Dearest fans -

Just wanted to blast off some news that makes me very happy.

A few weeks ago, completely out of the blue, Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson called me and asked if I was available to direct the series finale of SMALLVILLE. I was and... After doing a couple of backflips... I gladly said yes!

I sometimes feel that I must have done something very good in a past life - because, more often than not, things go my way in this one. Ever since leaving SMALLVILLE, now almost six years ago - I always had a dream to complete the series. I really love the show and the cast and the crew.

When I left the show after season 5 I begged Miles and Al to remember me for the finale episode whenever it came time to do it. But they left as well, and life went on, and then SMALLVILLE went on and on and on too. Enough time and circumstances had passed that I began to forget about the possibility of being able to be involved with the end of the series.

My schedule is hectic and this business is crazy and the nature of my work, in general, is that I never know what I'm going to be working on at any given time. Besides, at this point, it was completely out of my control - Kelly and Brian make all the decisions - and I had no idea what they were thinking.. Sooo -- after finishing the season 9 finale last year, I resolved within myself that that was probably the final episode of SMALLVILLE I would ever do. I was really happy to have returned to do the season 9 finale and to have, what I thought was one last time with my old family.

But fate is a funny thing. There were some other projects I was pushing on to get going in January and, try as I might, they just weren't happening. That's the TV business. So - literally on the day that I was getting into a frustrated acceptance about not getting what I wanted - the phone rang and it was Kelly and Brian!

I really want to tip my hat to them. As, I'm sure all you SMALLVILLE fans agree, this season 10 has been really exciting. Every SMALLVILLE fan I know says that the series is coming to a great conclusion and all of the characters and arcs are moving into position perfectly. Kelly and Brian have certainly steered the ship masterfully.

Having said all that - and even though I will start shooting relatively soon - I don't know anything about the script yet or how it will be presented by the CW. I'm sure it will be great though!!!

Also - As I'm sure you have all heard by now. my good friend, Michael Rosenbaum has just announced that he will be back for the finale as well. So - the cosmos is moving in perfect synchronicity. We have talked and we are both really excited to reunite. He really wants to do the right thing for the fans! It all just feels so right! The old gang will be together again. I am happy.

Thank you to all who have supported and followed me over the years! I promise I will do everything within my power to make this series finale' great!!!! You guys deserve it!

Color me overwhelmed -

Greg Beeman


avatizer said…
Congratulations! I can't wait to see it.
Unknown said…
Congrats Greg! Best of luck, cant wait!
Unknown said…
Congrats Greg! I'm looking forward to it so much :) You'll do a fantastic job!
Unknown said…
I'm so excited your directing the series fianle of Smallville.. It will be so epic no doubt..
Anonymous said…
Please give us some of your patented hot & sexy Clex moments - you are always so good at directing Tom & Michael!
Anonymous said…
Yay that's great news. I am sure you'll do a stellar job with it. Hoping for a great series finale for this great, wonderful and amazing show.
Igor_Santana said…
This is real life or am I just in a dream?
Thank you for accepting the direction, Mr. Beeman! \o/
Unknown said…
Mr. Beeman, I offer my sincere congratulations on your appointment as director for the final episode of Smallville. As a long time fan of the show, there's no doubt in my mind you will do a fantastic job, as you have done with many episodes prior.

Go get 'em good sir!
Kevin said…
AWESOME NEWS! Simply awesome. I always enjoy your episodes particularly. This on top of the fabulous news of Michael's return is just mind-blowing. Definitely a wish granted for me & all us fans. Whatever the finale turns out to be, I know it will be one thing - AWESOME. Best of luck Mr. Beeman. :)
Unknown said…
After your amazing work on the Season 9 Final, I am looking forward to seeing what you have in store for the Series Finale. I have no doubt that it will be beyond amazing.
Unknown said…
Congratulations on being asked to direct the series finale!!
It's as if the news about this finale couldn't get any better. First I hear that Michael is coming back for the finale and now I hear that you're directing it.
While I'm sad that Smallville's ending, with you directing, it'll surely be great.
Anonymous said…
Congrats, Reckoning is probably SV's best episode ever, so I'm sure you'll do a great job. I'm also thrilled that Michael Rosenbaum is coming back as well.

I must ask, however, that if you plan on doing another big blog post like you did for last year's finale, that you maybe wait until after it airs. Last year fans got sucker-punched with the news that Allison Mack was leaving the show, and that really took a lot of excitement out for the finale.
Anonymous said…
Beyond excited. With 'Covenant', 'Commencement', 'Salvation' and 'Exodus' my top 4 season finales, it's perfect that you are capping off the entire series. Congrats and all the best!

Are you handling both hours?
Anonymous said…
Fantastic news. It's a joy to know that the series finale is in such good hands!

Congratulations, Mr. Beeman!

Smallville is my favorite series and you're the best director that the series has ever had!

"Exodus", "Commencement", "Reckoning", "Salvation", etc.

And now..."Finale"

Anonymous said…
OMG!!! Is this really happening?
I love it! Congratulations Mr Beeman, you are such a fantastic director an we all know how much you care and love this show so thanks, thank you so much because we know you, one more time, will be doing a wonderful job with the finale.
I am really excited you are directing the series finale of Smallville. Congrats and all the best.

PD: Please, just like you did with Salvation. Would you do another blog post to share your experience of doing the finale & take some pics of the shooting to share it with us the fans?
Pleaseeeeeee :)
The LEMG World said…
I'm too excited to comment


This Smallville finale is gonna be EPIC!

Congrats Mr. Beeman, you are such a fantastic firector and now we know the finale is in good hands because you don't only like this show but you also care about it, so thanks!!!

Please take some pics, like you did last year to share them with us, the fans, who will be a bit sad cause such a wonderful show has ended.

Best of luck!
madshadows said…
Congratulations, you are the perfect choice to direct the final part of SMALLVILLE, if it's a good as the season 9 finale it'll be a cracker, good luck and make us Smallville fans proud :-P

All the best

Unknown said…
The news that you'll be directing the finale made me so happy!!!
I think that you are the most talented and fantastic director out have this amazing gift to be given a script and creating something so delightful,intense and iconic out of it.It's no coincidence that some of the top rated and most fantastic smallville episodes and iconic scenes were directed by you!Keep rocking,Greg!-a huge fan from greece
Zare Oganesyan said…
I Am So happy to hear this news

This is the PERFECT way to END Smallville

The Series Finale is in good hands :)
Anonymous said…
Congrats on getting the gig Greg.

If I could ask one request that maybe not a lot of fans have asked its this: Please try to convince Kristin Kreuk to return for the finale. I know Lana Lang wasnt always the most popular character on the show (and I think that was sort of unfair) but it would just feel weird with her not being there when everyone else has decided to return. I know some people dont want her back, but I dont think one needs to make an angsty Clark and Lana moment to have those two characters come to terms with each other and actually show Lana in a place of content with Clark and see him as Superman rather than her just fade away as a walking Kryptonite.

She may not have the fan demand of Michael, but she needs to comeback. If there is anything you can do, and if you can get her to deliver a great performance in doing so (Wasnt she great on Chuck last year?), I would be Sooooo greatful.
Unknown said…
actually Mr. Beeman, with all due respect,,, NOT all smallville fans are happy where the show geared, not the original fans anyways! CLANA was a HUGE part of the reason why the show maintained, so to assume all the cast are back that is pretty harsh claim to bestow upon her and the people that were inspired by the way Tom Welling and Kristin Kreuk conveyed this amazing, unforgetable lovestory. YOU, of all the people know that better than anyone! you have worked closely to them!
you might have been there when the CLANA fandom made a LOT of projects to praise, and to preserve the love that these two conveyed! and I know TW AND KK are UNAWARE of the huge effect they left in many MILLIONS of ppl's hearts! the new twist of the show has, intentionally or unintenionally disrespected, retconned and is trying to slaughter them and their story and effect!

as much as it pains me as an original Smallville fan to not see the show end with the BIG THREE it started with, LANA AND CLARK, Lex, we wouldnt want KK to come back only to nail the last nail on their coffin in this show to pimp clois and ED's character! the show has turned into making ED'S wish list to come true! and it is pretty shameful, so the HUGE FANDOM that LOVE KK AND TW AND CLANA, for the effect they left in our hearts, for the sake of the ORIGINAL show, we do not want KK to be in this sham... MAYBE KK's fans and CLANA fans are not seemingly vocal, but we tried to voice our plea to preserve their love and the CLANA hertiage, but they fell on deaf ears! maybe you can deliver this one message to MR. WELLING and tell him that there is a HUGE fan base that ship CLANA and many NEW memebers are still joining! many media and the SV current producers are brushing off the importance of CLANA and their fans,,, but rest assured that CLANA is still beloved, worshipped and ppl still join their ship even after two years of RIPPING them off!

the show started unique and different and now it fell to the myths DEATH trap! I hope you will make the TWO million happy with your directing,, but please remember CLANA is BELOVED and the MOST favored ship among ppl who are not wearing the "myths" blinders!

CLANA was all about fighting the given and embracing the unknown! it was so beautiful and unforgetable, and if the show decided to forget about them, they have ppl who are making it their goal to maintain them, through fics, videos, arts and talking and reminiscing them!
Unknown said…
Congrats Greg I just know the season finale will be epic, I can't wait to watch. Counting the days until May 13!
Anonymous said…
Great news. You did an amazing job with Salvation, and I hope you can top yourself with this finale. It is the biggest one, after all (but no pressure!).

Just one request...please, please take a BTS picture of you with Tom and Mike. You have no idea how happy that would people.
Greg said…
Great news Greg.. just please, Williams score, above the earth, look to the camera, fade to black..

I'm not asking much, just that.. :)
YauYin said…
Greg, it was your talent on smallville that made me aware of tv directors with incredible skill. you + james are going to KILL IT!!!!

you both were my fav directors on Smallville since season 2; couldn't think of a more fitting end to the series.
Unknown said…
Mr.Beeman I am a humble Superman/SV fan.It is WONDERFUL that the finale will be in good hands.I must ask though,is there ANY chance to be an extra on the set for you part of the finale?I am sure you get this a lot,but I would regret not asking.Unfortunately Smallville will be over soon and I can not put onto words what being on the set would mean to me.Sadly I have a seizure disorder which limits my employment and not much money to offer for a spot.If its meant to be then I will hear back from you and if not well Sir I will surely be watching from home.
BIG fan,
Peter C
First I want to congratulate you for the wonderful job you did in the episodes of smallville who directed, and say it's an honor to watch this final, taking his direction ... I am Brazilian, my English is bad ... I'm sorry, and wanted to suggest something crazy but all the fans expect Bruce Wayne Bring PLEASE ... love you man, arraza hearts this end, bye.
jmisslucy said…
Greg! So very good to see how uber successful you are!! Mickey likes to tell our boys that you were a friend of mine back in LA. I hope all is well with you and yours.

GEORGE! said…
This is fantastic news :)
I couldn't imagine anyone else directing the finale than you Mr.Beeman.
You are an amazing man and director in my eyes since Smallville and Heroes.(both are my favorite shows)
Unknown said…
Here's rooting for a spinoff Superman or Metropolis series with Greg Beeman as regular director, Tom Welling, Kristin Kreuk, Annette Otoole, John Schneider & Erica Durance. Big CLANA fan too.
Mr. Beeman,
I am a fellow media producer/director but on the brand/ad agency side of the business.

I've followed Smallville since the beginning and loved your work on "Salvation." This last season has built quite well and I love the theme of a darkside with Darkseid coming. I'm unsure if you actually read these comments but there is no harm in trying.

I produced a song a few years ago (I'd actually say I over produced it) that is entitled "Darkside." I thought it was very fitting for this season of Smallville but I have not pursued the thought of getting it on the show. I still am not trying to get this on the air as I'm sure you are knee deep in color correcting and assembly. However I thought you might appreciate the song in reference to the build up to Darkseid.

Feel free to copy and paste the link below in your browser to hear the song and see the lyrics:

Gabe T
finplanner69 said…
Jumping up and down excited! I love your work on smallville. Please post a behind the scenes blog as you did before. I know it takes you time and effort but it is truly appreciated and enjoyed. I can't wait to see your finished product...the bittersweet ending of my favorite program.
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