cues. All of act one. All of act two. All of act 3. All of Act 4 and all of act 5." By the way, that’s A LOT. Thirty to thirty five minutes of a forty-two minute show. I’d guess that’s maybe double an average TV show. And Wendy and Lisa will then have, frequently, less than a week to compose and record all of it.

I met them in their studio which is a unique and funky place in Hollywood, they call the “tree house” It’s a low ceilinged space, up a winding flight of steps, that is both cozy and crammed with so many instruments, mixing boards and hard drives that you can hardly believe it fits. They gave me a cup of coffee and we got started...

GREG BEEMAN: So, first of all, how long have you two known each other.

WENDY: Oh. Since we were two.

GB: Really? You’re kidding?

LISA: Our Dad’s were both studio musicians in Los Angeles. They knew each other and played together. They actually were in this same building for many years.

W: The A & M building. Our first band together was when we were 7. It was called “The Waldorf Salad”

L: Which isn’t a name we picked. Our parents picked because at that time we all went to a Waldorf School, Highland Hall, here in L.A.

W: The first real band we had – the first time we made money we were about 11 with my brother and sister.

GB: Cool. I’m so sorry I’m no naïve. Is this all common knowledge?

W: For Wendy and Lisa fans, yeah. But not to the general public.

GB: Okay great. And so, when did you hook up with Prince?

L: I joined Prince’s band in ’78 or ’79. He was looking for a female keyboard player. A friend of mine brought him to see me and I ended up joining his band.

GB: And you went to Minnesota?

L: Yes, where it is SO cold.

GB: How about Wendy?

L: She was visiting me in Minneapolis, and there was a sound check.

W: There was another musician who, well, lets say, was having a bad day and didn’t show up for sound check.

L: I suggested that Wendy play for the sound check, and so she sound checked with the band and she just shredded it. Prince was blown away.

GB: And the rest was history.

W: The rest was history.

GB: Okay, so how and when did the transition to music for movies and television happen.

W: Always. We always had an interest in it. It just seemed natural. Lisa father was an experimental musician, who worked on many films and art projects.

L: And Wendy’s father was a top piano player who played on many soundtracks, especially with Jerry Goldsmith as well as other composers.

W: It was a natural progression. Even before Prince, we always wanted to do music for film. We used to listen to records of soundtracks and read the score.

L: I was a total geek. Not cool at all. It was always a culture shock for me to be in the pop world.

GB: So what was the path that led to doing your own scores?

W: A movie called TOYS was our first opportunity. We did a title sequence for Hans Zimmer. And then Trevor Horn. And then Mark Isham, and he handed a movie over to us, which was the movie DANGEROUS MINDS with Michelle Phieffer, our big break.

L: Which, of course, mostly led to us doing a lot of low budget urban movies.

W: We started doing a lot of bad movies. Bad TV pilots.

L: Some were good. Some you don’t even want to mention.

W: And then we met Allan Arkush.

GB: That was a big turning point?

W: That was everything. That changed everything.

GB: What happened.

L: He called us up. He knew our work and he wanted to meet us. He was doing a David Kelley TV show called “SNOOPS” and he said they wanted it to be a little more rock and roll, a little offbeat.

W: We heard what it was about, and we were like, “I don’t know.” We weren’t sure we were interested.

L: But we went to Allan’s office to meet him. And Allan knows EVERYTHING about music. Everything about our Dads. Everything. More than we ever knew.

W: And there on his wall was a picture, of my brother, who had died a few years before. Allan had directed a movie called GET CRAZY, and my brother had worked on it. And there was this picture of Allan and my brother, who had passed away, and Allan didn’t even know it, but right then we knew, “this is fate.”

L: And we’ve done everything with Allan ever since then.

W: 150 hours of music later. And it has changed everything.

GB: And it all led to HEROES…

W: And HEROES changed everything again.

GB: Why?

W: Because it’s a true artistic endeavor. Every week. A lot of times with music for television, what your asked to do, it’s like bad porn.

GB: What does that mean?

W: You have almost no screen time to make any statement, to build any character. You don’t own any of the black, meaning the time when the act ends and it goes to black for a few seconds before commercial, and so you’re supposed to just jam home whatever the main emotion it is they’re going for. Nothing is contrapuntal. Nothing is subtle.

L: It’s so uninspired and uninspiring. With most TV it’s a job, a craft, not an art. You have short scenes and the music cues are so short. And network executives get scared whenever you DO experiment, so it’s frustrating.

GB: For instance?

W: Well, a small example, on CROSSING JORDAN, which was a good show and good musically, but originally Jordan’s character was supposed to be Irish. So we tended to play this up with a lot of Irish instruments and instrumentation. And sure enough the note comes down, “Can we back off the Irish stuff a bit.”

L: TV in general wants to hit every demographic, to appeal to the broadest audience possible. So, in doing that, the music tends to become generic. You can’t be hot or cold, you have to be lukewarm. If it’s funny, it’s a rim shot. If it’s sad it’s strings. If it’s exciting, it’s drums, and so on.

W: When it came to HEROES, We had done one cue for the pilot that was very dreamy. And another, exciting cue for an action scene. And Tim Kring came in to see what we were doing, and he said “Hey, let’s try the dreamy cue under the action scene.” And that became the cue under for Claire, when the trains on fire. Which has become a signature piece of music for the show.

L: And that was huge. When Tim said, “Let’s play the dreamy cue under the action scene,” it changed everything. It focused our minds on what this show could be and how it could be different.

GB: Did Tim talk a lot about what he wanted the music to be at the pilot stage?

W: He talked in a general way. He talked about the emotions and the directions of the characters. He gave us the idea he wanted to be incredibly unusual musically. And he definitely gave us the idea that we could have a lot of freedom and that we could really experiment.

L: He talked a lot about about subtext also. In HEROES every scene has MASSIVE subtext. The music is making the viewer unconsciously listen in a way that makes them believe there is more going on than what you see.

W: We have to work the same way you and Allan direct. We ask ourselves, “How are we going to tell this story and get from point “a” to point “b” emotionally?” What was Allan telling us, that in this 11th episode he had a scene in the vault that was two pages, but that it was so dense, it took 65 setups to tell the story? Well, that’s how the music is too. There are A LOT of layers, there’s A LOT going on in the music.

L: For instance, in the scenes between HRG and Claire, on the surface you may have a scene where the father is taking the daughter to school. On the surface it’s mundane. But there are layers and layers in that relationship. Layers of deceit. Layers of lies. Layers of mistrust. Layers of loyalty. And, also, always, and very strongly, layers of love. Well, all those things have to be told musically.

W: We do it the same way you guys shoot it. When you do a big swooping crane in, we have to support it. And... What’s that lens that you always use? The one Allan used so much in this episode, so that HRG’s glasses are in focus at the same time Bob is in focus.

GB: The swing and tilt lenses?

W: Yeah. Well, we have to do that too. We have to tell two or more very different stories, at the same time with the music.

L: Themes of intention. Themes of subtext. Themes of implication.

GB: That’s interesting, because I find in my own work, these days, and now that I’ve matured and hopefully gotten better, that I do A LOT of very complicated things with the camera and the blocking, all to support the emotion of a scene. But, when it’s all put together, it’s all very subtle. It isn’t really noticed. I experience the music on this show the same way. It affects you, and it moves you, actually very strongly, spiritually really... but you don’t notice it doing so. Maybe your work is like mine, it’s best when it’s not calling attention to itself.

W: If you study it, it’s much more complex than it seems. On the surface, much of the time it’s pastoral. But if you break it down, if, for instance, every piece of music was a color, if you broke it down and looked at it, you couldn’t tell what color was the main one, there are so many.

GB: Well the music works, everyone loves it. I actually don’t think you ever get network notes. Do you?

W: No. Allen and you give notes in the spotting session. Tim always has notes. There are notes from Tim and Dennis and Allan at the playback, and we still shift cues around. But, no, I think this is the first time in fifteen years that we really don’t get any network notes.

GB: Whose actually playing? Do you bring in musicians?

W: Just the two of us play everything.

L: It’s where the classical training comes in. We can play everything. And we’ve been building, and spending a lot of money of building up our music and sound effects library for this show.

(At this point I look around. Damn. There are a lot of hard drives here.)

W: We have 3 huge Intel Macs, we have a hard raid system, and we have so much information.

L: We need a lot. There are 30 to 35 minutes of music per show, which is unheard of in TV.

W: And we do not re-use music. I know it seems like we can or should. But when you get into these scenes, you can’t. There is always some new element or layer that makes it not possible to re-use an old cue.

L: We have our legends. What music goes with what character?

GB: What are some examples.

L: Mohinder gets a signature piano sound, which is now used at the end of the show.

W: There are actually four completely different pianos that we use in the show.

L: Mohinder's is a Bulgarian piano. We play it super compressed, like it’s coming out of a faraway radio – that’s because he’s so analytical, he’s always trying to figure it out, trying to dial it in.

W: Peter is marcato strings.

GB: What’s “marcato?”

W: It’s just an instruction to the musician of how to play the instrument. Marcato indicates to make quick, strong jabs with the bow. It felt right to play his character that way, like, “I’m going to be a hero now.”

L: Hiro is always marimbas and bassoons, always staccato to emulate a clock, like time, controlling time.

GB: I also hear a lot of, what sounds like wind, like controlled noise, wind moving through pipes.

W: We do a lot of wind, it’s true.

GB: It adds tension.

L: We have a lot of different wind. We used to do a really cool thing with the character of Claude, which was wind mixed with voices. It felt like there was a ghost in the room. There are also a lot of drones and chants that we mix into a lot of the music. This is because Mohinder, the narrator, is Indian.

W: Whenever Niki is being possessed by Jessica, there’s a piece we use that uses Indian voices chanting, which gives the scene a feeling of her being possessed. There’s a possession when she’s in the middle of a violent act she’s not in control of. So we use incantations to underscore this.

L: With Matt, when he's reading minds, we play voices, chanting voices, backwards, because it seems to us, that's his experience, he's drawing thoughts out of people's minds, so those thoughts would travel backwards.

GB: Wow. Which of your father’s was an experimental musician. It sounds like it’s served you well.

L: Mine was. And yes it has. Although now I call it, a “sound artist.”

GB: Okay, tell me about Shenkar. He gets his name in the credits next to your composer credit.

W: Well, he is probably most famous for being the vocalist in Peter Gabriel’s score for “The Last Temptation of Christ.” And also for “The Passion of the Christ.” And, as I said, Tim gave us the idea that we could do ANYTHING on this project. So we approached Shenkar and asked him if he’s like to be the guiding voice for the heroes on their quest. To me he IS the voice of HEROES. Years from now, whenever they parody the show on MAD TV or SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE or whatever, I’m sure they will parody him, because he is the voice of the show.

GB: What is his nationality?

W: He’s Indian. But he’s here in L.A. a lot. Here and there. He’s a very mysterious guy.

L: And he never lets you see him sing.

GB: Huh? How does that work?

L: I write down some instructions of what we’re looking for, and lay down three or four minutes of a drone in “D” and also in “E” and “A” and he literally comes in, in the middle of the night, when nobodies here and lays down his voice over the drone.

GB: That’s crazy.

W: That’s Shenkar. He's our mysterious little goblin.

L: We originally just wanted everything he did long and smooth and legato. Lately I’ve been wanting him to come in again and do some quicker pieces.

GB: Okay, last thing. Tell me about Allan Arkush who directed tonight’s episode

W: he is the most musical person I’ve ever worked with, even in the music business. He knows exactly what he wants.

L: His notes are SO specific. To the frame what he wants and to the instrumentation that he wants.

W: And he never forgets a note. If he says something at the spotting and weeks later at the playback, you didn’t do it. Allan remembers.

L: Allan is the best. We really are so connected to him now. It's a great relationship.

GB: Wow, That’s great. Thank you so much. Maybe now the fans will be able to listen more carefully to the amazingly deep music you guys write for this show.

And that’s it!

Fans, I wish I could tell you what's happenin g, but I truly do not know what the future holds. None of us in Hollywood knows when the strike will be over, or if when and how many more episodes of HEROES will happen this year.

But no matter what, we WILL be back, serving you to the best of our abilities, as soon as we can.

As for this blog – it will go dark now – until the show is back on the air. Thank you all for this opportunity. This blog is half like a term paper I have to write every week, and half an incredible opportunity to become more directly linked to you guys… Our fans who are our life’s blood. It's become a very special experience for me to put it out there for you every week.

Until we meet again…. PICTURES!!!























Anonymous said…
Greg, please tell us that Nathan will be okay. I am really disappointed to see that once again Nathan is put in a dangerous position again. I really want him to be more like Peter or Hiro but you guys keep putting him in this difficult situation. Suffice to say, I'll stop watching the show if he's not on the show anymore.
Oh, you guys. What did us Nathan fans ever do to you? Didn't we suffer enough ALL SUMMER LONG? :(

That said, the scene with Nathan and Peter and Hiro and Adam facing off was incredibly powerful, nicely done.
Anonymous said…
I can’t believe it’s over for now, I’m gonna miss Heroes on Mondays THANK YOU cast and crew for all your hard work and thank you Beeman for this wonderful blog.

I have to say I really hope they didn’t kill Nathan and let Maye and Sylar still live. Maya is just not a good character and Sylar needs to die because him doing the same thing over and over is not entertaining. Now that he has his powers back what’s to stop him from blowing up the city so he could then become president like he wanted to last season.

I just hope Nathan really isn’t dead because there is no reason why he should be dead he is great and I hope you know that he is a popular character. If Matt can survive four gunshot wounds to the chest and Sylar can survive being stabbed than Nathan should still live.

Sara Endellman said…
Greg, what gives? Why do we always have to suffer for an indefinite period not knowing Nathan's fate? I hope you'll show what happen to him in the Jules Verne Film Festival screening. Otherwise, this is really cruel.
Anonymous said…
The Sylar cat image is BEGGING to be LOL!Cats-ified.


Anonymous said…
BRING NATHAN BACK PLEASE!! His character barely get any character development this sesason and now he's in danger again. Why don't you pick other character to be in danger for a change?
Anonymous said…
I have to agree with previous comments. After a volume where he received very little screentime, he gets shot in a rather underwhelming finale and is in danger yet again. I was looking forward to a Nathan/Claire reconnect, more interaction with Peter, working with different characters, etc. His shooting was very disappointing.

I enjoy this blog and read it every week (it's a great connect!) but I hope the next volume's storylines are more compelling with a more even focus on characters. I also hope there is more involvement from characters such as Nathan, Angela, and others. I was incredibly interested by the idea of "Generations" but I found the execution lacking. When will we find out about stuff like the inherited nature of abilities? I am finding that my enthusiasm for the show has dampened.
Adeline said…
Dearest Mr. Beeman,

The blog and pictures are a fantastic delight after each episode and we can never express enough gratitude for them. Thank you.

Yes, this episode was pretty damn awesome, indeed. You guys did a truly excellent job. Two thumbs waaay up. 'Be a shame for it to get ruined by a tragic consequence, really.

We love you and everybody involved in the writing and producing of Heroes. I mean it, every single soul. True love and dedication, I'm not kidding. So it is of the utmost importance for you all to remember nothing is ever unconditional, and for this love to remain pure and untainted NATHAN PETRELLI MUST LIVE.
Anonymous said…
Zach and Kristen are too cute together, thank you so much for the pictures! I hope they keep coming even with no new episodes at the moment, because I love them :[
Anonymous said…
Not Nathan and Nikki! I love both those guys! Oh and when is Claude comin back? Thanks for the blog Beeman! Love it! x
Zarina said…
Thanks so much for yet another wonderful blog with brilliant pictures. Zach and the kitten are just too cute for words <3

And also many thanks for yet another great chapter (season?) and spectaculair finale episode. I thoroughly enjoyed every single episode we've gotten this year and I can't wait for the show's return.
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for this blog, Mr. Beeman! The pictures, the interview, and again the behind-the-scenes look at how you create my favorite show!

I absolutely LOVED this episode. It was incredible. My favorite part was when Mohinder and Sylar got reunited, their scenes were FANTASTIC! Jeph Loeb deserves a round of applause for the writing here, IMO.

To all the people worried about Nathan: I think he'll live, or get healed by Peter somehow. Adrian Pasdar is too good to let go ;)
Anonymous said…
Zach and Kristen are too cute, hope fr more Sylar/elle scenes.

But I'm not against the idea of Mohinder/Elle. There's some chemistry here.
Nibehlung said…
Disappointment is an understatement, Greg. I think Nathan fans have been patient enough throughout this season even when he's given little to no screen time and miniscule plot. But this is just too much.

I don't think it's too much to ask for our favorite characters to be given equal treatment as other characters like Peter, Hiro, etc. To strung us along like this until God-knows-when is just cruel. I hope that episode 12 screening will include Nathan in it.
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for writing this blog; I have enjoyed it immensely! Reading about all the work you guys put into making Heroes an awesome show is inspiring.

Heroes is my favorite show on TV. I really think you take TV as an art to a higher level. Everything about it is awesome and so well put together. Thanks for making such a great show!
Anonymous said…
Guys, what's the point for you guys to go through all of that to resurrect Nathan in S1 if you plan on killing him now? What a waste of time. You guys have created a fantastic character who have undergone a good character development. However, we haven't see what he could do once he's fully working for the good like Peter, et all.

Before this, there's nothing that will make me stop watching Heroes but this is just too upsetting. This entire storyline look like it's written at the last minute and without any thought of what will happen next. The bottom line is, expect myself and many other Nathan fans to walk out of this series if he's no longer on the show.
Anonymous said…
Did you know that Television Without Pity broke its server seconds after this episode ended? Many people were upset about what happened to Nathan and they were posting all together at the same time to the point that now the first 29 pages are basically a bunch of mess showing how unhappy they are with this finale.

This whole season has been disappointing. You guys added too many new characters and instead of killing them, you decide to kill the original characters who are far more interesting? That to me shows that you guys no longer know what's good for the show and what's not good for the show.
Anonymous said…
Once again, Mr. Beeman, lovely blog. I've enjoyed the music since the pilot episode. I LOVE music. Most musical scores in movies that I love, I buy. Goes the same for TV shows... by the way, when WILL the Heroes soundtrack go on sale? :D

I will add my voice to all the others you are hearing - please bring back Nathan. I watched the clip of Kristen at E! Online that says the writers are split about whether or not to bring him back. I can understand that. I can understand that it sort of cheapens the death to just immediately bring him back in ep 12. Who knows, it might make Peter grow up a bit. Although, I think it will actually hurt him more than help him. Peter is very fragile and Nathan is the most important person to him. If you kill him off, I think it will push Peter over the edge, and I would hate to see that happen, as he is my favorite. But as much as I love Peter, he's not quite the same without Nathan... I love them together and have missed seeing them together. For that brief 5 minute stint that we saw them together last night, I was ecstatic.

So while I can see the conflict, please, bring him back. Adrian Pasdar is an extremely talented actor and his character is very important to the show. I really love all the characters and hate to see anything happen to them. But I agree with what several others have said - to bring back HRG, and Maya (and *cure* Sylar) but allow Nathan to die, would be a travesty. It would almost be cheating, I think.

I would still be a fan of the show, because this show rocks. And this last episode knocked my socks off. So I would still faithfully watch... but I definitely would be disappointed.

However, all that being said, I hope the strike ends soon and we see you back here sooner rather than later. I heard there is going to be a big Heroes shindig on Dec 14 or 15 or something in L.A. where a clip of episode 12 will be shown...

Um, can you see me? This is me pouting. :p I live no where close to L.A., so I won't be able to attend. You say that this blog will go dead until the show comes back on the air... can't you come back and give us a small blog of that L.A. event? For those of us who can't attend? :) Pretty please?

Eh, well, it was a good try. :) Thanks again for the blog! I'll be waiting!!!

MediaGirl said…
Thank you so much for this blog and keeping us up on what has been happening behind the scenes, Mr. Beeman. Though I haven't loved this season, I have continued to love everyone involved with the show.

I thought last night's episode was the best ever. So much tension and me squealing a lot, and whoever decided to give the Sylindar back to the fans??? Really needs brownies. I mean, really. Zachary and Sendhil just light up the screen together, and everyone in my household was loving it.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And I wait with bated breath for Volume 3, whenever that occurs.
Matt R said…

I hope that the writing gets back up to the level of Season 1. Last season I was obsessed, and now I am barely interested. You have a lot of great actors and you barely give them anything to work with. For gods sake, give Kristin Bell something interesting to say! Hayden and Jack too. Aaaaargh!
Unknown said…
dont kill nathan, kill syler, save niki.....URRGH!!!!
the show is perfect as it is, i never know what will happen next! when will the music be released on cd? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release a cd and give Wendy and Lisa a bigger segment on the season 2 dvd set. they are such an integral part of the show. it would be great to show their process for start till final lockdown of an episode.
Anonymous said…
Wow! Nathan and Angela are my favorite characters so that ending floored me. Angela's action actually made my stomach feel sick. Great job. Angela has done so many bad things, but this one... I don't think it's redeemable and that scares me. :(
cause then Peter will just kill her and I won't have Cristine on my TV anymore. And I don't care how bad she is, I just want her to love her sons. :)

I know this wasn't your orginal ending. Is there is a way you can talk about what you changed and why. I think I see some pictures from that ending in there?

And yes Cristine is the Queen. I just can't look at her for like four months while I recuperate from that ending.
Anonymous said…
I was not going to join the raging Nathan fans because I had faith in you and did not believe for a second that the writers would be stupid enough to kill off Nathan.

But then I have to hear from Kristin Veich that the writing and production stuff is undecided whether to bring him back. You have to be joking, right?

Wasted potential and chemistry doesn't even begin to describe it if that is true. Why did you make Claire his daughter if there was never going to be a follow up? They have hardly interacted and there is still so much potential. We also don't know what the Petrelli parents were up to and Nathan is a key figure in this, too.

But most of all you can't kill one of the brothers. Peter's and Nathan's relationship was one of the cores of the first season and keeping them apart for this volume lessened my enjoyment of the show a great deal. Peter's character in particular suffered from the separation because it wasn't used for any character development. Peter and Nathan have one of the most interesting brother relationships I have seen on television; it was one of my favorite aspects of the show. Milo and Adrian have fantastic chemistry and Adrian is among the strongest actors of the cast.

I can only repeat myself. What an incredibly waste, if you don't bring him back.

Tim Kring apologized to fans and promised to fix things in the next volume. Killing off Nathan is NOT THE WAY TO DO IT!
Anonymous said…
There are so many different avenues you can take Nathan to. He barely has any interaction with his daughter, Claire. What's the point of making Claire his daughter if she's not even going to have proper interaction with him? That brief scene in season 1 and even shorter scene in season 2 did not count. They were not even father/daughter bonding.

And then there is his awesome relationship with Peter, which is the foundation of this show. I heard you guys wait until the last minute to cast Nathan and Peter. To actually waste away Adrian Pasdar after all of that hard work is such a disappointment.

Most of all, I don't understand why we Nathan fans have to suffer through this all over again. I actually cried in my workplace the last time you put Nathan in cliffhanger. It's especially cruel if you make us wait for unknown months only for us to find out that he's no longer on the show. At that point, I'll be really angry like the rest of the fans and would no longer have interest in the show.
Anonymous said…
If Nathan is dead, I will probably stop watching the show. And that will be with a great sadness in my heart.

I love this show. I really do. But I love it because of its characters and how they interact. The fancy powers are just special effects that are cool and add an extra layer to it all. Nathan Petrelli is extremly important to the story, since Peter is most interesting when interacting with Nathan, and Claire as well. If Nathan is gone for good, all that disappears.

I can't even tell you how incredibly disappointed I am with you killing him off. I'm honestly considering not coming back to watching the show when it continues.

Anonymous said…
So it looks like I'm not the only one who thinks that it'll be a waste to kill Nathan now when he hasn't even interacted with Claire that much.
Anonymous said…
Sadly, vol 2 doesn't air here in Singapore till next year. Which is sad, really... but god bless the www! Now Volume 2's come to a close, what am I to do?!?!? More importantly, how will I go on with my life knowing Nathan is dead?!?!? (Haha. Dramatic, much?)

Dead Nathan + Claire's healing blood = Alive Nathan? "Just because you die on HEROES doesn’t mean you won’t come back and do a few more episodes" ;D

Anyway, I just have to say the finale was brilliantly done, given the fact that the whole season had to end on such "short notice".

Can't wait for vol 3!
Anonymous said…
Why have Heroes writers fallen in love with death as a plot device? You guys seem to think the excitement comes from who will die next. I'm tired of it. And you all could have done a much better job with people like Ando and Nathan. Volume 3 better be much improved or it's thanks for nothing.
JennaJ said…
Thanks for that insight on the behind the show music interview. I learned a lot. It's really neat to see how much work goes into the show through all different artistic loops. Your blog makes it possible for the people behind the camera to get their richly deserved time in the sun.

As for tonight's episode:

Wowsers! Nice finish for the season finale!

I, like many others, like Nathan and would be sad to see him go.

Elle gets more intriguing and layered every episode she's on the screen! I love seeing her become so aware of her surroundings as her vulnerabilities are exposed and she starts to become enlightened of her dad's true nature. Great dynamic, I hope to see you explore her character more.

This episode also seemed to be a lot more together and focused then last week's episode. It's left me excited to see what journeys you'll be taking all of our favorite characters in Vol 3. =D

Until Heroes returns, I'll faithfully wait... at least we'll have the weekly online graphic novels to keep us company until you guys come back to visit TV land. :P

Miles of smiles!
Anonymous said…
I have to join to the others and say, don´t kill Nathan! It would be incredible waste! He was the only character who had some personal goal this season. Peter was obviously lost without him. You can´t destroy Petrelli chemistry because it is the very core of the show. It was the main thing missing this season. The episode became so much better when they both were together. And what about some interaction between him and Claire? Where is that?
Tim Kring apologized to fans for mistakes. And kill off Nathan would be another HUGE mistake. It would destroy one of the main storylines, you can´t do that.
I am fan of Nathan, but most, I am a fan of Adrian Pasdar who is an excellent actor. I love Heroes but I am afraid that if Nathan wouldn´t be there any more, I quit watching. I am sorry.
I wanted to write some good things about the last episodes but the end destroyed it all.
You have introduced lots of new characters who were barely developed. So you kill the old, interesting characters to make place for...what exactly? What is the point of Maya or Monica of being in the show? Don´t kill Nathan just because you want to show us another five or so episodes with Maya yelling and screaming and Monica trying to be a hero which only gets her killed.
The most favorite part of the last episode was Nathan´s flight with Matt. Another undeveloped relationship.
Don´t you DARE to kill Nathan!
Anonymous said…
I am so upset right now it's not even funny. I honestly hope that All you behind Heroes are not stupid enough to keep Nathan dead. Being a fan of Nathan is hard because your always killing him off or we get little to no screentime whatsoever.

Nathan is actually my favorite character because he has soooo much potential, but you guys don't want to show it for some reason. He has great chemistry with all the other chacters. Him and Matt together are gold, Loved when he met Claire, He even made me like Niki for an episode last season, Him and Hiro are always great together, and ofcourse him and Peter.

I know there are a lot of Peter fans out there but there is no Peter without Nathan. Same with No Nathan without Peter. Their relationship is the strongest on the show and we had to deal with them being seperated practically the whole 11 episodes then you wanna tear them apart.

Next season I would love to see Nathan and Peter and Claire band together and go after The Company. But will the writers be smart enough to do that or be dumb and keep Nathan dead and ruin the show even more.

Also Adrian Pasdar is one of the best actors this show has but you guys have underused him so much it's a crime. I Hope you make it up to us in volume 3 by keeping Nathan alive and giving him some screentime

No Nathan- lose me as a viewer
Anonymous said…
Like another poster I figured there's no way you're killing Nathan off, until I read what Kristin had to say. I don't understand how the writers could possibly think they've done everything they should with Nathan, considering he's been underutilized the entire series and especially this season. Surely you know that Adrian Pasdar is one of your best actors by far? And that Nathan is a complex character that hasn't been developed nearly to the extent that he could and should? This season was the chance to flesh him out completely, and I'm not sure why you decided he wasn't worth the time and instead spent time developing characters like Mohinder or newbies. I wish you would explain it because at this point, although I probably wouldn't watch the show if Nathan is gone, it's the irrationality of how you have treated Nathan that annoys me the most.
Anonymous said…
personally i hate nathan.. kill em off for all i care... he's still got that slimy politician air about him... with that said however i don't think they'll kill peters link to real family so soon... and well i think his powers will probably advance... in what way? i'd guess gravity manipulation... which on the offensive would mean u cud exert so much gravity on a person that they can't move... - M.L.R.
Kruton6 said…
I'm a little disappointed you didn't say a word about last nights episode. Kind of disappointing given you've had some amazing posts about scenes and effects from all the episodes up till now.

Please make another post about the episode. It would make my day that much brighter!
Juju said…
That finale was the single greatest episode of Heroes ever. Just an amazing job with an amazing ending and "beginning". Here's hoping the return is soon!!!

Zachary Quinto is simply unreal.
kriskramer said…
Wow... so much to say, so little time. I could write an essay on this show, and how it's squandering it's potential, but I'll try and keep it under 5000 words today and just hit the high points.

After Season 1, we all seemed to think that Heroes was a great show, with a some moments of mediocrity sprinkled in (the finale being an entire episode of mediocrity). However, the last few months has me convinced that we were all wrong. Heroes is actually a mediocre show with moments of greatness. And I think it's because the writers don't really know what they have, or how to take advantage of the elements in Heroes that make people tune in every week. And that's been pretty evident this season.

Season 2 has just been bad. Really bad.

I could use the same old sophomore slump excuse that a lot of others are throwing out, but it's more than that. We saw signs of this in Season 1. Specifically in the finale. I'm not in the writer's room, so I can't be certain, but what it really feels like is sloppy writing. It feels like the writer's just don't care enough to make sure that the stories they tell are great, or that they even make sense. The characters don't do things you would expect them to do. I could give a hundred examples, but I'll just go with one for now. Why would Peter, who is so desperate to stop the plague, and is already a little unsure about Adam's motivations, not just phase through the vault door and destroy the virus himself? Why does he let Adam go in alone? How is that not a contrived, totally unbelievable decision?

And I'm not trying to say the writers are bad, just that the writing is. It's like there's no one involved in the writing process who can see a script before it shoots and say "hey, this part doesn't make any sense at all. Let's rework that a little bit." Or, at the very least, fix some of the dialogue. Sylar, at the end of the episode, doesn't say "I'm back." That's cheesy. That's something Hiro says, it's what makes him endearing and entertaining. Sylar just smiles malevolently... or something.

Anyway, a couple of points I want to make:

1. Someone mentioned in this blog a few weeks back that movies are about the story, but TV shows are about the characters, and that totally stuck with me (sorry, can't remember who said it). Season 1 had not only great characters, but great character pairings. I think the writers knew this, and tried to take those pairings in different directions this season. Unfortunately with disastrous results:

Season 1 - These guys were probably the two most important characters to the show last season. Their chemistry as actors was amazing, and we, as viewers, totally bought into Peter as the noble younger brother who wanted to save the world, and Nathan as the morally ambiguous older brother who had his own goals, only to sacrifice it all to save his brother's life.

Season 2 - Peter lost his memory, was in Ireland, went to the future, and tried to stop a plague in a highly underwhelming story arc. Nathan went from 'is he dead' to not dead, to not doing a whole lot, to 'is he dead?' (I have more on Nathan later) Oh, and by the way, how does an assassin (HRG I'm sure) shoot Nathan in a building full of cops and just walk away???

Season 1 - These guys were the adventuring duo that showed the ideal of comic book superheroes from the Golden and Silver Ages of comics. They were also the comic relief, and it was fun to watch their journey across America to save the world.

Season 2 - Hiro did some stuff in feudal Japan, then went after Adam in a storyline that needed more time to tell. it ended to quickly. Ando... did nothing. Seriously. The show actually paid him to contribute absolutely nothing. Ando is a good character, but only as the sidekick buddy to Hiro.

Season 1 - The surprise focus of the show last year, and deservedly so. HRG was great, and Claire was very capable as probably the main character from most of last season. And her journey to find her real parents, and her interactions with the Petrellis was fun to watch. One of the coolest moments of the show last year was the scene where she has the geeky "cool" moment after learning her dad can fly.

Season 2 - HRG tried to bring the Company down, got super overprotective of Claire, died, came back to life, and rejoined the Company. Claire got a boyfriend, and cried a lot. And whined. And got mad. And cried some more.

Season 1 - This pairing's great moment culminated in the apt scene in which Mohinder fired at Sylar, who stopped the bullet, then freed himself. It was a scene that really showed that Sylar was a force to be reckoned with, and made a creepy villain even creepier.

Season 2 - Mohinder had some decent character progression, but Sylar was powerless and didn't do a whole lot until the last two episodes. Then he ended the season/volume with the cheesy "I'm back" line...

The characters are what keep us coming back, so please don't screw them up. There's a ton of great storylines in them, but I feel like it's all being stifled for the sake of overly contrived plots and situations... and terrible dialogue.

2. The action scenes in this show are horrible. Remember the episode last season "Five Years Later"? Remember when Peter and Hiro stormed that building, and everyone thought a great action scene was coming, a scene we'd been waiting all season for? And it ended up being Peter throwing a guy against a wall and Hiro somehow defeating a bunch of guys with machine guns using a samurai sword?

Well, we get more of that in this episode.

For the love of God, please think about this the next time you plan a big action scene.

3. Smallville is NOT the show you want to borrow ideas from, or writers. Smallville has become Superman's version of the 60s Batman TV show, only instead of being campy and ludicrous, it's campy and melodramatic. I know Heroes has been working with people from that show, I'm just not sure how much, but please, please, please don't use that show as a model for doing ANYTHING on Heroes. I watch Smallville to satisfy my inner comic book geek, but I have to fight through the nonsense in the show to do it. And now I'm starting to see little bits of it creep into Heroes, mostly in the poor dialogue, contrived plots, and the heavy handed drama.

Sigh... I don't have any coherent summary or wrap up to this post. It's all just some ramblings from a fan that wants this show to be more than it is, or to live up to the moments of greatness we've seen here and there (mostly there). I'll be there for Volume 3, and I'll give you guys a clean slate, but I won't be holding my breath. So take this time during the writer's strike and really THINK about the storylines, the character progression, the highs and the lows these guys will go through in V3, and make sure it's not only right for the character, but that it makes sense, and that it takes advantage of the strengths of their personalities and of the chemistry in the show.

* About Nathan... he's obviously a very popular character. Just read a forum about this show and you'll see what I mean. I don't think he's dead. In fact, it would be about the dumbest story decision I've ever seen on this show if he was, seeing as how his biological daughter can just give him blood (and I wonder if Peter is able to do it as well). Plus, like someone else mentioned, Matt got shot 4 times and survived. I think HRG shot him, and Volume 3 will spend a lot of time with the weird family dynamic between Claire's two families.

But Nathan is an interesting character to me because he seems to be the central figure in all of this. Peter is the most powerful, but Nathan is becoming the 'leader' of this supergroup it seems. He's Peter's brother, Claire's father, Matt's partner, Hiro's "flying man!" buddy, and Niki's one time affair. Plus, when he's around, he's the guy who seems to take charge, pushing Matt to go after his father, standing up to his mother, trying to out himself and the others on TV, etc. Nathan has too much potential in this show for the writers to get rid of him, unless it's several seasons down the road.
Rae Mendez said…
Tim Kring claim that he realized all of the mistakes that you guys have made. Well, killing off Nathan would be making another mistake.

That many people agree that killing Nathan will be a big mistake. You have a chance to fix the series so I hope you don't blow it now. Nathan deserves much better than this being a plot device.
Anonymous said…
I'm *thisclose* to leaving the show. Nathan's death will be the final straw. Unless Kristen Veitch is lying about you guys being indecisive re: Nathan's fate, I have to say that I'm appalled at the lack of good decision amongst the writers. No wonder season 2 turned out as bad as it is now. You guys never really listen to the fans. You just pretend that you listen to us.
Anonymous said…
Awesome episode lastnight! But um...Please don't really kill off Nathan? Please and thank you!
Anonymous said…
I can't believe you killed Niki/Jessica. Jessy was my Favorite character on the show and one that you have not even explored yet. I am so disappointed! I hope she comes back in some form or another as a regular.

Poor us Niki lovers haven't we lost enough with DL and Jessica leaving now you take away Niki....(Goes Sobs and talks to self in a corner)

Can't wait to see if she is in next seasons premier, if not then I lost all interest.
Karla said…
I totally understand all the fans' comments about how they want Heroes to be. But the bottom line is, it is your story to tell, not ours. Tell it how you see fit. To me, it's more about the character development and less about the plot. Even if the plot sucks sometimes, Heroes is still the best hour of TV I watch each week. Thank you for taking the time to do this blog, I enjoy it as well.
Anonymous said…
Great show I just love Heroes but to even think about killing Niki off is a horrible choice. Once we at the "I love Niki thread found out we set in motion petitions and forward this site on to many niki lovers so be prepared to be bombarded with comments and e-mails to save Niki/Jessica!!!!

As season one title goes
Save the World
save the cheerleader........

Save the show
save the Stripper.....NIKI
Anonymous said…

Love live Jessica
Anonymous said…
Yeah, why were Nathan and Ando so terribly under utilized this season? Ugly Heroes writers must be jealous of Adrian.
Anonymous said…
If the writers think they can string along Nathan fans to watch volume 3 only to reveal that he's dead, then you can forget about it. No Nathan, no viewership on our part. Not to mention as someone said, it's terribly cruel to make us wait all of these months only to disappoint us.
Mike said…
Nathan must be brought back by all means, !!!, he is truly neglected in this chapter, his role have so much ways it can develop and by not only my opinion, he is one of the leading 3 charachters of Heroes, do not undergo ludicrous move made in Prison Break, where they killed one of most loved characters, and thus virtually undermined whole show
Anonymous said…
Killing Nathan = Heroes has jumped the shark.
* Peter will become greatly uninteresting (proof? Eh, I present: S2.)
* A great opportunity for some Claire development is gone.
* Adrian Pasdar is one of the actors who lift the show.

Honestly. This is Emmy-worthy. In the category "stupidest choice in a show. Ever."

It's not drawing me in to watch the next couple of episodes either, because, well, until I get word on "Nathan is not permanently dead", I am not watching Heroes, no matter what the show presents. Not interesting, so I'm not interested.
Anonymous said…

If you don't do what you think is best for the show I will stop watching :) It cracks me up how people will stop watching the show because a character may or may not be killed off. Heroes is one of the best shows on t.v. and as long as you guys are putting out incredibly delicious episodes I won't stop watching. I'm keeping my finger's crossed that the show will be back on soon, I can't wait for more episodes as I'm sure you can't wait to get back to work. Happy Holidays!
Anonymous said…
OMFG, please, tell us Nathan isn't really dead (but if he's not, it would be the second time he almost passed out, so not credible). Well, I just don't understand a thing, how the killer can shoot Nathan in front of many cops and just go away like he did ? It's dumb...
By the way, thanks a lot for your blog, it's an amazing job ! I'm SO in love with this show but this seasons disapointed me, except for the brilliant interventions of Elle (wonderful Kristen <3)

But i'm SO sad that the writers killed my fav' character. Nathan is so important for the show, Adrian is truly talented and the chemistry with Peter/Milo is excellent.

Anonymous said…
Please dont kill Nathan
Save Nathan, Save Heroes !!!!
romanocheeseman said…
No Hero on Monday...urgh. Can't we all just get along? It is a true shame that the writers strike is going to take the momentum of this show away...for viewers, fans, and the talented cast.

Come on Hollywood...get your house in order!!!
Anonymous said…
please don't kill NIKI! just let her overcome her multiple personality disorder and she'll be kickass with the rest!
coffeemints said…
Please bring Nathan Petrelli back. He is indispensible to the show.
Anonymous said…
Nikki come back we miss you.
I love this show but... SAVE the Wonder Twin and NOT SAVE Nathan. Thank stinks!

Way too much time was wasted on those Wonder Twins, their story could have been told in one scene instead of all those useles scenes that should have been given to the characters we care about. Or new characters that we care about.

All the same, I love Heroes and can't wait for Season 3. But PLEASE PLEASE Fix it.
Anonymous said…
Save the Stripper, Save the Show

I can't believe you tried to kill Niki off Bring her back!!!! She is my favorite and is the only reason I starting watching. A friend told me to start after seeing her character I am addicted so Please let her live.
Anonymous said…
I hate this show. Are the writers really lacking idea that the only thing they can come up with is to put Nathan life in danger again? And if he's dead, then this show is dead to me. You guys don't deserve any second chance whatsoever. You guys got it when you apologize for ruining season 2 and now you're ruining it again.
Anonymous said…
Are the writers really lacking idea that the only thing they can come up with is to put Nathan life in danger again? And if he's dead, then this show is dead to me. You guys don't deserve any second chance whatsoever. You guys got it when you apologize for ruining season 2 and now you're ruining it again.
Anonymous said…
PLEASE DON'T LISTEN TO THE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK ABOUT SYLAR. Zachary's character is vital! I cannot live without him. So please, keep him coming. And bring back Nathan. He is the sexiest man alive! MORE MORE MORE of everyone. My life is incomplete until you guys return. Much love!!
Anonymous said…
I hope season 3 is better.

I think too much was just crammed into this season and not a lot of story and character development happened.

There were also a lot of contrived and heavy handed scenes.

As for the death. I did feel that someone shooting Nathan seemed like it was what the company

I hope he lives but really, this time, take your time in bringing him back. Make it more important to the story. See how Peter reacts to it first. And how this will affect Christine Rose's character. Like have him recover first.

As for Nikki, I also hope she returns. But also, take your time on this one. I would like to see how it affects Monica and Micah.

Ando was pretty much nothing this past season.

The villains here were underutlized as well. Matt's father would have been a better threat. Adam Monroe/Kensei could have been but it became too "explained."

I couldn't care less if Maya returns. She was whiny and boring. I like Dania Ramirez (I think she's cute!) but her role sucked. Poorly developed character.

Sylar would have been better off keeping his mouth shut in that last scene.
Nanaly said…
I agree with those who said what's the point of making Nathan Claire's father if he's not even going to interact with her like a father/daughter?

If Nathan dies, there'll be so many missed opportunities. We have yet to see Nathan interacting with HRG. Nathan/Niki itself has a lot of potential. And you guys ruin it just because you want some kind of shocking ending. Shocking ending will be forgotten a few days later but character development and interaction will last.
Anonymous said…
(1) Hiro isn't nearly as good a character without Ando hanging around with him.

(2) Nathan is too good a character to lose. He's one of the few with any real leadership potential.

(3) At least Niki's dead.

(4) In 30-40 years, when Adam/Kensei has dug himself out of the grave, he's gonna be really pissed. Hiro screws up again, leaving the problem for another generation.
Anonymous said…
I cannot word how disappointed I am with Heroes at the moment. I wanna clarify that I'm not saying this because I'm bitter that Niki and Nathan are possibly both gonna end up dead - from the moment the episode started, I felt it was really bad quality.

And I just wanna say that I feel like Tim Kring and Company lied to the fans.

There was no cleaning of the mistakes made this season - several characters (most, actually) were acting stupid, new and boring characters got to live wihle old and far more interesting characters get to "die."

It's not fair. It's not right.

And I do feel betrayed.

No longer am I going to trust the word of the writers and producers or Heroes because, honestly, they did nothing that they promised.

PLUS, this entire season has been terribly disappointing - entertaining, yes, but very poorly done (written, directed, produced...).

Niki, who will always be my favorite character on the show whether she's dead or not, was sidelined and used only as a deus ex machina for plots that weren't even major overall (instead, she served as the reason Sylar gets to carry on with his same old storyline of killing heroes...).

I can think of NUMEROUS ways to have given her character a storyline - Jessica being alive, Adam recruiting Niki (explain why the Symbol appeared on her back when Jessica took over), etc...And I'm not even a professional writer. I write for fun but that's it. It's sad that I can come up with storylines that would work perfectly fine while the pro writers just let her drift off the sidelines and then, ultimately, kill her off after she distantly assissted Sylar in rising back to his old, bland self.

The same can be said of Nathan.

Adrian Pasdar and Ali Larter are phenomenal actors. Not only do they have fantastic chemistry when they're in scenes together, but they make their individual storylines (when they had them)far more interesting and compelling than the writers likely even intended for them to be.

Killing Nathan and Niki was definitely the worst way to "clean out" the cast and mistakes the creative staff made in Volume II. And I will admit that I'm even contemplating giving up on the show if Kristen Bell leaves (and, of course, if Adrian Pasdar and Ali Larter are both gone from the cast, too).

I cannot word how disappointed and frustrated I am, Heroes-staff. I truly can't.


If they can't keep Niki, introduced Ali as another character who's name rhymes with Nessicuh. And if they can't keep Nathan, introduce Adrian as a different role.

But getting rid of the both of them is a HORRIBLE move on the creative staff's part.

And it's something I might not be able to put behind me.
Anonymous said…

Nice blog btw. I enjoyed season 1 but didn't enjoy season 2.

Why? Underdeveloped story-lines (who's the Petrilli father, what powers did the 12 have if any, what's the motivation of the company ect.).

Too much screen time for characters I didn't care about and too little screen time for characters I did care about. I know it's not easy to juggle a huge cast, but come on, put them all in a scene together. Read alot of comics and you'll see that this CAN be done.

Nathan and Niki dead? Honestly, I saw it comming as soon as I heard the rumers that two will die. It was not a shocker. As soon as Nathan was stepping into a press conference, I KNEW he was about to get shot. Which brings me to another annoyance, I know guns are part of life, but can't your writers come up with other ways to die other than gun shots?

At least Nikki went out in a blaze (or did she? . . . . . ).

It seems that Death in the Heroverse is contrived. If you are going to kill a character, at least make it believe and necessary to the plot. The excuse of "well people die in RL all the time" doesn't work for me, because you, the writers, have the power to create any situation your hearts and minds desire.

Now saying that, what did I love about this season?

Monica - I really like her and the fact she's starting to embrace her powers.

Michah - an annoyance at first but the fact that he liberally uses his powers is cool.

Elle - I like her. Again, she's not afraid to use her power.

Sylar - Even powerless, he always steals the scene. Gotta love Zach.

Adam - He's not such a bad ass. But I do enjoy his acting and what Hiro did to him at the end was cool. I was actually thinking, about time. I though Hero would leave him in prehistoric Canada or some waistland, instead we see him in a coffin. That was eerie, even for Hiro.

PLEASE, focus this next year on writing a cohesive plot thread that is not full of cliche's, re-hashed plot lines and throw-away characters. I want to care about the Heroes. I found myself caring about the villians more than the Hero's and that's sad.

I'll be there for Season 3, but I won't be purchasing season 2 on DVD like I did for Season 1. I still watch S1 on occasion.

Thanks again for all your work and btw, you take a cute picture.
Anonymous said…
NIKI!!!!!! (Cries self to sleep)

Please Bring her back on season three

John said…
You guys really should have put the entire cast in classic soap opera cliff hangers ala Dynasty. Then you could have used this strike time to figure out where the show is heading. Kill off about 76% of the cast and refocus on a few tighter story lines like the company and the originals. We still have no idea what the company is about and what the original heroes were about (probably because I don't think the staff of the show has given it any thought).

Time to focus on the cast that can actually act (Pasdar, Coleman and....that's about it) and spin up maybe a few secondary threads ( Monica/Micah could be good, Hiro/Ando was good last year) and tighter the focus of the show. Spin up 5 to 6 episode arcs that definitively end and only keep 1 season long arc going.

It's ok to have characters leave, you don't even have to kill them off. They can just exit the story.

All in all I've been pretty vocal about my disappointment with the end of season 1 and this arc for season 2. The show is totally off the track and it's bleeding viewers. I'd hate to see a good concept fall apart due to poor execution. If Heroes fails, no executive is going to green light a "comic book" type show for a long time.

Time to make the characters smarter, time to hire some writers that can write dialog and time to hire some people with experience writing serial stories. Time to reach out beyond Smallville and Crossing Jordan and get some outside help. The show needs it.
Anonymous said…
I swear I am done with this show if Nathan stays dead. We were robbed of Nathan most this season while the boring wonder twins, Claire and her stupid boyfriend, and Hiro in 16th Japan wasted to much space.

Like someone said above why go to all the trouble and revealing Nathan as Claires biological father if your not going to explore that relationship. Claire is going to need him now that HRG has gone back to the company and is back to being a baddie(even though he is only doing it to save his family)

If you lose Adrian Pasdar and his wonderful character Nathan this show deserves to be cancelled
Anonymous said…
About the oldest trick in the book, bad volume 2 and the end of this show for me

Thanks Again for this post Mister Beeman. I will start by disagreeing with you in regards of the writing of this episode. I was shocked that a writer like Jeph Loeb ( I enjoyed his Batman stories )would resort to shooting one of the 3 characters that had development, Nathan. All in the name of a shocking cliffhanger . This was a terrible mistake, specially fan wise. The Reason: people are pissed off that you did it. If you bring him back it'll seem like an insult to all the fans and if you don't it'll be disappointing that you resorted to such an overused tactic.

Bad volume 2

This show had one good episode, the one that you directed Mister Beeman, episode 9. That's it.
The whole show had no direction, no mayor storyline, slow development, confused characters, the lack of a villain, lack of motive, disposable characters. Everything that makes a show terrible was used in this volume 2. This volume 2 sucks. Simple as that.

It is not negative feedback. I'm putting how it is. I'd need more pages to go through all the loopholes in the story and its contradictions. This is merely the blatant truth.

You really don't understand your audience. Perhaps you tried to cover too much, too soon too fast. You got a hit and you wanted it all. Where as, if a show is good, it'll spread around. If people are talking about it, it becomes interesting and someone will watch the show. (From my part I will recommend volume 1 and to stop it there.)

You know the stories that have a sequel and they're sooo bad , that you try to tell yourself that it was never made so that it doesn't ruin the zen of the first part. Well, you guys became one of this now.

Which brings me back to my last point This show is over for me.

Yep, that's it. If I want to read this kind of stories I'll get a comic book that I know will be like this. Yes, Heroes is very influenced by comic books , the difference is the medium. TV and Comics are different. I can't read a comic book with 4 of my friends at the same time but we can all watch the show at the same time.

I mean.. there were so many loop holes in this volume 2 that it was embarrassing to watch the finale.
There was no class in it, few answers, and it was obvious that Adam was going to be contained. But you didn't fix the mess that was created in the first 8 episodes.

So.. it seems to me , that the show will have to surpass volume 1's success (since volume 2 was terrible, your audience will be EXPECTING something better that the original)and that's pretty tough to do.

Even if you do, I wonder if there will be someone watching.

The show was excellent in volume 1. I still give you a round of applause for that only.

Thank you again for this blog.
Anonymous said…
This is probably just deeply misguided of me, but I am not really worried about Nathan... ;o9

Should be, maybe. I *do* love him, and I think he plays a crucial role on the show, with his complex web of nuanced relationships (with Peter, with his mother, with Hiro, with Claire, with Parkman, etc.) and his still-complicated moral perspective. If we ever get back to a point where the characters' individual notions of what it is to be a hero force them into conflict and find them making tough decisions between difficult alternatives, Nathan only stands to become even more interesting to us. Because he'll probably always be more of a pragmatist than most of the others, even if he is now equally committed to being a good guy and getting his life back together. I guess I can't see how his journey is done, so I can't see how this is the last stop. He'll be back, sez I, and Adrian Pasdar will still be just absolutely one of the most amazing actors you've ever had! (Optimism. It's how we roll. ;o9)

Meanwhile, instead, I've been wondering about the way that Peter and Hiro and other favorite characters of mine have been portrayed lately. I just don't quite understand last night's confrontation, and I'm fully willing to accept that I've just missed something, but I don't understand how the whole Peter-Hiro-Adam-Virus showdown makes sense. Peter wants to destroy the virus. Hiro wants to destroy the virus (and also Adam). Adam says he wants to destroy the virus. Peter and Hiro can stop time, 93% of the population is at stake (along with Peter's girlfriend, his brother, and his mother, still alive a year later), and no less than three trustworthy sources have told Peter this is all wrong. With stakes that high, isn't even one doubt enough to give someone as well-meaning as Peter some pause? I really don't understand how it isn't as simple as:

Peter: Hmmm. Adam, you stay put in the hallway, and I'll dust the virus like you said, 'kay? Then we'll straighten this whole thing out in a minute.

Adam: Guh, guh...


Peter: Good point, Hiro. I think Adam's a good guy, but we have bigger fish to fry right now. Lets walk through the wall, destroy the virus without bloodshed, then unstop time and work out our personal differences afterwards.

If I'm Adam and what I *really* want is to save the world from certain doom, you can clock me on the head, tie me up and leave me in the hallway, and we'll still be friends afterwards, so long as you take care of saving the human race. If I'm Peter, maybe damaging a friendship with an isolated display of distrust is still not as big of a sacrifice as losing everyone else I've ever cared about to a bleak future and a wasting disease. Plus, Adam may have saved Nathan's life and Peter may legitimately see some good in the man, but Adam volunteered to save Nathan's life rather late in the game, as a bargaining chip to get Peter to do something for him in exchange. Even if Peter thinks that's reasonable under the circumstances (thirty years in jail), is that enough of a bond to be worth risking the whole world? I don't understand.

It really felt like the prompt for the scene was someone, somewhere back in the mists of Heroes-time asking the question, 'Wouldn't it be cool if Peter and Hiro, despite how similar they are, how *good* they both try to be, unwittingly ended up at each other's throats?'

Yes! Very cool! But doesn't it seem like that could only happen in genuine extremity, when each persona desperately wants some good that would only be attainable with the other one out of the way? Here, Peter and Hiro can both have what they want! Just destroy the virus and then read Adam's mind! Then, go out and catch up over waffles.

I don't mind that Peter isn't always that clever when it comes to life and death situations. I kind of like that he's a normal guy, not a strategic mastermind, and when someone is splitting open his skull, he mostly just screams like anybody else would under the circumstances. But this is only a life and death situation insofar as he makes it one, and he doesn't want to make it one, and there just is no need to.

The biggest Twilight Zone moment for me? Nathan and Peter's lingering pep-talk in the hall, while Adam is alone in the vault. Because it seemed like last season, the joke was on Nathan and his mother and everyone else who ever underestimated Peter just because he elected to live his life as a nurturing and gentle person. They all permitted themselves to think of him as this little lost lamb, who needed them to push him, prod him, critize him - all for his own good. Wasn't the punchline, though, that Peter can play hardball about as well as any of them, and that while he needs Nathan and his family, he doesn't need them to make him brave or capable or smart enough to act on his own instincts? I miss that. And while I wouldn't balk at Peter undergoing some change that meant his brother really did have to step in and set him straight, I haven't seen that happening to him yet. It kind of feels more like he's been treated like a coat-hanger, bent out of shape for the sake of a plot-point.

I miss the days when it didn't matter as much to me what the characters were going to be doing; I just wanted to see them once a week. When Peter and Claire were funny - not laugh-a-minute funny, but quirky and fresh and original and not just making dire pronouncements all the time. (If Niki had occasionally been funny - like dark humor maybe? - would I have liked her more? I think perhaps so...) I miss when the characters got to speculate together and try to solve their mysteries and to dream and plan what to do next with their abilities. When they stopped to consider who could or couldn't be trusted. (I never cared whether they were right or wrong or whether they actually did what they said they would, it just seemed more natural for them to be as interested in where their own lives were going from here as I was). Is the idea that it's more surprising to me that Claire might, like Adam, live a very long time if she never gives it any thought herself? I dunno, I think we were all thinking that might be possible, even before Adam was a twinkle in the writers' eye. Is it a bigger surprise that White Beard wants the swordsmith for a specific purpose if Hiro and Yaeko don't seem to think it's an important question to wonder about? (I kind of think if they had just talked about stuff like that, there would have been subtexts galore, and it would have elicited so many of the facets of their relationship without as much exposition).

Anyhoo, I am puzzled by this volume, but I know you've had to work hard and long and faster than is strictly fair in order to make it happen. And I know that you got cut off before you could have the chance to tell the story exactly the way it was planned.

I'm still excited to see what happens next, I'm looking forward to the new direction (not *more* interested in villains than heroes, but equally interested), and I still trust that your show's creators, cast, and crew are some of the coolest kids on the block and are capable of some magnificent things.
Anonymous said…
Relax people, please!

First of all, it's a show where people *can* come back, we've seen it before.

Second of all, do you see Beeman talking about letting Nathan's character off the cast? No.

And third of all, sometimes the best movies or shows are the ones where a character you're very attached to gets killed off. It's very powerful and separates the show from all the others where noone ever dies and everyone lives happily ever after.

And for those of you that say you won't watch the show if Nathan's not on it me. You *think* you're hating the show cuz it potentially "killed" off one of your favourite characters...but in reality, you like it more ;)

My 2 cents.
RosieBoo said…
Well, I'll take a different turn and post something positive. :)

Niki's dead. Good. Her character makes me tired. And amazingly the people who want her alive now are probably the same people complaining about the pointless direction her plotline was taking last season.

Nathan dead...maybe. Do you viewers seriously think this writing staff hasn't though of all angles?? I'm not going to limit my view of Heroes' future by what only I have seen, when I've read that Tim Kring has had a plot for 5 seasons worked out in his head since its inception. And, I'd beg to say that the Petrellis have a big role in that. If Nathan dies, the impact of that could completely upturn Peter's character. Either way, I'm willing to remain loyal.

Oh, and to the poster that said, "How can someone shoot Nathan in a room full of cops and walk away?" Good grief. We've got people that are invisible, fly, and time travel. Anything is possible.

Sylar...I'm back. I love the character of Sylar and am glad the villian is back. Every story needs an evil protagonist.

Greg, you and your team have done an excellent job pulling off a first half of a season that ended on a high note. Granted, some of the episodes thus far had been slow, but Big Props to Tim Kring for recognizing that and apologizing. I just hope the writers can resolve this issue soon so we can drink from the Heroes fountain again sooner than later.
Anonymous said…
Oh, and forgot to mention that the show freakin rocks! And being in the film industry myself (vfx animator), I feel for you with the strike! :P Hopefully it'll be over soon.

Oh and can we please see Peter get more composed and badass so he can take on Sylar? ;) He's uber Naive!! :)

Anywhoo, love the show.
Rock on.
Anonymous said…
To all those who say they're never watching the show again..Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.
Anonymous said…
So Kring says he wants to fix the show. Well, I'm sorry but killing Nathan will not fix the show, it will end it. Nathan and Peter's relationship is the best thing this show has, and even though you guys squandered that in season 2, taking it away for good is the worst thing you can do. Instead of enjoying the finale, I was mad. Why do I want to watch a show that makes me mad? If Nathan's gone, I'm gone.
Anonymous said…
I sure hope Niki isn't dead. Shes been my favourite from the very beginning, Ali Larters great on the show. Also, in the comentary for ep (2x10), David Anders (Adam) mentions how he and Ali shared their first scene together on the last day of filming, (a dream / nightmare sequence). Also, correct me if i'm wrong, but wasn't it stated before season 2 started that Niki and Claire would meet up in a big way somehow??

Both of these meet ups havent happend yet so maybe she will be back next season/volume. Especially if Ali Larter and David Anders have already filmed a scene together.......?
Anonymous said…
Heroes without Nathan is too sad to even contemplate. The Petrellis are what makes this show truly great, and it requires Peter, Angela AND Nathan.

Please don't kill him. We love him.
Anonymous said…
I hope Nathan is not dead, because killing your best character, and your best actor, is a big MISTAKE.
Anonymous said…
thank you for getting rid of nikki. if i wanted an insecure girl with super strength and a personality disorder, i'd booze up the nearest sorority gal i could find with everclear.

nikki = lame.
jessica = pretty cool.

go big, or go home.
Anonymous said…
Hi there, this is nathan from england, just watched the season 2 finale, man is was great, i want to talk about Nathan getting shot, i know we saw some guy walking away, but i think it was Bennet back on a new mission from the company. Yea Sylar is back and badder then very, now his pissed cause the company took his powers.
Anonymous said…
I cannot believe that Niki may be dead...I mean, I read the spoilers that stated she would, but I was hoping beyond hope that she would actually survive and have some sort of good storyline.

Niki and Jessica have been my favorite character since season one, and I hate to think that she was given so little screen time, much less meaning this season just to pointlessly die without her powers in a scenario that isn't even related to the main plot. At least in the S1 finale she had a small hand in helping in the battle against Sylar.

I am seriously considering not watching Heroes if it comes back; the story just wasn't as engaging as it was last season and without my favorite character I have no incentive to watch.
Navarro Parker said…
Wow... that's it? UGH.

Primatech stories the deadliest virus known to humankind with in a room-tempurature test tube with some garage sale knick-knacks? The devil's poker cards! ooooh! The letter opener of doom! eeek! And it's all guarded by six rent-a-cops without guns? Seriously... WTF?

And did Peter suddenly forget he could just walk through walls?

This whole episode looked and felt cheap. Nikki's burning basement was so chintzy looking. The shots where you didn't digitally add flames looked ridiculous! And that whole scene was maddening. A gang member using $200 worth of gasoline to set fire to a building -- why exactly? Monica being a helpless crybaby? Huh? You needed a way to get Nikki in danger, and that was an incredibly sloppy way to do it. Ali Larter deserves (deserved?) better!

I also love how when Elle was bad, she could sharpshoot West & Claire out of the sky. Now she's good, she can't shoot Sylar who's a few yards away. Weak!

And so Sylar is back with all his moustache twirling melodrama. We really needed three months of Wonder Twins to get here? Again... WTF?

A weak ending to an incredibly weak season two.
Nur Jeevan said…
OMG! The episode was a GREAT cliffhanger!! I loved it but tell Ali Larter coming back as Nikki in Volume 3? guys are good...I've never been so captured by the storyline. Volume 2 started slow but finished with great enticement and definitely keeps me waiting on for Volume 3.....with a shit load of unanswered questions.
Anonymous said…

Wow! What a wonderful end to the season! I live in residence at an university, and watch Heroes each week alongside 41 housemates. As the episode drew to a close, the entire room was silent. I don't think it's ever happened before!

To put in my two-cents: I really hope that Nathan doesn't die ... Besides being my favourite character, I 137% love the brotherly dynamics between him and Peter; it's a fresh look at relationships, which TV is sorely lacking these days! ..
Rebel said…

So what was the Maya and Sylar arc all about if he ends up the same way he began? I mean, do they have a Harley/Joker relationship? (In Paul Dini's "Harley Quinn" Joker blows up and tries to kill Harley and when she manages to survive and comes back to kick his butt he complains, "Ditzy, broad, blaming me for every little glitch in our relationship." As she's ready to kill him he says "Would it make a difference if I said I'm sorry." It does.
They're passionate about each other and yet try to kill each other at different times. Or is that Elle and Sylar I'm describing.

In any case, if Maya's relationship did nothing to alter Sylar's character emotionally--okay maybe the did the horizontal mambo--we're not clear on that so what was the point?

Emotionally, nothing has been given us that resonates with any humanity such as we had in Season 1 in "the Hard Part" between Sylar and Mohinder or Sylar and his Mom.

Its true when he shot Maya, (what was that--annoyance? "Lucy, you drivin' me crazy") he could have had Mohinder try out the drug on Molly, but she wasn't the dead one. I guess he could've shot her too, then tried it out on her if he wanted Maya to stay dead. Maybe you guys are way to subtle for me.

On the whole, I'm sorry. "Powerless" looked overall, in directing and writing, like a rush job.

And what's with Peter?

First Hiro tells him, then Matt tells him, then Nathan tells him and he still hesistates for no good reason?

You guys nead to read this stuff out loud to assistants or people you trust so you the logic is understandable.

The good things were:

Nathan and Peter scenes

Mama Petrelli


HRG and Elle

Elle shooting Sylar couldn't she look out a window?

Hiro going Dark and completing his arc with Adam--that was very satisfying.

Nikki dying like a Hero--though maybe not. Second loss for Michah. Poor kid.

West leaving Claire. Claire, as always, great.

Sylar getting his powers back. Oooooh Scary stuff.
CosmicAvatar said…
Please bring Nathan back.

That is all.
Anonymous said…
Nathan and Niki! Need to be reunited and have special babies!
Anonymous said…
Hey Greg,

First I just want to say thank you SO MUCH for posting this blog every week and providing us fans with great insight into the show, and amazing pictures! It's something you don't have to do, but you do it anyway and we love you for it.

Secondly... I try to avoid reading comments on here because honestly, it makes me feel terrible. I just want you to know (if you read all these comments!) that there are fans out there who LOVE what you're doing with the show and support everything 100%. These comments give the rest of the fans a bad name and that makes me angry. We love you Greg, and we love Heroes, and the ones who truly love the show will keep watching next volume (even if Nathan is really dead... which I hope he isn't... because Nathan is awesome!).
Anonymous said…
Oh noes, don't let Niki be gone for too long. Please. :( She's like the best character on the show. It's unfortunate that her storyline is not all that well integrated into the main plot.
Anonymous said…
While I do agree it's sad what happened to Nathan, I thought it was a very well done scene except for one thing.. Why did nobody try to go after the person that shot him?! He just walks away and no one even pays attention to him..

Overall, though, I did enjoy the episode. The scenes with Mohinder and Sylar were awesome.
Калоян said…
L: Mohinder's is a Bulgarian piano.

I am a Bulgarian, and have no idea what a Bulgarian Piano is ;)
Anonymous said…
Greg, your blog is such an awesome outlet for fans like me to get a peek into the process of making a huge show like Heroes. So first, I want to say thank for the trouble you go to in keeping the fans informed like this. I don't know of many shows that care as much as you all obviously do about our entertainment.

This was a beautifully constructed episode, as they have all been. It certainly pulled a lot of emotion from me, particularly the ending... And that's where I want to say that I hope you and the other creative forces involved are pulling for Nathan to stay with us. I adore his character; Adrian Pasdar is an incredible talent and brings so much to the table with every scene. I just can't stand to see him go.

My personal mantra has become Nathan saved the world... now he needs someone to save him.
Anonymous said…
great show!

love that sylar is back!!!

as far as nathan and niki. one can die, not both right now. a death will change/motivate the characters close to him/her.

do people never seem to remember peter's ability? with him meeting either adam or claire his blood can do what...?

can't wait for the new season
While not driven to sobbing or convulsions, as a Heroes fan I was saddened to see Nathan's shooting in the Second Season Finale. I've been a big fan of Nathan as a character since the very beginning. As a big sister myself, I think that I connected on the idea of how far someone is willing to go to protect the people they care about. Not to mention the fact that I haven't seen as stimulating a political figure since The West Wing went off the air. As such, Nathan was always a riveting and (especially in the second season) witty character to watch. I'm disappointed that the season was cut short, as I was hoping to see he and Heidi get some more screen time to deal with their problems. I, along with many other fans, am hopeful that writers might see fit to allow Nathan to return in the seasons to come. Heroes is a great show, one that I'm glad my own brothers like to watch, and we all hope to see more of it (and Nathan) in the future.

All the best.
congratulations on an awesome volume of heroes. I can't wait to see Volume 3 next year!
Anonymous said…
Okay. Not gonna like, this episode was awesome.

BUTTTT! Why must Nathan always be a target? He's always the 'maybe going to die' character....and I just think he's such a good character that instead of putting him in a tough position you should try to expand his with Claire, Peter, etc. He has great chemistry with all the other characters and he he makes the show a lot better...and his parts are always funny.

You can't kill him off...I mean he has so many unresolved conflicts, especially with Claire, that he just can't die and never fix them.

And now I'm soo nervous that cause of the WGA strike I'll have to wait forever to see his fate....please make him come back. Please...please...he has a huge fan base and he just has to be there!!

You can't kill flying man. :(

<3 Kerri

PS. But still, as I said before, great episode. Powerful, and I was literally on the edge of my seat (couch) for the whole thing. ^_^

PPS. But we still need Nathan.
Cristina said…
Once again, thank you for an excellent blog and another fantastic episode. I'm so sad that the show is finished for now and I really hope that the strike is resolved soon so that people (cast and crew) can get back to doing what they love and so that we the viewers can get back to watching the show we love.

Take it easy, Beeman.
Anonymous said…
Greg, I do enjoy Heroes but I love Nathan and you can´t let him die. There are many reasons.
1. While Peter looked for his brain (no memory, brain) in Ireland and Maya constantly yelled "Alejandro" and was more and more annyoing, Nathan tried to find asnwers and had some goals.
2. Adrian Pasdar is one of the best actors in the show, you can´t let him go.
3. Petrelli dynamics is a core of the show. You can´t ruin it. We have seen that brothers are totally lost without each other. Peter won´t be so much interesting without Nathan being his opposite and help in the same time.
4. Claire. Why did you reveal that Claire is Nathan´s daughter when we haven´t seen anything from their relationship?

Tim Kring apologized to fans for mistakes while doing antoher one!

I mean, I would enjoy the last episode. I was so glad that you decided to bring heroes together again and especially Nathan and Matt. But the end it completely destroyed.
You brought new characters who are not interesting at all. And you killed the most interesting and complex characters there.
Please, don´t let Nathan stay dead. I am not saying I would leave, I love this show too much but Nathan is my most favorite and the show simply won´t be the same without him.
I hope you will find some time to read our pleas and our reasons for keeping Nathan in the show.

Thank you for your blog, it´s interesting to see photos from behind the scenes and read all the stuff around. But...I can´t enjoy it today because I am mad and sad.
Anonymous said…
Hi there, all.

My only question is whether the Powers-That-Be made you edit the last hug between Peter and Nathan before Nathan is shot? I have heard from friends who reads all these blogs and some of the entertainment (I use the term loosely) magazines,that some of your viewers feel the brothers are too touchy-feeley...stopping short of calling them gay.
Frankly, as someone who grew up in and around NY, NJ, and PA and who is part Italian and part Irish, used to hanging out and living in Irish and Italian neighborhoods, the portrayal of the brothers is pretty low key but accurate. The editing was just off enough to suggest that Nathan was about to kiss Peter's cheek (as the character has done before). It's something I think the editors should have left in, considering what happens immediately following that scene.
I hope you will include it in the DVD set.
Take care, and I look forward to the next volume.
P.S. It's been a treat to see Nichelle Nichols and George Takei.
muffinpeddler said…
Awesome episode! I was worried about resolving everything, but you guys did great...except for one thing. Caitlin! She's still trapped in the future! And now that we've stopped the virus (unless Nicki is alive, or Maya is also a strain of virus) does that timeline cease to exist? And Caitlin along with it? Or is it a parallel timeline? If so, how will peter find it? I really liked Caitlin, so I hope she isn't just forgotten. Thrilled to see that Sylar is back and that Elle survived the season! And because everyone is giving you such a hard's okay if Nathan dies, though he will be missed. (Hey, West and Peter can still fly)And no, people, Peter's blood can't heal him! That's not how his powers work.
Anonymous said…
West can fly but is annoying. And Peter has enough trouble with thinking straight most of the time.
It´s not about flying. Nathan was the one who used his powers least but still was interesting. He and Peter are the core of the show, their relationship is one of the best brotherly relationship I´ve seen in tv show in some time.

Please, Greg, don´t let Nathan die! You can´t do Heroes without Nathan. It wouldn´t be Heroes any more.

I enjoyed the last episode but the end ruined it all. It was great to see the heroes (finally) together again. Please don´t let it be for the last time.
Anonymous said…
I thought the Episode was a masterpiece, I love the way you can fit so much content is 1 hour. You did that more last year and it made the whole season thrilling and kept me on the edge of my seat and I could rewach and catch new things all the time. This year was slower but I trusted that the writers had a plan and I felt that each episode was better than the previous one and it would all be nicely tied at the end . But I have to question the decision to kill Nathan. Since to me he seemed essential to the show for many different reasons. I will try to be constructive I will explain

I figured that the heroes would be reveaeled and there would be awesome storylines about how the world copes with it(since the number of people with abilities is growing and already considerable if I understood corectly) people without abilities may be scared,and I always figured that Nathan would be an ambassador some kind of mediator since he is a politician and he seems to have so much potential to be a charismatic public figure.I thought he could be the new President of the Company and redirect it's purpose or have a war with the Cie, build another team with him as the lead. He's born to be a leader and all he needed was to be steered in the right direction and that's where his relashionship with Peter comes into play.

Peter has much power and doesn't own them yet.He's too ruled by his emotions, He's still too insecure too naive not mature enough of a man and he needs someone to help guide him in that way. He's my favorite character because I can see the potential last season, but I found him to be lacking a lot of the times this year. I've been disappointed by him ,because he's still too weak and doesn't show enought growth. I compared his characther development with Hiro's who at the beginning was also very naive. Hiro was able to become a man and more mature because he had his father to guide him at a crucial time and Ando to lend him moral support and help him question and affirm his decisions. Nikki had Micah and Dl. Matt has Molly to ground him.

Who Peter really had ? That guy who was formerly HRG's partner (I forget his name)very briefly (and brutally). Adam who didn't really teach him anything or help him in anyway except to use him. Caitlin is not even worth mentionning,(She's not the Trinity to his Neo) This is where he desperatly needs Nathan. They balance each other.

One cannot exist without the other. Nathan has to be the one who will make him be more mature and come into his own. Give him the strenght he needs and focus him on what's important. That you showed beautifully last night when they were at the vault and Nathan made him think over loyalty to Adam and the speach he gave him right before the conference in order to keep him from blaming himself.

Claire needs him too. I've always read between the lines that althought they love her and they would do anything for her. The Bennetts resent her powers and see it as an obstacle for Claire. The want her to live a full and normal life. They don't want her to be the Hero that she ultimately needs to and will be­. The don't hear her need to be all that she can be, she tries to ignore that need for their sake. But now that HRG has gone back to the Cie. Who's going the be there has a guide for her and comprehend her desire to do more if Nathan is gone. Who else can understand her need to be great and be a father figure if not her father.

She helped Nathan realize his mistakes last season and she tried to seek solace in him this season but he was too drunk to help anyone but she need him now and he'll be able to be there when HRG can't anymore. Him being in the cie will create a rift with Claire and it's the perfect time for Nathan to step up and for him and Claire to help each other be better.

The Nikki and Nathan affair. I thought something would happen eventually. I was all for it because again great chemistry. The moment between them in las vegas was romantic. But that also is now spoiled.

Also the chemistry with Peter and Nikki was great in 5 years gone but that also wasted. When Nikki finally became interesting you got rid of her. It is a shame really.

Maya is absolutely pointless. I don't even know what to say about her. She did nothing. She only wasted valuable screen time. She didn't help the story much. I'm sure Sylar would have found a way to come back to NY by himself.
I don't know why she's there after all this screen time and the episodes. He story should have been rapped up last night with Sylar eating her brain because this is what her story line seems to be aiming at. All that screen time shouldn't have been spoiled on her just for that.

Nathan is one of Pillars of Heroes. Heroes without him and his dynamic with Hiro, Nikki, Peter, Angela, Matt and all the others will be weakened. their dynamic is simply not the Heroes I have come to love and is weakened it will lose heart for me.

I became a fan of Adrian Pasdar watching this show because he seemed to raise the performance of everybody he came in contact with I think he could have chemistry with a doorknob. And he has such great acting talent he adds nuances to scenes that otherwise would seem ordinary.

There is so much possibilities with him and Nathan. If Nathan dies then I will stop watching because for me this season will seem pointless and have very little to redeem it. (I would love for Nikki to live too but I don't have much hope in her case and I'm willing to accept because I love Monica and her and Micah have a great relashionship) Please bring back Nathan.
Anonymous said…
I read on Kristin's blog that there are writers who don't want to have Nathan come back! O.O Writing staff, please don't kill him off. He's come a long way in his development, but there's still more he can still do. It's thanks to him that the world is saved, twice over. Peter still needs him, his sons still need him, Claire still needs him...and he needs to help his brother and daughter take on Angela if she is actually one of the villains of volume 3. I've never been this invested into a character as I am into Nathan Petrelli...and I've been a fan of a lot of programs. There's nobody like him, nor the relationship he shares with Peter. Plus, there's something amazing that happens when Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia act on screen together. Nathan's and Peter's best moments of this whole volume came during last night. So many of us will be heartbroken and disappointed if Nathan does die. :(
Anonymous said…
What's the point of killing Nathan when two people who plank him (Peter and Matt) could have easily blabbed all of the secrets to the press? This storyline makes no sense whatsoever. I'm really disappointed because you guys ignore his character all season and now you just use him as plot device.

You guys destroyed whatever goodwill that fans had towards you. Your promise to fix the show just make it even more of a bigger mess. I also agree with the others, if you don't bring Nathan back, I'm done with this show. Well, others will leave the show anyway due to the poor writing. We have loyally watch the show despite the quality just in the hope of getting our favorite character in action and this is what we get instead?
Anonymous said…
Nathan better not be dead >:| We had to deal with him barely getting any screentime this season. Nathan is the best character this show has. I love him with Peter, I love him with Matt, I love him with Hiro, I love him with Claire. I wanna see Nathan and Peter seek revenge together on their evil mother and take out the company.

Plus Adrian Pasdar is the best acor this show has. He and the viewers have been robbed of valuable airtime and to kill him off is so disrespectful to us and to the actor.

Tim Kring will be amking just another horrible MISTAKE yet again. Last chance
Darin said…
Hi, Greg:

This is actually *not* a comment about Nathan, or even the plot. My comment is about the video commentary.

I really savor Tuesdays for the commentaries you all post up. It always gives me a great perspective on the writing, the production, and also gets me thinking about the plot.

And please, please don't get me wrong. Wendy and Lisa do a fantastic job on Heroes. The best scores you don't notice; they work so well with the show and are so well composed it's a complete experience.

However, I really don't think that the last episode of the season was the one to have them commentating. I wanted the writers, or some of the involved actors up there, talking about their thoughts and experiences. And while I learned a whole lot from the commentary - and the music DOES get taken for granted - it was extremely unsatisfying as a commentary for a season finale.

Could have been any other episode. Any other episode at all. And again, great information. But for the finale, I didn't want to focus on the music and the music over the past two seasons, but I wanted to focus on the actual episode.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the blog. Look forward to reading your thoughts in the near future.

-darin s.
Anonymous said…
Isn't it great that something can make us all feel this passionate? I watched with a friend who had already seen it and he laughed at me because I get so animated during the show. I guess that's why I not only watch it twice but I usually watch the first time alone.

Let's put our focus where it belongs, friends: PUTTING PRESSURE ON THE TELEVISION INDUSTRY TO RESOLVE THE DANG STRIKE!!! We won't know anything about Nathan or any of the other heroes because of it. If there's a reason for us to stop watching Television it shouldn't have anything to do with the death of a character or disappointment with a bridge season. It should be the blackout that will soon happen (and has been happening with some shows) because the writers are on strike. We aren't getting a product. If you don't bring back our product soon we should find other things that we like just as much. And maybe we need to let them know of our disapproval by not coming back.
Rebel said…
Hello, Mr. B,

Normally, I wouldn't post again. But I feel the need to defend Maya. There are people many who don't understand the dynamics or sympathise with her.

Mainly due to the really bad way she was introduced--great set-up for characters we don't know. Show them running away for some reason we don't know. The wedding scene put at the beginning of their arc might have helped this. But Maya's niavete is not well comprehended because it wasn't set up well. To the detriment of sympathy for her character.

There are a lot of fan girls and boys who don't like their favorites the baddie--Sylar or the--hero Peter having a girl friend.

So what are you going to do?

It was slow going until Maya and Al met Sylar and some real conflict ensued. That's why I'm so peeved that her arc was thrown away for a flippant and quick gag. Worthy of the Joker but doesn't quite work in the context of Heroes.

Since Jeph Loeb wrote it

Everyone's crying over Nathan forgetting that Mommy Petrelli wouldn't let her little boy go without Dr. Surresh's all purpose Cheerleader Wonder Juice (unless there are contract disputes).
Anonymous said…
I loved 'Powerless'!
That was a great ending to a sometimes so-so season, though i would never have missed an épisode...I didn't get bored once( in that last zode), was surprised, or not, but everything seemed logical ( in terms of continuity of the storylines). As usual, the'Sylinder' reunion is sparkling, thanks to Zach and Sendhil! Even 'Elle', which was at first an over-the-top, caricatural character for me, is starting to act/feel/talk more like a human beeing.
The choice of killing Niki doesn't surprise me at all, as i think her powers weren't able to surprise us anymore, or evolve to something new.
I'm surprised about your choice of 'maybe killing Nathan' and that's good (that i'm surprised, i mean) though i think, as most of the people here, that Nathan is bringing a lot to the series, mostly because he's the medias man, the public voice of the Heroes...So, more than his capacity to fly, his social and politic position can bring new, endless posibilities on the show.
There are 2 known'families' in 'Heroes': the Bennetts and the Petrellis.
All the Petrellis have something more to bring ,like Angela, who is a very interesting character, with surely tons of secrets.
But in the Bennets family, mmmm, HRG : great and Claire, well, i know you guys won't get rid of her, let's say 'because of her blood' :-)
But mama Bennett is not bringing a lot, even not funny anymore like last year with her' Mr Muggles'...Sylar love dogs,give him this one!
Or the Bennet brother (i don't even know his name) we can live without him, can't we?
Thanks again Greg for this blog, Thanks to all the cast/crew/writers, may we meet again as soon as possible!
and RETHANKS for Sylar, Zach is such a wonderful actor, i hope he will forgive you guys for the 'I'm back' à la Terminator;-)
Unknown said…
It was such an awesome episode last night, but I'm going to echo a lot of commenter's here and say PLEASE LET NATHAN LIVE! I don't think my Petrelli loving heart could take him really being gone.
Anonymous said…
Hmmm, what to say? I loved Season 1. I was geared up for Season 2 only to be disappointed. Too much focus on characters I had no interest in (Maya and her brother). Characters I loved the first season acting stupid (Mohinder) and worst of all characters I loved on the backburner the whole season (Nathan)

I kept on tuning in week after week hoping for something that made me feel the same way the first season did. I got my moments - mostly HRG related. But for the most part the show was just on in the background. I began watching just for glimpses of characters - Adam and most of all Nathan.

I am so annoyed that yet again the season ends with Nathan's fate unknown. And I am even more annoyed to hear that the writers aren't even sure that he should come back. Of course he should. He has TONS of story left to tell if he could just get the screen time. He has tons of connections, he has the most interesting brotherly relationship on television. I want to see what happens between he and Claire. I want to see a power struggle between he and his mother. I want to see so much more...and I doubt I'll be watching without it.

Anonymous said…
Oh my god... Nathan's fate as a cliffhanger again? I can't take this. Why him? If you need to lose someone, consider Maya... Please.

Other than the whole Nathan being shot thing, you guys did fabulously these last few episodes, and I hope the strike is happily and fairly resolved.

Thanks again for taking the time to post the blog.
M said…
Wow, I love the show Heroes to bits, but I really had some issues with this season, especially the finale:

1) First off, though it was obvious as soon as the press conference was called that someone was going to get shot, I was really hoping it would be Peter, in the head. Not because I don't love the character (I do), but to encourage better writing. He and Sylar are such deus ex machinas that I'm totally sick of both characters, even though the actors are great. At the very least, I figured the writers would reset Sylar and Peter back to their default abilities, i.e., taking powers. But no, Peter is still practically a demigod, and Sylar somehow got all his stolen powers back, not just his original one. So now they're evenly matched again, with the same old boring powers. Yawn.

2) Speaking of powers, are we really so desperate for ideas already that we're repeating powers? Claire/Adam, Nathan/West, etc.? I mean, the cases where it's hereditary make sense -- but then why aren't all the parent/child relationships analogous? It just feels like lazy, uncreative writing at this point, but I really hope it will all be tied together logically at some point. It's also really disappointing that you've killed off a few of the elder generation of the cast without even giving us the barest hint of their powers. It might make sense from a production standpoint, as it saves the effects budget; but from a logic standpoint, wouldn't someone with powers at least TRY and do something to save themselves in the last moments of their life? Even if it's just shooting monkeys out of their butt. C'mon, guys. I hope this is for a good reason, i.e., you plan to reveal their powers in flashback.

3) Mohinder and Peter (not to mention Maya) are basically being written to be unbelievable idiots this season. Even moreso than first season. Mohinder actually said at one point to Sylar, "No, I can't just inject you with it right off, I have to determine if it's the right serum for you, or it could kill you." WHAT?! WHY WOULD MOHINDER CARE? He's tried to kill Sylar at least twice already, and with good cause! Peter on the other hand, while amnesiac, should not be astoundingly gullible forever. Maya and her brother were dull, uninteresting, and gullible characters as well. Fans of this show are amongst the smartest watching television. They should be written up to, not down to. I hope some or all of this is fixed in the new season.

So to summarize, please lose or depower Sylar and Peter, give us more original powers or more info on the existing ones, and stop requiring some of the characters to be idiots in order to move the plot along.

That being said, the camerawork, acting, effects, casting, and overall concept of the show are GREAT! Keep up the mostly-good work...and thank you!
Unknown said…
One of the main reasons I adore this show so much is because of the Petrelli dynamic. When the brothers are on-screen together, it's always phenomenal.

This week's scene where Nathan was able to convince his little brother that Adam was using him made me cry; I've never cried watching a TV show in my life.

The writers can't seriously be considering taking that away from us. That would be a HUGE blow to an already dwindling fan-base. I'm not saying I'd quit watching the show if Nathan is killed off, but the next volume would have to be nearly flawless to make up for such a move.

Nathan makes the show, please don't take him away.

P.S. I hate to say it, but I agree with the people who are saying this season has been wasted with bringing in boring, pointless, irritating-to-no-end characters like Maya... killing off the best characters won't fix previous writing mistakes.
Anonymous said…
Please let Niki survive, I think she was relatable and was the strongest female character on the show (not just physically). She has been around since the beginning and imho should stay around to the end. I <3 Niki. Please don't let her be dead!
Anonymous said…

You could have killed Maya, she's been really boring so far, or Nikki too, it wouldn't make much sense to bring her back either (I may be way off here buy I read some rumours about Jessica returning, and well, all the Nikki/Jessica stories have been boring as well).
Nathan is one of the BEST characters on the show, and the chemistry between him and Peter is great, don't throw all that away, please!
Anonymous said…
Amazing ending!
Anonymous said…
Mr. Beeman,

Great episode and nice pics but I have to say, Peter and Nathan are at the heart of Heroes. If you choose to make him dead next season you will be missing an amazing character and I know that I, for one, will be absolutely heartbroken. The dynamic that Nathan has with the other characters is wonderful and I can't imagine Heroes without him.
Anonymous said…
Hey Greg

I found the blog a few days ago and have been reading all the posts through the last days. It is really interesting to hear your thoughts behind how the show is directed and shot. As an aspiring director I've found your posts invaluable. Thank you very much for sharing!

Really like the show, keep up the great work!
Anonymous said…
When I started to see Heroes I thought that I wasn´t gonna like it but than I met Nathan and in the first episode I saw him fly, I saw him with his family and with his brother and I fell in love with him. I now love the show but the main reason to see it still is Nathan Petrelli. He is the reason for me to watch it every week, his story is the most interesting, he is the older son of a rich lawyer, he is a politician, he could be a villain but his love for his family makes him do the right thing, he could be the next president, he is so many things and could be so much more.
Without him in the show I don´t know with I´ll have the same passion for it that I have now. Without him I don´t know with I`ll want to watch it. So I expect for the ones responsible for Heroes to arrange a nice explanation to bring him back, because lets face it the man survived a nuclear bomb he can die from two miserable bullets.
M said…

4) kriskramer, above, makes a number of excellent points, and I agree with just about everything he said, especially in regards to story logic and sloppy writing. To be honest, more than half of the general-audience (not even mature readers) comic books out there on the shelf today have a higher standard for logic and continuity than Heroes did this second season. The first season (except for the finale) was great, but whereas you used to be batting 1000, very few episodes since season one have impressed me.

5) Speaking of comics, it might be a good idea to bring in some fresh blood from that sort of background. Jeph Loeb is okay, but his writing on Heroes suffers from a lot of the same flaws his comics do. For instance, random character motivations and actions, huge lapses in story logic, and lazy resolutions. Remember how Braga and Berman ran the Trek franchise into the ground because they wouldn't loosen the reins? Please don't let that happen to Heroes. Let's go back to the fresh ideas and impressive writing of the first season! Thank you for reading.
Anonymous said…
PLEASE, SAVE NIKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
It's not too late guys, you guys didn't kill any character. We have no idea the status of either Nathan or Niki. Don't let those blood-thirsty fans to tell you otherwise. Think of the character's potential and imagine what you'll lose if you off these two. This is especially true for Nathan, who was actually the most interesting character this season. If you foolishly off him just for shock tactics, then you'd cut yourself off from interesting interactions and future storyline.
Jemiah said…
Greg, I love this show. I need to give you my support and express my thanks for all the work you and your colleagues have done. And thanks so much for the interview with Melvoin and Coleman! They've been favorite musicians of mine since childhood, and I appreciate the music they've done for Heroes more than most. And tell Arkush that he's really rocking that swing-and-tilt - I love it! See you when you come back - I'll be here. (And hopefully, Nathan will be too.)
Anonymous said…
Heroes to me over.
Never again will I Watch.
Kill off my favorite character to Niki.
Many lack of respect with the fans.
The hearing will only decrease.
Anonymous said…
Greg: Beeman: Artist:

Let me be a broken record for a second; LOVE your show!! For so long, television has been uninspired and FINALLY there is SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO (these blogs included!). Also, LONG LIVE NATHAN PETRELLI; that loud and clear enough?

AND I BLAME YOU, SIR! I'm a diehard Superman fan (yes, I followed you from Smallville... all the way back to the special feature featuring YOU) and here you are helping create a hero with powers that now make him a draw to Supes. And of course I speak of Peter Petrelli. Honestly, when it comes to powers there is no contest, Peter Petrelli wins out! But, Superman's sense of morals are better only because they are more easily clearly defined in his less real world (vs. that of Heroes)

(And I know this is supposed to be about Heroes, but "your"/Smallville's Lex Luthor is AMAZING! Why can't Hollywood--film--catch on?!?!?!)

Okay, now seriously. It's very obvious that you guys are more than capable of creating such compelling episodes as Powerless, 4 Months Ago, and Cautionary Tales. Why not though for the eps in between? I saw your boss's (Tim's) EW interview, so I know you're all aware of the issue here. Not to say you don't do a great job, because you are, again, obviously the hardest working people in television, from your PAs to Mr. Kring himself, and believe me, IT DOES SHOW! But try to pick up the pace ep to ep, please!

And finally, as a fellow artist (though there is no comparison, you all are the modern Pantheon), I've learned SO much about drama, writing, television, cinematics, and music thanks to this blog. I know you work endless hours, but you will keep it up, won't you, until the end? (just like the life of Nathan Petrelli, right?)

Elle acting as a human and Sylar back was the best things ever!!

I love them, and the first pic is SO CUTE!
Anonymous said…
Greg! The finale was awesomely climactic, but I have to go with the Nathan fans. I had another panic moment when I realized I wouldn't know if he would die or not again. And Niki! I love Adrian and Ali. They're so talented. Why? Please don't let them be dead. PLEASE? What will happen to all the Heroes YouTube videos if Adrian goes?? D:

Other than that, huge round of applause for the entire cast and crew. I love you all :D

...But please bring Nathan and Niki back?

Thanks for blogging all the time, Beeman! Wendy and Lisa sound so cool. I never realized how intricate the trademark background songs of the characters until now.
Anonymous said…
Guys, guys,...relax.

Nathan hasn't been pronounced dead. Just shot. People CAN survive from gunshot wounds. Even without Claire's blood.

And even if the wounds are fatal, maybe Peter will eventually gather up enough I.Q. points to put two-and-two together and fetch Claire to Nathan's bedside. Even if Peter has been a real idiot this Vol2, I still have hope that he will smarten up once he's near the presence of his all-time cool badass brother.

I'm hoping for more Peter/Nathan, Nathan/Claire and Peter/Claire interaction in Vol.3. Those were the best stuff from Season1, alongside HRG/Claire and Hiro/Ando. Alot of fans especially miss Peter/Claire. What's up with the keeping apart the two most popular cast members and sticking them with super lame love interests, West and Caitlin? Their love scenes with Peter and Claire made alot of people want to gouge their eyes out.

Speaking of Caitlin...Please wrap-up her storyline already. I CAN'T STAND CAITLIN!! If you visit other fan forums...alot of Heroes fans hate her presence too. There are numerous hate-threads for Caitlin in other forums. I hope her storyline can be tied up in just two minutes. No need to waste more precious showtime for that very annoying character. Please stop torturing the viewers with her presence.

That said. Thanks for Vol2. It may not have been the best, but heck, it's still better than no Heroes.
Unknown said…
To add to the many comments here:

Please don't kill off Nathan, his interactions with everyone are really good (I've just been watching S1 again and they're some of the highlights)

If one of them has to go, then losing Niki is preferable - but that'd be a big shame too. Maybe put her in a coma, and when she comes out of it, we get Jessica back

In season 1, several good characters were killed (Eden, Simone, Isaac) - but it all felt part of the story, and the show gained a lot from it. Losing Nathan and Niki would be pointless and leave me feeling empty.

The whole episode felt a bit rushed - suddenly HRG reappears when I expected that to wait for a few more episodes. Suddenly Elle discovers where Sylar is, and goes to him, again that could've been next episode.

You've been given a gift by the timing of the writer's strike - sit down and think about where you want the show to go. When it comes back, have the courage to scrap that last episode and do it again; stretch stuff over several episodes. Stand up, admit it wasn't how you wanted it and do it how it should be done.

Your best episode by far was the one where HRG got shot at the end, with all the interactions between different characters, and all the anticipation of how this could work out. Try to recapture that spirit.
Anonymous said…
BRING NATHAN BACK please. His character was SO underutilized this season. He truly brings out the best in every character he interacts with. Last season he was magic with Peter, Lindeman, Mama Petrelli and especially Nikki. Even this season in his limited time he was magic with Parkman (e.g. when they landed, "lets never discuss that ever again" and "Ok read his mind and lets get out of here"). The decline of heroes this season is directly tied to too much Claire and Feudal Hiro and NOT ENOUGH NATHAN. Give the wondertwin the healing blood but not Nathan? UNBELIEVABLE.

OK. Matt has the same power that Maury does, but fell victim to him in that Philly apartment. However, Matt's power of influence has no influence over Peter why?

Why didnt Peter phase through the vault door? Or read Adam's mind when he started having doubts about him?

Elle's blast knocks West out of the sky, but barely fazes Sylar? Yawn...

I have to agree that the flames looked really really cheesy!!

Remember boys, the best special effect of all is GOOD STORY TELLING AND GOOD ACTING...
Anonymous said…
YOU TELL KRING AND THE REST OF THE WRITERS TO STAY AWAY FROM THE PETRELLIS. IF NATHAN IS DEAD THEN I MAY STOP WATCHING THE SHOW. His character was just too awesome to be killed off like that. For the love... Maya over Nathan? NEVER.
Anonymous said…
If you kill Nathan that is not a good thing for the show!!!

I love sylar, i love he´s evil and all that, but I need to see some Gabriel in him.
I love Maya, really I do, her power is one of the best of all. So please keep her, I don´t know why there is so much maya haters.
I think she is the only one who have more humanity of all of them and that is a good thing, of course her power can kill everyone but after all she is pure!!!

And Maya with Sylar is totally love/hate ship, you have to do that, why would you do all this episode about they relationship and then...what you want to kill her??? I think Maya is really special and I think you will have a lotr of good ideas for her coz if you kill her, you will saying me that you waist such a good character

I know that is a lot of elle lovers, I don´t hate her but she is annoying and her power is boring and lame. If sylar kill her that will be fine for me.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
i hope vol3 start with peter and parkman searching from claire to save nathan
Anonymous said…
I agree!! Save Nathan, save the show!!!
Anonymous said…
Please tell us Nathan isn't dead! He's my favorite character, and I can't stand the thought of a "Heroes" without him!!! D:>
Anonymous said…
This season has been ruined enough don't make the dumbest mistake and killing off Nathan somebody who has some much story left to tell. If you do kill him off the show is OFFICIALLY RUINED But you know what you might be doing Adrian Pasdar a favor maybe he can get on a sho that the people use his talent because it is not appreciated here
Anonymous said…
Please bring Nathan back. I've never been this depressed in my entire life. I can't even concentrate well at work. I hate feeling like this for the rest of unknown months. I agree with those who said that it's extremely cruel to promise that Nathan might be alive only to kill him when the new volume starts. You guys clearly want us to come back to the new volume but rest assured that I won't do that unless Nathan is there as well.
Anonymous said…
I really can't believe they brought back Maya. The fans don't like her!! She is not a character that is working!! I know thats not what the writers or the actress intended but thats how it is. I feel so bad for the actress because she is going to continue working even though she knows that her character is hated and I really don't think there is a way to possibly redeem her character.
muffinpeddler said…
Wow. I am amazed at how many people are so quick to threaten to stop watching the show. You guys really created something here! I never knew Nathan was so well liked. But I do agree that he is one of your better actors. I'll take a moment to address some fan complaints:

Sylar: I've heard a lot of people say that they want Sylar dead, and I can't figure out why they would want to kill the most intriguing villain ever created for TV! Some want his powers taken away, but we've just had a whole half season (or season) of that!

Maya: I agree. She was kinda pointless. But her arc is done and over with. stop bitching, you can't change it. I do love the irony of a pure person having nothing but the power to kill though.

Peter: I don't get why people didn't like him this season. It's like people don't want Peter, just his interactions with Claire and Nathan.

Copying powers: Ever read X-men? Do you know how many telepaths and fliers, and healers run around? it's not inconceivable that Nathan/West or Claire/Adam would share powers. Besides, there was a point. Adam showed us what Claire could be. And West obviously draws a parallel to Nathan, her real father, further showcasing the struggle within her between her Petrelli and Bennet sides.
Anonymous said…
Good Lord!

Nathan is shot and possibly die and never return in the show?!!

But stupid characters like Maya and Caitlin remain at large and possibly return to annoy the audience again?!!

This is screwed logic!

Save Nathan!

Kill off Maya and Caitlin! They're useless and boring!
Anonymous said…

The undeniable Peter and Claire chemistry was wasted because you have to make Nathan Claire's real dad only to have Nathan be killed? And they didn't even interact that much? LAME..
Anonymous said…
You killed the wrong Petrelli, on one hand you have a very deep and interesting character who has very few powers and a lot of character, on the other you have an overpowered emo boy who plays the reluctant hero.

Okay the reluctant hero is a good story line and I like Peter in the first season just like I liked Sylar in the first season but at some point you have to move on. Sylar was a great villain and his opposition to Peter made a great storyline, but they are done now, move on.

The character connections you have made between various Heroes have been one of the main pulls of the series for me. And Nathan has had some of the best interactions and moments with the rest of the cast. Looking back on the small amount of season 2 we have received the moments between Nathan and Matt stand out the most, while I am loathe to see any thing like that between peter and ... well lets face it any other character aside from, you guessed it Nathan.

So while I understand that there were serious issues with putting out this season due to the writers' strike I feel very put off by this punch out ending. You know what would have worked better. A bullet for Peter and a bullet for Sylar, A character's attractiveness should not be grounds for their survivability unless you wish this show to become America's Next Top Model, talk to Tyra.
Anonymous said…
i loved season one especially all the charter development but i hardly saw any of that in season 2. Too many new chacters were introduced some were really good like elle and adam but caitlin and west, most boring charcters ever and lacked chemistry with peter and claire, have no idea why there wasn't more claire and peter scenes or nathan and claire scenes, its like season 1 was nothing and her bio family neva existed. claire neva even found out peter was alive!!!!! nathan could have called her, or flew to tell her. the lack of petrelli scenes made me hate season 2.
Anonymous said…
I think the writers and producers of the show need to bring in some unaffiliated "Story Logic Consultants" to give their scripts a quick read-through before production starts on each one. They just keep digging themselves deeper It's going to get to a point where we have to believe every single character is a moron, in order for the plots to make sense.

Also, out of the new charcaters introduced in S2 -- Elle, Bob, and maybe the family Mica is staying with were worth keeping. Adam was great too, but needed to be taken out, and that was fine.

The rest of the new characters, however? Maya, West, and Caitlin, were worthless. Please lose them! And please either start using Sylar and Peter in ways that don't make the writing nonsensical, or sideline them.

Nathan and Nikki should've been amongst your LAST characters on the chopping block, not first. They're the most interesting but the least used. Like someone else said, "you don't have to shoot every character you can't think of what to do with" for an episode. Come on, guys.

I agree: save Nathan, then save the show.

MrX said…
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Anonymous said…
I can't believe they shot Nathan.
I hope he does survive, It wont be the same without the Petrelli brothers. I have a poll on my site if you guys want to vote on what you think:
Anonymous said…
Greg and the writers,

Let's just say that the concept of killing Nathan after reviving him a few episodes ago is not genius. It's a complete waste of everyone's time. You spent so much time ensuring his survival, to have him be dead like this is a cheap cop-out. Especially when people like Parkman have survived 5 gun bullets to the chest and Peter is nearby to either turn back time or give him a donation of his blood.

Most of all though, like others have said, what are you guys thinking? What's the point of making Nathan as Claire's father if the two are not even going to interact much? I can count with my right hand of the amount interaction the two had together. Not to mention there is the potential of Nathan and Niki pairing, which wow, I can't believe that of all the pairings you come up with, the most obvious and chemistry-filled one is the one that wasn't considered.

These kind of mistakes are what upset most people. Not the fact that you don't kill characters during sweep time. Killing characters are a cheap way of attracting ratings. I wish we can go back to the days when series do not rely on this cheap device of non-storytelling. Now the ball is in your hands, guys. You can either ruin this completely or fix this whole mess you've created in the finale, no less.
Anonymous said…
Greg, please bring Nathan back. He and Peter are so awesome together. By killing off Nathan, you're causing a riot/fancott/ He just has to come back and entertain us on HEROES and on youtube
Anonymous said…
Do you people consider how painful it must be for people to have to look for a new job when they got fired from this show due to your character-killing writing?

*sigh* I hope the strike gives you all a new perspective on what it feels to be unemployed. On how it feels when your employer just ditch you because they feel they want to. How it feels to not have safe employment. Because I'm sure that's what the actors always feel on this show.
Anonymous said…
If you kill off Nathan, I will stop watching the show.

If you don't air my favorite characters when I want them on, and do what I want, I will stop watching the show.

If my mom doesn't bring my GI Joe's back I will stop watching the show


- - Good Riddance---
Anonymous said…
Season 2
Overall I enjoyed it. I do feel that it was a bit rushed, but that isn't a big deal to me. I thought you guys did a good job.

I never really thought much of Nathan, but I guess he is loved. I mean yeah he is a good actor, but he is far from my favorite character. As for people wanting more Ando. I really don't see why. I mean I like Ando, but I would rather you spend time on more important characters.

Nikki, I'm glad she is dead. I never liked her from the start, and I think it will give Micah some great depth. Micah I have always enjoyed. The Wonder twin? I definetly think she should have died. She can't really be a hero with her power. Although if you pull that off, it would be interesting to see. Sylar??? I mean He is an established villian, and does a great job at it. But at the same time I do feel it is getting old. I think it would be much more interesting if you give him a partner. Someone who thinks like him. It would be interesting ot see how Sylar would take to someone like himself. Or in your own creative way put a twist on his character, add something. Become a different type of villian.

Someone whined earlier about character pairs. I do agree that the pairs do work well. It draws chemistry, gives depth, and also you air two heros at the same time. But over all I like how season 2 kind of had everyone one on their own. Kind of like a dark moment for them all.

Season 3, I am very much looking foward to. I hope things work our well to end the strike.
Unknown said…
All I want is for you guys to bring both Nathan and Niki back alive. I understand that you guys were in a rush to finish the volume due to the strike. I understand that. But it's your fault that the characters are in this situation in the first place.

To shut the mouth of those blood-thirsty viewers, you can always say that they were never dead in the first place. There are instances in real life where people got shot and they survived the incident. Niki can just be written that she managed to get out in time. And next time, please be careful when crafting the finale. Not everything has to end in cliffhanger.
Anonymous said…
All of you "fans" who are acting so damn rude shouldn't have the privlidge to watch this fantastic show. Get over yourselves.

Beeman, you're fantastic in so many ways and it makes me angry that so many immature little twats are here giving us fans a bad name. You're amazing, you really, really are. Those saying 'omgz im liek not going to watch this show nemore!!!!' shouldn't be able to because they don't deserve this awesome you've helped create.

WE LOVE YOU BEEMAN! Keep up the fantastic work <3
Sara Endellman said…
:( Greg, please argue for our case regarding Nathan. There are many opportunities for his character which hasn't been explored yet.
Anonymous said…
AWESOME EPISODE! really good one...but volume 2 wasnt good, sorry but it wasnt.

i love this episode but i cant forget my frustration for a lot of things in v2

Caitlin no more please!next time or not a love story or a good one with a character we can love and see why peter likeher.

Petrelli brothers only some minutes together in 11 ep??? i dont know the rest of the fans but the 5 min of Petrelli reunion in this episode made more happy than the entire v2!
Could you realise how important is for the audience these 2 brothers sharing scenes?

And what about Peter and Claire?the close bond between them, how claire was so happy of finding someone like her...well all s1.
why didnt they even mention their names?? what was that??? They are family and friends! and they need each other.

NATHAN cant die ok??? CANT die!!!
Anonymous said…
The two chracters I'm concerned about are Nathan and Maya. Please bring Nathan back. He is a great chracter and Peter is lost without him.

As for Maya, please don't feed into the negative comments.Believe it or not Maya does actually have a fanbase but they are not as vocal as the people that hate her. Maya has the potential to be a great character but you haven't developed her enough. I think that people hate her beacuse she wasn't developed enough. You developed Elle in a few episodes so why can't you do that with Maya. You made Elle a strong chracter, why not Maya? She had and still has potental. Just stop having her be so weak and make her strong. As for a sl, get her back with Sylar. DR and ZQ have great chemistry that shouldn't be wasted and they would never be boring because they have a interesting dynamic. They also have a fanbase too...But please just give her something interesting. And last I am so tired of people saying that Maya keeps "crying black tears" but what is she supposed to do. IT'S HER POWER! I don't see people complaining that Elle uses her electricity, or Matt keeps reading minds, or Hiro keeps teleporting, so why is everyone on her case!
Anonymous said…
If you kill off Niki, I will stop watching the show.
Anonymous said…
Join the Foreman!
If you kill off Niki, I will stop watching the show.[2]
Anonymous said…
i like this episode

but i miss how fresh the character was in s1 i dont like a badass peter beside a man who is really BAD, heroes was a drama tv show not only a based comic tv show...

I miss Peter this volume, v2 Peter wasnt Peter except in 2 episodes!! or his reaction when he saw his brother was shot.

For me Peter s1 didnt need a stupid motive ( a girl who met for 1 week!!! called Caitlin) to try to save the world

THE PETER S1 WANTED TO SAVE THE WORLD because THAT, as a viewer i was why he has to name caitlin all the time??? why is that he only motive? are you kidding me????

bring back the real Peter personality and motives!!!!Please! he was my fav character!

altough i have to say with the poor plot yu give him Milo did a wonderful job.
Anonymous said…
I think we should take down all the names of the people saying they'll never watch the show again, and then make fun of them if they ever post again.
Anonymous said…
Join too!
If you kill off Niki, I will stop watching the show.[3]
Anonymous said…
If you kill off Niki, I will stop watching the show.[4]
Anonymous said…
Join the Foreman!
If you kill off Niki, I will stop watching the show.[5]
Anonymous said…
I won't watch because Nathan's dead. Oh I won't watch because Nikki's dead.

Boo frickin' hoo.

*I'M* ticked off that you had the perfect opportunity to kill off Maya - but you opted to bring her back.

All I ask of season 3 is that you don't use "Character A goes to the future and sees a devestated NYC and has to save the world." Two seasons in a row of the same story is enough.

At least we have Sylar back. :-)
Anonymous said…
What I don't get is why you have to kill characters off as soon as you run out of ideas for them. (Also, how could you possibly run out of ideas for characters after 1 season...)
I'm sick and tired about the love for death that so many shows have these days, and it's driving me away from TV almost with the same power as reality shows do. It's gone from "oh, tune in because we have an interesting story to tell" to "oh tune in TO SEE WHO DIES". What is this? The medieval times, where public executions were popular?
kbezon_kine said…
NATHAN, it has to be back!!!
but if you are following the history, Nathan its really Dead,
Remember the Chapter, 5 Years Gone..

Thank YOu For This Serie!!!!!!!!!
When it came back?
Anonymous said…
Greg, I loved this episode (with the exception of the cliffhanger) but I have to chime in on the pleas for Nathan to stay.

The brothers Petrelli and their relationship were one of the central aspects that made Heroes popular. Their relationship along with Claire and HRG are the heart of the show. Peter and Nathan are better together than apart. This season made this painfully obvious – especially in Peter’s case. His character suffered from the separation while Nathan managed to improve every scene he was in. You created one of the most compelling relationships on TV and got lucky with the chemistry of the actors. Please don’t throw that away!

If the next volume is about villains the remaining good heroes need Nathan and his strategic, pragmatic character on their side. He is the only one who can talk some sense into Peter and has a very pragmatic worldview. His level-headedness is such a refreshing contrast to Peter’s (Hiro’s and Mohinder’s) impulsiveness.

As many have pointed out I would also love to see Claire-Nathan interaction. There is still so much potential.

I can only hope that you a smart enough NOT to destroy one the things that made Heroes big. Heroes without the brothers Petrelli is not the same.
Irvys said…
Guys, seriously, calm down. It's utterly unfair to attack Greg in his own blog over your issues with the show just because the blog is your easiest access to the 'inside'.

It's understandable that you're upset over the uncertain fates of both Nathan and Niki (heck, I am too), but being outright disrespectful to someone who has done nothing but attempt to include the fans in the world of 'Heroes' is simply uncalled for.

In a show like this you simply can't keep everyone alive and well at all times. It's not only unrealistic, but it would land the characters in a stagnation that would undoubtedly cause complaints anyways. The show has an ensemble cast, and every fan out there loves someone. It would literally be impossible to keep every fan in the world happy, but I truly believe that everyone who works on this show does what the can to come as close to that as they can.

Do I want Nathan to be dead? No, no of course not. I adore the character and I adore Adrian Pasdar in the role. But Nathan being shot is going to be the biggest motivator Peter's EVER had in the history of this show to be a truly independent and proactive hero, regardless of whether Nathan survives or not. In it's own way, this is what's best for Peter's character.

(of course, as someone with nearly unlimited access to the Heal Anything Blood, Nathan really should be the character that everyone is the -least- worried about...which makes me wonder if he's the one that I should actually be the MOST worried about! Eep!)

Basically, what I want to say the most is a big, huge "THANK YOU!!" you Mr. Beeman for continually sharing with the fans anecdotes, photos and in depth analysis of the show and showing nothing but respect to us, the fans. I wish everyone involved with the show nothing but warm wishes and hope that you all take care!
Anonymous said…
There are a lot of comments here and I'm not sure if you read all of them but I want to say one thing about the finale. I was very disappointed with the way Hiro got rid of Adam. Far too cruel, even for someone who killed your father.

He should have just killed him. Maybe teleport him to Nagasaki seconds before the a-bomb goes off. If it's really his blood that heals him, a nuclear bomb would quite effectively vaporize all of his blood instantly. Or maybe teleport him to outer space and send him hurtling toward the sun. That would still give him several days of dying from suffocation over and over before getting burned up.

Those are just two ideas I came up with off the top of my head. You guys are professional writers, I'm sure you could come up with even better ideas.
Anonymous said…
If you go to Watch With Kristin On the E Network Website , They Have A Poll on who the FANS DON'T want Dead !

Heroes Fall Finale Poll

Which seemingly doomed Hero do you most want to survive?
18.4% Adam Monroe
70.2% Nathan Petrelli
11.4% Niki Sanders
Anonymous said…
Just had to add my voice to the Save Nathan campaign here. Although Heroes is a great show, I know the reason I come back week after week is to see Adrian, Jack and Christine Rose bring their enormous depth to the show. I understand that some people think that bringing Nathan back will be an huge cop-out but I feel that NOT bringing him back is going to absolutely effect the quality of the show. Even though he's not one of the 'main' characters (i.e. Peter, Claire) to me he packs the biggest punch oo the show. He's a very subtle, accomplished actor who never shoots a bad scene, makes every actor that he has a moment with look great and can make some hokey lines sound weighty and realistic. Look at the best/worst lines thread at 9th wonders. His lines are quoted as the best almost every week that he shows up (in my opinion, not nearly enough weeks. He was extremely under-utilized this volume.) I won't go so far as to say that I'll never watch again if he's killed off, but I know you guys will have a much harder time keeping my attention.
PLEASE make sure Nathan is around for as long as Adrian wants to play the role. Heroes would be emptier without him.
Anonymous said…
Apparently it's just me and about three other people, but I'm convinced that you know exactly where you're going and what you're doing. I've given up trying to guess where Heroes will take its characters - the show's strength is that it's not predictable, that it's able to lull you into a false sense of security and then completely shock you. So if Nathan's going to die, yes, I'll be depressed for about a year, but Nathan's going to die.

Like someone said earlier, it's your story to tell, not ours. If anything's been wrong with this season, it's that the writers have been listening to the fans almost too much. Obviously, you have to get people to tune in, but the story should be allowed to take it's course. (And, gods willing, we're only halfway through the season. Of course there are going to be issues that aren't tied up in neat little bows. Life doesn't work like that.)

Anyway, kudos on a phenomonal, edge-of-your-seat finale. I screamed at the TV so many times.... And here's hoping that Sylar and Mohinder cross paths again; that dialogue was priceless. <3
Kruton6 said…

Best review on the episode I've read so far :)
Blade said…
Well, I've now seen every episode this season. The only episode worth watching was the one where Noah got shot. And that's because it was put together EXTREMELY well. Everything in this entire season was telegraphed all the way back from several episodes out, and was just totally predictable, and pretty darn lame.

Not to mention, having the ability to bring any mutant back from the dead, has just got to be one of the lamest things. You've got a few ultra-powerful beings (Peter, Sylar), and a legion of cast that can't be killed. Ever.

Seriously, without Sylar and Peter having been killed off before that, they are now Gods, that can do any damn thing they want. And if they ever run into each other again, then Peter will become like a super-God.

There need to be foils for these people, and the Heroes crew have not installed any foils.

At first it looked like they were actually going to do that with the Wonder Twins (by the way, the last episode totally changed the way her power seemed to operate from the previous episodes), needing Alejandro to foil Maya, but that got all farked up, now.

As it is, now, the only foil to everyone is the Haitian, who the series tried very hard to paint as "not a villian" in the first season, and just flat out plastered "is a villian" at the end of the second season. And having the only foil to unlimited God-like power and living forever being "a guy who can make you forget about it all" is just really lame.


(hopefully someone will actually be reading this)

Heroes would've been much better as a 6 or 8 episode mini-series. I'd heard that originally it was designed to be so, and that a bunch of episodes were stuck in in the middle between S1E5 and when Peter blew up. If you remove most of those episodes, and ignore season 2 in it's entirety, you've got a seriously awesome TV series. With those episodes, you've got a bunch of "meh" that only brings me to the TV because of Hope that it'll stop sucking.
Anonymous said…
Everyone needs to get off Nathans nutts. He should have died at the end of the first season. Adrian is a great actor, and Nathan has some good lines sometimes, but I still don't trust his character. Plus, killing characters off only to bring them right back is kinda stupid. No one will invest in the death if we just figure they'll be brought back anyway. People die before their prime all the time, Nathan is no different. His death also has great significant. I can't wait for Claires reaction finding out her father died doind what she herself was about to do. That and I think Matt had something to do with his death, I see Matt being one of the villians in volume 3.

I say bring back Niki before Nathan, she has a young and newly orphaned son to worry about, at least Nathans kids still have their mom.

Also, yay Sylar getting his powers back. Volume 3 is going to be my favorite, I can already tell.
Anonymous said…
I fully and utterly have to disagree with these Caitlin haters. Maybe there are places that show large groups of people who hate her. But I would bet that those places are where a certain group of fans conjugate who have a sick fascination with Peter having an incestuous relationship that will result in him statutory raping his niece. Those sites and "fans" obviously have a slanted opinion on things as it is.

There are large groups of people who do actually like the character Caitlin and hope that when the show returns that she is not forgotten, and even expanded on. And lets not forget that the majority of the fans DO NOT post on line. The writers have left open a large door for FINALLY expanding on a female character who just doesn't have those lovely powers to have her own story line. Can a female get the chance? Or are they only special if they have powers? For me those that lack powers are the characters that come across as the most interesting since they have to be heroes all by themselves. Mohinder and HRG are really great on the show, but where are their females counterparts in the overall story line?

Also, I think that the writers should take a look at some other shows writing teams to see how to actually write for an ENSEMBLE. This show completely fails at expanding on new and even old character with actual character depth. It's all about the plot on this show and it sucks. I don't care about the stupid plots like the virus, I care about the characters and how it effects them. If the show is trying to figure out what went wrong this season it is that it was so concerned with moving the story along that if forgot about the characters. Look into Battlestar Galactica if needs be. They've at least figured out that it is the characters that move the story along not the plot.

And there seems to be a failure to even care for certain group of people on the show. I'm talking about the women. Are you just trying to figure out how best to abuse them week in and week out? It's horrible. And the show only features female characters with powers, although they need to be a stripper, a cheerleader, an inexperienced "vixen", or a helpless woman that needs to be carried along by a strong man. And even when women get a story line, they need a man to save them. Pathetic.

Surprising enough, I hope you do kill off Nathan. After the show decided to not expand on certain minority characters last season and kill them off since... well, "they're just minorities" I picked Nathan as my favorite. I figured that if I liked a white male, than that character will have all the time in the world to grow on screen and expand his character. I guess he was just a little to old? Since the writers and Kring have felt that he's just not important to have his own story this season and needs to be killed... Well, I hope the show does kill him. At least then I won't have a reason to continue watching this show any more. So throw in Caitlin as well, she's just a female that can be abused so that Peter will look all angsty on screen without having to actual write him any depth.
Anonymous said…
Hi, all.

Isn't it true that Adam/Kensai(?) "saved" Nathan with a transfusion? Wouldn't that keep Nathan alive? Just wondering...

Also, enough with the dubious threats to quit watching the show...that's a lot like "please don't throw me in that briar patch, Brer Wolf!"

I am still interested in an answer to my prior post regarding Nathan and Peter's last scene, Mr. Beeman, if you get a chance.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Healthy Kwanzaa, and all other tidings of the season!
Anonymous said…
Im pleading to you please keep Nathan alive. I want to believe that you guys are not that dumb to keep him dead like what a lot of the people are saying. Prove them wrong and show that you guys are smart and keep Nathan alive. Nathan has soooo much story to tell and it would ashame if we the viewers are robbed of such potential.

Jay said…
I have a list of questions to ask, but I'll ask the one that I can definitely remember: Was what we saw the alternate ending? If not, what was the alternate ending?
kat said… alternate ending? hmmm...and when do the dvd's come out? LOL!
CosmicAvatar said…
OK, now that I am calm, I would like to add to my previous comment that this ep was utterly BRILLIANT. It just ripped me to bits. And if I ever call the writers a pack of baskets, rest assured that I mean nothing but the highest respect. I think only the mighty Joss Whedon and his team have ever got that accolade from me before because of the way they've made me feel about a TV show.

Whoop! Roll on Volume 3. ;)
Anonymous said…
>> Plus, killing characters off only to bring them right back is kinda stupid.

Except that Nathan is not even dead. The reporter clearly said that "he was shot" not "he was killed". If the writers want Nathan to be killed, they would have said that "he was killed", none of this stringing the viewers along to watch volume 3. By stringing them along, the writers are just going to make them angry when season 3 returns and Nathan is not there anymore. Not to mention that to have a solution that could bring people back and not using them is even more stupid than using them again.
Anonymous said…
I'm adding my plea to list of people begging for certain characters to survive and make more appearances on the show. In my case, it's Nathan and Caitlin. I want them back, alive, healthy, and with Peter. Please and thank you! :)
Anonymous said…
">> Plus, killing characters off only to bring them right back is kinda stupid."

I think it's pretty stupid to completly ignore such a great actor like Adrian Pasdar all season and take out one of the characters that has so much more story to tell but yet keep Sylar and Maya around for some reason. Also stupid to introduce the healing blood and not use it on Nathan but let it save Maya. Come on Kring, Beeman and others come to your senses and keep Nathan alive
Unknown said…
Greg, don't listen to all these idiots leaving negative comments here on the story. In the end, all that matters is the story the writers want to tell. And if the needs of the story facilitate that Nathan needs to be dead, well, yeah, sure that sucks, but I think that a quote from Joss Whedon is very appropriate here..."Trust the tale, not the teller." well in this instance, I DO trust the tellers...and while I'll be sad if Nathan is really dead for good, I'll understand it from a story-telling POV.

Thank you so much for doing this blog for us, Mr. Beeman. It means a lot to know that the production staff of my favorite show cares enough about the fans to reach out in such a way. I can't wait to see what you guys have planned for us/
Unknown said…
Actually, the only way this sub-plot will make any kind of sense is for Nathan to actually live. See, if the intention of the company is to stop Nathan, Peter, and Matt from revealing the identity of the company/special people (as suggested by the video camera blinking in the safe at Primatech), killing Nathan won't achieve their goal.

If anything killing Nathan will motivate Peter to reveal that he has bucketload of superpower and since he's hard to kill, the company will just be in one big trouble. On top of revenge, there's little they can do to stop Peter from revealing the truth to the public. However, by injuring Nathan but not outright killing him, they have the perfect blackmail for Peter.

Sure Nathan survives but if Peter ever goes out with the secret, another assassin might be sent to finish the job for real. This perfectly achieves what the company want to do: shut Peter's and everyone's mouth for good. Especially Peter, who's the dangerous one here.
Anonymous said…
Let me get this straight..

West wanted Claire to expose herself in a stupid prank on the head cheerleader, and admit that she has superpowers.

And yet, the moment she decides to tell everything to the world, with documentation, he comes in and dumps her, after he's done everything creepy to her you could do to a high school girl.

Yup, you all might have begun redeeming West in the previous two episodes when he shared his obsession with HRG about Claire, but it was damned convenient for him to dump her when she started following her own mind.

You've confirmed that yes, West was always a peckerhead, will always be an peckerhead, and never changed.

Avatar: The Last Airbender has more character development, consistency in its characters, and keeps to continuity than Heroes does.

Why am I watching this show, again? I don't watch a show for the missed potentials; it drives me crazy. I watch a show for quality on the screen.

Anonymous said…
I noticed 2 mistake in the season finale's ep 1 when sylar was about to shoot maya just before the camara goes to maya first & u see the mark were she gets shot then the camara goes to sylar then he shots maya u can still see the mark where she get shot & the second mistake is when elle zaps sylar then she see's him go right but when she gets up to the bit where she last seen sylar she looks left why when she knew he went right. plz take ure time on season 3 & dont make faults like that plz the shows worth more than mistake's. anyway i love the show & keep the great work up everybody thanks
Anonymous said…
Why did that have to happen to Nathan!! it is evil especially when we barely had any Nathan screentime..They can't kill him off.especially when they brought back Maya from the dead(why did they do that??) Almost nobody likes her at all..and almost everyone likes Nathan
Avi said…
Episode 11 was fantastic. I can't wait for Volume 3, now that Sylar has his powers! And I'm sad Nathan is dead, and I wonder if Nikki is dead. They only showed the building explode though, so I hope Heroes doesn't do it like Smallville did with Lana supposedly blowing up at the end of Season 6.

For one hour every week, I get to experience this great TV show, and I eagerly await the next part of Season 2.
Anonymous said…
Characters for keeps:

Peter, Claire, Nathan, Hiro, HRG, Ando, Sylar, Matt, Angela, Adam & Mohinder

Characters that can stay around for a few more episodes:

Bob, Elle, Monica, Micah, Nikki (if by some miracle she survives the blast...though i doubt it)

Characters that should NEVER come back in this show:

West, Maya & Caitlin
Avi said…
P.S. The scene before the virus is destroyed, with Matt and Peter, and Nathan, and Hiro, and Adam - fantastic.

I hope Maya gets more character development next season - both she and Alejandro were undeveloped, just in my opinion.

Also, I noticed the virus is never explained in much detail...
Anonymous said…
Dear Greg Beeman,

I read somewhere that the writers are reported "spilt" over the idea of whether or not to keep Nathan alive.
You seem like a really cool and nice guy... So as I favor to me do you think that you could go up to every writer that is not in favor of keeping Nathan around and, please, PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE. That would be great.
Seriously... They deserve to be punched if they don't realize the potential Nathan has as a character. The only real argument I've heard for killing him is to make Peter go badass. Well, I say, make Peter grow some balls and become badass on his own for once. Nathan shouldn't have to freaking sacrifice himself everytime Peter needs to be dealt with. It's ridiculous.

I don't know what good it'll do posting this. But I really love this show and have put up with some not so great episodes this season because I have faith in the show but killing Nathan... I really feel that killing Nathan off is just a terrible decision. The Petrelli dynamic is destroyed (which is a HUGE fan favorite), the potential Claire/Nathan interaction and development for both is wasted, the Nikki/Nathan relationship that I was hoping would evolve is obviously done...

I beg of you and Tim Kring and all these idiots that think killing Nathan off is a good thing, to listen to the fans.

Anonymous said…
***It was written by Jeph Loeb and directed by Allan Arkush, both of who did their usual outstanding job! And I hope you all agree it is a fitting end to this segment of the season.***

I love you but I DISAGREE. Once again putting Nathan is mortal danger and making all of us panic for the whole hiatus is not a fitting way to end the season. Haven't you tortured Nathan fans enough? Why is he always the one about to die? He is clearly too important to be killed but they still keep trying... I agree with everyone else that it would be a waste to Claire's storyline. Why say he's her father if not to later explore it? I guess the fact that Nathan obviously shot by HRG is ironic and interesting but not enough for them to really kill Nathan off. Adrian Pasdar is one of the better actors on the show and would be a shame to see him go.
Anonymous said…
so a request for season three?

could the writers give the heroes challenges to face, and have the heroes face them without being idiots?

seriously. sylar gets away, and no one thinks to ask molly to help find him and finish him?

character stupidity has been used very frequently to help further the plot along. haven't your writers any better tricks in their bags?

won't miss niki, who didn't have much to do both seasons except whine and wimper. too bad for ms larter, who is capable of playing an intelligent character if given the proper script.

nathan is savable. all peter needs is a syringe (oh, and a writer who lets the character think quickly. or at least think.) his character, unlike maya's, is worth saving.
Anonymous said…
First of all hello and thanks for the nice pictures and the interview.

Secondly, I'm very sorry to say this but you guys gave a lot of promises you never hold and that is tiring, repeatitive and annoying. Of course is your story to tell and I accept that fact.

However, without Fans, there is no show. As far many others said that they will leave and some already did before, I didn't.

Even you killed Candice, D.L., Nikki which all were favorites of mine.

Even I liked Ted and Isaac first season as well, I understood that they fullfilled their purpose (even Teds death scene was majorly lame but ok...).

However, killing Candice, D.L. and Nikki in the dumb ways you did was unexcuseable in my opinion (I and monica can roll under the wood but it doesn't matter, let us lift it until you can walk out of the door and I can wait until the building explodes <_<).

Anyway, the major drag was that almost all the characters acted stupid this season in many ways. Another thing many doesn't understand is why do we still keep sylar? Didn't we had enough of him? Didn't he fullfilled his purpose like Isaac, Ted and others did? Can we move on please? I like Zachary but his character is way overdue and keeping him around won't make the show any better.

Another one was the whole hype and empty promises about the older generation! Everyone was excited to see the powers of all those persons and then another season goes, Kaito is death, Angela is in many episodes, Victoria gets one episode and everyone else gets a sticker on their face with deseaced. Hello??? What powers did they have? Why is no one of them using them (like Victoria, Kaito and Angela which is overdue since you already had stated that she has a power since season 1).

So far we learned only VERY little about the company and you guys keep adding like 20 secrets everywhere in the whole series but revealing only 1 - 2 so at the end you don't even know yourself what you put in there in the first place that needs to be revealed.

At the end the frustration of the fans that are waiting gets bigger and bigger because we are waiting partially for two seasons for some of those secrets to get revealed but we get nothing at the end.

I think its time for a few new villains with good storylines and more depth for Maya and Monica so we can see the potential of both characters (like maya maybe learn how to focus her power on one person only would be awesome!).

Personally I don't mind too much that Nathan had to go since he had two good seasons and at least his death was good planned and well put in the scene. Even Matt didn't do anything to find the killer but still.

Please try to fill the lots of plot holes you added there and go away from the weak writing of many scenes this season and a few of the season 1 (like Edens power not working on sylar as example that also never got revealed why it didn't worked), give us some more action and stop the repeatitive whining of MANY characters that went through the whole season cause this is not a drama anymore it gets annoying(Claire and Nikki are whining for two seasons already, isn't that enough?).

One last question? Can we give Micah his mom back please?

That would be awesome! If Nikki ever comes back, please don't make the same mistake/excuse of adding more personalities after jessica is gone only to explain or justify deaths like D.L.s. Give Ali something cool to do, give her the strenght she needs and let her help for the greater good! Ali is a awesome actress.

The highlights of this season in my opinion was the new characters that brought a fresh breeze into the series and the awesome playing of Angela (also one of my favorites)and Bob that made me enjoy every single scene they was in! Molly was also great this season and lots of fun to watch.

A thing that made me happy was that you obviously changed your mind at the end and kept the new characters instead of starting killing them all off at the end of the season.

For that I thank you! :)

All in all the season was O.K. but the writing needs much improvement.

Mostly when it comes to critical scenes, decisions and deaths.

Thanks for the reading!
Anonymous said…
Okay…so to be truthful, I’m just here to complain about Nathan like everyone else. (Not really. Okay…maybe a bit.)

I love Heroes, I really do, and I’ve always supported it even when I wasn’t too thrilled with its direction, but killing off Nathan now? After all he’s been through? When there’s so much left unsolved? When there’s so much more he could do? To me that’s just inexcusable (not to mention dumb, and cruel). So basically, you left us waiting a whole summer wondering if he was dead or not, to find out he barely survived, and to separate him from his brother; then you healed him, and only at the VERY end of the season you decided to reunite them only to POSSIBLY KILL HIM AGAIN?! Bad joke, guys.

Like I said, I love Heroes, but some of the characters and the storylines get frustrating and boring at times, and Nathan is one of the few characters that’s consistently interested me (even when he wasn’t given much of a plot; yes, Adrian IS that good). Whether you like him or not, you’re sure to have strong feelings about him. I can’t say I’ve ever felt the same for the Sanders family, and both Claire and Peter have been pains in the ass this season; we NEED Nathan. While we’re at it, lets get something straight: to many people, Heroes IS about the Petrelli’s. I’m not saying we don’t love and appreciate the other characters (SOME of them anyway; I doubt I’ll ever be able to appreciate Maya…or the fact that the writers saved her), but it seems pretty obvious Heroes tries to emphasis the importance of family, and I believe the Petrelli brothers are the most potent example of that. Let’s face it: they’re magic; please do the right thing and work with what’s been given to you. Decent or not, I’m not sure I could watch Heroes without Nathan now; he’s too much of the experience and of too much importance to me.
Anonymous said…
"written by Jeph Loeb and directed by Allan Arkush, both of who did their usual outstanding job! "

Yes, they did their usual outstanding job. Yes, wonderful. Ye...
Wait a minute, I'm not a mindless robot, I'll decide as a viewer if they did a good job. And consider the ratings to see if others agree with me or not.
Greg, perhaps you too should rely a little on external input, because telling us they are great doesn't cut it.
I will compliment Season 2 on better storytelling. I remember in Season 1, every time somebody 'dies' at the end of the show, 5 seconds later, the teaser for the next week would show the 'dead' character walking around talking to people. Did Peter fall flat? Nope. No reason to wait with baited breath for the next week, I just saw him, he's fine.
Anyway, the editing, the 'choreography' of scenes, the dynamics of interaction, the suspense, was all pretty good, better than last season.
But where you fail is what everyone is saying here. Killing Nathan, kinda silly. Kililng Nicki? She's too hot. And it's too safe killing relatively low power heroes. Kill someone we don't expect!
Did you see x-men 3? Was that their usual outstanding writing? Use bigger guns, larger battles, more explosions, that will make it a better movie than the previous? No. It's the interactions, the social dynamics, the difficult decisions.
Some soap operas with a lot of characters switch storylines from one day to the next, featuring one group of characters on one day, another group on the other. Either consider doing that, killing off 1/2 the characters, or going to 1h 15 min an episode, because we also need just a little more time, a little more advancement, for a given storyline, on a particular episode.
I think it would be great if Sylar doesn't get his powers back. For a long long time. Have him try, and get kicked around like a mangey dog. Finding ways to be a big problem, without his powers -
That might be some outstanding writing.
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