(note: Here's a link to TNT's official website for FALLING SKIES):


The episodes that aired last Sunday were originally shot as individual episodes and TNT put them together to create the two-hour finale.  Each was a significant undertaking in it’s own right.

 directed the first hour.  Holly is a super-talented lady who worked for me before, directing a season 3 episodes of HEROES.  She had come to my attention via the producers of the show COLD CASE – who love her and used her as often as they could.  Her HEROES ep. worked out great and I’d been looking forward to working with her again ever since.  She is a real pro and a “shooter” which means she shoots cool shots which are designed to be cut together.  Her background, I believe, is as an editor and also (I believe) in documentaries.  Holly fit right in with our group, and I’m hoping to have her back for next season!

Hour 9 of this series “MUTINY” was designed to be, what is known in the TV industry as, a “bottle” show.  The name “Bottle show” implies a show that could be shot in a bottle.  Bottle shows are very common – but tricky.  Basically they are a designed “under budget” episode which producers use to make up the difference for all the over budget episodes that have gone before.  This sounds restrictive – but frequently bottle shows end up great – because they become an “all hands on deck” situation where the writers and actors really step up because, consciously or unconsciously, everyone realizes there are no other tricks to fall back on.  Years ago I directed many episodes of the CBS show “JAG” – some were very big – but I’ll always remember that one of the best ones I ever did was an under-budget bottle show called “JAGGLE BELLS” – it was just a well-written script with really emotional connections between the characters.

In this case our bottle was designed to shoot only at our school location, which was our most controllable and least expensive location.  There were also no skitters, no mechs and no big stunts or action.

This episode had been planned for awhile and the writers kept describing it as a “Caine Mutiny” type story, where Tom challenged Weaver’s sanity and leadership.

Noah, Will, Mark Verhedien and I had has a number of meetings on set and a dinner or two discussing this one.  In the end it paid off.   The script came in very strong, and Holly and the actors worked the scenes very hard – every day of shooting.  It was certainly the most intense on-set rehearsals we ever did.  The key scene of the episode and the one that was most discussed before shooting and on set – was the scene where Weaver enters the infirmary and Tom and gang get the drop on him, playing through to the time Jimmy comes out and begs Weaver to be rational.  This was a very tricky scene dramatically, as each character had to move through a lot of nuance to credibly get to the stage where Tom and Weaver are re-united addressing the troops.

The ending montage where Weaver and the troops pull out was very important to Holly.  It was the little bit of action she had to do and she had designed her schedule to shoot that scene in beautiful backlight.  But – as these things do – numerous things went wrong, a camera broke, the air conditioning broke, an actor went home sick – etc. etc.  And as she got out in the field behind the school – the sun had fallen and it was near dusk.  It still was technically possible to film – but it was going to look like poop.  It was in this moment, I remember – I had to make the gut wrenching decision to “pull the plug.”  This is super hard because it meant the bottle was going to get bigger, as we’d now have to come back another day to get that scene.  But I also knew that it was what was best creatively for the show.  It was the ending of the episode after all – the penultimate moment.

Holly was very happy.  The studio less so.  But Holly promised me she’d make up the time on another day.  And she did.  We got an additional camera and filmed some small pickup scenes quickly – the light was perfect – Holly got her drive outs.  Additional expenses were minimized – and (whew) I got off the hook.

It’s stressful making TV sometimes.

And now on to the episode I directed – The final hour – in fact the final “EIGHT HOURS”

The opening scene was very fun because Rick crawling on the ceiling was fun to produce.  My career is funny to me these days because when something like this comes up I go “Oh yeah, I’ve done this before.  Suresh crawled like a bug up a wall and ended up on the ceiling on HEROES and Clark was slammed and dragged onto the ceiling on SMALLVILLE.  So I’ve done this before…  But nevertheless this one ended up a little different.  What we did is shoot over Uncle Scott’s shoulder into a green screen reacting to Rick….  What I thought we’d do is build the set upside down (which is what we did with Suresh) and have Rick jump up at camera.  But our stunt coordinator and the young actor Daniyah Ysrayl– both wanted to build the set right side up and put him in a harness and have him descend rapidly at camera of a winch system.  This is a much harder way to do it for the actor – but Daniyah was really into it.  He practiced crawling around all day as we shot other material and when we came to shoot it he did it in just a few takes.  It’s very tricky to pull this off because just being dropped and decelerated is enough for an actor to think about.  When you add in “And act like a skitter screaming and scowling as you go…” It gets harder.  I think the moment turned out well.

Episode 7 introduced us to new characters in the series – for reference we call the “The Overlords” (although they’re never referred to as that in the show.)  These characters rule over the skitters and the mechs.  We realize now that the skitters were once harnessed creatures themselves, from where, and what exactly the implications of that we do not know.  Perhaps the skitters were captured and dominated by the overlords – perhaps not.  Those questions will be answered in the future.
Nevertheless – the design and execution of these CGI creatures was one of the more difficult things we did.  We did initial designs while in production.  The overlord characters needed to be regal and dominant but also warriors.  There was a design we all signed off on and looked good on paper – but when put into motion by Zoic, our VFX Company, they never looked right.  They were too frail and too regal but not warrior-like enough.  We also couldn’t get their walk or gestures right.  We did, literally, a couple of dozen drafts and thought we were getting there.  But, when Steven Spielberg saw the work-in-progress, he didn’t think it was good enough.  He brought in Neville Page – a conceptual artist he had worked with in the past (most recently on SUPER-8).

Neville’s designs were really great.  He got a fierceness that had been missing before.

We also accepted that we were going to have to do motion-capture to get this done right.  This wasn’t in the budget so we had to eat it financially – but it was a much better way to do this.

I’d never done motion capture before and it is really cool.  By the time we did it production in Toronto was long finished – so we went to a stage in Hollywood.  It was very interesting.  The motion-capture stage is basically and empty stage lined with dozens and dozens of “cameras” which, as far as I can tell, are motion detectors.  There is a performer wearing a suit covered with sensors and as he moves the cameras pick up his movements and resolve them in 3-D space.  The overlord character is programmed into the computer, so as the actor moves the character can be seen on a screen in front of you, replicating the actor’s movements.  It was actually very easy to direct the actor, because I was watching in real time.   Anyway – I was very happy with the look of the CGI and the VFX lighting and everything that came together in the final moments of the episode.  It was truly a long arduous journey, that we only completed a week or two before air – even though we’d filmed the scene 9 months earlier – but, to me, it was worth it.

Anyway – that’s the season!  

It’s crazy to me – I got hired in April of 2010 and went to work full time in June of 2010.  We shot from July through November of 2010.  Editing, sound mixing, color correction and so on, wasn’t full-time for me but nevertheless took many hours until March of 2011.  This final motion capture/overlord project required us coming back in June of 2010.  The show aired June 19 and then… eight short weeks later it’s all over.  Wow!

But it seems to have been a success. 

Here’s an excerpt of an email all the producers received from TNT today:

Falling Skies Invades the World as a Massive Global Hit

Cable's Biggest New Series of the Year Captures 5.6 Million Viewers for U.S. Season Finale,
Making it the Most-Watched Episode Since the Series Premiere

Falling Skies Earns Big Audiences and Record-Setting Performances in Markets that Include
The United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Australia and Latin America

TNT’s Falling Skies – the #1 new basic cable series in the United States – ended its first season Sunday night with 5,623,000 viewers, plus an outstanding 2,531,000 adults 18-49 and 2,835,000 adults 25-54. These Live + Same Day deliveries mark the show’s best performance since the June 19 premiere. After scoring cable’s top new series launch of the year, Falling Skies ranks as basic cable’s #1 new show of 2011 among viewers and tops all scripted basic cable series this summer with adults 18-49 and 25-54. TNT has already renewed Falling Skies for a 10-episode second season, slated for 2012.

Falling Skies – which stars Noah Wyle and comes to TNT from DreamWorks Television, TNT Productions and executive producer Steven Spielberg – also premiered in markets worldwide this summer, marking the first time a TNT series was launched around the globe. The series will ultimately appear in more than 115 international markets on a variety of networks. Falling Skies has been a hit in the United Kingdom, Australia and Latin America, among many other places. Falling Skies set records in numerous markets, including Spain, Germany and Austria, where the premiere ranked as the best series launch ever for TNT networks in those countries.

So… hey… That’s better than a sharp stick in the eye.

And now I am starting to hire crew and set up production offices and stages for Season 2.  Outlines are coming in – and they promise to be full of surprises. 

Thank you all for reading and watching and following along.

I’m sure there will be the odd blog update or two between now and next season…  But, until then…


























Holly Dale


Steve said…
Thanks for the quick update! I enjoyed the finale, although I have to admit, the final scene was a little hard to take. I don't know why Tom would believe a word the aliens were saying when we have their track record to look at. My family and I will definitely be tuning in next summer--such a long wait! :)
Kurgan Nazzir said…
I can't wait for the next season as I really, really enjoyed this show. I look forward to learning more about the aliens, the harnesses, and more. I really could care less about the inevitable romance between Tom and Anne, that just doesn't seem important to me but I'm sure others feel differently. I think I'd like to know more about how Jimmy came to be with the 2nd Mass, I don't recall anything being said but I could just be forgetting.

I have an idea for another post, Mr. Beeman, maybe you could tell us more about the omitted scene with Pope manning the 50 Cal.? It was a little disheartening to not see any of the fighting near the mother ship but I still thoroughly enjoyed the episode, both times I watched it. :)

I hope everyone involved with the show knows how much many of us appreciate and enjoy it. I've seen some people say it sucks and the acting is bad but I completely disagree; I think everyone's done a wonderful job. I just hope season two can keep up the pace and interest of season one.
Becky said…
So when will the season be out on DVD!
I'm looking forward to next season already and will need DVDs to tide me over the incredibly long wait.

P.S. I'm not keen on the ending with Tom going into the alien ship, he has two other sons that need a father even if Ben doesn't make it! I'm confident the writers will get it right though. :D
I think that, all are enjoying a lot. Photos are very nice. This is new information for me. Thanks for sharing.
I loved the Finale Greg. I am a huge fan of your work, especially Heroes and Smallville, mostly Smallville though. Anyway, I am loving Falling Skies and it's my favorite show on TV right now, well, was until Sunday. So, thanks for sharing, I know it takes a lot of free time, so, thanks man!!!
Anonymous said…
#1) I think i will miss these blog updates as much as I will miss the show until next summer. I've never been quite this obsessed with a television show before.
#2) As you were describing the bottle episode, I had to really search my mind trying to remember that it all took place in one location. I was surprised to think back and realize there were no other locations, no big special effects, no skitters, no mechs...and it made me think -- what a great testiment to the production team and writers that I never realized any of those elements -- common to other episodes -- were even missing.
#3)In reference to Kurgan Nazzir's comment: "I have an idea for another post, Mr. Beeman, maybe you could tell us more about the omitted scene with Pope manning the 50 Cal.? It was a little disheartening to not see any of the fighting near the mother ship ..."
Maybe those omitted scenes could be used in a flashback of some sort in the season two premiere. I agree that it was a little frustrating to not know what really went down at the mothership. I felt a little confusion about what happened to the other 'teams' weaver sent out in the other three directions.
#4) I see that season two will be 10 episodes...is there any chance of bumping that number up to include more episodes for next season? This season seemed to end so quickly that after waiting a year for season two, it will probably make 10 episodes go by in the blink of an eye.
All of us at the unofficial fan site of Falling Skies loved the finale (http://falling-skies.org). We can't wait for season 2 although we really don't want to have to wait the year to see it.

We are hoping to see inside the alien crafts and we think that's why they took Tom, as a way to facilitate that. Without taking someone aboard how could we see inside the alien structures? Unless they took back a harnessed kid.
Anonymous said…
really loved the season finale, but was a little blow away that Tom got on the alien ship but from what they told him I understand why he would choose that I would too probably. I really wished you could speed up the production because I really don't know if I can wait till next summer to see the season 2. I will forget what all happened by then and it would be wonderful if you could have it done by the january 2012. I think a lot of folks will lose interests with the season being so far apart. I really like the whole show and think that you need to put more flashback about what happened at first to lead to these points where they are at. Love the show and love the characters. Just wished you would speed up the production of season 2.

Kathy in GA
Fusionist said…
Was the original version for the “overlords” the design that can be seen in “Revealed: New Alien” video at the fallingskies.com microsite? Its body parts are more segmented without the extra long arms and more like the typical Gray alien. There was a picture of the final scene of the season finale with the alternate design not the televised on the site’s front page and video of that seen with the alternate version. Another difference in the scene is that the alien appears from side of the road and the airship doesn’t arrive until later. The video and the original picture have been taken down at this point but they were there on Sunday night and early Monday.
Anonymous said…
Great show. My family is hooked, but I doubt we will still be sitting on the edge of our seats next summer. A year is a long time and I'm sure we will have moved on to something else by then which is a shame.
Anonymous said…
Thank you. Keep it coming.
Ally B said…
thank you for the blog throughout the season, i will definitely be tuning in next summer (so long of a wait!!) but i dont entirely understand why tom trusted the aliens, i mean, now that tom is powerless the aliens have an even bigger window to capture ben.
RHI2HERE said…
I'm sorry, but this whole thing about fans waiting a WHOLE year for the next episode is CRAP! What is this, Harry Potter?? Can we expect the patiently awaited next episode in ground-breaking 3D, with glasses and everything? Please! It's TV! And marketing for this next start up will be horrendous, trying to remind fans of what they've seen A WHOLE YEAR AGO. ACK!
Anonymous said…
I really like the show, TNT has a hit, and hopefully the 'bean counters' won't butcher it like they have done with Sci-Fi's line up (i.e. questionable c.g. work, poor writing related to $$$ again, on shows that are a poor use of some good actors ability). I very much look forward to next season! Thank you all!
gma sue said…
Wow, Ive been hooked since the first show. Love everything about it! Something I can watch with the grandkids without taking them to the movies,we are all really hopeing that tom will be ok. By the way I am 65 yrs young and am so glad to have this kind of entertainment finally come to tv. It did kind of remind us of Super 8. Anything Steven Spielberg is involved in we all have enjoyed over the years and am so glad you younger fellas are keeping it going
Anonymous said…
Absolutely great show. I hate to wait a year also. But I believe, when you pilot a show and it is your first season, well, networks can be ruthless.

I hope that next season the network will offer to move the show to the fall/spring line up. Therefore, giving the people who really enjoy it, a shorter break through the summer. Although it would be probably double the work for the crew and cast.

You have a great team, and they all seem to work well together. Keep up the great work, what a wonderful surprise this summer!
Ethan said…
I'm not sure about everyone else, but I'm the view that likes to see the 2nd Mass kick some alien tail! Kill a mech, take it melt it down, make more bullets, then rinse and repeat! :D Can't wait til next season. (Hope it comes sooner.)
Lois said…
I Enjoyed Falling Skies very much. I'll leaving my DVR Set up to record the show when it returns, That way I will not miss it. Oh. Please don't get hinky with the show like you did with Heros It started great then turned wered.
Anonymous said…
Dear Falling Skies crew,

thanks for making my favourite show, and know that I will by youre dvd box when it comes out in the Netherlands. To bad I can only watch it on the web, not able to support the channel (TNT I guess) for taking the risk of desiding to make the series!


Anonymous said…
I love this show! I have to agree with Steve I dont know why Tom got on that ship- live or die he had an oppertunity to take out one of the overlords. common sense says if someone is holding a gun to your sons head ( essentially what the aliens were doing threatening Ben), if you lower your weapon you both die.
Please dont let this show get all corny and cartoonish like Smallville did. That started as one of my favorite shows of all time but by the end I couldnt stomache it anymore. Waiting for Clark to hit somebody and have "POW!" appear across the screen.
Judy B. said…
Imiss the show already. It was the best show on TV this summer. Think it should come back sooner. Not sure wheath I lked Tom going off with the Aliens but I am sure the writers have a plan.
Anonymous said…
Falling Skies Team,

Just finished the last episode. Love the ending. As a history major myself, no way the Tom character could pass up the opportunity to go with the aliens - he's got to get more info whether he believes the aliens or not. Interested to see how the Tom character develops after the encounter with the aliens.

Great writing and acting. Looking forward to the next season. I haven't been this excited about a TV series since Battlestar Galactica - and they had a lot of time between seasons (makes you want it more).

Thanks to TNT et al. for bringing this show to life. It's a lot of fun to watch and it makes you think. Please keep Falling Skies and other shows like it coming.

All the best,
A fan in SF
Much has bee said.

However, this show must be praised. The shocking twists from the Overlords appearance to Tom getting into the ship is just mind blowing.

Please keep this awesome show with the realism it has been keeping. Humans are rational, aliens are too. And they are believable. Which is something i need in SCI-FI.

Give us amazing intergalactic scripts, but be sure to provide solid background for it.

Keep it up! don't loose it!

I just hope aliens don't attack before we can get more Falling Skies.

Nicolás Henríquez
Temuco, Chile.
Anonymous said…
I really dig this show, but why do aliens always have 2 legs, 2 arms, 2 eyes, etc. One of the things I thought was really cool about the show was that the skitters looked so different from us. I hope the 2nd season reveals some scientific reason how 2 completely separate evolutionary processes can create intelligent life that walks on two legs.
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Roger said…
This is a fantastic show! The writing really gets into the hearts and minds of ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances but keeps it level and down to earth... no pun intended. The characters are well developed and strong, everybody has strength beneath their vulnerability. Great direction on the scenes makes all the difference in the world. I can tell people care about what they're doing on this show whether cast or crew. Thanks for an awesome show!!! I look forward to watching what's up next.
Roger said…
One last thing though.. The Overlords, they're tall and somewhat ungainly, how come they have such tiny feet??? Food for thought!
Anonymous said…
The show was good, some would say great...but it can be better. The dialogue is laughable at points, and you need to find better child actors. I want this show to have 10 seasons, i want it to succeed. I wish the crew the best of luck!
Anonymous said…
When does season 2 start filming?
Anonymous said…
Is falling sky coming back on because I would like to see what happen if tom make it back and getting the other kids out and it is a great movie
Anonymous said…
You guys have done a great job with this show. I only watch two television shows out of all the programming available on cable, they are Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad; Falling Skies has now expanded that short list. Thank You.
Anonymous said…
Love the show. Can't you transition it into a full season show?
Start it up again in January 2012, for the Spring season, and then next fall turn it into a full season show.
Waiting until next summer for 8 more episodes is painful.
And how about getting it to a prime time hour. So much better than anything else on Sunday night.
Great show. Hope you'll consider these ideas.
Stephen Lynn said…
Great show overall, but the end scene absolutely stinks of desperation by writers/producers of show for the finale of the current series. It was done with a lack of thought/understanding on what the situation is all about - SURVIVAL to be able one day to defeat the invaders!

He should have taken his shot at alien and turn on the radio signal jamming device to stop the dying alien in using the girl as a pawn, but most of all capturing an alien ship to see what advanced weaponry or intelligence they can find inside it before fleeing into the night with the unconscious abducted in the girl. The END!!!

Hopefully, writers/producers in the opening of series 2 will show a recap of the actual battle that was never shown in series 1 finale and maybe that was due to limited time/funds to be able to complete in time to a high standard that would be except-able to Steven Spielberg or the public?
Stephen Lynn said…
Correction to last paragraph;

Hopefully, writers/producers in the opening of series 2 will show a recep of the actual battle that was never shown in series 1 finale and maybe that was due to either limited time/funds to be able to complete in time to a high enough standard that would be considered acceptable to Steven Spielberg or the public?
Mike K. said…
Really enjoyed this series. Looking forward to Season 2. Like many others couldn't understand why Tom goes into the alien ship at the end, but hopefully this will be developed in Season 2. Watching this in the UK we're a bit behind what's seen in the US, but can't wait to see what happens to the 2nd Mass.
Anonymous said…
I really enjoyed the episodes on which I saw. Was there a two hour film of the actual invasion of the Aliens . Otherwise this is just an incomplete story.The two hour story of how Tom's wife was killed , the Captains wife and daughters taken and killed , Colonal Porter's involvement in the homeland defense , and the take over and bomb dropping on major cities of the world.Than many of the scenes would make sense. What is a skitter and a mech. ?Who were the Aliens at the end of season one? The humanoid Aliens . Who was driving the attack vessels ?
win5nie said…
i can't believed i have to wait too long for the next season.. hope my fave characters will stay forever, lourdes (my most fave), dr.ann, maggie, ben, tom, uncle scott, captain weaver, hal, matt, pope, rick and though rick's dad died i love that man. also dai, don't kill dai please and jimmy. :)
win5nie said…
and one more thing! mr beeman your so adorable wearing that smallville jacket! :)
Eden Gold said…
Basically fast update! We loved the actual ending, despite the fact that I've got to confess, the final landscape was obviously a minor difficult to acquire. I not really know why Jeff might believe anything the actual aliens ended up stating if we have their history to think about. My loved ones and I is sure to become tuning throughout following summer--such a long wait around!

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Martin said…
It must have been a hell of a fun the last day of filming as everyone knew that this project is getting to its end.

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sohbet said…
y the negative attitude towards Anne, Tom and their baby. For one, I feel this is their ultimate revenge against the aliens, to continue the human race. 2, It adds a new dynamic to the show. 3, These people know that life is short and they have t
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vaillant kombi servisiI loved the Finale Greg. I am a huge fan of your work, especially Heroes and Smallville, mostly Smallville though. Anyway, I am loving Falling Skies and it's my favorite show on TV right now, well, was until Sunday. So, thanks for sharing, I know it takes a lot of free time, so, thanks man!!!
Anonymous said…
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