Tonight’s episode was written by Rob Fresco and was directed by Allan Arkush.

Rob Fresco used to work on a TV show called PROVIDENCE which is where he met Tim Kring. When Tim created CROSSING JORDAN he brought Rob there where he worked for 2 years. And this year he comes to HEROES. (By coincidence, I also worked on PROVIDENCE, back in the days when I was a visiting director. I directed only two episodes of that series - one was written by Mr. Kring, and one by Mr. Fresco. And thus are the threads of the universe connected.)

This is Rob Fresco’s first script for us and I think (in my own humble opinion as always) long-time fans will really enjoy the way this episode goes back in time to cross some “t’s” and dot some “i’s” in the HEROES universe.

One idea that was in the script from the beginning, that I think Rob came up with, is that the main title, instead of saying HEROES would say VILLIANS… I thought that was enormously cool, but truthfully, I thought this was going to get more resistance from NBC than it did. But it didn’t. It sailed right through.

And of course, this was supposed to be the episode where we explored the villains that we introduced in the season opener. Frankly this changed a little bit as the script went through studio notes. The first draft really featured the villains – and our main characters were the side stories. This shifted as the drafts went on to the version that we now see.

Interestingly, there was a whole storyline that was dropped from the episode. There was a story that featured the character of Knox and his relationship with Matt Parkman. The story took place in L.A. and told how Knox was part of a gang and was trying to get out of that life. Matt was a cop who had busted Knox once and was trying to help him stay on the straight and narrow. As things progressed Knox realized he had the power of incredible strength whenever people around him were afraid. This caused him to turn away from Matt’s good guidance. It was a good story. But it was 9 minutes long. And, in the editing room, when Allan tried to fit it in – all the other stories became compromised. So the decision was made to just drop that one story altogether. It’ll be a great DVD extra someday.

A fun thing to tell you about is the scene on the bridge where we transition from Jessalyn Gilsig and Eric Roberts on the overpass bridge with Claire. I think it’s great how this episode connects the stories in with scenes from the pilot. The original script indicated that the camera craned up and over a hill to reveal the train wreck below. But Allan wanted to make a more direct connection. So they found an overpass and put a big 40 foot green screen on the other side. The shot had to line up with the wide shot, from the pilot, of the train crash very carefully – that footage was already shot and could not be changed. As Jessalyn and Eric Roberts walk over the bridge they walk in front of the green screen. But the key to the shot was the “hookup” point – the point at which the new footage can be hooked up to the old. There is a pole holding a sign that is the edge of the matte line. Humorously, this sign originally said “Metro” train – but because we were dealing with an Amtrak crash and not a local Metro line, we had to change the sign in post. We chose of course one of our old stand by’s the Burnt Toast Café.

As you know, from time to time I like to interview different members of the crew – to give you, the loyal viewers some insight into the many facets of HEROES specifically, and the film business in general.

Today I’m interviewing Lori Madrigal who is the head of our makeup department. She is a veteran makeup artist with an impressive resume. She is extremely well loved by the cast and the producers alike, and we are lucky to have her on this show. Here's her iMdb: Lori Madrigal

GREG BEEMAN: Lori where did you grow up?

LORI MADRIGAL: Right here in Whittier California.

GB: And how did you get into doing makeup for film and television?

LM: It’s something I always wanted to do ever since I was sixteen. But I waited awhile to get started. I was in radio advertising for years, selling airtime, which I liked – but I always knew that I really wanted to do makeup. So one day I decided to do it. I put myself through esthetician school and makeup school. And then, the doors opened up and I’ve never looked back. I’ve been working steadily for twenty years.

GB: Where did you go to school?

LM: The esthetician school was in Seal Beach and I also went to Cinema Secrets to study film makeup. Maurice Stein trained me.

GB: So once you made the decision to do it everything came together?

LM: Yes. I always feel that if something’s meant to be, if it’s really your heart's desire, then nothing can stop you. It’s not like it was all easy from the beginning. I definitely pounded the pavement. I cleaned houses between jobs and some of my first jobs were photo shoots for “E” Entertainment where I got $30 a day. But after awhile I pushed and convinced people that I knew what I was doing and I got started.

GB: What was you first big break?

LM: On a miniseries - NORTH AND SOUTH.

GB: And we started working together because of an Exec at Warner Brothers named Lisa Lewis…

LM: I love Lisa. She’s cool.

GB: Well she loved you. She knew you from “E-RING” and she recommended you for the AQUAMAN pilot I did. I brought you over here and the rest is history.

LM: Yep.

GB: Now, as a producer, the head of the makeup department is critical – not just because you need your actors to look great, but because the hair and makeup trailer is where the actors all start their day and where they spend most of their day. The actors have to have a great relationship with you or they are miserable and if they’re miserable – the set doesn’t run right.

LM: Exactly. And that’s why my trailer is the way it is. Why I have music and coffee and food and fun photos everywhere. I want it to be a place where the actors want to start their day and hang out between shots all day. We have a lot of fun, and also, that way I know where they are at all times.

GB: You definitely create a very happy environment. So can you talk about the two aspects of the job, the creative and also the interpersonal aspect of your job?

LM: I always say there are two parts to the job of makeup artist. Part one is “makeup” and part two is “therapist.” You never know what kind of mood the actors are going to be in when they get their in the morning, but you have to make sure that, no matter what – you’re in a better mood than them.

GB: The actors not only all like you, but they all trust you...

LM: They have to trust you. You can’t lie to them or BS them. You have to please them and what they want, but at the same time you have to please the producers and the studio and you have to please yourself. It’s great, it’s really a rush, when you get to achieve all that.

GB: After all these years do you still find it glamorous that you get to hang out with all these big stars all day?

LM: You know, I never really found it glamorous. I think from the beginning my attitude was that we are all just people working together to do a job. Maybe that’s why I do end up getting along with them, because I feel that we’re all just people.

GB: So let’s talk about the artistic part. What is it that gives you the biggest thrill about doing makeup?

LM: Color. I love it when someone sits in your chair for the first time and you open a drawer with a thousand colors in it, and you pull out the right one on the first try. I’m good with color and it’s really fun to just trust yourself with it. Color is where a lot of people go wrong because they don’t really understand what colors are right for them.

It’s really fun to take a person and change them. To take a person who is attractive and with just a little bit of work to make them beautiful. You actually need very little makeup to achieve that, as long as you know what your doing and it’s carefully applied.

GB: What about the other side? We also mess people up a lot on this show.

LM: I know. And I love that! Mostly I let Wendi do that on this show, because she loves it and I’m so busy with the girls. But it’s so fun to do blood and scars and cuts and bruises. Like today we had this guy who was a dead body – and so, I pushed Wendi aside and said “I’m doing this one” – he was all cut up and bruised up and it was so fun.

The rewarding part of my job is when the actor comes out of the trailer and everyone says “That’s awesome.”

GB: What about the hours. Our crew normally comes in at 6 or 7 a.m. to start work. But you have to come in a couple of hours earlier than that every day to get the cast made-up, is that right?

LM: Yep. I came in at 5 a.m. today and 4 a.m. yesterday.

GB: And, for us, a 12 hour day is the norm. Does that mean you're putting in a 14 or 15 hour workday every day?

LM: Most of the time, yes.

GB: Did you know that was what you were signing up for when you got into this business?

LM: No. I thought it would be way more glamerous. No one ever told me you'd have to be applying makeup in a swamp, or that you'd be peeing in a big box. Because on location there's no "boys" and "girls" room - there's just a plastic outhouse and everyone has to go in it.

GB: So what do those hours do to your personal life?

LM: What are you talking about? I have no life. But that's what the job is. You know what though? I love my job, so it's worth it. The crazy hours is just part of it. This whole business is like a carnival that packs up and moves on to the next town every day. If I didn't love my work it wouldn't work - but I do, so it's all good!

GB: Thanks Lori. You’re awesome. Thank you.

LM: No problem. You know I love you Beeman!















Anonymous said…
Love the photo of Jack with the gun!
Tata said…
I loved the pics!
Fabrob said…
thanks for the pics

I love Milo is so cute
kisses from Mexico =)
Anonymous said…
Great episode tonight. All the nice little tie-ins to Volume 1 while still adding depth to EVERYTHING. Great work this week guys!
Norman said…
That last photo... it's Sarah Palin! No, wait...

Good episode, btw. I think trimming the 4th story arc was a good call (although I'm looking forward to the DVD extra).
Anonymous said…
What a fab episode! It really tied everything together and filled in the cracks about what folks had been doing before the present time. Excellent pictures!
Lauren said…
Amazing episode. Glad to see my two faves (Nathan and Sylar) getting a good amount of screen time. :)
Anonymous said…
Jack and Cristine with the gun, wow! I hope Angela gets a gun in the show - wow I can't beleive I just said that, but on Heroes guns are okay. :)

Can someone now tell the story of Cristine falling down the stairs?

Thanks for taking the time to do this blog, we know how busy you are.
Anonymous said…
Meredith's adventures were lovely spice to her character, and the Arthur/Angela drama was fantastic. Very Stepford-ey. I liked, quite a lot. (Also, pot pie!)

However, this Sylar fangirl wants to make known that, while tolerable, the Sylar/Elle was pushing it. A lot. Especially as motivation for murder, as if an oppressive childhood, mild religious fanaticism, and a pathological need to be special weren't enough. Please, no more forced love interests for the Heroes boys? Characters can be interesting without shagging, I promise.

Lastly, RIP Isaac Mark 2. I will miss him and his shovel and dung paste more than I can properly express.
Wait, what happened to Nathan thinking his dad committed suicide?
Anonymous said…
The pic of Jack with the gun rocks! (Love the caption as well.) HRG interacting with Elle, and the Elle/Sylar scenes were beyond amazing in this ep! ;D Much love!

And Tim Kring (and whoever else had input on this) wins mucho bonus points for putting the always dapper Adrian in a tux this week!! You hear that fellas? ;) We want MORE Nathan! <3
Anonymous said…
Love the pics!

Everything connected in this episode and thus my faith in the show is restored.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for betraying everything that made Heroes emotionally and socially relevant in season 1.

Please fire everyone but Quinto, Panettiere, Ventimiglia, and Pasdar. You obviously only have a hard-on for the Petrellis, and you don't DESERVE any other actor on your show. Please, especially, release the Asian and African actors who have so unfairly been trapped in this pile of masturbation.
Anonymous said…
Oy, the Continuity and Characterization fairies are probably off crying somewhere right now.

I could buy that Gabriel felt guilty about killing Brian and the others (hence the Wall of Shame), but he *did* treasure his abilities. The telekinesis made him special in Chandra's eyes, and it made him feel powerful. His psychotic, murderous nature can't simply be blamed on two Company operatives. I refuse to believe that.

I also refuse to believe that the same Elle who fried Caitlyn's brother without batting an eye, was actually this watered-down version of herself a year ago. Also, Mohinder's scenes with Bennet and Peter took place in the PILOT. NOT around the same time as "Six Months Ago". How was Mohinder in NYC when Gabriel hadn't even killed Chandra yet? Wasn't Elle confined to the Company and wasn't her first mission finding Peter in Ireland (show canon) or spying on Claire (graphic novel)? Didn't Claire save the man in the train wreck during the *pilot*, not in the same time period as 6MA?

I'm sorry for being so harsh, but I can't accept all of the time inconsistencies in favor of thinking "ZOMG this is so cool like everyone's all connected!" I do think there were some good moments in the episode, like Meredith's interaction with Flint and Thompson, and Angela's scenes with Linderman, but... the rest could have been handled so much better. Just my two cents.
Anonymous said…
@anonymous above me

Season 3 has been retcon since episode 4. This episode should be no surprise. Analyzing it and talking about it rationally as you're doing is a waste of time. They know full well what they're doing, they just 1 don't care or 2 think it's actually any good.
Anonymous said…
Jack...Oh....Poor fangirls...
Tam said…
Wow, was that a retcon or what?

First I love Gabriel, I can buy that he would feel guilty for what he did. ZQ is amazing! The change of inflection within his voice, the way he moves. Brilliant!

However Elle was just to much. She was made super nice and with a conscience to push the Gabriel/Elle scenes, it just felt forced and not at all true to the character I had watched in the past.

“Angel with a broke watch.” wow, not very subtle. Total rehash of Maya’s and Sylar’s first meeting, right down to Maya’s awed reaction to his name (Gabriel was basically like Maya in this, being used)

I get the feeling you needed to retcon them together to push Sylar/Elle forward in the present. I still find this so strange when you already have a romantic relationship established between Maya and Sylar. It’s over now but it’s still there, still a sauce if angst and drama. God she could be pregnant now with absolutely no need for retcon.

Buuuut she was pushed out to make room from Elle and Kbell, who is clearly a favourite. Appalling behaviour towards a regular, the only female regular of colour to.

Aside from this I really enjoyed Angela’s story and Meredith’s!
Anonymous said…
What's a retcon?
Anonymous said…
Maybe he had already killed Chandra and that's why he was feeling regretful. Jeez people just whatch the show without picking it apart.
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry. This latest episode was too much to swallow.

Here's a tip Heroes' "writers: Not all of your audience is retarded. Though after veiwing last night's episode, they may be.

Ridiculous, self-masterbatory nonsense.
Anonymous said…
I guess I'm retarded then. I love the show.
Anonymous said…
This was the first episode all season that left a bad taste in my mouth...

The show was moving at such a great pace this season and this episode felt oddly contrived. In the past weh n we've made ventures into the past to fill-in holes those back stories have been very engaging. This time I was mostly bored by those stories.

There were a couple moments that were cool:

1. Angela "killing" Arthur
2. Flint/Meredith being the reason for the train fire.

I must say I was mostly excited at the end of the episode to see next weeks preview - I can't wait to get back to the story.
eve said…
Awesome ep. Best so far :)

Thanks for the pics as well!
Anonymous said…
retcon = retroactive continuity

copy and paste.
wordplaysam said…
I love all of your great interviews with the crew members! It's really interesting to see all of the different things that go into making Heroes what it is. Can I make a request? You've picture-dropped Valerie Normal a few times, and I'd love to know what goes into being the scripty for a show like Heroes. It seems like she has her work cut out for her, with all of the time travel and interweaving storylines and things like that. Could we get an interview with her one day?
wordplaysam said…
I meant Valerie Norman, of course.
Great pictures as always. I loved how we got to see more of who Mrs. Petrelli and why she is so tough.
ananita said…
Loved the pix! and this was, by far, one of the most awesome episode on the show!!!! Kudos!!!
Anonymous said…
just a thought, if Arthur has the power to persuade. Evidently, persuading Angela. Why doesn't he use that power and persuade Nathan instead of wanting to kill him??
Anonymous said…
OMFG! i LOVED the part where Meridith runs off and then we see Claire running in. I have to say i did not see that coming! and i loved it! cause i loved the moments of s1 where normal stuff would be happening and something extraordinary would begin (IE: Claire running into fire) and then the dream sequence would start when every single moment would wind down and everything would pause and slow down for that unbelievable moment where the writers say through the video 'WATCH THIS'. by which i mean metaphorically.

PS. I would like to see MERIDETH AND SANDRA AND ELLE to stick around.
Anonymous said…
Is this show still on? Not too much longer after last night's piece of crapola. By the way, how did they find an "actor" worse than Keanu Reeves to play the role of Peter? Kudos! Remember to squint your eyes real hard when you're being serious!
Anonymous said…
I'm so disappointed. Please just end the show.
Anonymous said…
I mostly enjoyed the show lat night, but...continuity be damned?! Is there not one person involved with the show who can say hold it that's not how it happened.

I hate that Usutu is gone.

Consider hiring Glen Morgan and James Wong to write for the show - they are funny, clever and stay on task,
Jemiah said…
What a FANTASTIC episode that was! Another one that I watched a second time as soon as the broadcast was over - always the mark of an excellent show.

Heroes is in such a weird state right now - between seemingly every US media outlet discussing its seemingly imminent demise, the ouster of Loeb and Alexander, the viciousness of so much of the feedback from supposed "fans" - it's hard to know what to think or feel about it. But then I watch an episode like 3.08, and I have faith and hope and love and enthusiasm all over again. You all are doing an amazing job. Don't let Entertainment Weekly (or the lord-and-master bottom line) win; Heroes still have a universe of loyal fans. Keep making the best show you possibly can, and we'll be grateful. Thanks for all you've done, and once again, thanks for sharing pics and stories.
Anonymous said…
jemiah, it's not "fans" who are disappointed, it's fans, real fans, not just so-called fans.

We fell in love with Heroes because it gave us coloured characters to identify with and to root for. Not just a token black guy, but a large variety of likeable characters. Now, most of them are dead or have been written off. Mohinder and Maya have had incredibly little screentime for an incredibly idiotic storyline. Mohinder is acting out of character whenever it suits the plot. There are plotholes, like him apparantly not knowing that Niki died, even though her survival was his top priority in the last couple of episodes of season 2. We still remember these "small details", because we ARE fans. We watch with our eyes open and our brain switched on. We think about what we see, we watch it again. Because we love the show.

We take the show seriously. But it doesn't take us seriously anymore.

My interest in the Petrellis has never been that big, and what I initially fell in love with was an ensemble show where not everything was about the Petrellis and the white women they sleep with.

I feel betrayed by this show, and sorry to rain on your parade, but continuity issues like they're currently happening on Heroes are bad writing, regardless of who your favourite character is... if my favourite characters were just written off while left in-character, it would not be so painful... but I've waited nine months to see my favourite character mutate into a giant cockroach and do a 180 degree turn on his characterization, just forgetting rather than solving his emotional issues from last season... I want my show back. I want my Mohinder back.
Anonymous said…
I really love the Sylar/Elle scenes. I can't wait for next week's episode.
Anonymous said…
@ 2:06's anon: I love you.

I mean, I miss Isaac. I miss Maya (hardass runaway Maya from the beginning of S2, not the ... whatever that was in S3). I miss Monica. God damn it, I miss Simone.

I still enjoy the show, and it'll take a lot to get me to stop watching, but I hate that it's lost the depth it had in S1. Bringing in some people without powers would definitely help to ground it in reality again, for starters. I miss the 8D OMG THATS SO COOL geekiness that is inherent in characters that are not specials interacting with characters that are.

Second, the cast is getting a bit too large, but before you start thinning it out, please figure out how to let characters go without giving them grisly death scenes. Maya's exit was very nice; her story felt complete. Usutu, however.... Dayum. Heart = broken. And I'm not even going to get into how completely over-the-top and unnecessary the gore was. One angle on the headless body would have gotten the point across.

And for god's sake, my biggest complaint: not everyone has to be boning someone. Almost every romantic plotline since S1 has been awkward and forced. A little love is nice, but don't go out of your way to make an excuse for sexy scenes. If Heroes fans want some hawt, we'll just go back and watch that one scene in the pilot. We won't mind if the Petrelli brothers go through a dry spell in order to focus on saving the world.

Fugitives sounds like it's going to be an interesting shift in storyline for everyone involved, so I'm keeping my hopes up. But come on. Heroes is better than this.
Anonymous said…
How does it feel to sacrifice everything and everyone and what little integrity you had left in order to force onto your viewers that Sylar Is A Nice Guy Dammit And We Want Zachary Quinto On This Show Until The Bloody End Because We Have A Boner For Him?

(Oh, and Elle, too.)

You're as bad as your moronic fans. Wish-fulfilment does not a good show make.
Robbie said…
I'm really starting to hate this show. The best thing about it was the Twilight preview on Monday.
Anonymous said…
please please please don't listen the haters! there's no need to fix heroes, this season is wonderful!
Anonymous said…
...I don't even know what to say. There are more plot holes and continuity errors in this episode (whole season really) than I can count. I LOVED this season 1 and I can't even believe it's the same show. Do you guys even pay attention or care?

I can't even sit back and go 'Well they'll probably clear that up later and it will make sense!' because so often you don't that as a viewer I can't even hold out hope for that anymore.

I've really lost a lot of faith in the writers of this show. Sure, you can only listen to the people who pay no attention and mindlessly stroke your ego to tell you how great the show is but please, please listen to those of us who are bringing forward complaints. Or hell, you might not even care as long as enough people don't pay attention to give you high ratings. Personally, I'd be ashamed to have my name attached to this season.
Anonymous said…
Speaking as someone who for the most part has enjoyed this season I have to say that each episode feels like less a continuation of the S1 and S2. Overall this was a good episode (I liked the Angela, Linderman, Arthur storyline) but way too much retconning is going on to set up future storylines and it feels incredibly dismissive of great stories that were set up in S1.

One of the biggest missteps was the Gabriel/Elle plot which made no sense timeline wise or character wise. This is not the Elle we first met. This one is essentially normal and socially fine -- this was Kristen Bell, not the character. Wasn't Elle only let out of TC to go after Peter...he was the first mission. HRG's partner should not have been her at this point. And I can buy Gabriel's crisis of conscience since we saw his "Forgive Me" wall in S1 but Elle as his human connection who betrays him and, with the help of Noah, turns him into Sylar?

Not buying it at all. What made Sylar interesting in S1 is that he chose to kill, justified it as his evolutionary imperative. This season all responsibility is being taken away and blame is put on everyone else for creating him.

Also by suggesting that Elle was his human connection the importance of the S1 roadtrip with Sylar and Mohinder is practically rendered insignificant -- in fact, that was one of the most important experiences for both characters. That was the unexpected human connection...why else does Sylar keep reaching out to Mohinder in S1 and S2 even after the truth comes out? There are so many connections/parallels that have been set up between these two from the start and then this season it feels like the writers are saying, "you know everything you thought was intriguing in S1? Forget it."

It feels like the writers are trying to not only get us all on board for Sylar/Elle (really? that's where we're going to go?)but simply doing it so that ZQ and KB can be on screen together. It's detrimental to the actual storylines that were set up.

I'm still digging the show a lot but continuity and character issues like this make it difficult to understand where things are going. It feels like S1 is being set aside.

You have such great characters and potential stories, and like I said I'm enjoying this season. But still...
Anonymous said…
Loved this episode, it was amazing how everything tied together. I absolutely LOVED the Elle/Sylar scenes, Zach and Kristen have great chemistry.
I loved the interview you did, i always wanted to know what it's like to be a make-up artiston a tv show.
And, of course, THANK YOU FOR THE AMAZING PICS! You're so awesome for posting them every week!
Anonymous said…
I love Heroes, but I don't think I can take too much more of this.

The best thing about Sylar was that his pathology and logic is what turned him into a serial killer. I enjoyed the idea that his Intuitive Aptitude gave him this urge to understand everything, I understand that he would have had some guilt at first, but then you go and have him think he can live a normal life because of Elle? Really? And who is this Elle? I love sociopathic, had a hard childhood that messed her up for life Elle. She's one of my favourite characters. This Elle? I don't know who she is. Kristen Bell maybe, cause she's not Elle.

Honestly, I used to think Sylar/Elle might work, but this poor-me-Gabriel/not-Elle just makes me want to gag.

So, have you just thrown season 1 out of the window? What have you done to the characterization? I've managed to somewhat figure out Mohinder, or at least to fill in some blanks myself so that he doesn't seem like a completely different person (although experimenting on Peter - PETER - I still can't reconcile). I had faith that you would explain it, that it would make sense. I had faith that Sylar was just being opportunistic, maybe confused, maybe going with the flow while planning what is best for himself, but now I see that you're trying to rework him into something he's not. Now my favourite character is someone who, if I started watching today, I wouldn't give a damn about.

I feel betrayed. I love this show so much and I wanted to have faith that, but I don't know how much more of this I can take. If it was any other show I would have given up weeks ago. As it stands... I just don't know.

Please, please, please, tell the powers that be that we will not put up with this destruction of everything we loved from Season One. Please tell them that if the fans know you've messed up the continuity (HRG getting into Mo's cab before Chandra's even dead? Come ON) while we're watching the episode for the first time, then you should damn well be able to fact check it yourself. Please give me back my Sylar, Mohinder, Elle and Peter from Season one. I loved them then.
Anonymous said…
I did like some parts in the episode, but sadly, those can't really hold up to the negative aspects. There were way too many plotholes, I felt like we didn't get as many answers as we should have, and the "new" information we got about the villains doesn't jive with what we've been seeing about them.

Did the writer for this ep only fast-forward through the pilot & 6MA to get background info? Because it sure as hell looks like he did. It sure as hell seems like there's a lot of wish fulfillment going on here too, like making Sylar a woobie in order to make him more likable (and to pair him off with a pretty woman, because yeah... all of the previous romance storylines worked SO WELL). And to sum up this episode's version of Elle: yikes. Like the other posters mentioned, that was KBell, NOT Elle.

Please don't get me wrong, I appreciate what you're all trying to do, and I especially appreciate the behind-the-scenes information and pictures that you give us through this blog. I don't hold you at fault at all for the shoddy writing that's been going on in this season, Greg, but I wish you had had some say in the writing process so that you could've nixed the crap that's being force-fed to us. Honestly I would have preferred seeing the scenes of Knox and Matt instead of the forced romantic scenes between Gabriel and Elle.

Right now I'm just going to pretend that this episode and that a large portion of this season aren't really part of the show canon, and I'm only sticking around to see if things will hopefully pick up in Fugitives.
Tabs said…
I am glad to see the last episode (episode 8) of season 3. It seemed the most sane episode we have seen so far in season 3. After the huge success of Season 01, it looked like Heroes was turning into X-Men. It really wasn't the super powers of the characters but the interesting plot, interesting characters and set design that captivated the audience.
Also, giving all the main characters superpowers was a really bad idea. Mohinder the narrator could have stuck to being normal. A bi-polar Sylar was not a good idea either, considering the fact that he was probably one of the scariest characters on Season 01.
The plot in season 01 really worked and even the chemistry between the characters on screen seemed much more believable. I can just hope that this series gets better from now on.
Anonymous said…
As always, thanks for the pictures, Greg.

I think some parts were well connected to the first season like Meredith's story line but the exploration of Gabriel's development into Sylar wasn't. I have to agree with some of the other commenters here.

But I'm not going to complain because the Petrelli parts of the episode made up for that. It was nice to see that Angela does indeed care for her children. Cristine Rose is a fantastic actress. She made Angela's development utterly believable.

I was also happy to see Peter and Nathan being the caring brothers I liked so much in season one. So there is still hope that the awkwardness in their (far too few) scenes this season is intentional and that they will talk it out.
Nyksylos said…
The scenes between Elle and HRG were good in reminding us of how morally gray Bennet really is. That reminded me of season 1 in a good way.

However. Retconning Elle into Sylar's origin story is completely ridiculous, obtuse, and forced. It's obvious that it was done to give Elle some prior connection with Sylar in order to have them become a couple.

Wrong way of going about it, idiot writers.

I've come to the conclusion that there's one sure-fire way to fix this show.

Have Hiro travel back in time and make sure that this season never happened.
Anonymous said…
I consider myself a hardcore fan of Heroes and I have enjoyed most of this season's storylines, but somehow this episode felt a little off. I am willing to overlook plotholes here and there, but there were just so many in this episode. This is especially ironic since "Villians" was supposed to explain several plotholes. The timeline is completely off. As mentioned by some of the other commenters, Mohinder should not have been in New Yorl yet since Sylar clearly had not yet killed Chandra. And while Meredith causing the train wreck was cool, it didn't make sense with the timeframe given. It happened during Genesis not Six Months Ago. For some reason, everyone seemed to forget that there are in fact six months in between those two episodes...Lastly this is random but I've been hoping Claude would come back with a good storyline like Meredith has (she's been awesome this season, props to Jessalyn Gilsig). He got a shout out in this episode when Flint says an invisible guy tackled him in the alley. Maybe I should assume the Company has another invisible agent, because I'm pretty sure Claude was in hiding from them at this point after, you know, his own partner shot him off the side of a bridge several years earlier...Oh and Thompson just letting Meredith go? That seems totally out of character from the "follow orders at all times" guy. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the end of the season. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a big superpowered battle between Primatech and Pinehearst. Arthur vs. Angela with all their minions (and ever-increasing number of children) having to pick sides.
Anonymous said…
I second the "appaling behaviour towards a regular" comment. The way you've been treating Maya, Mohinder and, well, Monica and Micah... Is it really a coincidence that all those characters who get written off and given tiny idiotic roles are... of colour?
I am sorry, I can't turn a blind eye on that anymore. Heroes has started out diverse and fun, now it's unrecognizable and undienably racist. You'd think that if the American public can elect a black president, the writers of Heroes could manage to write their characters of colours as actual human beings, not plot devices, sex symbols and Scary Foreigners threatening the pure white Americans. Disgusting.
Nyksylos said…
To be fair, the show still has the Haitian, Hiro, Ando, and Knox as people of color.

Just saying.
Anonymous said…
And when was the last time we saw the Haitian do anything interesting? Right, just before Sylar's retcon and it all went to hell.

In a few weeks, I expect Heroes to be a show about Two White Families, one Mad Indian Scientist, and Two Comic-Relief Clowns.
Anonymous said…

The Haitian: servant to the Company, Angela or Bennet. Switches allegiances however it suits the plot. Might get a name after three seasons! Woohoo! Progressive.

Knox: Sadistic villain. Criminal. Murderer. Indeed a great role model for all the black kids tuning in. Season 1 had DL, Season 2 had Monica... both positive characters, utterly lovable, utterly abandoned by the show and replaced with... a villain. Again: how progressive.

Hiro and Ando: our funny cute Asian otaku comic-reliefs, yay! Is that how Tim Kring & Co. prefer their foreigners? Cuddly, childlike, asexual, comic relief? Fantastic.

And unfortunately, this is the season they choose to confront Mohinder with a racist neighbour. His neighbour makes a racist slur at him... he is xenophobic... and then the show proceeds to prove him right. It proves the racist right! Because yes, this scary foreigner next door really does kidnap people and spins them into cocoons to perform perverse experiments on him! Yes, the foreigner is barely human! Yes, racist neighbour, you are absolutely right to mistrust him, dislike him!
Seriously, if the neighbour survives the ordeal, do you think he will stop being xenophobic? What a stupid idea WAS that?
Oh, and no one is really surprised to see Mohinder do these terrible things. Noah Bennet barely bats an eyelid at the sight of the webs and the icky stuff plastered all over the lab, and the half-dead victims. Those foreigners, that's just the kind of stuff they'd do, right?

It's utterly, utterly offensive. All the more so because it goes against everything we have previously known about Mohinder. It's like they twisted him into this monster just so he fits their new racist message. Urgh. Poor Sendhil.
Anonymous said…
Wow- not sure what to say about the "Heroes is racist" comments.

I predict Monica will show up in Fugitives.
Anonymous said…
Love the last two photos, but I'm sorry to say, this will be my last episode of "Heroes." The blatant disregard for continuity less than three years old and the force-feeding of Sylar's "redemption" is sickening, and despite all of my attempts to forgive the show-runners, it gets worse every week. It's been a good ride, but I think I'll just stick to re-watching my Season One DVDs.
Anonymous said…
5:03 anon,
this is exactly why people are so distraught about the third season: because Heroes used to be different. It used to treat its minorities much better, maybe even exceptionally well for US television.
Season 3 has changed this. The racist undertones are probably unintentional, but they are still there and all the more painful if compared to previous seasons.

They turn one of their last main character of colour into a monster in the same season that they decide to turn white Sylar and Elle into good guys, just misunderstood, poor woobies. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The writers try very, very hard to make you feel sorry for the white psychopaths, but give Mohinder no such support. Not even his friends and allies care. Just as if only white people are worth caring about.

I sort of hope Dana Davis knows better than to return to a show where she is considered not even of secondary importance. A show that writes her off without a good-bye scene and without anybody even mentioning her name, supposedly because there are too many characters, but really because they'd rather give more screentime to white Arthur Petrelli and blonde Meredith and blonde Daphne and blonde Elle.

This is just what happened, and the implications are unfortunately indeed vey racist.
Anonymous said…
It didn't occur to me I guess because I don't look at people in terms of race. Maybe you're right- maybe not.
Anonymous said…
Neither do I, and season one was excellent in just that: people of a variety of "races" and nationalities and ethnicities were all treated as interesting characters, people to care about.

That's why it's even harder to watch season three, and to see so much of it going down the drain.
Anonymous said…
Agree so much about the treatment of the minorities on this show.

Maya's twin was brutally murdered by the man she loved, who then shot her. Not a week ago. This character should be seconds away from a break down. But she's dressed up like streetwalker and screwing a man she hardly knows, acting like nothing happened. Why was this character not allowed to mourn and grieve, feel angry and betrayed? Why was this regular not integrated like almost every other character?

I think I’ve been avoiding this conclusion but I can’t any longer: they didn't give a shit and would rather focus on the emotional exploration and portrayal of the white characters.

If I was Dania Ramirez I would have ripped up the scripts they gave and threw them back in disgust.
Anonymous said…
Absolutely, they just don't care to show the emotional reactions of the characters of colours. They don't care about them. They don't get enough screentime to properly deal with their emotional baggage, because as characters of colours, they are considered unimportant now. Serious regulars are considered less important than white characters just introduced in Season 3. I find that so, so disappointing.

I was so hoping to see Maya deal with her traumata, overcome them, and then find the happiness she lost, the normalcy that was disrupted by her ability's manifestation, and by Sylar's cruel murder of her sibling and manipulation of her. It would make a wonderful story.
But, yeah. Instead, this.
Anonymous said…
Sadly it really does seem to be the case doesn’t it? They seem to have a serious case of favouritism, and these favourites seem to be small, perky blonde girls. And ZQ ;)

You have no idea how much I wanted to see that happen to Maya. I really thought if they were going to bring this mostly unliked character back then surely that meant she would be developed and integrated. *shakes head sadly*

I knew something was off when poor Dania could only say “sexy” was in store for her character. I tried to convince myself that she was being secretive, she had this amazing story in the works but couldn’t say! But really it was all she could say because, other then being that, Maya had fuck all to do.

Well done show, fantastic message you’ve conveyed here! *angry*
Anonymous said…
Oddly, there was another interview with Dania, where she said that Maya had not forgotten what Sylar had done to her, etc, which made me think that she might really do something like go on a revenge mission. I'd love that so, Maya and Mohinder together against Sylar. But no way they'd let these two non-Petellis do anything that would make their favourite Sylar even look bad, right? =_=

It's too bad that they'll never address these issues, and that the media will never ask them about it. I would really like to know just who or what is at fault here, I really want to understand this sudden change of direction.
Anonymous said…
Yeah I remember that spoiler and was clinging to it. Maybe that's what they just told Dania? If I was in her shoes that’s what I’d like to hear, instead of “sorry, no real story for you. Just skimpy clothes and cleaning. Lots of makeup to!” *gags*

Or maybe that’s the route they would have gone in but then KB had some free time from her movie career and omg they just have to give her significance to Sylar and the Petrilli’s by extension.

It’s all about retonned Elle/Sylar and their past pain/connection, so Maya’s motivation/story get flushed down the toilet, like she never met him. At least Mohinder got to portray some anger and pain about what Sylar did to him and others, she got a cricket bat and then nothing.

Someone said above they’re just going to pretend this never happened and wait for Fugitives, which looks promising. I’m feeling I might do the same while this wish fulfilment nonsense is over and they get some people on team who are interested in developing and caring about characters other then the Petrelli‘s.

Gosh that’s bitter, see what this show does to me? lol
Anonymous said…
I don't know if I can give the show a second chance. I don't want my heart broken again. I'd have to know that everybody responsible for the direction of Season 3 is not allowed anywhere near the script.
Anonymous said…
I'm pulled in two ways, not able to take much more of this but unable to look away because I love this show. Or maybe it’s just the nostalgia I love, what was.

Hmmmm, hopefully the new writers they hire will focus more on character development and stop fawning over their favourites but actually consider those characters that have so much potential. Brain Fuller please come back!
Anonymous said…
Brain Fuller? Freudian slip ;)
Anonymous said…
I concur that the treatment of people of color is troublesome this season, but the lacking emotional reaction to the traumatic things, that has happened to the characters, is a general problem of plot driven shows like Heroes. With the exception of Claire, who went through a believable psychological development after her run in with Sylar, none of the characters were given time to cope with their experiences.

Nathan, for example, was shot by his own brother and hasn't yet reacted to that. Peter also should have had a mental breakdown after everything he has been through by now, but his screentime has not been used to explore his inner workings either. You would think that he would be drowning in guilt over the things he has done to Nathan and Angela.

It's not possible to show the psychological fallout of the traumata each character faced without crippling the pace, but I hope they find a balance between character moments and plot again.
this epi was awesome!!
love all the HRG/ELLE and Gabriel/ELLE stuff!!

and KB/ZQ are S2
Anonymous said…
ohh god! people GET A LIFE!!! stop trying find plothole, errors or whatever is racist or not (i am latin and i dont see that in the show so? maya was a terrible character so why i should be mad if she left the show???)....enjoy the show! jesus! you all haters really need to get a life asap!

this season is a good season!
i REALLY LIKE this episode!

if you dont like heroes DONT WATCH IT ANYMORE! stop spamming this wonderful blog!

if you are seeing so many plotholes.....because you spend your time trying to find mistakes in the scripts...try to get out of your house more know...vive la vida loca....:D
Anonymous said…
I agree with you Share. I think this "Heroes is Racist" a bit overeacted. Ya know, i'm French, and Daphne supposed to be French but she turn out to be American girl from Georgia, i don't take it badly ( and honestly, i found Micah and Monica boring ). But your right, Heroes has a "Don't care about" stuff: Peter don't care about Caitlin who is lost in the time, Nathan don't care about his wife an his children, Sylar don't care about his adoptive mother who raise him and whom he killed, Matt don't care about his wife and want to marry a woman who seems to just go out from the college ect...
I'm sad that in American show, when someone go to Africa, they don't name a country ( just named it Africa like if the whole continent was just country ) or invent a fictional country. for information, Usutu is from Bostwana ( according to Heroes Evolution ). Fortunately, we got the Graphic Novels who inform us about the background and the viewpoints of the characters.
Anonymous said…
Closing your eyes and sticking your fingers in your ears doesn't make what this show is conveying go away. The people that are posting complaints LOVED this show! But like someone said above we watch with our ears open and brains switched on and there’s only so much you can take before you can't brush aside the offending tones.

The minorities in this show are being treated appallingly and I for one will not support a show like that.
Anonymous said…
considering that NBC has used World Tour footage to advertize this show and this season, I do think people have a right to point out that the show's international and multicultural appeal has been replaced with a sort of White-America-as-the-centre-of-the-world soap opera feel.
Thank goodness my face is not in those videos.
Anonymous said…
I like this show. I watch every single episode,

But I have been disappointed with this show from the season two, (maybe from the finale of season 1 ), not the usual reasons given but because I had the impression that Volume 2 would start over with fresh characters.

Did I miss read it, I am sure I read that the ‘next season’ would be about a new set of Heroes? I was ready to get rid of the season 1 characters back then. I was looking forward to it.

Okay don’t get me wrong. I love a good ‘fanwank’ like most people. I love the plot driven story mystery of a storyline of Volume 3, however the characters don’t seem to have lives anymore (just motivation to do stuff to move the plot along). Why is Maya not upset that her TWIN brother was murdered, I’m hoping Maya comes back to resolve her EMOTIONAL ISSUES not just the plot issue of wanting to get rid of her powers to make Mo find a cure, which makes him a cockroach, which makes him work for Arthur.

I thought one the big draws for the non genre-fans was the everyday people haveing power and it just so happens that the powers are related to their personality and is integrated into their lives. You know single mum, has to be two people to get by. Teenagers who want to fit in who is indestructible, a feeling that most young people can relate to. They want to belong yet also takes stupid risks thing nothing can harm them. An empathetic nurse who absorbs power.

With all the wrong things said about the episode ‘Villains’ at least they bought was a real-life/powers integration Angela (the last remaining female who is not a blond) . Like a mother has ‘visions’ about her child future.

Talking about that family, from day one I really didn’t care about Dumbo Peter, so I’m always annoyed about his involvement and how the Heroes always SEEMS to revolve around him.

On the race issues: Yeah I have notice that but what has really gotten me annoyed is that the women left seem to be blond. I joke!
But it’s true, the only female I really like watching is the Mama Bennet and Mother to all Heroes (genetically modified or not) Angela. Forget the race issue for now, lets get women with different colour hair! I’m starting the campaign now! Why is it that when Claire becomes bad her hair seems to go darker? When she’s hiding out it’s brown. Hair is key people.
Anonymous said…
I definitely miss the "everyday people" thing. In S1, they all had lives, families, jobs, and we saw them apply their powers in everyday situations. That was cool.
Heroes could use being more humble... and also light-hearted.
I don't see why a show about superpowered people has to be depressing, gloomy and about nothing but death, doom and the apocalypse. Was Monica written off because she brought a light-hearted, optimistic attitude to the show?
Anonymous said…
Daphne supposed to be French?
Anonymous said…
I guess the previous commenter assumed Daphne was French because she had an apartment in Paris.

But is it even comparable? Seeing my European nationality misrepresented on Heroes doesn't bug me as much as seeing a racial minority misrepresented, underrepresented, or not represented at all.

After all, there isn't a history of violent oppression here, no history of genocide, slavery, colonization against my country.

It's not at all comparable to the situation of the African-Americans, Africans (sorry Usutu, only a continent for you), South American immigrants, Indian immigrants, Asians and Asian-Americans. Etc.
Anonymous said…
Tracy is awesome! But you guys gotta give her more to do, tie her up to the main group and storylines and develop her powers to more than freezinh touch (control over temperature, making it snow, freeze rooms, shoot ice beams, etc)
I loved Niki, it was bad to see her go though it was understandable given her character/family, etc, but Tracy is definitely growing on us so don't let her out of your sight! Ali Larter has been phenomenal!
Unknown said…
*eyes cross at some of the previous comments*


I, for one, greatly enjoyed the episode. I don't understand why people are going on about Elle being out of character. Just because she had sympathy for someone doesn't mean she wasn't a crazy ass psychopath like we saw in season two. True, that statement might not make much sense. BUT could it be that she felt so guilty after what she'd done to Sylar and realized that without the company, she was nothing, that she simply gave in to her crazy ways? She and Noah seem to have technically been the ones who created the monster known as Sylar, but could it also be that be doing that, she turned herself into a monster? Just saying.

Can I just add that the chemistry between the two of them makes me smile? :) :) :)

And I love Arthur Petrelli. LOVE HIM. I wanna give him a hug for being the coolest villian ever.

Can I also add that I bet Noah feels like a shithead after everything that's gone on with Sylar and Claire and the fact that he helped in a way.
Anonymous said…
anarogue, this goes against what we've known about Elle in Season 2.

Quoting her:
"I accidentally set my grandmother's house on fire when I was six. Caused a blackout in four counties in Ohio when I was eight. I spent my ninth birthday in a glass room with an IV of lithium in my arm. I've lived in this building for sixteen years, ever since the shrinks diagnosed me as a sociopath with paranoid delusions. But they’re just out to get me cause I threatened to kill them. I'm twenty-four years old and I've never gone on a date. Never been on a roller-coaster. Never been swimming. And now you know everything there is to know about me. I don't have the luxury of being more interesting than that."

Elle was diagnosed as a sociopath sixteen years ago. She hadn't left the Company building before Season 2.
She was what Noah Bennet didn't want Claire to become, and he made it clear that Elle became who she was because of the experiments during her childhood.

I don'T get how people can claim to like Elle, but not even remember the most basic things about who she actually is.
Nyksylos said…
I wonder how all the writers feel about the internet clamoring (and rightly so) for the return of Bryan Fuller to fix their mistakes.

I bet it hurts.
Anonymous said…
I wholeheartedly second all of the comments that say the treatment of non-white characters this season is APPALLING.

The near-complete obliteration of the Chandra Suresh/Sylar backstory was just painful. I like Elle, but work her into the story in other ways, don't completely re-write one of the most compelling stories you had going.

Considering "Heroes" originally boasted its ground-breaking diversity as an asset, the slow but steady white-washing of this show is really painful to watch.

FWIW, I am white. I might not be the most sensitive or PC white person on the planet, but even I can see this is happening.
Anonymous said…
Quoting anonymous poster above:

"And unfortunately, this is the season they choose to confront Mohinder with a racist neighbour. His neighbour makes a racist slur at him... he is xenophobic... and then the show proceeds to prove him right. It proves the racist right! Because yes, this scary foreigner next door really does kidnap people and spins them into cocoons to perform perverse experiments on him! Yes, the foreigner is barely human! Yes, racist neighbour, you are absolutely right to mistrust him, dislike him!"

Oh wow. I hadn't fully though through all the implications, although Mohinder's story has left a really bad taste in my mouth this year. But this just perfectly crystallized what is so deeply offensive and wrong about the execution of Mohinder's storyline this year.

Note that I said THE EXECUTION of the storyline - because I think it's a great IDEA that they tried to have Mohinder go into some psychologically muddy waters. But yeah, the way it's played out has been really, really hard to watch. Turning one of the few nonwhite characters into a stock villain while pulling out all the stops to redeem the white killers... I'm not feeling this at all.
Anonymous said…
I'd just like to add my voice to the clamoring of those who hated this episode [and rightly so because it truly did suck].

Tonight may be my last Heroes episode. I'm sad. Because the show completely left me. But, hard as it is to pull away, I can't throw more time away just cuz I'm being "loyal" waiting for the show to get better again.

Stop eliminating all the actors of color. Stop reducing Hiro and Ando to caricatures - they had reached a place of maturity, and now it seems they're regressing. And for goodness' sake, NAME the black men on the show. --BEFORE they die.
Anonymous said…
What I find most interesting about the majority of negative comments here is that everyone seems to put their opinions across as if they're professionals in the industry. I know as fans we like to have our say and that it's important to give feedback. As long as we continue to have our say we're just as much contributors to the 'HEROES' product or culture whether we like it or not, and 'yes' I do believe it has become a culture, you just have to look at how many people follow the show, there's a lot, including us small town people from New Zealand (us people from the other side of the world?). Will people really decide not to watch the next episode? I doubt it, we'll all be watching closely to see how things unfold and why? Because whether you want to moan or not about what happens on 'HEROES' it still keeps us captivated. There isn't another show on any other given channel that can compare to Heroes and the way they do things. You only have to read Greg Beeman's blog and you'll know first hand from the man and the people he works with in regards to the 'different' approaches they take to get the end product.

Sure, it's not always going to hit the 'spot' with everyone, but as far as creating a program that provides it's viewers a perspective of what it would be like to actually have a 'so-called ability or power' with an added twisted storyline of good and bad.

'It just works!'

For those people who chose not to follow anymore, that is a decision you need to make for yourselves. Make it and move on, don't turn up next week and have another moan of something you disliked about the program just because you decided to watch one more episode or nothing was on and you needed to fill time, Heroes was the only option? It's just not good enough.

I moan at certain things sometimes throughout the series, I asked a lot of question in regards to the storyline of series 2, but I didn't come online and make a big fuss about it, I just bit my tongue and hoped that things would improve for the better.

In my opinion, things have improved and despite the odd differences, I've been thoroughly entertained throughout this season. That to me is the most important key factor for me. That should be the key factor for everyone else too!

I trust in the fact that the people who created the product "HEROES" will continue to stay true to their product. There are going to be bumps along the way, but I have faith in them because I know they're not stupid people. It takes a lot of smart people to produce a product like "HEROES" and I take my hat off to them for what they've been able to achieve to date.

I'll continue to watch as long as they continue to provide!

A loyal fan
Anonymous said…
"That to me is the most important key factor for me. That should be the key factor for everyone else too!"

No. You don't get to decide that. If that's all it takes to keep you satisfied, good for you. But you don't get to say when or how other people should be happy.

The people leaving negative feedback want things like "consistency" and "continuity", and they don't want Heroes to disregard the original, multi-cultural ensemble show that it was. They want their characters to be the characters they fell in love with, and if the characters change and evolve (which is essensial to good storytelling), they want this done through character DEVELOPMENT, not RETCON.

Those are as valid reasons for judging a show as yours are.
Anonymous said…
Anon 10:05

Very well put and I agree. Development not retcon!
Anonymous said…
...does someone want to explain the difference between saying a person of color can't play a hero and saying a person of color can't play a villain?

This is the 21st century, last I checked. Talk about the characters in terms of what you do or don't like about their development and writing, not what color their skin is or isn't.
Anonymous said…
First.. I wouldn't say the show is deteriorating since compared to season 2, this season is waaay better.

There might be some retcons, but it wouldn't hurt. It's the same thing they do in comics, so what's the fuss?

And the race issue? Give me a break :o If you are just trying to jump into the "hate heroes" bandwagon then that's really a shame since this show is really getting good.

Lastly... the reason I watch TV is for me to put myself in a position of "suspension of disbelief". Now if I will be nitpicking on heroes just to prove that I have a brain or something, then I should have watched a stupid reality show.

Heroes is meant to be a sci-fi drama. I admit there are "WTF" moments in the show when you can put things together, but it doesn't really hurt the show.

If you want everything concluded all at once, watch a movie. The reason this is a TV series is that everything builds up to something. I really wished I never had to say that since that was "common sense". I wondering though why common sense is not so common among the haters of this show.
Anonymous said…
i loved this episode.
Sure it's not always right with the timeline but, hey, i am having a lot of fun watching it.
I just don't buy Elle and Sylar.
Elle ,as when she appeared in season 2 was nothing but a sadistic doll who liked to torture/seduce people. (see with Peter or Adam: he had the same treatment he said).So nothing to do character-wise, with what she is in this zode with Gabriel. In fact, the antithesis ...I can take a lot of incoherences(timelines for example: i never really understood what is time in real life anyway myself..) from the show i love but that, its over my limits:)
But the rest was cool and i never got bored, which is, for me, the most important!
GoldenAh said…
The best way to help Heroes is to stop watching! Let the advertisers know you think the show sucks! Show your love! Get the show canceled.
jasmen.d said…
Loved the interview with Lori! I really enjoy the behind the scenes interviews with the cast and crew. Especially being a makeup artist myself, it was great to hear how someone else got into the business and is doing what they love. If you ever need an assistant...hey! Thanks again and looking forward to seeing how the show develops.
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