Written by:Heather Regnier
Directed by: Seith Mann

A Crazy week prevents a proper post.  But I will not deny you pictures at least.

I will return next week with a full blog on our final two hours - including the finale episode, which I directed.

Until then...



Seychelle Gabriell on set
Rob Gray our production designer on the road to nowhere

Will patton - it aint all fun and games being the chief

The boys discuss the techniques of acting between takes

Director Seith Mann with Noah and Will

Collin at night

Director of Photography Nate Goodman and Seith Mann

Seith poses with our crusty kid

Seith directs Sarah Carter

Sarah on set

Collin - intense as ever

Seith poses on the cold hard ground with our harnesses gal

Seith and the episodes writer Heather Regnier

Mpho and Peter - they drive the truck!


spurius88 said…
yeah awesome show but you should really put me in it lol
Anonymous said…
@spurius88, me first. How cool would it be to be a part of the show? Id even volunteer to be a dead body on the cold hard ground
Unknown said…
Did I sleep through an entire season? I thought that we were watching the season 2.
Kat said…
Oh yeah, I just noticed the wrong Season number now. I'm sure the producers are in the middle of all the pre-production work for the next season; so "Season 3" is probably on their mind a lot. Which is exciting! Wondering if they can slip us some other info about season 3.

Ok, about this episode. For a Bottle episode I thought it was great. Instead of conversations in some building, it was while driving, and although this limits their physical actions even more, its somehow more dynamic. Maybe because you know the concentration has to be divided. And sitting and talking beside someone, not having to look at them, does allow you to be more open. I think this is especially apparent in the Weaver/Tector scene.

Hoping we will get to know more about the transformations these kids are going through; and how one could stop or reverse it.
Unknown said…
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Anonymous said…
Given the ironic reversal of Lourdes' loss of optimism/faith, and harnessed Karen's blind faith to the alien overlord, I am hoping that Lourdes will be given an opportunity to regain her former positive disposition.

Back at the beginning of season 1, it was quite a different story between these two characters. Another encounter between them now would be interesting – maybe not poetic, but it could have a certain symmetry.

As for Karen, don't know for sure but from what's been presented, it looks like she is a lost cause. But then who knows what magic could be wrought if Lourdes finds herself again.
Anonymous said…
As for Pope, he may have some unfinished business down in Florida – he has mentioned having kids there. Also, I wouldn't put it past him to want to check out the old smuggling connections he may have had down there. And no, the Florida peninsula would not be a strategically feasible option if the 2nd Mass needs to bolt from Charleston.
Anonymous said…
And what is going on with Dai? Nothing? Look, if you're gonna kill off Dai (I hope not!), could you at least see to it that someone with camera time inherits that neat blue vest he wears?
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