Hello Loyal Readers –

(I'm not sure how many of you are still out there) It's been a long time since I posted. I started MELROSE PLACE last year, and, at first I was planning to do the blogging thing the same way I had on HEROES with pictures and weekly updates. But as I was directing the first episode and snapping pix - I just vibed it out and it didn't feel right.

Don't get me wrong. MELROSE PLACE, for me, was a great experience. I took the gig for many reasons personal and professional - not the least of which was that, in looking for a job last year I kept getting the feedback - "But he's the guy that does SCI-FI/superhero/action shows." That got me nervous because, I've found that, for career longevity, it's important, from time to time, to shift up what you are perceived as being able to do.

Anyway – MELROSE PLACE was a great experience. It kept me in town with my family for a year. The show's creator’s Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer (who I knew from SMALLVILLE) were fantastic to me. I felt respected and listened to always. The whole writing staff, many of who came from SMALLVILLE, were a dream. I loved my line producer Lisa Cochran. I loved the crew we put together, many of whom I'd worked with in the past on other projects. Notably, my old pal, Director of Photography, Chris Faloona, and the production designer CeCe DeStafano were just great. I also REALLY loved the cast. All of them were receptive and brave and open and great fun to work with. The execs at CBS/Paramount and the execs at the CW were incredibly supportive. So, all in all, it was a dream cast and crew and we had a really good time every day. I was treated with great respect and my opinions were highly valued - so it was all good. I wish the ratings were better of course, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

But, of course, I didn't continue the blog. It was still here just dormant. I kind of forgot about it - but when I went back I realized that just letting your blog sit there is kind of like not mowing your lawn. All sorts of weird spam grows like weeds in the comment section. Korean lettered spam and bizarre - "I-found-your-blog-quite-informative-so-please-log-onto-this-erectile-dysfunction-websight" spam. It's weird for me because I'm, basically, a private person. The blog was created as a behind the scenes for HEROES. That made sense. But after HEROES it made no sense to me to, like, update you guys on my life and deep thoughts and whatever...

But now I've got some things I DO think are worth updating you about. First off - I directed tonight’s episode of SMALLVILLE – The Season finale’. That’s the main thing I want to write about tonight but there is other big news in my life as well…

As it turns out that, at least for now, they ARE still making sci-fi/action shows and I’ve just landed on one that’s a gem. It’s a TNT show, currently being called “Untitled Steven Spielberg Alien Invasion drama.” I hope that’s not the final title – but it does kind of tell you what it’s all about. Anyway – it stars Noah Wylye, (formerly of E.R) and Moon Bloodgood (of Terminator Salvation.) I’ll go into more about it in the future, as this show definitely does seem blogworthy. For today suffice it to say – it’s cool as hell, it’s stylistically and tonally quite different from anything I’ve done up to now… and it’s Steven Spielberg. I actually met him for the first time the other day to discuss the show. This was incredibly exciting for me. I was chill though, after all we had business to discuss and his time was quite short. Nevertheless it was a very exciting moment. All signs are that TNT and Dreamworks are very classy and supportive organizations. But – as I said – more to come on this.

The main thing I want to write about tonight is “SALVATION” – the SMALLVILLE season 9 finale.

First off – I need to thank Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson for making this happen. They were really kind to offer me the episode, and my main concern was to not let them down.

The events leading up to this were bittersweet. It began at a funeral. Rob Maier is one of SMALLVILLE’S most important people. He began on the pilot as the construction coordinator, became at one time its art director and production designer and eventually he became a producer. As of next season Rob will be (I believe) the only person on the show, besides Tom Welling, who has been there full-time from the pilot on. He doesn’t get a lot of press and the fans, I’m sure, don’t know enough about him, but trust me – he is the heart of the show. At times, he has carried SMALLVILLE on his back almost single-handedly. Anyway – he is a great man and a great friend, and very sadly last fall, Sandy, his wife of many years passed on. I hadn’t been to Vancouver in four years but when I heard this news, I knew I had to return. I went to the funeral, which was simultaneously a very sad and very joyous occasion.

For myself, I remembered how much I truly love SMALLVILLE and the people who make it. It is, without a doubt, the project closest to my heart. Anyway, I got it in my head that I needed to come back, at least one more time. I did the math, and realized that, even if MELROSE PLACE went a full season, I’d be available to come back for the finale. At that time it seemed likely that Season 9 would be the last – and so I put the bug in James Marshall’s ear. He moved things forward, and eventually, Kelly and Brian made it happen.

Believe it or not, I was a little nervous going back. I hadn’t been keeping up with the show the last couple of years – and when I started reviewing the episodes I was very impressed how, despite significant budget cuts, the show had maintained an excellent look and feel. The stories are great. And I got right back into it as a fan!

Well, I went to Vancouver and was treated like a king. Everyone was so kind to me, and gave me so much credit for helping to launch the whole enterprise. I was especially proud of James Marshall. His first work on SMALLVILLE was as second unit director early on in season one. I guess he became my protégé, for lack of a better description. And now he has blossomed and really runs the show very smoothly.

Tom Welling has matured and grown so much – especially behind the scenes.

Erica Durance has also grown. I take special pride with her, because I feel instrumental in having cast her. The rest of the regulars came with the pilot, which I wasn’t involved in. But, when we were looking for a Lois, I saw this roughly put together audition on VHS and I remember calling Al and Miles and saying “Hey, guys, check out this gal from Vancouver. I think she’s really got something.” Erica and I have always been bonded. We stay in touch a little. She is sweet and gung-ho and I love her.

Also, Alison Mack. It was amazing to see her again. She was just a girl of 18 or 19 when the show began. Now she is a woman, so mature and together. I am crazy about her as an actress, from the very beginning she was together and committed in her performances and that hasn't waned one bit. As a person she is big-hearted and fun to be around.

It's funny but AFTER 9 years on the SMALLVILLE set is a happy place to be!

I don’t know what else to say – it’ll just be a laundry list of gratitude and happy memories.

I guess I should say a few words about the actual episode and the behind-the-scenes of it all.

The script was written by my friends Al Septien and Turi Meyer. I knew both of these all-around great gentlemen before SMALLVILLE. My kids went to school with Al's kids - and when we were hiring new writers in (I believe) season 3 or 4 I got their scripts in Miles and Al's hands. The rest is history. We are good friends socially and have worked side-by-side but this was the first time I've ever directed a script of theirs. In fact, I'm going to Al's house tonight for dinner and to watch the finished project for the first tim. I'm excited (partly because Al's wife is an AMAZING cook)

It was for me, an interesting experience because I truly was just a visiting director. On my last three shows I was there day-to-day as director and executive producer. And, even with all my history on SMALLVILLE, I’d lost touch over the years. In the weeks leading up to doing the episode I had to quickly catch up on where the series was at – Oliver Queen, Tess, Zod were all new to me and I had to get up to speed on their characters and arcs.

Brian Peterson did something really nice – he took time out of his busy schedule to write a document that laid out where everyone had been and what they’d done since episode 100, which was effectively my last episode. (I actually worked pretty hard on episode 101 too as producer – but the 100th episode with the death of Jonathan Kent was the last one I directed.)

Frankly, I thought it would be easier. The technical aspects of the show were the same as ever - but I had to work pretty hard to get my head around some of the emotional/character ones - Especially as regards the Chloe-Clark relationship, the new Clark-Lois-Blur relationship and Tess.

Interestingly, the scenes that open the show (The ones where we see Lois in the future and where Clark gets the mysterious package from Martha) were not originally in the episode. The show opened with Lois meeting Zod.

Throughout prep, something felt wrong about this. It wasn’t really Clark’s story enough – It was too much Zod’s story. As we were going through the usual VFX meetings and production design meetings, this issue kept coming up. Finally, and it was just a day or two before we started shooting Brian called me on the phone one day and pitched this new opening. I was thrilled. It is certainly and “event” moment. I could immediately envision how to shoot it – even from just hearing it described. When ideas “shoot themselves” for me in this way it is usually a good sign. I think Brian and Kelly had imagined this scene opening season 10 – but they must have come to a place of “What the heck – we’ll just have to figure out a new great idea for next year and make use of the great idea we have now for now!”

The big project on this episode was the final sequence between Zod and Clark. From the time Clark arrives on the rooftop, through the Kandorians arriving and the Book of Rao placed in the dais and the fight and the rain and Clark getting stabbed and dying and Zod flying away (I TOLD YOU NOT TO READ IF YOU DIDN’T WANT TO HEAR SPOILERS!!!!) was all one long sequence.

In the original draft this was set on the Rao Tower, which was mostly destroyed from when Clark heat-visioned it in an earlier episode. James Philpot had some excellent designs for this set – but it was quite large and expensive and it would have meant renting a whole new stage space at great expense. Two or three days of prep were spent exploring this, until we finally came around to the idea of making the scene happen on the gargoyle rooftop, which The Blur uses as his perch. But even this was a lot of work. The gargoyle rooftop was just a very small set that had been used for limited shots. So a new set had to be created that expanded upon the smaller one. It was built on one of SMALLVILLE’S many stages and surrounded by hundreds of feet of green screen. It was a huge engineering achievement that was thrown together in just a couple of weeks. Standing on that set, which was fifty by a hundred feet, surrounded by 30 foot high and two hundred feet of green screen, was pretty impressive. What the SMALLVILLE team accomplishes on a weekly basis is really quite amazing.

I had a lot of fun with Cassidy Freeman by the way. We had met once before. It was at the premiere party for MELROSE PLACE. She was there with Kelly Souders (I think) and someone introduced me “This is Greg Beeman.” She, basically, screamed and jumped into my arms with a big hug. It was a bit of a surprise, since I’d never met her, but I went with it! So we hugged and she was screaming and I twirled her around a few times (Film business people are passionate people!) I’m not quite sure why she was so excited to meet me, but hey! For some reason my legend has grown large since I departed Vancouver. I think perhaps larger than is realistic, but, anyway – they remember me fondly there and I guess Cassidy had heard the many stories of “Beeman” and – well, there you go. Anyway she is a hoot. She is a hard worker and up for anything. When it came time to kick Zods ass with kryptonite brass knuckles, or spend hours getting gooey burn makeup applied – or die in a hospital bed – she wanted to do it all!

Erica also loved playing the future incarnation of Lois. We talked a lot about how and where Lois would be, several years in the future after she had fully become the classic character. I wanted to invoke the energy that Richard Donner had put into the original movie. That film was done before the invention of the stedicam, and in several places he did long dolly/tracking shots with lots of energy and pace of dialogue in the Daily Planet scenes. I tried to do the same thing. I used dolly only not stedicam and moved with Lois as she traveled the newspaper offices. I kept pacing her up and making her snappier. At the top of the stairs I had one of the day players add-lib “Look Up In The Sky” to invoke the classic line (Truthfully, I haven’t seen the final cut – visiting directors don’t get that privilege – I assume Brian and Kelly kept that line in, but I also did a version without that line and I realize, as I write, that I’m not 100 percent sure what’s in tonight’s episode. I guess I’ll find out along with you when I watch it.)

Then there was the big Clark-Lois kiss scene. This was huge. But the scene itself was fraught with peril. On the first night we went to film this scene - and this is obviously a big deal scene - Lois kisses "The Blur" and realizes that Blurry = Clark. Well that night there was a howling wind and a pouring rain and it was soooo cold. And I was in deep dismay and so, I think, was Kelly Souders, who was there. And I was thinking "Crap we're not getting this scene due to the fact that Erica is laying in freezing cold blizzard water (among other things) But, thankfully, the wind howeld so strongly that it started to destroy the set and we had to stop for safety reasons... God must be a SMALLVILLE fan because he shut us down that night and we had to return to the scene when we were better prepared! A week later we came back and re-filmed it and (I think) it is all good!

And FINALLY – I want to tip my hat to Tom Welling who has grown and matured so much since I last worked with him. During the whole of the production of this episode he was also producing the pilot to his new series HELLCATS. And he really was producing it too! As of this moment the show looks very likely to be on CW’s slate next year. That’s an amazing feat. Tom is a true go-getter and I’m quite proud of him.

Ah – so that’s it. Too bad I didn’t know about blogs back in my SMALLVILLE days - it would have been fun to do this every week. But, I WILL keep you all posted as to my new show and maybe the Beeman Blog can grow big and strong again!!!

But, today I concentrate on saying “thanks” And it was nice to be able to go home again, and now I look forward to the future and yet another new show.

Hopefully some of you will join me there.

All the best,

























Anonymous said…
Mr. Beeman (like ur set decorator on smallville season 3 called u or everybody)...i'm a big fan,ur blog made me a better producer and director by reading it. thx sooo much for comin back on smallville n doin blog entry again.

love everythin bout BTS pic and all. can't wait for the next one

- Rama from Indonesia -
tiskwell said…
Thank you so much!!! All the Smallville fans are always looking for any info about the show and of course, the cast...Taking your time for post this, it´s pretty appreciated for all of us!
Your 100 episode was I know this season finale will be extraordinary!
And ...Who knows ...maybe on season 10 you could be back again... it would be wonderful!
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for your interesting behind the scenes comments about the finale. I have been a huge fan of Smallville since the Pilot and I admire your work on the show. The fandom was THRILLED to hear that you would be back to direct the finale.

Mr. Beeman, please know that there is a HUGE HUGE portion of fans who have not only been thrilled with the latest season of Smallville but consider it to be one of the strongest seasons to date. Your involvement with the finale seals the deal for many of us.

Please also know that despite some negativity from some a very small but vocal group of fans there are still many of us that love the show, love ALL the actors on the show and are thrilled with the progression of CLARK's journey on this show. It's always been his story and I'm thrilled to see that you clearly remembered that. (Your comment about it being too much Zod's story really stuck out at me. Awesome, Mr. Beeman.) Thank you for remembering that Clark Kent is the star of this show. HIs journey. His relationship. His growth are what is most important to the majority of fans. While I admire and respect Allison Mack, I know that this is CLARK'S STORY. And I am excited to see HIS story play out on my screen both tonight and next year. Your comments and behind the scenes experience was much appreciated. WELCOME BACK!

--from a Long time fan
Anonymous said…
WOW! Thank you soooo much! Looking forward to tonight's finale :D
Nadia Costa said…
Greg Beeman. WOW! Thank you so much for the pics, for the spoilers and also for being one of the guys who made Erica Durance our Lois Lane. Best decision ever. Love her. Can't thank you enough man. Keep blogging.
Anonymous said…
After watching this episode, it made me realize how I missed your Season Finales, Beeman. This one was on the same level as Season 4's "Commencement", and I absolutely loved that it concluded in a "To be Continued" slate. It was killer (in an excellent way).

I loved that you managed to bring the best cinematic feel for Smallville in years despite the aforementioned budget cuts (and also after coming from the late rather more expensive "Heroes"). Really, I hope that Souders & Peterson play their cards right and let you come back for an episode or more next year (particularly, with the 200th episode occurring early next season, I think I would love to see you there once again directing another milestone for the series)

This was the most satisfied I have felt with a Smallville Season Finale for the past 3 seasons (watch "Arctic" & "Doomsday" and you'll see what I mean). Ending with a cliffhanger will always be the best way to end a season finale. KUDOS, BEEMAN!!!!!! May God bless you and help you in your new TNT gig. Glad you are back into scifi.

PS. (Kryptonsite sends their hi :) )
Lily Miranda said…
Thank you so much for these pics. We hardly ever get to see the cast on downtime. And they're such a cool cast. I wish we'd see more BTS footage of them. :0)
Mr. Beeman you sir are AWESOME! I watched the episode tonight and I have to say it was the best season finale this series has ever done. That future sequence open in particular was one of my favorite scenes in the history of the show PERIOD! Very good last minute decision by you & Brian!

I just wanted to thank you for coming back and directing tonight's episode, and especially for sharing all of this behind the scenes info on what goes into the episode. The details and stories and pictures are a real treat!

And also I wanted to thank you for backing Erica being cast as Lois Lane back prior to the start of Season 4. She is the best Lois ever and my favorite actress, and I thank you sir for helping to initially bring her to Smallville way back when! =)

All the best to you on your new project (which sounds cool) and we'd also love to have you do another one for Smallville in Season 10 if the stars align. Take care and thank you for a super season finale!

Gabe V. said…
Mr. Beeman,
I have been a fan of yours and smallville since the pilot. Every ep u directed was a classic. I was really happy to hear u were coming back the finale. I hope you stay a while and direct an episode or two of season 10. I like the behind the scenes info and pics. Thanks so much. The entire cast and crew of smallville are amazing! The finale was amazing from begining to end! You always put 100% in! thanks so much! One of the best finales of the series!
1eclecticviewer said…
Mr. Beeman, I don't think I can thank you enough for directing such an epic season finale! The BTS pics are wonderful and the inadvertent spoilers were awesome but the episode itself was nonpareil (so far anyway, no offense to you). Mr. Brian Peterson, Ms. Kelly Souders and Mr. Tom Welling along with the cast and crew deserve much kudos for an amazing Season 9. They brought you back to direct and I am so glad they did.
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for the information and sharing with all us! :)
Just found you thanks to Kryptonsite and I have to say I LOVED the episode! What an amazing ending for Season 9 with just the right balance between wrapping up this season's storylines and introducing some really intriguing cliffhangers. I am so glad you all added the future view and gift from Martha segments to the tease. Those were my FAVE parts and it would have been a completely different episode without them. It was great to have you back in the director's chair and we hope to see you again!
Anonymous said…
Mr. Beeman,
Awesome season finale! I don't think I have seen a better one in a long time. The entire episode was perfection, not forced and just enough information all the way around. In fact, it may be my favorite Smallville episode yet! I can't wait for the next episode! Although, to be honest, that is always the case. Thanks for sharing your experiences with the show and posting the pictures. Again, great job! Thanks!
GOSH I loved your posts about Heroes and this post was FANTASTIC as well. I wish people from all the shows I watch would give behind the scenes info about my favorite shows and personal stories about themselves and the cast and crew too. I've recently started listening to The Tobolowsky Files which is actor Stephen Tobolowsky kind of doing the same thing in podcast format, and it's very cool too, even though I haven't even seen most of what he's been in. LOL. It's super interesting when he talked about Glee and Heroes though. Because I love those shows.

ANYWAY this was an AMAZING post, amazing pictures, such amazing commentary, loved it all.

The finale turned out AMAZING. Episode 100 (512 "Reckoning") is always going to be what I say is my favorite episode of the series. But this might just be a close second. It also might just be my favorite Smallville season finale EVER. It was just SO good from start to finish. And thank you for the opening sequence not being Zod. You're right, this made it way more Clark-focused and way better LOL. :D

And you're starting a new show with NOAH WYLE?! Oh my God that is probably THE MOST exciting news I read in this whole post. A new cool fun sci-fi show with Steven Spielberg and the first actor I ever had a crush on (I started watching ER when I was 12 lol). Can't wait to see what that show is gonna be. ESPECIALLY if you're going to be blogging about it.

P.S. - I saw some of those weird spam comments while you were away. LOL. Really odd stuff.
Anonymous said…
Hey, Greg, Steve-El from KrypyonSite here. Gotta say it was an awesome super episode you directed. You did a fantastic job and hope to see you direct more in Season 10. I'm really looking forward to see what happens next. Maybe you'll direct Episode 1 of Season 10. Congratulations and thank you again for doing such a super episode. And give my regards to cast for their tremendous hard work on the show. Tom Welling is the coolest DUDE on television right now... and so are you for directing that masterpiece. -- Steven
Anonymous said…
I've always loved your work - first on Smallville, on Heroes, on Melrose Place - and was crossing my fingers in hopes that you'd direct the season 9 finale - my wish came true! :D It was totally epic! and ... well, I'm so looking forward to your work on the 'Spielberg thing' :) ... thanks so much for doing the blog again!!! missed it muchly ... (very sad about Heroes cancellation - 'SArmy' has promoted the show, actors, charities they support.) Sheindie
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Awesome blog! I wish you were on the show on a more permanent basis. Wonderful insight on the show.
Anonymous said…
Great, great episode. You nailed it. Hope to have you back next year. All the best.
Jared said…
Mr. Beeman!! Thank you so very much for giving our beloved Smallville a much-needed breath of life! What an excellent season finale that was!!

We Smallville fans will love you forever for that beginning scene you added!! Smallville has been missing that focus on Clark for the past two seasons, so thank you for pushing a series that has been losing its way back in the right direction!!

Hopefully you can return again next season, and the CW can give the show some of its old production budget back!
Sal said…
Mr. Beeman let say first off bravo on the opening! I've been waiting for 9 years to see a glimpse of Superman on Smallville, and you served that right up in the first 5min! I will be going crazy waiting for the new season thanks to this amazing finale! I’m sure that all Smallville fans are truly impressed by such a strong ending, and beginning to a new season! Hope you return soon to the helm again for season 10! Again thank you for ending this 2010 Smallville season with a glorious finale!! One more thing “ sent me!” the site for true Smallville fans!
Thanks you, Sal Galvan
Unknown said…
Last night I did not watch the season finale of Smallville, I watched the first episode pf Superman. Awesome episode, so iconic in parts it choked me up a little, the only thing absent being the John Williams Superman theme playing when he opened the package from Mom. Excellent work. Season 10 has a lot to live up to now.
Anonymous said…
Mr. Beeman thank you for an amazing finale! Please come back for season 10!! I am a huge Tom and Erica fan and it makes me happy that you got these pictures of them :)
Unknown said…
Thank you, from the deepest part of my heart for what had to be the most truly spectacularly fantastic season finale that we've ever had!

Thank you for the wonderful BTS gems! And THANK YOU for recommending Erica Durance - she's one of the most talented actresses on TV today :)

TRULY Steven Speilberg should be thrilled to have managed to get you to helm his new show. All of the best of luck to you!
Anonymous said…
This was one of the best seasons finales in many years Mr Beeman. I was literarily jumping in my seat and when the "To be continued" actually screamed "Noo!".

This was an epic episode, too bad your only visiting.

Also supposed to say Kryptonsite sendt us.
Jeff Michael said…
Just a fantastic season finale. The fans were disappointed with the previous two finales and this one ended up being one of the best in the series, if not the best. I REALLY hope you're around for a couple episodes next year too! Like, say, the premiere.
Anonymous said…
Mr. Beeman, all I can honestly say is "AWESOME". I have to say its one of the best season finale's I've seen and can't wait for Season 10. Hope you come back for one more.

Noe from Brownsville, TX.
Didì said…
Great job for the finale episode! in Italy we want more Clois in the season ten and the return of Davis Bloome/Doomsay in the show,please!
Ann said…
Mr. Beeman, thank you so much for your behind the scenes glimpse into the world of Smallville. It has been a while since there has been any intimate BTS of the set and they are really, very missed by all of the fans.

Salvation has got to be the most fantastic episode of Smallville ever and I've seen them all. I've grown up with this show and love how it's evolved since season 1. With last night's episode, it really felt like everything that I've been waiting for has come together, which is Clark embracing every part of who he is. THAT was Superman!

Salvation is the perfect episode all around. Beautifully acted, brilliant movement and direction, the script was fantastic, just loved it. Bravo Smallville cast, crew, and team! And thank you Mr. Beeman for that brilliant episode. Can't wait for Season 10.
Javi Trujillo said…
thanks for the behind the scenes look, sir! Kryptonsite pointed me over here and it was a great read! I hope you and Tom Welling can do a commentary for this epsode!
Anonymous said…
Mr. Beeman, thank you sooooo much for an AMAZING season finale of Smallville. I am from Tokyo, Japan, and have been an avid fan of the series since it began in 2001. Last night's episode was classic. I loved the opening sequence set in 2013...Perry White as editor-in-chief, Lois Lane in full reporter form looking for Jimmy Olsen, and Superman in flight. Every scene kept me on edge. You MUST come back for Season 10! I can't wait for it to begin! THANK YOU!
Archie from Tokyo, Japan
Ruslan said…
Dear Mr. Beeman

Thank you for extraordinary season finale. Just watched it. It's awesome. Keep up blogging. You're being read from Russia ;)
Anonymous said…
Love it love it love it.
As a working mom of two..smallville was my only real "mommy time" i had. I have been there since the start. I will be there till the end, a true fan, with all my heart. I am already anxious for the next season, it will be long 4 month wait, but well worth it. I love how it developed, love all the actors, everyone is perfect for their role. Good job to all who helped make this great show exist. Thanks for giving me one awesome hour a week that was all mine. Now what I am to do in the mean time? Maybe take up knitting, hey maybe I can knit a superman blanket! Cant waite to see everyone again, please all come back! Have a great summer and see ya in the fall.
Unknown said…
Loved, loved, loved the episode! It definitely had an old-school Smallville feel to it, took me right back to the kids being back in Smallville High. I certainly hope you get to visit again in season ten!!!

Mar_de_AMOR said…
Dear Mr. Beeman your return to SMALLVILE was with the BIG DOOR, SALVAtion is IMOP the BEST season Finale in Smallville Story,I am still hyperventile with all emotions in there, the dialogoues were just amazing, the music was exceptional and the Direction magnificent... I will love to see you back for more than just a episode in teh Show.

THank for your kindness to share with us all behind the scene is a awesome gift for us..
Venezuelan in Houston
Anonymous said…
Cheers! The episode was absolutely fantastic and I was hooked start to finish. Thanks for the blog too - really, really cool to hear about behind the scenes stuff plus your thoughts on different aspects. Really hope you return again to Smallville :)
Daniela said…
Thanks to all cast and crew for the magic moments in the season finale and for all seasons! yours job it's important for us don't forget!

Daniela from Italy
Unknown said…
Thank you so much for the behind the scenes photos and spoilers.I found your blog when I was looking at Kryptonsite.The episodes you directed are so beautiful.Can't wait for the season finale.
Anonymous said…
SALVATION was awesome!!! Please come back for season 10!
Anonymous said…
Fantastic finale, and certainly one of the best in the series. Congrats on your return to the show, and I look forward to your involvement in the future.

The closer that we get to the beloved mythology, the more right the world starts to feel in the Smallville universe. LOL. I would also suggest that the closer we get, the more old and worn the past looks. I'm looking at Chloe here, ok? The future looks bright, and the show feels GREAT being set primarily in Met where iconic Clois should be. Clark, Lois, Perry and the DP. That's truly classic.

I would seriously consider the addition of Alaina Huffman and BC to bring a little more support to Oliver in season 10. I would consider her a strong addition to the show, even if she was limited to 6-8 episodes. If there's any possibility that CF can return to bring Tess back, there may be additional territory there to play with. Having Granny Goodness cart her off was a master stroke by the show. Great job all around. It's hard to miss the implications of Granny Goodness training MERCY. Ha. Nice touch.

Congrats on a job well done by all.

Peter said…
Mr. Beeman, thank you for writing here again. I really missed coming here and read all your little insides about directing this past season. I hope the TNT-Project will be a new nice home for you and I really hope you will post about your experinces as a director there again.
Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Great explanation! Great photos! Great work of everyone! Great episode!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for this phenomenal episode! I'm so happy you came back to direct this one. I've missed you!

I enjoyed every bit of it. The Clark/Lois scenes were incredible and had me tearing up, and I don't tear up easily. Those two are amazing. I found the Oliver disappearance very spooky and will be looking forward to seeing how that plays out. I think Mercy will be back--I love Cassidy. And the ending scene was wonderful. Callum has been a great villian this season as well. Tom was very supermanly. I loved all the scenes.

This was the perfect ending to an incredible season. I wish you were back for season 10.
Anonymous said…
Mr. Beeman, thank you for your behind the scenes photos and comments.

Sir, last night was probably one of the most inspiring and moving episodes of the entire series. It was a work of art from start to finish.

Clark Kent was a true hero last night and what a sight to behold for this long time fan. Can anyone believe that this is the same scared 15 year old that we saw back in the Pilot who feared his destiny and pined over Lana Lang? Unreal progress for Clark Kent. What an inspiration.

It was fabulous to see Clark really stretch his legs and show us what we have always known: that he is a true hero. He was selfless. Kind. Romantic. Wise. Calm. Intelligent. He was the hero we always knew he could be.

The kiss reveal was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. How amazing that after all these years Lois showed us that she's able to recognize Clark through his intimate touch and his kiss. OF COURSE she can. It was like chicken soup for the soul to hear Clark say that she was the one he ALWAYS needed. Yes, yes, she was. How inspiring.

The fight was beautifully shot. Callum and Tom turned in amazing performances and that last glorious shot of Clark's face before he fell was chillworthy.

You, sir, are my hero. Long live Smallville. It's the show that has never given up and has proven EVERYONE wrong. Bring on Season 10.
--Long time fan
Anonymous said…
SO fun to get some behind-the-scenes info on the finale! Thx for posting the pix and stories.

And--WOW--what a great finale. When a 45-minute show goes by in what seems like seconds and leaves me breathless and wanting more...that's success :).

Best of luck in your future projects.
Anonymous said…
Hi Mr. Beeman!

Have been a long time fan of this awesome show which has brought us a new and improved CK and a beautiful back-story with the love of is life. I slightly lost hope with the series and seriously contemplating watching season 9. But the cast & crew proved my fears unfounded with the awesome run of eppies this year, so much so that i began eagerly awaiting the finale.
My excitement sky rocketed when i found out u were back and directing what i would call most epic and spectacular finale of so far of the series if not the best episode. Really, I've been hooting the whole time i watched this episode. Kudos to a well done job. Its good to have u back.

Happy that 'look up in the sky' made it in. Was scared when heard it in the Space TV promo. I so did not want it to refer to Zod or the Kandorians. But the way it was played was epic. Brought flashes of Christopher Reeve swooping in to rescue Lois (cue John Williams theme). :-)

Thx, Thx, Thx 4 bringing back the old magic. Hats off to the cast and crew.

Would love to hear your comments on the dvd, paired wth TW.

P.S. Loved the pics u posted n the super caps. Could u please let BP and KS kno tht we cloisers and the general SV fans are dying for bloopers n more awesome behind the scenes footage in season 9 DVD? Tht would be the grand capper to an already epic season.
Unknown said…
Mr Beeman, you're responsible for the best season finale ever! Congratulations. Oh and thanks for reposting this blog entry! We appreciate it.
Unknown said…
Excellent job on the Smallville season finale!

That was by far the best season finale I've seen so far, and I've seen them all.

Very nice handling of Clark and Lois' romance. Us Cloisers were on needles and pins waiting to see how the kiss was handled, but you shot it with class and dignity. We didn't want her kissing the Blur because he was the Blur, we wanted her to recognise Clark's touch and kiss him because she knew it was Clark and she loves him... Perfect.

Thanks again for doing such a good job on Salvation! Maybe this can be the start of a new Smallville tradition - you can direct the last episode every year!

Take care and thanks for the info and behind the scenes pictures... loved them...
Anonymous said…
Reckoning has got to be one of my favorite episodes on television ever. It was so wonderfully done! Yesterday's Salvation episode was pretty awesome as well. I'm so glad you came back to direct the finale!

It was also an interesting read to get a "glimpse" on the thought process of a director. BTS pics were cool too!
Anonymous said…
Great Episode~!!! Gettin' better! great jOb!@ :D i like where this is going.

^.^ Thank you Mr.Beeman
Anonymous said…
Clois is a failure!!
The relationship feels rushed.Might as well tie both Clark and Lois to a chair again and marry them at this point.
There is no Smallville..It is the Lois and Clark show..RIP Smallville!!
The only person worth watching the ever sparkling Allison Mack!!
Thank yu writers, you have managed to run a perfectly wonderfully show right into the ground.
Lois Aka Erica Durance..The worst Lois Lane ever..
I have seen more chemistry between Clark and Shelby!!
Funny enough ED has more chemistry with JH and BG..Maybe Lois should be with either of them not Clark!
Anonymous said…
Two words..Clois SUCKS!!
Anonymous said…
OH MAN! thanks for writing (and posting) pics of the cast and crew!! It's really cool to put some faces to the crew's names from the credits! I hope you'll direct some more episodes in Season 10, maybe even the finale!! Good luck on your new show...Kryptonsite sent me!

Andy said…
Thank you for your work and for sharing!
Anonymous said…
So great of you to share all the experience back in the SV set!
Amazing pics, Tom and Erica & co. sure seem to have a lot of fun on the set!

Amazing stories from it, I absolutely LOVED the finale, it was a truly amazing episode!
Anonymous said…
PERFECT! This was truly the best season finale of Smallville, and maybe one of the greatest episodes as well. I loved the opening, and loved that final scene with Clark falling. So so so good. It felt more like the Smallville we all know and love again.
I expected this episode to be good because YOU were directing it. Of course the writers did a fantastic job as well. But your season 4 episode "Reckoning" was my favorite episode until tonight. You are a fantastic director and a great gift to the fans for sharing behind the scenes info as you do.
I wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors, and PLEASE come back to Smallville for another episode (or two or three!) in its final season :)
Anonymous said…
Absolutely a fantastic finale. Though there were some issues with the season as a whole, the finale made up for everything that went wrong because it all ended completely perfectly. I'm so glad that you suggested that opening scene, because that really made the episode for me. Hope that you'll be back in season 10!
Natasha said…
Mr. Beeman, you have officially directed the best episode of Smallville ever. I want to commend you for first bringing the vision of the episode back to focusing on Clark. This is Clark's story, this was Clark's victory and Clark's validation. Every scene was golden. The acting was amazing and your direction made me remember why I missed having you as part of the crew. I really hope we get to have your vision again in Season 10.

Scheor Nedyrd said…
"KryptonSite sent me"
Anonymous said…
Mr Beeman, I have watched Smallville since the first episode through the S9 finale, and I believe Salvation was one if not the finest Smallville episode I have ever seen. Congratulations for your fine work, and I hope to see more Beeman-directed Smallville episodes in the future. Oh, and I want to apologize for those who felt the need to clutter the comment section of this blog with their comments about a certain relationship. This is not the place for such nonsense.

- Rich (Spotteddog)
Anonymous said…
Hello, my name is Kelly, and I just wanted to say that it’s such an honor to talk to you. To begin, last night’s episode of Smallville “Salvation” was amazing. To echo the sentiment of many fans, it’s one of the best season finales in a long, long time. Not only was the script top-notch and the acting amazing, but the direction of the entire episode was *brilliant*. Being the director of this rockstar episode, I just have to say “Thank you” for bringing your talent to one of my favorite shows. I hope you return because you are one of my favorite directors and your creativity goes so well with this superhero show. You make even a simple scene very stylistic and to quote the “youngsters” (Ha, I’m 24), you make scenes pretty “Epic!”

Now, moving onto your blog here... Thank you so much for coming online and sharing your experience with us. I know that some people can be pretty intense, but we’re not all like that. Being part of a generation where people can so easily connect to anyone around the world, it’s so amazing and special that actors, writers, directors, ect can connect with their fans with the click of a button, so I always appreciate people like yourself who take time to connect with those who love your work.

About Smallville, what I love the most about the show is the cast and crew. They seem like such wonderful people. On Twitter, I’m in love with Al Septien who really is so down-to-earth and continually takes time to talk with the fans. I’m a huge fan of the Superman mythology, and have been since I can remember. I grew up reading comics and watching the Superman animated series on TV. I then went into my adolescence with the “New Adventures of Superman” series and then continued on with Smallville. So Superman has been with me since I can remember. My two favorite characters are, of course, Lois and Clark, and Smalville’s “Clois” are my favorite of any live incarnation.

Tom Welling and Erica Durance are brilliant actors who completely embody these characters the way that I don’t think anyone could do better for this generation. They *are* my Lois and Clark and I love them dearly. So, learning that you played a role in casting Erica for Lois just made me smile and want to jump for you, because I finally have a chance to actually communicate my gratitude to someone who gave me my favorite Lois Lane EVER.

You are amazing for seeing the talent in Erica. She is lovely, and insightful, and just gets the character. She also really seems to love the mythology, and *I* love that about her so much. She’s the perfect person to play such a beloved fictional character. So thank you for everything you did in getting us this beautiful woman to our TV screens. For the past six seasons, it’s been like magic on my screen every time Erica is on.

If you see Erica again, please make sure to pass along the fact that fans *adore* her (which I’m sure by now she must know, and yet, in my opinion, she should hear it every chance) and that her portrayal of Lois Lane is pretty damn breathtaking. Erica Durance just *is* Lois Lane, and sometimes she makes me question if this character is really fictional because she now seems so real to me, more than she ever has.

So I love this show, I loved the direction of the season finale, I love the fact that you were one of the people responsible for getting Erica Durance on our screens, and finally, I love that you are taking this opportunity to communicate with the fans.

You, sir, are amazing. Thank you!
Anonymous said…
Kelly here again. I have no manners. I forgot to also say thank you for the great behind the scenes photos. If you direct another episode of Smallville, which you MUST (lol), please take more photos! I love getting glimpses into the behind the scenes happenings of this show. :)
Anonymous said…
Have just finished watching the episode and have to say I clapped and yelled out when it was over. It was awesome. Knowing you were directing I must admit set my expectations really high and I wasn't disappointed. I love that Clark used his brains to solve the Kandorian problem. I read someone else say that Clark was very Supermanly and I agree, Selfless, heroic, brave, smart. The little teasers that will lead into next season were great too - but Clark DEAD? I will have to go back and have another look - I didn't think he was dead, just injured, without powers and falling. Loved the opening scene too.

Anyway. EXCELLENT job. Bring on Season 10 and hope you can come back again.

Well done Smallville team.
Anonymous said…
PS Kryptonsite sent me.

Kryptonsite is awesome too.
Anonymous said…
Mr.Beeman - It was greatyou have you back. I haven't enjoyed a Smallville season finale since S4 Commencement. I am really grateful to you for 2 things - 1. Being very instrumental in casting Erica Durance as Lois Lane. She loves Lois Lane and she has efficiently protrayed the different layer Lois Lane possess.My heartfelt thank you. 2. To make the season finale focus on Clark whose story we are focussing on. This episode was completely focussed on Clark and validating his ideals and methods.

Next I have to really thank you for the BTS pictures. Its so nice to see what happens BTS. I really love the BTS pictures where the casts members joke around between takes. We have heard that its one big happy family up there but its good to get visuals. Thank you very much.

I would really love to see you direct the 200th episode and the series finale of SV. Hope we are lucky to get that. Good luck with your TNT deal.

- mcvs2104
Vivian said…
My favorite Episode! Reackoning and Salvation!!!! Such an exciting opening with the future dream and gift, and then the emotional scenes.. I cried twice!!! In the loft with Clark and Lois's goodbye and when clark dies. Also,You took my breath away when Lois kisses the Blur!!! =) Love the blog and pic!Thank You for allowing me, a fan since season 1, to take a closer look! TY!
Anonymous said…
Like everyone else, I'd like to thank you for the behind the scenes information. If other people involved with the show were as accessible as you have been here, I think the show would have sustained a much larger fan base than it has. I just wanted to add that, when "Smallville" eventually comes to an end, I hope they do a "Smallville" movie and that you are the one to direct it.

Take Care,

David Hayes
Richard said…
Andrew MacNeill said…
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Anonymous said…
Mr. Beeman, just a few words: we miss you on Smallville. Please come back!
And thank you very much for this interesting report.

Andrew MacNeill said…
Glad you're back and looking forward to your future posts!

They've always been informative and entertaining...
Anonymous said…
You are right! "the Future is the Past!",and with this I mean the real history and ESSENCE of this show about the future Superman you chose to tell with a different perspective. The history of SV are the past 8 years of Lex, Chloe and Lana!SV success was due to its ORIGINALITY, not another copy of Lois&Clark!I hope the show will end differently from the Mythos!!!
ezkl said…
Great Finale !!one of the best SV, if not the best!!I hope u do more w/ SV, THnx!!
Faith Ferguson McIntyre said…
I am so thrilled with Salvation I just cannot find the words that would do justice to your brilliance as a director. It was without a doubt the best season finale ever. I read your blog before it was taken down and edited. You didn't ruin anything for me if anything you actually gave me hope for Season 10 because to be honest certain things need to change in order for the story of Clark to be told in the right way and now I actually believe that it will be. I have my fingers crossed that big changes will be happening on Smallville next season. Good luck on your new show and I will be one of those fans checking it out!!! Hopefully we will see you back on Smallville sometime!!!
Ivy said…
Mr. Beeman, thank you for directing an EPIC season finale. The opening scene[future scenes and supersuit] was one of my favorite scenes in Smallville. Thanks to you and Mr. Peterson for including that.

Also, regards to the cast and crew.
They did an awesome job. The writing was superb. The cast especially Tom, Erica, and Callum were amazing. And I love the musical score[as always].

Another thing, I wanted to thank you for being one of the people responsible for having Erica as Lois Lane. She truly is Lois Lane for me. Thank you.

And thank you for all this behind the scene pics. They are adorable!

Hope to have you again on Season 10.

SuperDave said…
Good work Beeman and welcome back!

I've always been a fan of the man of steel and because of the show, I see him every week!
Anonymous said…
You guys are doing great things with this show!
I watched as a kid and when Smallville left the WB i stopped watching it, until last year when i caught an episode on the CW. Now i am hooked again as well, the finale was great you guys did great work, hope to see more from you in the future.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for such an awesome finale. Loved everything about salvation. From the opening scene to the Clark/Lois/Blur kiss and to the brilliantly shot Superman/Zod fight. I call him superman now because this episode took a giant leap in making Kal El what we all know he will eventually become which is the greatest superhero of all time. Thanks once again and I hope you come back to direct another episode of smallville. The series finale perhaps? Salvation only proves one thing Clark Kent is the only true legend on this show. He is "Legendary" no one else and this show should never forget about that.
From a devoted smallville and superman fan.
Unknown said…
Probably one of the best episode... congratulations!! Greetings from Italy!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations, I'm a huge Smallville fan and Salvation will probably rank as one of my all time favorite episodes. You truly outdid yourself Greg. I've seen a little bit of the studio (from the outside only because no one will ever let me in, so sad, sob) and it doesn't appear to be a huge space. It's amazing what Smallville and everyone involved actually produces. Salvation was no exception. Do you think you will be called upon to direct more episodes, it would be so cool if you did.
Anonymous said…
I have already commented once but I forgot to tell you that I was a big Lois Lane fan as a kid. Although I enjoyed Margot K., she wasn't the Lois I knew. Erica IS the Lois Lane I loved. She's the only actress who I feel has caught the spirit of Lois Lane. Thanks for finding her.

Salvation was so fantastic. I can't say enough. And thanks for the pictures and comments from behind the scene. Can't get enough of that. Pleeeeeeease come back for more episodes!
Unknown said…
Salvation was awesome! Thanks so much for that fabulous account and those great BTS pics! It's much appreciated! As a Clark fan, I can't tell you how much I appreciate that you insisted on the story being more Clark's story. This has been a major problem since well, season 6.
I hope you'll come back in season 10!!
Jamiah said…
Mr. Beeman... Salvation was EXCELLENT! Truly the best Season Finale of Smallville yet! A great cliffhanger to keep us waiting till September. I loved Martha's gift! A lot of hard work went into this episode and I hope you return for Season 10... Hopefully, the premiere! A lot of work but it looks like you had a ball with your SV family old and new! Tom and Alison HAVE really grown over the last nine seasons! Keep up the good work.
Wayne Cole said…
This IS my favorite program of all time!!! I will be very disappointed if they do not renew it. I have been with this series since I first saw it and it makes me a feel like a kid again. I have watched them all grow and feel so happy to see them all doing the show and carrying on the tradition of Superman. So lets hope for Season 10!!!! I think its great that Tom is directing and wish him and the entire cast all my best and all of the people behind the scenes that make this a superior series. I can't believe its been 10 years...where does the time go?
Kal-El said…
Thank you soo much for all of your work on SMALLVILLE and especially the opening scene in the finale "Salvation"!! :D The show really does get better and better.. please give everyone our love, appreciation and thanks for all of their dedication, hard work and efforts to bring this show to it's fans! :) Thank you kindly for your time and patience. ~ Daniel
It was a genuine delight to see your name in the credits on Friday night. This blog entry seems to more or less confirm that Allison Mack won't be returning next season when it says that Tom will be the only who's been there since the pilot.

Was there anything special the crew did to send Allison off? And in shooting her final scene with Clark were you tempted to give it a more epic feel than it had on the page?

And that opening scene was epic. Nicely done.
Anonymous said…
Mr Beeman, congratulations - that was a truly fantastic finale, and ranks high (perhaps at the top?) amongst the list of 'best Smallville episodes'!

'Salvation' was proof of what can happen when the cast, crew, script and fans come together in perfect harmony. There was something there to please everyone, and all of the cast did a superb job with their performances.

Asides from the obvious Superman references at the beginning of the episodes, Tom Welling also did a perfect job of delivering the most Superman-like version of Clark Kent I've seen in an episode yet. This Clark was decisive, determinded, courageous and also a leader. Kudos to both Tom and the writers for bringing the character to the place that us fans have wanted to see him for a long time.
Gryfter said…
Your return to Smallville was a return to the 'Truly Awesome'!

We all love this show, and season 9 was great in so many ways - but the finale was that one step further. You gave us Superman, and we can never, ever thank you enough!!!
...So Yeah said…
SUCH a good episode. I'm a devoted fan and I smiled soooo hard at that opening. Finally Clark into Superman is really happening! You made my night man. And it was the best season finale in yonks too. True to the characters, the vibe and the whole sense of growing up. Take a bow mister, you deserve it :)
Reo said…
Just want to say thank you for your work. It means quite a bit for someone to work so hard so that we can leave the stress of our day-to-day lives behind for a few minutes and become part of a beautiful world of true imagination. Thank you so much.
Anonymous said…
Well done Mr. Beeman. You did a great, great, great job with Salvation. I seriously hope you will return next season for at LEAST 2-3 episodes..!!

Salvation was better then Absolute Justice!!!!
Mr Beeman,
We are from Durance Magazine, (a non profit digital magazine dedicated to Erica Durance, Smallville, film reviews etc.) we would love to interview you, especially because our next issue will be dedicated to Erica Durance's Birtday and we'd love if we could talk about your importance having cast her. Can you please email us back to ?
Here's our mag's website:
Hope to have the honor of speaking with you sir.
Anonymous said…
Hello Mr. Beeman, the season finally of Smallville was extremely well done, awesome to watch. Well done! Can't wait for season 10! You're right, the character development over the years has been great.

Tim from Connecticut
(found your blog from the kryptonsite website)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the update, especially on Smallville since I watch that every week! Damn, season finales, why can't shows go year-round? Anyway, Heroes got canned, so I'm looking forward to that Spielberg show featuring Noah Wyle, since, I was a big fan of him and his character Dr. John Carter III on ER!!!
Scott Daniel said…
Thanks so much for the post, Mr. Beeman. It's really interesting to see what all goes on, how hard all of you work, to put together that 60-minute show.

I'll echo what a lot of folks are saying here ... I thought the season finale was very strong, very well done. In general, I thought this was the best Smallville season in several years.

It has been fun to watch Tom, Allison and the others mature. I think it fits perfectly with the show's mission - tracking Superman from young man to adulthood.

Anyway, great fun. Hope you get a chance to work with the crew again.
Unknown said…
I love "Salvation", I almost always watch each Smallville episode at least twice, but frankly its been awhile since I have watched a Smallville episode over and over like I have "Salvation". Coming back to direct you also brought back some of that old magic with you. Thank You sir and all the other folks that are responsible for a fantastic end to another great season of Smallville,
Anonymous said…
Unknown said…
Love the "Behind the Scenes" stuff. It's great to hear details. Thanks for your hard work. The finale was fantastic!
Anonymous said…
The finale was the best episode this season!! I haven't been captured by an entire episode the way this one did in a really long time. We watch the show faithfully and tape it when we travel. AWESOME EPISODE!!!! Thanks for the gift you gave true fans.
Anonymous said…
Thank you. I loved your blog post and I LOVED the finale. It's funny that you say the opening sequence almost got cut because that was my absolute favorite part! It was also interesting to discover that you had worked on Smallville before but returned for this one episode because to me it did feel like Smallville had had a return to form that felt more like the classic early seasons than the later ones. Guess now I know why. Thank you again. Can't say it enough. Now I can't wait for next season!

On a personal note, I once posted my favorite Smallville episodes on my blog. "Crusade," "Commencement," and "Reckoning" made my list. You were one of my favorites and I didn't even know it. Until now:
Anonymous said…
Awesome episode, the superman cape in Toms eyes, and the fight on the roof where Tom jets his arm into the air is a touch of the superman mantra. Mr. Beeman you are a great director and I hope you direct more episodes in the future. I would love to see Tom Welling as Superman on the big screen someday, you already know how great he would be. The show has always been one of my favorites it has become more cinematic in every way. Congrats to you and the cast for a job well done.
Anonymous said…
Mr. Beeman, I am sad to say this is the first time I have read your blog. I am not really a blog reader..rarely do I pay much attention to these things. But reading your candid words was very moving. It so aptly illustrates on how we become so much like a family with our co workers. I work in the call center industry, one that is thankless and tiring some days. But something I always emphasize to ppl who ask why I would work on the phones, I reply it's the ppl I work with. They are wonderful. I watch Smallville on a weekly basis; I became a fan late in seventh season and caught up by DVD. I learned a few things by watching interviews, reading Facebook Posts from time to time, but apart from bios, and the odd talk show appearance, you don't really get to know the actors behind the characters. Or the ppl behind the scenes of the show. I like what you said in your blog. It creates a new dimension of the show for me.
Anonymous said…
Mr. Beeman,

I, like so many others here, appreciate the time, energy, & insider information you put into your blog. But, I would hope your idea could be taken one step further: What if members of the cast & others involved in the production “guest-wrote” a weekly column on their experiences on the show & posted it to one of the “Smallville” related web sites—such as Kryptonsite? If I am sure that those who have been involved with the production from the beginning could reveal so much that viewers know nothing about. The column could be supplemented by pictures taken during actual production shoots of the 20 plus episodes, meetings & discussions with writers, cast members, & production staff, & those fascinating random thoughts of cast members on their characters, such as Justin Hartley (“I wonder what flimsy excuse they’re going to use this week to get me to take my shirt off”) & Tom Welling (“I liked the old days when I got to kiss all the gorgeous girls on the show; now I have to settle for Erica”). I think that following through on this concept could provide an exciting new aspect to the show that viewers would really appreciate.

Nelson in WADC 5/18/10
Likalel said…
Thank you vey much ,for pictures is really amazing...

So long from Colombia
Anonymous said…
i think it's a high family than a cast after seeing the photos which are a nice surprise for the fans who are wanted more an more personal informations about smallville characters
But what about french fans i hope have contacts from them
because it' will be so nice to share our opnion about all the episodes
ok stopped now and don't changed anything you give us happy moments

a big love from paris
Anonymous said…
Thank you for a thoroughly entertaining season finale. Your appreciation for the Superman mythos is truly remarkable and I deeply grateful for the hard work that you and all the Smallville team did to make this event happen. Congrats! All the best.
Anonymous said…
Mr. Beeman,

This is a great blog post.

I sort of stuck around for this whole season because of all that the show used to mean to me, hoping for the best but sadly recognizing a deteriorating enthusiasm in me over the story's direction. I think I miss the town of Smallville and I miss things happening in daylight. Now it's mostly in the city and mostly dark, and it's hard to not miss Lana and Lex. All those things aside, this season's finale put me back into the game full force. I'm excited again, and cannot WAIT to see what happens next. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Thanks soooo much! It's seems almost impossible to get the behind the scenes scoop on my all time favorite show. I was at least able to see a small portion. A special thanks for the great pics.
Mark said…
Wow... a Beeman post! Nice story from the Smallville set, and good luck with your new project. It's too bad that you and Alan had to leave Heroes; they had such a good idea for a story line in S4, and I really think the two of you could have helped make it something really special.
Anonymous said…
bacci40 said...

finally got around to checking the blog again...and nice to see you back

as i predicted, without you, heroes went right into the dumper and has officially been canceled

havent checked out the season finale' of smallville...will do that tonite

seems that the networks will be churning out more scripted shows for the fall...none look all that promising

4:55 PM
Anonymous said…
Thank you for a job well done. The series has been floundering since the end of season six and tonight's episode reminded me of the high bar that was set before Souders, Peterson et. al. lowered the bar with silly stories, tangential characters/heroes/goofy Lois etc. You redirected the story to the serious tone that was set with from earlier times. Hopefully the people running the show will follow the example you set for the finale because your work acknowledges the once great stories/production/directing that used to be in Smallville.
Zane Sebasovich said…
Mr. Beeman,

Your blog is very popular, especially by a number of aspiring producers. This really is a great insight to the realities of the true TV industry and the effective leadership of someone who cares about a project not about a status. I had the pleasure of working with you on season 5 of Smallville in the writers office.

If anyone reads this post, take it from me, Mr. Beeman is a very genuine man, and he cares about his staff very much. I remember when I was excited to meet Michael Rosenbaum at the end of the summer. Mr. Beeman had a very interesting way of breaking the ice.

Thank you for the education back then, and for the continued education today. Good luck in your endeavors. The world will be watching.
WOW! Thank you soooo much! Looking forward to tonight's finale :D
Fendi bags said…
The finale turned out AMAZING. Episode 100 (512 "Reckoning") is always going to be what I say is my favorite episode of the series. But this might just be a close second. It also might just be my favorite Smallville season finale EVER. It was just SO good from start to finish. And thank you for the opening sequence not being Zod. You're right, this made it way more Clark-focused and way better LOL. :D
"Agent Harper" said…
Congrats, Mr. Beeman! Great post-Melrose news. I know you (and anyone who works with you) are going to have a ball on Falling Skies.

Are you going to be on the panel at ComicCon? If so, I'll be looking out for you. I'll be repping a film on-panel that Thursday eve.

All the best to you,

Reginald James
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Great Blog!!! Always doing great!! :)

I have one major question that has been on my mind forever :D
You directed the disney channel movie named blink that is one of my all time favorite movies and it is one of the major questions of a long list of people on youtube and forums!! You had a song on this movie that just totally rocks my grandma's socks off!! and her skin off her body! haha :P the song is on the seven minute mark on the youtube upload

its such a great song with lyrics that say "like dark clouds of a memory that's
haunting me i really do care!!" This song is a favorite even though its only last for so little and it wasnt in the soundtrack or credits :( i wish you could help all of us find this song and artist that Was on such a great movie! :D Thanks!
romanka suwandi said…
thank you mr.beemen for behind the scenes pics....your are the best directed since season 1-5....i loved episode reckoning...the best episode ever....good luck...romanka suwandi
Anonymous said…
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